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 "Come on, let's fight!"

A deafening roar could be heard as a domineering aura charged into the skies. It was as though it wanted to part the clouds in the sky and it was extremely terrifying!

Even though the Old Monster had eight defined abdominal muscles, he was no different from senile old folks. Even his expression was similar to some elderly people who had dementia. However, at this moment, it seemed as though time regressed and he changed into a younger version of himself.

His skin seemed as though it was shining and the aura he emitted rose to the skies. The five chains which were floating behind him seemed to be entangled together and sounds of clashing could be heard when the chains rubbed against each other.

This scene was transmitted back to the Pill Palace through the projection array. Everyone who saw this scene was shocked. What in the world was this? How could anyone return back in time?

"Oh my god! The five grandmasters were defeated?"

"How is this old fellow so awesome? His black stick is too powerful!"

"I never thought that this old man was someone at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon! All five of his chains are about to merge back into one... This is really terrifying!"


The people from the Pill Palace had endless discussions and chattered among themselves. They were extremely surprised. However, they were equally excited at the same time. They felt that they were lucky for being able to watch a battle between beings in the Divine Physique Echelon.

This Magical Hand Conference was really interesting. First, they managed to witness the rise of a black horse who destroyed numerous alchemists along the way. Today, they were able to watch an exciting battle.

There was actually someone at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon there to snatch someone away! It was something completely unthinkable for them!

However, the people from the Pill Palace were no fools. As one of the pill cities, Heavenly Mist City was not lacking in guards. There were already many Supreme-Beings who were rushing toward Heavenly Mist City.

However, when facing a Divine Physique Echelon expert who had broken five shackles, none of them dared to make a rash move. It was useless to talk about whether they were able to defeat him or not. They even had to be cautious if they wanted to actually put a fight against him. It was because of the destruction they would bring to the city. A fight between Divine-Beings brought about extremely serious damages!

A few people supported the five grandmasters and, after shoving some spirit pills in their mouths, their condition started to stabilize. Their faces were ugly. After suffering such a miserable defeat, they were all depressed.

"I never thought that there would be such a crazy freak in the Ancient Shura City." Grandmaster Xuan Ming deeply looked at the Old Monster who was floating in the air. No... It was more accurate to say that he was an Old Monster who had the appearance of a young one.

All of a sudden, their gaze shifted into the distance.

They saw that there was a graceful figure slowly drifting toward them.

When Nangong Wuque, who was wrapped up like a dumpling, looked at Nethery's figure which was slowly getting bigger and bigger, his eyes widened. He was so touched that tears almost flowed down his face.

However, he was only able to produce muffled sounds when he looked at her.

As for Misha and Tong He who were currently engaged in a fierce fight with Xiao He and the rest, their bodies became stiff and a sense of fear overwhelmed them when they saw Nethery's figure.

"It... It's that woman!"

Misha and Tong He released a sharp cry of surprise and quickly disengaged. They started to run into the distance as they abandoned the battle.

Xiao He and Ximen Xuan were slightly shocked. When they turned around, they noticed Nethery who was slowly making her way toward them.

"Isn't that the beautiful waitress in Owner Bu's shop?" Xiao He was stunned. He had a deep impression of how Nethery called him a creep...

Ximen Xuan put away his heavy sword and nodded his head solemnly.

That woman was indeed not ordinary. The aura which she emitted caused Ximen Xuan and Xiao He to suck in a cold breath. When they saw the black clouds which were rolling around in the sky, fierce waves rose in their hearts.

Nethery appeared with an expressionless face. Her eyes rapidly spun as they gradually turned black. They became completely black and her terrifying aura filled the area. Her pitch-black hair started to float around behind her and fluttered in the wind.

Her figure halted as there was another figure floating in front of her. It was a proud youth who had blood-red hair. He held a black stick in his hand and emitted a terrifying aura.

That youth used his fanatical gaze to stare at her, which made her furrow her brows.

"Where is Bu Fang?" Nethery coldly asked.

As her eyes spun, it landed on the ball of red yarn which was spinning around below her. She was able to sense Bu Fang's presence inside the ball.

Without caring about that youth, Nethery raised her glistening feet as she started to descend. Her only goal was to save Bu Fang.

As the ball of red yarn continued to roll around, the Ancient Shura City's Saintess raised her head to look at the Netherworld Woman who was slowly floating downwards. Her eyes narrowed and a light flashed through them.

Bu Fang looked at Nethery, who was slowly floating towards him, and the corners of his mouth curled upwards.


A muffled sound came from the void.

The figure of a black stick appeared and it swept across the void. Naturally, Nethery was the target of the black stick. When the black stick passed through the void, cracks seemed to appear and it looked like space was crushed by it.

When the terrifying strong winds filled the area, Nethery knitted her eyebrows together. Her body flashed and she quickly distanced herself from the strike.

The Old Monster grinned as he appeared at where Nethery was previously at. There was a fanatical look in his eyes.

"Netherworld Woman, don't run! Come and fight with me, come on!"

Sizzle sizzle sizzle!

True energy rolled around and the black stick was instantly covered with lines. It seemed as though a terrifying existence came back to life all of a sudden.

The black stick instantly became a blood-red stick.

Boom! Boom!

The Old Monster's eyes widened as he stared straight at the Netherworld Woman.

It was as though a blood-red storm was swept up and the sky became covered with images of the blood-red stick.

"So strong!" Xiao He and Ximen Xuan were shocked in their hearts. This Old Monster from Ancient Shura City was unreasonably powerful. It was no wonder he was a Supreme-Being who had broken through five shackles!

Was it possible for that waitress to defeat him? Their hearts shook at the thought of Nethery fighting against the Old Monster.

