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 From the hole in the audience stand, the ground suddenly started to tremble. Debris started to float around as a long whistling sound came out from inside the hole.

A figure swooped out from within and rushed toward the sky. The wild energy spun around like a dragon and it covered the entire sky.

The Old Monster emerged and his upper body was bare. His eight pack were as hard as a rock and a tyrannical light filled his eyes. He looked just like a beast. Blood trickled down his lips but the pores on his entire body were open. The energy around his body rose and fell.

"As expected of the Netherworld Woman..... Powerful indeed!"

The Old Monster's gaze was deep and, after that probe, he finally understood how scary the Netherworld Woman was. He was unable to withstand her pressure at all and was crushed into the ground.

Twisting his neck, his bones emitted cracking sounds which sounded as though someone was frying beans.

Nethery furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at the Old Monster who was floating in the air. This guy was actually still alive.

A hysterical smile hung on the Old Monster's face, and a blood-red porcelain bottle appeared on his palm after a flip of his hand. With his eyes staring at Nethery, he poured whatever was within the bottle into his mouth. It was a blood-red elixir which glowed in a brilliant shade of red.

Crunch crunch!

With heavy bites, the Old Monster chewed the elixir into bits and swallowed them with a single gulp.

In the next instant, his energy changed and became even more terrifying. The expression on his face became more malevolent and his veins started to bulge. The skin on his body became a shade of blood-red color.

It was as if a demon had crawled out of the deep pits of hell!

The shackles behind the old monster began to shake even more violently as if they were about to fuse into a single entity.


An explosion rang out, followed by a series of sonic booms in the air.

Boom boom boom!

With the air around them rolling about, the Old Monster's figure appeared in front of Nethery in an instant. He swept his leg out like a whip and the void seemed to tremble as his leg swept through the air.


Nethery's brows furrowed and her figure instantly vanished. In the next second, she appeared behind that Old Monster and her pitch-black hair fluttered behind her. She raised her hand before tapping downwards.

The Old Monster's lips curled upwards, revealing sharp canines. Letting out a roar like an angry beast, his figure vanished as well.

Nethery's eyebrows furrowed even further as she hovered in the air. Even as she stood in her spot, her slender yet straight legs swayed in the air as her black dress fluttered around her.

Around her body, sonic booms continuously rang out. Anyone would be able to guess that the Old Monster was moving around Nethery at high speed as he waited for a moment to unleash his fatal blow.

The Old Monster's combat strength soared after taking the elixir. It was almost as if he was no longer suppressed by Nethery's pressure. He became even stronger and the audience members eventually became numb.

Too terrifying. Nethery's initial eruption had shocked all of them. When they saw that even the Old Monster became stronger, all of their hearts shuddered.

Everyone started to get worried about Nethery once again.

"Did you see that? That Old Monster is extremely resilient. If you cannot kill him instantly, he will only get stronger and stronger. He will grow to the point where he can kill his opponent..." The Saintess' slender fingers tapped her red lips and she turned her head to address Bu Fang, whose face was heavy.

Bu Fang took in a deep breath. He angrily rubbed Eighty's head but didn't say a word. However, the one who released a cry was Eighty.

Was Nethery strong? Of course. Bu Fang had confidence in Nethery. Nethery's pitch black eyes slightly moved as she surveyed her surroundings. Her body seemed to be emitting a strong wind as the whistling wind sliced through the air.

Suddenly, Nethery opened her mouth.

"You're really annoying..."


Everyone was stunned. What was she trying to say?


An explosion sounded in the air and the gale suddenly stopped. In the next moment, the audience saw that the Old Monster's neck was held by Nethery's hand.

"You..." The Old Monster's chest was rapidly moving up and down. Even with his speed, he was caught?

"Are you an idiot? Why are you spinning around continuously?" Nethery said expressionlessly. In the next instant, the Old Monster felt as though his body was thrown in the air.


A loud sound resounded through the sky and the old monster felt as though his body was bombarded by overwhelming strength. He crashed against the ground with a loud explosion. The ground caved in and debris flew everywhere.

The Old Monster coughed out blood on the ground and his complexion was ugly.

However, this was not the end.

In the next moment, his pupils shrunk. He noticed that there was a jet black arc in the sky which was shooting toward him.


The Old Monster let out a devastating cry. All four of his limbs were pierced by the strands of black hair.

The hair strands were like sharp spears, nailing him onto the ground.

Nethery floated in the air as she looked at him with a cold expression on her face.

Slowly, Nethery lifted her palms. Her hair strands were floating about behind her and it was black as ink. It wasn't even stained by a drop of blood.

The Old Monster slowly crawled up and gradually stood up. He gasped loudly as he raised his head. For the first time, there was fear in his eyes.

The Netherworld Woman.... was really too powerful!

Suddenly, the Old Monster's eyes shrunk. He looked at Nethery and realized that she had actually plucked out a strand of her hair.

What was she trying to do?

The red yarn started to roll around.

The Shura Saintess's face became extremely solemn. She was watching Nethery's actions closely. Suddenly, her heart trembled and her figure flashed. She disappeared from her original spot.


With a loud shout, the Saintess' figure suddenly appeared in the sky. She shouted at Nethery.

However, Nethery had already completed her preparations. She slightly raised her fingers and pointed them at the Old Monster, and a ripping sound rang out.

That strand of pitch black yet thin hair flew out in an instant.

It didn't leave behind a shadow.


