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 The blood-red jade talisman exploded in the air, and a wave of mysterious fluctuations instantly spread out to encompass an entire arc of the sky.

A terrifyingly strong gust of wind surged, sweeping everything away.

A dreadful pressure spread all over, and rolling blood-red clouds filled the sky. Soon, the sky had turned completely blood red.

As the Shura Saintess hovered in midair, her palms were closed together; her eyes were shut tight, and her elegant red hair fluttered gently, like a silk cloth hanging in the breeze. Her beauty was astounding.

Her long eyelashes fluttered slightly, making her already exquisite beauty seem pure.

Behind her, five supreme shackles swayed towards the heavens, tangling noisily with each other.


The red cloud-filled sky exuded an oppressive feeling, and an overwhelming wave of energy began to spread outward.

Everyone in the vicinity sucked in breaths of cold breath as their bodies were completely suppressed by the terrifying pressure, making them unable to move even a single muscle.

Nethery's pitch black eyes narrowed slightly, and her expression finally turned grave for the first time. A soft sound rang out as pitch-black energy began to surge from her body.

Bu Fang deeply sucked in a breath, this wave of pressure.... was horrifying.

However, the pressure had no effect on him, so he was not forced into a sitting position like the others in the vicinity. Nevertheless, he still furrowed his brows. The wind raging around him not only scattered debris around, but it also made his hair string burst, causing his black hair to come untied and flutter about.

Suddenly, Bu Fang felt something on his chest heat up, so he lowered his head to see what it was.

It turned out to be the little tower hanging around his neck.

At that moment, the pagoda began to glow in a way that made it seem as though it was burning in a furnace. A mysterious fluctuation was being emanated from it.

Why had that little tower begun to act strangely all of a sudden?

Bu Fang was curious.

Was it because of the blood-red jade talisman?

Bu Fang hurriedly raised his head and spotted the blood red clouds revolving like a vortex.

A hazy figure slowly took form in the sky. The rotating blood-red clouds formed a human face, and below that face was a very hazy figure.

The figure was so huge that it made the shura saintess, who was standing beside it, seem very small.

Hu la la!

A strong gale ravaged the surroundings, causing debris to fly everywhere.

Everyone currently in Heavenly Mist City's central plaza shivered and paled with fear.

What exactly was that existence?!

Its energy alone was causing them to shiver uncontrollably.

"Welcoming the Shura Sovereign..."

The Shura Saintess's long hair fluttered wildly, and after her long eyelashes trembled once, her eyes opened, gazing reverently at the grand and majestic figure.

The hazy figure made her feel awe.

Shura Sovereign?!

Everyone who heard her words felt as though thunder had just exploded in their hearts, and it caused their hair to stand on end.

Misha and Tong He were already prostrated on the ground, not daring to move a single muscle. Towards Nethery, they felt fear, but towards the Shura Sovereign... they felt overwhelming fanatism and respect.

The Shura Sovereign was the figure of respect in the hearts of his followers. He was an existence who held an immeasurably high position in their hearts!

The figure shook slight, and two rays of blood red light glowed on its face; it was a gaze of superiority.

The Saintess heaved in a deep breath. If she had to choose, she would have preferred not to break the blood-red jade talisman. Every Saintess of each generation would each have only one jade talisman containing the Shura Sovereign clone. It was there to protect their lives.

Once she used it, that meant she had used up her only life-saving measure. It was a very heavy price to pay. Hence, in order to make up for the loss, she really had to capture Bu Fang. The Shura Tower had to be reclaimed, and... the secret in Bu Fang's body had to be pried out.

That Shura Sovereign's clone seemed to understand what the saintess wanted, and the huge body in the air suddenly moved.

Defeaning explosions began to rock the surroundings.

The alchemy grandmasters from the Pill Palace went completely pale.

The Shura Sovereign... Was that being only a clone of the Shura Sovereign?! That was a real Divine Soul Echelon existence! And a very powerful existence amongst the beings at that echelon. Although the figure was just a clone, it was still an existence that no Divine Physique Echelon expert could deal with!

Hence, faced with the terrifying pressure emanating from the clone of the Shura Sovereign, the alchemy grandmasters could only tremble involuntarily.

Ka Cha!!

The magic array situated in the central plaza was ripped about with an explosion, leaving the spectators watching the events via the Projection Array momentarily stunned.

In the next moment, everyone went crazy.

Why was there no more? Why did the screen just disappear?!

Even the Shura Sovereign had shown up! How come this Magical Hand Conference was so exciting?!

The upper levels of the Pill Palace had already made their moves. There were experts flying to Heavenly Mist City as fast as they could. It was just that... they had no idea if they would make it in time.

Nethery coldly stared at the hazy figure, and the energy emanating from her body rapidly began to surge. A black line on her forehead began to spread open, and this caused her temperament, which was already cold, to become even colder. She was like a block of ice that wouldn't melt for thousands of years.

"Netherworld Woman?" The Shura Sovereign muttered in a slightly surprised tone of voice, which seemed distant yet encompassing. It seemed to resound throughout the heavens and the earth.

Nethery did not reply. She began to hover, and the pitch-black energy she emitted completely shielded her from view.


The void was ripped, and a pitch-black ancient ship burst out from the tear in space. The Netherworld Woman atop the Netherworld Ship... there was no greater combination.

Nethery's fair feet stepped aboard the Netherworld Ship, and she walked to the bow of the ship, sporting an unfathomable gaze and an awe-inspiring temperament.

