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 The Shura sword was known to be able to annihilate heaven and earth! After all, it was a weapon which was comparable to the Shura Tower in the Ancient Shura City. As such, it was extremely powerful.

The figure of the sword covered the sky and it threatened to split the air below apart. The sound of space cracking filled the skies. The might of this sword shocked many people.

In the next moment, the figure of a huge black dog appeared. It blocked out the sun and with an earthshattering bark, everyone felt as though their eardrums were about to explode. A ringing sound echoed in their mind.

Even the Saintess' beautiful face scrunched up and she used her hand to cover her ears. She felt extremely uncomfortable.


The Shura Sovereign's sword viciously sliced toward the figure of the black dog.

However, before the sword was able to touch the figure of the roaring dog, the shadow of the sword started to crumble. The might gradually diminished and when the sword shadow actually struck Lord Dog's body, it completely dissipated.


A beam of light shot out from the third eye between Lord Dog's eyebrows. It was as if it wanted to pierce a hole through space itself and, in an instant, the Shura Sovereign was pierced by the beam of light. The blood clouds behind him started to scatter...

As the blood clouds which once filled the skies started to scatter, the Shura Sovereign's clone started to break apart. His ribcage started to shatter, and in the next instant, his figure turned dim. His entire body crumbled into pieces!

The Shura Sovereign was defeated just like that?

Everyone became flustered and their movements became sluggish. A single bark from a dog destroyed the Shura Sovereign. This dog... Where in the world did this monster come from?

The Shura Sovereign's gaze dimmed, and in the next moment, a serious look appeared in his eyes. His gaze became so deep that it was as though it turned into a black hole. If anyone were to look into his eyes, their souls would be sucked in.

"Breaking my Shura Sword, destroying my Shura Body, Snatching my Shura Tower... I will remember this. Wait until I get back. That will be the day of your death!" The Shura Sovereign's profound gaze landed on Lord Dog's plump body before turning to look at Bu Fang who was standing on the Netherworld Ship.

His voice resounded through the space and every single word he uttered appeared in the sky as a blood-red word. After lingering in the sky for some time, the blood-red words exploded and it seemed as though a blood oath was formed.

Lord Dog's third eye started to close slowly. The figure of the roaring dog in the sky also gradually dispersed.

"What is the Shura Sovereign counted as... You crazy bastard. This Lord Dog will wait for you, if you have the ability, come back here and fight me!" Lord Dog rolled its eyes and it opened its mouth wide. A long yawn escaped its lips before a deep and magnetic voice ripped through the void.

As the Shura Sovereign's figure started to disappear, his deep gaze landed on Lord Dog once again. In the next instant, his body transformed into a huge burst of energy as it scattered into the skies.

However, the energy didn't disappear completely. It gathered once again and formed a transmission array which appeared in the sky. The transmission array was brilliant and glorious as the light it emitted landed on the Shura Saintess' body.

She deeply looked at Bu Fang with a complicated expression on her face.


A fluctuation came from the transmission array, and the Saintess' figure disappeared in the next second.

The blood-red clouds which covered the sky started to disappear and in the cracks between the clouds, a glowing sun appeared. As it hung high in the sky, it illuminated the world with its beauty.

Lord Dog walked over gracefully with its cat-like steps and landed on the Netherworld Ship. Its eyes seemed as though they were about to close as it yawned again. In the next instant, Lord Dog sprawled on the deck of the ship as it started to sleep soundly.

"This dog is too tired to move... Sleeping is much more comfortable."

Bu Fang was somewhat speechless. This lazy dog, other than eating, only knew how to sleep.

Everyone in the surroundings went silent. It was so quiet that one would be able to hear a pin drop on the ground. They were so shocked that none of them managed to make a sound.

The scene suddenly became quite weird.

The five grandmasters sat on the ground inelegantly. They had faces full of confusion as they stared at the black dog which was sound asleep. Their gaze slowly turned to Bu Fang who was standing beside the black dog.

Nangong Wuque flipped his body and quickly stood up. He started to laugh loudly. He knew that no one would be able to take away Bu Fang so easily. Someone who caught his eye, Nangong Wuque's eye, wouldn't be so easily abducted.

Misha and Tong He stood where they were and their bodies started to tremble. They were completely shocked. Neither of them thought that it would end like this.

The Shura Saintess even called out the Shura Sovereign's clone. However, they were not able to take the brat away... The Shura Sovereign's clone was even destroyed by a single bark from a dog which appeared out of nowhere.

My god! What in the world was going on?

This time, their Ancient Shura City suffered a great loss. They lost an expert who was at the pinnacle of the Divine Physique Echelon. However, that wasn't worth mentioning when they thought about how the Shura Sovereign's clone was destroyed as well. It was an utter disaster.

All of a sudden, Misha and Tong He, who were lying on the ground, looked at each other. They saw the fear in each other's eyes. Without the slightest hesitation, both of them stood up and decided to escape from Heavenly Mist City. However, they quickly fell into a state of shock.

The true energy which they had just summoned dissipated in an instant.

In the distance, a terrifying aura appeared in the sky. The terrifying aura caused their hearts to shake and they dispelled all thoughts of escaping.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

A few figures charged toward them with a fierce momentum. Their eyes were sharp as they glared at Misha and Tong He.

One of the figures was a man wrapped in heavy armor. The armor was silvery white in color and it emitted a fierce aura. It made the man look like a war god. When this expert wearing the silvery heavy armor landed on the ground, he instantly noticed Misha and Tong He, who had intentions to escape. He coldly harrumphed and his spiritual energy started to spread out.