The audience only heard a silent ring.

The old monster's body curled up and his heart became cold. In the next moment, he felt his strength being sucked out from his entire body. His young demeanor became old and withered within seconds. In the next moment, his appearance changed back into that of an old senile man. His grand figure also shrunk and his legs staggered. He directly kneeled onto the ground.

With a rumbling sound, the Old Monster's eyes began to shake. He opened his mouth to say something but was unable to let out a single word. His state of mind slowly crumbled. He felt that his strength was being sucked away. His heart was wrapped up by a jet black strand of hair. A soft sound could be heard as his heart was crushed by Nethery's hair.

Cough cough cough...

The Old Monster's figure began to violently shake. He spat out a mouthful of blood before collapsing to the ground.

With a thump, a layer of dust filled the sky.

Nethery retrieved her palm which had sent out the strand of hair. She was expressionless as if she had just done something meaningless. She didn't care at all.

However, everyone was shocked.

The Shura Saintess was shocked as well.

The Old Monster died?

He died just like that? A single strand of hair was able to kill the Old Monster, who had broken through five Supreme-Being shackles? Moreover, she killed him in a second!

Everyone was shocked silly. The audience felt a chill over their whole bodies as they looked at the beauty who was floating in the air. There was a look of disbelief on their faces.

That woman was so beautiful... How could she be so terrifying? With just a single move, she killed him!

The five grandmasters swallowed a mouthful of saliva and their face kept on trembling. When the five of them worked together, they were unable to overcome the Old Monster. However, Nethery killed him in a single instant.

This was a little embarrassing...

Xiao He and Ximen Xuan sucked in a cold breath. They felt as though their hearts were shrinking. To think that this waitress was actually so terrifying!

How was she a waitress? She was more like a female killing star!

Xiao He and Ximen Xuan were not the only ones trembling. The audience members were trembling non-stop.

These few members had all been to Cloud Mist Restaurant as customers. A few of them had even tried to take liberties with Nethery in the past. Although they were taught a lesson in the past, they realized that the punishment they received in the past was more like a reward. Of course, they were comparing themselves to the Old Monster.

She was so gentle to them in the past! They were almost moved to tears.

So the one they tried to take liberties with was actually such a female killing star...

"You actually killed the old monster..." The Shura Saintess' face was cold. She tilted her head to look at Nethery and anger rose in her heart.

"Hand Bu Fang over. Otherwise, you'll die too," Nethery said lightly.

The Shura Saintess narrowed her eyes as she gazed at Nethery deeply.

Nethery stared back expressionlessly.

In the next instant, the Shura Saintess' red lips gently rose. She raised a jade arm which was as white as a lotus and the red yarn underneath rolled over and converged around her. In a flash, the red yarn wrapped around the Saintess, becoming a red damask.

Underneath it, it became as empty as could be.

The red yarn that wrapped around Nangong Wuque also vanished. He jumped up and his face looked into the distance. There was an expression of disbelief as there was no one else around him.

"Old... Where's Old Bu?!"

Bu Fang had vanished!

This was the first time the Netherworld Woman's face changed. She suddenly realized that she was unable to feel Bu Fang's energy.

How could that be?

Bu Fang was obviously within that red yarn!

Old Bu went missing?!

Everyone felt absolutely horrified. A chill ran down their bodies. Everyone looked at the Shura Saintess as if they had seen a ghost.

"Where's Bu Fang?" Nethery's eyebrows furrowed. She turned her head as she coldly asked the Shura Saintess.

Shura Saintess played with the red yarn and the corners of her lips curled upwards. She revealed a bewitching arc, "I have no idea."

Nethery's face became even colder. Her figure vanished in the air.

The Saintess also narrowed her eyes and her figure shook. She vanished as well!

Boom boom boom!

In the air, sounds of collision rang out. The fluctuations in the air started to spread.

In the next instant, Nethery and the Saintess both appeared in the distance.

Nethery's jet black hair floated in the air.

The Saintess was wrapped in red yarn.

Hiss hiss hiss!

This was another peak beauty and she was also an existence who was powerful beyond comparison! Who would have thought that this Saintess who appeared from nowhere would be so powerful! She was actually able to fight against Nethery!

"Netherworld Woman, you are very strong. However, it's a pity that you can't kill me. Neither can you find Bu Fang." The Saintess gently laughed.

Her red hair fluttered in the wind and her beautiful eyes were filled with laughter as she stared at Nethery.

Nangong Wuque lay at the place where Bu Fang had vanished. His eyes opened wide and it appeared as though he had just seen a living ghost.

Old Bu was actually taken away by that woman?

"Don't push me... Hand Bu Fang over." Nethery sucked in a deep breath before plucking off another strand of jet black air. Her fingers aimed at the Shura Saintess.

The smile on the Saintess' face scattered and her expression became cold.

The red yarn rolled about like waves.

Nethery narrowed her eyes. In the next instant, she pointed at the Shura Saintess.


With a flash like lightning, the empty air seemed to be shattered.

The Saintess' hair fluttered. With a pinch, a mysterious rune appeared and collided against the strand of hair.

With a loud explosion, the void seemed as though it was going to rip apart. That terrifying pressure caused everyone to go into an uproar.

"You... can't kill me."

Suddenly, her smile froze and her body froze up as well.

Everyone looked at the Saintess with a face of confusion...

Anger and shame appeared on the Saintess' face all of a sudden. She lowered her head to look at the red yarn on her body.