The Shura Sovereign's gaze did not linger on Nethery for too long; it soon shifted to Bu Fang, who Nethery had just helped onto the Netherworld Ship.

Bu Fang had Eighty in his grasp as he watched the majestic figure solemnly. Eighty, on the other hand, went wide-eyed when it saw it.

Chi Chi...

That little blood-red tower became hotter, and this made Bu Fang furrow his brows.

"The Shura Tower..." When the Shura Emperor spotted the little blood-red pagoda, his eyes let out a fiery light, and his energy instantly began to surge!

He raised a hand, and the surging energy condensed into a gigantic palm that covered the sky. After the gigantic palm was formed, it slapped downwards, aiming at the Netherworld Ship.


In an instant, space seemed as though it was being flattened.

Bu Fang could feel the Netherworld Ship shaking.

Nethery's countenance was cold beyond compare. With a solemn gaze, she raised her fair arms and made a slapping motion.

An enormous wave of energy instantly surged out of the Netherworld Ship and collided with the gigantic palm.

Hong Hong!!

The collision sent the Netherworld Ship flying, and it crashed into the ground heavily, whipping up a cloud of dust and debris.

"As a Netherworld woman, since you are away from the secret realm, your current power should not even be up to ten percent of your original strength. You cannot block me." The Shura Sovereign's sonorous voice boomed once more.

Everyone watching held their breaths. Within the debris, a cloud of dust surged.

Nethery's body trembled violently, and she staggered a few steps backward.

Bu Fang raised his arms and supported the trembling Nethery. Her face was now as deathly pale as it was the first time Bu Fang saw her. It looked completely devoid of blood. The black lines on her face had begun to wriggle as though they had come alive.

Bu Fang felt Nethery's body tremble violently.

"What's going on?" Bu Fang asked, worried.

As soon as he saw Nethery's condition, his heart began to nurse a bad premonition.

"A cursed Netherworld Woman... can only display her potential in the secret realm. When she is outside the secret realm, she would have to spend ten times more energy than she would in the secret realm. When her energy is used up, that is when the curse erupts..."

The majestic figure's fiery gaze was like two blazing hot suns.

A curse!

A sudden realization hit Bu Fang. Blacky seemed to have mentioned something about Nethery being plagued by a curse, which required a sufficient amount of spirit energy to temporarily quell.

That was the reason why Nethery liked to eat Dragon Blood Rice so much.

As Bu Fang supported Nethery with one hand, he shook the other hand, and a purple jade bottle appeared on its grip. He opened it with a finger tap, and some purple essence crystal source floated out of the bottle and into Nethery's mouth.

As soon as the purple essence crystal source entered Nethery's mouth, vitality began to surge within her, and her face recovered a bit of color.

Her shaking also stopped.

Bu Fang heaved a sigh of relief and tapped her back gently, getting her to relax.

Nethery stood up straight, and then she turned around to glance at Bu Fang with her pitch black eyes. After a few moments, she turned and stared at the Shura Sovereign coldly, and her energy began to surge once more.

However, Bu Fang laid a hand on her shoulder, and her surging energy dissipated.

He did not say anything, but just turned to look at the Shura Sovereign, expressionlessly.

"Return the Tower to this Sovereign at once. After that, you will come with this Sovereign..." The Shura Sovereign's huge face in the sky exclaimed, staring daggers at Bu Fang as its terrifying energy burst forth.

The small tower hanging around Bu Fang's neck began to levitate, as though it was trying to fly toward the Shura Sovereign.


However, Bu Fang grabbed the small tower back, and it emitted even more heat in his grip, almost scalding, even.

"What if I don't hand it over?" Bu Fang calmly said.

In reality, Bu Fang was slightly furious at that moment. The Shura Sovereign's domineering aura made him feel disgruntled, and its commanding tone of voice infuriated him even more.

Although he was only a chef, he was still a chef with a dream.

Hence, he would not be so easily bullied.

Bu Fang's actions, countenance, and reply left everyone dumbstruck. Despite all that had happened, he seemed to have no intention to become servile. Was that guy's head hollow?

The Shura Sovereign's cultivation was so terrifying that a slap was enough to kill him!

The Shura Saintess looked at Bu Fang as though she was looking at an idiot. She did not know who Bu Fang's backing was. The Netherworld Woman who he was relying on had lost already, so what was he acting all arrogant for?

The Shura Sovereign's gaze was unfathomable, but after a few moments, he coldly snorted. Space started to compress once more. Another sky-covering palm appeared and slapped downwards, toward Bu Fang.

"This Sovereign was not negotiating with you... Since this is how things have ended up, do not blame this Sovereign for not showing any mercy."

Explosions thundered continuously!

Bu Fang, who stood on the deck of the Netherworld Ship, watched the gigantic palm smash downwards toward him, completely filling up his field of view.

As soon as the gigantic palm was about to strike Bu Fang, it suddenly froze.

The Sovereign Emperor also froze, and he turned his head in curiosity.

"You want to take Bu Fang away? Have you asked this Lord Dog? Seriously... You can't even let this dog have a nice sleep!" A gentle but manly voice resounded throughout the surrounding.

After that, there was a huge explosion in midair!

Space beneath the gigantic palm was ripped apart, and a fat dog lazily strode out of the tear with cat-like steps. As the dog casually strode out, it yawned and focused his drowsy eyes on the scene before it.