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 A gentle voice brimming with magnetism resounded, and everyone who heard it froze.

The Shura Sovereign's terrifying energy surge temporarily stopped, and the gigantic palm stopped in its track, unable to move anymore. The sudden stop of the palm and its terrifying energy stirred up a mighty squall and a horrifying oppressive force.

Bu Fang, who was also standing at the bow of the Netherworld Ship, allowed the squall to blow at his face, causing his hair to flutter.

The space was ripped apart, and a figure slowly walked out from within the rift.

The eyes of everyone at the scene widened, and expressions of disbelief appeared of their faces.

That little chef... still had reinforcements?

The Saintess heaved in a deep breath, and her face became solemn beyond comparison. So, this chef had other helpers beside the Netherworld Woman?

Lord Dog, who had just emerged from the tear in space, casually strode forward with cat-like steps, and its body fat jiggled with every movement it made. The entire scene looked comical.

Everyone looked at the tear in space with bated breaths. They all looked forward to seeing the appearance of this true expert.

Seeing as the voice was gently and manly, the expert who owned it had to be valiant and exceptionally handsome. Since the expert dared to challenge the Shura Sovereign, his strength was definitely not weak!

Hence, many were filled with lots of expectation.

Under their anticipation-filled gazes, a black dog, which was as fat as a pig, strutted out of the spatial tear, and the space behind it was sealed up once again. A strong gale blew past them, stirring up an insignificant billow.

Hun? Ah?

Where was the exceptional expert?

Everyone was shocked. With expressions of suspicion, many looked around the sky, but other than the fat dog, there was nothing to be seen.

When Bu Fang saw Blacky, the corners of his curled upwards slightly.

This lazy dog had finally decided to show up...

A fierce glint flickered through the huge Shura Sovereign's eyes, making them resemble burning suns. Suddenly, his terrifying energy surged, and the gigantic palm continued to slam downward.

Explosions boomed throughout the sky!

The audience was horrified. That fat dog was going to die! The dark horse chef was also going to die!

The might of that palm was horrifying; after all, it belonged to the clone of the Shura Sovereign. Although the Shura Sovereign in front of them was only a clone, the might of his blow was no weaker than that of an expert at the Divine Soul Echelon!

Who could block it?!

No one could block it! Except if the Pill Palace's four great elders or the Palace master decided to make an appearance!

No one there would be able to take that terrifying blow!

The huge squall generated from the approaching gigantic palm's oppressive energy made Lord Dog's body fat jiggle, and this left the black dog feeling very dissatisfied.

Everyone watched as Lord Dog raised its fat doggy paws.

Underneath the incoming gigantic palm, which had covered the entire sky, Lord Dog's small raised paws looked comical. The audience did not know whether to laugh or cry.

This dog... who exactly invited this comedian?

Did they think that a dog's paw would stop the Shura Sovereign's blow?

That was the greatest joke under the heavens!


At this point, the Shura Sovereign's gigantic palm finally met the black dog's dainty paw.

The dog's dainty paw was like a dot in the middle of the enormous palm, just like an insignificant fly.

Weng! Undulations burst forth from the point of impact.

Contrary to the expectations of the onlookers, the Shura Sovereign's enormous palm was blocked! It was unable to move a single inch further!

Si si si!

Everyone sucked in breaths of cold air. The expressions of shock on the faces of the audience highlighted the fact that they could not believe what they were seeing.

Even Bu Fang himself was shocked. So Blacky's strength was still as mighty as before...

"It... It was blocked?"

"Oh my god! What did I just see? What is that dog? How does such a powerful dog exist?!"

"A dog's paw stopped the Shura palm... Tell me, am I dreaming?!"


Within the rubble, all of them raised their heads and watched events unfold with dazed expressions on their faces. It was as though their views of the world had been turned upside down.

That dog... wasn't it just an extremely fat dog?!

The Shura Saintess, who was also in mid-air, widened her eyes, and her delicate hands covered her red lips in shock.

"Is this his final reinforcement? So, it was actually... a dog!"

She thought that the Netherworld woman was Bu Fang's only backup. Who would have thought that such a dog would appear so suddenly...

Why was there such an outstanding dog?!


Hong! Hong! Hong!!

With its raised paw, Blacky held up the Shura's Sovereign's gigantic palm as though it was holding up the entire sky.

Blacky's nose twitched, and it suddenly exerted strength into its raised paws. With a resounding explosion, the gigantic palm was shattered instantly!

More explosions succeeded the first one, and the Shura Sovereign's gigantic figure was sent flying. His enormous palm had been shattered, and the terrifying energy it emitted had dispersed.

The terrifying face formed by rotating blood clouds in the sky opened its mouth, and thunder resounded throughout the sky, like a roar.

Speedy winds blew past, and the scattered energy was blown away.

Lord Dog's body fat jiggled as it slowly landed on the Netherworld Ship with its exquisite paws.

"Bu Fang young, kid, you owe this Lord Dog another Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs," Lord Dog said with a manly voice as it turned to glance at Bu Fang.

The corner of Bu Fang's lips curled upwards, and he nodded.

Wasn't it just a portion of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs? No problem.

"Hun? Why is this chicken still alive? Did you specifically keep it alive for this Lord Dog? Then, let's use it to make Sweet 'n' Sour Chicken Ribs tonight," Lord Dog said, its eyes glowing and its tongue sticking out when it saw Eighty in Bu Fang's grip.

Bu Fang froze, and Eighty was frightened.

It began to flap its wings madly in a bid to flee. After all, in front of it was a dog that wanted to eat chickens! Not only did it want to eat chickens, but it also wanted to eat a chicken that had a dream!

Bu Fang's face darkened, and he began to pat Eighty's head. Only after comforting the chicken for a while did it calm down.