The earth-shattering fluctuations caused everyone's mind to shake. The audience was shocked and became speechless. It was no wonder that the five grandmasters lost to someone like that. It wasn't embarrassing at all...

In the middle of the ball of red yarn, the Saintess started to giggle, "The old monster is as strong as ever... He doesn't even need to retreat when facing the famous Netherworld Woman! Maybe he can really fight against her..."

"Maybe," Bu Fang calmly said. He rubbed Eighty's head and it widened its eyes as it clucked in protest.

"This chicken is interesting..." The Saintess revealed a beautiful smile as her gaze landed on Eighty.

All of a sudden, Eighty's body stiffened and it gave a loud cluck.

Were you jealous of this chicken's beauty?

"What? If you want it, you can take it away..."

Bu Fang was stunned and he raised the Eight Treasures Chicken in his hand. He was prepared to throw it over to the Saintess.

Eighty was stunned and quickly flapped its wings. Feathers flew everywhere.

The Saintess' face froze and a powerful aura erupted from her body. The feathers quickly scattered around as she blew them away.

"Why would I want that chicken? This big sister wants you..." The Saintess stuck out her red tongue and licked her lips. A charming voice came out from her mouth.

"You want my body, but you can never get my heart..." Bu Fang looked at the Saintess and seriously said.


When the Saintess heard what he said, she was shocked for a moment. In the next instant, she started to laugh.


As the wind and clouds swept across the sky, the red-colored copies of the stick overshadowed the sun. The winds howled and the sky shook.

Nethery expressionlessly looked at the blood-red shadows which were aimed at her and she felt a sky-crushing pressure. The mighty pressure blew her hair all around and even the crushed stones which were lying on the ground were swept up.

"Now die!" Old Monster had a ferocious expression on his face as he shouted. As he emitted a terrifying momentum, everyone's heart was shaking as they were worried for Nethery...

However, in the next instant...

Everyone's face froze and dumbstruck expressions appeared on their faces. They felt as though their hearts were in turmoil and they looked at the scene in front of them with incredulous expressions.

It wasn't just the audience who was dumbfounded. Even the Old Monster had a shocked expression on his face.

It was as though the entire world went silent and there were only sounds coming from the ball of red yarn which was rolling around.

Nethery's face was expressionless as one of her hands was raised. Her slender and snow-white hand caught the blood-red stick.

The monstrous power utilized by the Old Monster from the Ancient Shura City was actually easily nullified by the Netherworld Woman...

Initially, everyone thought that Nethery would be crushed to a meat paste under the stick. They thought that she would be dead beyond a doubt. After all, her opponent was an expert who couldn't be defeated by the five grandmasters!

However, the truth was displayed in front of their eyes.

This woman gently raised her hand and grabbed the long stick.

Old Monster's surging true energy and terrifying aura seemed like a paper tiger in front of Nethery. She was able to destroy everything with a single palm.

How was she able to destroy it so easily?

It was extremely terrifying...

Everyone sucked in a cold breath and the pores on their bodies constricted.

"You... You..."

An incredulous expression appeared on the face of the Old Monster from Ancient Shura City. He was incomparably shocked. In the next moment, he released a burst of frenzied laughter, "You are indeed the Netherworld Woman! Sure enough, you are strong, hahahahaha! Let's fight!"

With a flick of his wrist, the blood-red stick started to move and it broke free from Nethery's grasp. It fell back into his hand and, with a swing, it exerted the might of a thousand soldiers. It was aimed at Nethery's head.


Raising her hand gently, she silently grabbed the stick once again. The majestic aura which was emitted from the Old Monster vanished in an instant.

The audience went into an uproar.

It wasn't a coincidence! The woman was actually a terrifying existence as well! She was someone who could suppress this scary Old Monster!

"You want to fight with me?"

As the winds whistled, Nethery's hair fluttered around everywhere. Her beautiful face was partly hidden and partly visible as her hair flew around in the wind.


The Old Monster breathed out a breath of cold air. In the next instant, he seemed to have heard the sound of something breaking. The only thing he saw was Nethery squeezing his stick until it broke... A spiderweb of cracks could be seen on his blood-red stick. The blood-red color started to fade and the Old Monster's body and mind shuddered involuntarily.


"You are too weak..."

Nethery's pitch-black eyes glanced at the Old Monster and, in the next instant, he felt an overwhelming pressure crush him. His eyes seemed as though they were about to pop out from their sockets. As he was crushed under the immense pressure, he slammed into the ground.

With a loud blast, the entire audience stand collapsed. As they let out cries of surprise, the audience members fled with terrified expressions on their faces.

It was as though a meteor crashed into the audience stand as a crater was created.

With a single hand, Nethery held onto the long stick. She had a look of indifference as she looked at the stick in her hand. With a loud snap, she directly broke the stick into many pieces. She swung her hand and the broken pieces fell onto the ground as tiny dust particles were swept up.

The audience fell into silence...

Everyone was dumbfounded. A chaotic atmosphere was in the air.

Nangong Wuque, who was wrapped up like a dumpling by the red yarn, widened his eyes. Tears of joy flowed down his face. He knew how terrifying sister Nethery was! Looking back in time, he was lucky to be alive!

Nethery acted as she did something not worth mentioning as she tilted her head to look at the red yarn which was rolling about beneath her. As she stepped out with her glistening feet, she made her way toward Bu Fang.

"Hand him over, don't force me to make a move..." Nethery calmly said.

Inside the red yarn, the Saintess' face turned serious. However, her red lips curled upwards instantly.

"You really thought that the Old Monster was so weak? You should know that up till now, everyone who looked down on the Old Monster has died."

Boom! Boom!

In the next instant, true energy surged out from the crater in the ground. Along with a sharp cry, a fierce aura charged into the sky.