Misha and Tong He's pupils instantly constricted and they both sighed in their hearts. They staggered back a few steps and eventually sat on the ground.

This was an expert at the pinnacle of the Divine Physique Echelon as well. He was an existence comparable to the Old Monster from the Ancient Shura City. The true experts from the Pill Palace were finally there. They knew that they no longer had the chance to escape.

"People from the Ancient Shura City dare to commit a crime in my Pill Palace. Take them down and lock them up! Slowly interrogate them!" The man who wore a silver armor coldly said.

The guards who were behind him quickly carried out his order and quickly stepped forward to apprehend Misha and Tong He. A black alchemy furnace appeared in their hands and they threw it towards Misha and Tong He. The two of them were instantly sucked into the black furnace.

The silver armored man had a cold gaze as he looked all around. He involuntarily sighed to himself.

The entire central plaza was in shambles. The broken stones on the ground slowly started to be fixed as the city returned to its normal state under the influence of the protection array. However, even though there was a protection array, the entire central plaza was still devastated. From this, one could see how terrifying the battle had been.

This caused the expression on his face to turn even uglier. Something like that actually happened in the Pill Palace. There was no way they could tolerate this. The Ancient Shura City was taking it too far!

The five grandmasters walked over with lingering fear in their hearts. Their bodies were still shivering slightly as the scene which just played out in front of them was too terrifying.

"Commander Han, we had to trouble you to make a trip down here this time... How are you doing?"

Grandmaster Xuan Ming's face was still pale and he still had an ugly expression on his face. However, someone still had to address Commander Han who came to Heavenly Mist City.

The silver-armored man's face became much gentler. He cupped his hands at Grandmaster Xuan Ming in order to show his greeting. After all, the five of them were alchemy grandmasters.

"Many thanks for Grandmaster Xuan Ming's concern. Elder Han is doing fine... Where are the enemies of the Ancient Shura City? Why did they disappear?" The man in the silver armor solemnly asked.

"Well, that..." Grandmaster Xuan Ming and the other grandmasters looked at each other in dismay. None of them knew how to explain what had just happened. The changes which happened just a moment ago got more and more exaggerated. They were still extremely confused. Until that moment, they were still in a daze.

The silver-armored man slightly frowned as he looked all around.

The central plaza was in such a sorry state... The battle which occurred should have been extremely fierce.


The silver-armored man's gaze quickly landed on a black-colored ship which was in the distance. He narrowed his eyes.

"Is that fellow the goal of the Ancient Shura City's expert?" The man looked at Bu Fang who was holding a chicken in his hand and calmly asked.

Grandmaster Xuan Ming and the others were shocked for a moment before they nodded their heads, "That's right, Commander Han, he is the biggest black horse in this Magical Hand Conference."

"I know. He is a chef... " The silver-armored man seemed to be laughing. He took a step as he walked toward Bu Fang. He knew that there was a secret hidden on Bu Fang's body, one that could shake the heavens. Otherwise, there was no way the Shura Saintess would personally make her way to Heavenly Mist City in order to capture him.

What could the secret be? His interest was suddenly piqued.

"Let's go back."

Bu Fang looked at Lord Dog, who was sleeping soundly on the Netherworld Ship, and became somewhat speechless. He tilted his head and spoke to Nethery, who was standing behind him.

After eating some violet crystal cores, Nethery's complexion looked much better. She looked at Bu Fang with an expressionless face and nodded her head. She started to control the Netherworld Ship in order to leave this place.

However, just as the Netherworld Ship was about to move, a hand suddenly appeared and pressed on the ship. Nethery's movements stagnated.

Bu Fang and Nethery tilted their head and they looked over. They saw a man wearing a silver-colored heavy armor standing before them.

He looked at Bu Fang and Nethery with a calm expression.

"If I'm not mistaken, you are the black horse in the Magical Hand Conference. Are you planning to leave already?" The silvery armored man laughed.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. What was this guy up to?

"What about it? Is there a rule stating that I can't leave?" Bu Fang asked.

The smile on the silver-armored man's face gradually faded and he raised his hands. Pointing at the mess which was the central plaza, he looked at Bu Fang and said, "You are the culprit who caused this. Aren't you going to explain yourself? Why are the people from the Ancient Shura City looking for you?"

Bu Fang sighed. Looking at the central plaza which was slowly restoring itself, he slowly opened his mouth.

"Maybe it's because I'm handsome."

His answer stunned the man who was wearing a silver armor. Black lines appeared on his forehead.

"According to my knowledge, there is only one thing which could cause such a big stir in the Ancient Shura City. It's the Shura Tower, which went missing a long time ago. Could it be that you possess the Shura Tower?"

The man said with a laugh which wasn't a laugh. Finally, his gaze landed on the black tower in front of Bu Fang's neck. A bright light flashed in his eyes.

"That is the Shura Tower. Am I right?"

Bu Fang was stunned. Touching the ordinary-looking Shura Tower in front of his neck, he glanced at the man in the silver armor.

"You are right."

After obtaining Bu Fang's confirmation, a greedy light flashed in the silver-armored man.

"Very good... give me the Shura Tower. I, Han Li, will ensure your safety in the Pill Palace. If the experts from the Ancient Shura City look for you again, I will protect you!"

That was the Shura Tower! It was the Divine Tool the Ancient Shura City was looking for!

"You will protect me?"

Bu Fang was stunned. In the next instant, the corners of his mouth curled upwards. He once again put the Shura Tower behind his clothes and glanced at the silver-armored man. Bu Fang said, "You? You will protect me? Can you even defeat this dog?"