Blacky rolled its eyes at that. This foolish chicken really couldn't take a joke.

The Shura Sovereign's figure stabilized, and that shattered palm was reformed.

"Who is it? Daring to intervene in this Sovereign's business!" A deafening voice resounded throughout the sky, causing the hearts of everyone watching to lurch.

Shura Sovereign's eyes, which were as bright as blazing suns, gazed downward, at the Netherworld Ship. There were two people, a dog, and a chicken aboard the ship. This strange combination made the Shura Sovereign pause for a moment.

"Shura Sovereign, what plaything is that.... so wild? Daring to hunt this Lord Dog's people..." said the black dog with a look of disdain.

The black dog's paw tapped the floor of the Netherworld Ship once and vanished, instantly appearing in front of the Shura Sovereign a moment later.

In front of the gigantic Shura Sovereign, Blacky was as small as a black dot.

Despite that, however, no one dared to look down on the fat dog any longer. It had used a single paw to shatter the Shura Sovereign's palm! It was just too terrifying! This was definitely not an ordinary dog!


The Shura Sovereign opened his mouth and let out a deafening roar. The face formed by the blood-red clouds opened its mouth wide as though it wished to swallow everything up.

Seeing this, Lord Dog narrowed his dog eyes and slowly raised its dainty paw. This caused rapid winds to form, and suddenly, a gigantic doggy paw was formed in the sky, hiding the sun and covering the earth with its plump dog meat...

A fierce glint flashed within the Shura Sovereign's eyes, and he raised his gigantic palm to strike once more.

The enormous paw and palm collided in midair, causing a violent and terrifying effect on the environment. The sky seemed to be trembling. The clouds were blown away by the collision.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Heavenly Mist City trembled, and intangible undulations spread outwards from the city's central square, causing many high-rise buildings in the vicinity to tremble violently. The tremors that ensued from the collision in the sky frightened everyone in Heavenly Mist City, and their hearts lurched when some huge buildings looked like they would succumb and collapse.

Fortunately, when the raging waves finally dispersed, the huge buildings were still standing.

Peng peng!

More explosions rang out, and the Shura Sovereign's arm, which had been struck harshly by the huge doggy paw, began to shatter inch by inch before crashing to the ground.

The ground trembled, and the frightened audience fled in terror, like the flight of frightened birds.

With their hearts pounding audibly, the fleeing audience looked back at the scene with trembling lips and expressions of disbelief.

Even the five alchemy grandmasters looked like they had just seen a real ghost!

The Shura Sovereign's clone... was an existence at the Divine Soul Echelon. Just how was it defeated by a dog? The highly revered Shura Sovereign... was unequal to a dog?

Si si si...

When did such a demonic dog appear in Heavenly Mist City?!

With his other palm striking the ground and his eyes emitting bright and scorching lights, the Shura Sovereign sprang up and roared at the heavens. His deafening roar stirred a gale and caused the earth beneath him to explode.

Suddenly, a sword began to descend from within the rotating blood clouds in the sky.

Seeing this, Bu Fang froze. Lord Dog also froze...

Why was this plaything somewhat familiar?

The Shura sword... Didn't Lord Dog shatter it once before?

"Bu Fang, kid, how did you end up provoking the same guy again? The previous time seemed to be this plaything as well....."

Lord Dog said, turning its head to look at Bu Fang, who was watching events unfold in a daze from atop the Netherworld Ship.

Bu Fang was speechless.

Previously, there was the Shura Sword; this time, it was the Shura Sovereign. It was all destined!


The descending Shura Sword was grabbed by the Shura Sovereign, and his broken arm instantly reverted back to its original state.

A wave of undulations spread out, causing the air to distort. Although the Shura Sword was blurry, it seemed to possess endless might.

Even the Shura Saintess felt so much pressure that she was forced to descend to the ground; however, she still watched events unfold with a look of reverence. She never thought that the Shura Sovereign would be forced to draw the Shura Sword...

That fat dog... just what kind of existence was it?!

She had never heard of the Hidden Dragon Continent having a black dog expert! Even within the Hidden Dragon Royal Court... there was no such thing.

Ximen Xuan and Xiao He looked on with burning gazes.

"That's right! Owner Bu is definitely someone from the Valley of Gluttony! The experts of the Valley of Gluttony all specialize in cooking... and taming beasts. Not only are Owner Bu's culinary skills so shocking, but he also has this type of divine beast protecting him! Hu... definitely a Walker from the Valley of Gluttony in the Hidden Dragon Royal Court!"

Xiao He's heart contained an immeasurable amount of excitement, and his eyes glowed brightly. He believed that he had grasped the truth behind the facts! If Boss Bu really was someone from the Valley of Gluttony, then his identity was no longer the same. This news absolutely had to be reported to the sect's experts!

The Shura Sovereign's figure began to shudder and became hazier. However, the Shura Sword began to glow so brightly, its light was blinding. The huge sword covered the sky, and the blood-colored sword energy it emitted spread out in all directions, forming ravines all around the earth below.

Suddenly, the blade slashed downward, aiming at Lord Dog!

Everyone's hearts lurched!

The Saintess watched with a solemn expression. She was so jittery that the twin peaks on her chest jiggled rapidly. With a swing of the Shura Sword, the heavens would split open, and the earth below would be exterminated!

This dog... must die!

Lord Dog narrowed his doggy eyes. Suddenly, its forehead split open, and a beam of bright light was revealed within; it looked like another eye.

Lord Dog bared its canines and barked loudly, causing its body fat to jiggle!

Hong Hong!!

The gigantic phantom of a black dog suddenly appeared in the sky. That black dog thundered across the entire firmament!