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 The bronze gate of the little store called Cloud Mist Restaurant was shut tight, so not even a ray of sunlight could enter, leaving the store's interior completely dark.

The sound of uniform breathing was audible within the store. Lord Dog lay underneath the Path-Understanding Tree, sleeping soundly; every time it breathed in and then out, the fat on its body jiggled.

Within the dark room, a shadow quietly floated by, and her long and straight black hair swayed behind her.

Nethery felt a little bored, so she paced around the restaurant. Sometimes daydreaming under the Path-Understanding Tree, sometimes sitting on the chair in a daze. This was the type of lifestyle she had long since grown used to.

When she was still in the secret realm, she always stayed in the Netherworld Ship, in a daze.

Suddenly, the eyes of the sleeping black dog flew open, and the fat on its face jiggled. The drowsy dog opened its mouth and yawned a few times before looking in the direction of the central square with half-opened eyes.

"Hu... that kid Bu Fang seems to have met some trouble. This kid really is careless; he did not even bring that iron ball, Whitey, with him when he left," Lord Dog muttered.

Then, it turned to see Nethery in a daze, as per usual, and with a manly voice said, "Girl, it's time to eat."

Nethery jumped up from her chair, and her eyes instantly began to shine as she turned to gaze at Lord Dog.

"Huu... I was just lying," Lord Dog said.

The light in Nethery's eyes faded, and her face became expressionless.

This dog... How silly.

"Na, Bu Fang seems to have encountered some trouble. If you still wish to keep eating that tasty Dragon Blood Rice, then you should go take a look... Bring the kid back. If something happens to him, you will no longer be able to eat any Dragon Blood Rice," Lord Dog said in its manly tone of voice.

Nethery froze. Did something happen to Bu Fang? Wait... That was not the main point; the main point was... would she no longer really be able to eat Dragon Blood Rice?

Nethery's eyes instantly shrunk. How could something like that happen?!

"Okay; I'll go look for him," Nethery said lightly as she stood up, with her beautiful legs as straight as a pen.

"Yeah. For the sake of Dragon Blood Rice, go quickly, girl!"

Lord Dog cheered on.

Nethery stared at Lord Dog deeply before nodding solemnly. "I'll definitely bring back the Dragon Blood Rice... No, I mean I'll definitely bring back Bu Fang!"

Nethery turned around, and the restaurant's bronze gates opened without a sound.

Lord Dog yawned audibly and watched Nethery's silhouette fade, then the corners of its mouth curled upwards.

"With this girl here, I can take it easy. I'll first sleep for a while, then," Lord Dog mumbled, and then it lay back down and fell asleep.

The Path-Understanding Tree rustled, and a leaf fell off. It swayed in the air, and landed on Lord Dog's nose, causing it to itch.

In the kitchen, Whitey's eyes glowed purple, and it proceeded to scratch the top of its head where Shrimpy lay, sleeping soundly.


The red veil hovered in the air, carrying with it an intoxicating fragrance which was unique to a stunning woman.

A beautiful figure emerged from within the red veil. Her flaming hot body was visually captivating.

Nangong Wuque stared with wide eyes, and his heart throbbed with incomparable excitement.

Bu Fang frowned. First, it was that skinny elderly, then it was Tong He and Misha; and now, a woman has appeared. He could tell that this woman was not simple at all.

"Old Bu! Leave this woman to me! Find a chance to run... When it comes to dealing with women, I have the best tactics!" Nangong Wuque said urgently, even though his eyes were still glowing brightly.

When Bu Fang heard that, he turned to look at Nangong Wuque suspiciously.

The veil fluttered lightly, like endless rolling waves. In the next moment, the veil was rolled up, revealing a beautiful leg, which was just as fair as a sheep's fur.

Nangong Wuque's eyes were almost crossed.

Beneath the fair legs were a pair of visually dazzling red shoes. The long beautiful legs moved, and the veil was opened all the way, slowly revealing a dainty figure to Bu Fang and Nangong Wuque. Those stunning features, delicate red lips, and graceful hair accessories made everyone watching involuntarily suck deep breaths.

That woman was... too beautiful.

Her beauty was unlike Nangong Wan's petite beauty, neither was it similar to Nethery's cold beauty. She was noble and graceful, and anyone who saw her would feel a faint pressure.

Shura Saintess' delicate red lips curled upwards slightly, and her long eyelashes fluttered as her gaze landed on Bu Fang.

"We meet again..."

This woman spoke with a very soft voice, which almost seemed weak but was capable of making the hearts of those who heard it shudder.

Meet again?

Bu Fang froze, and his eyes narrowed. A recollection instantly flashed through his heart. He remembered brushing shoulders with a lady before. That lady must be the same person in front of him right now.

"Oh... so it seems," Bu Fang replied calmly.

"You really are interesting... Why don't you follow me? I'll bring you to a nice place." The Saintess smiled as gently as a blooming flower. Her smile was so beautiful that it was capable of leaving anyone astonished; hence, Bu Fang's current calmness was a little surprising to her.

Nangong Wuque stared at the woman blankly. This woman... really was an evil demon!

The saintess' words made Bu Fang frown.

This woman was indeed in cahoots with the people coming after him. It seemed that even the skinny old man answered to this woman. Did that mean that the main culprit who sought to capture him was this woman in front of him? Why did she want him captured? Did she like him?

"No. Not interested." Bu Fang shook his head sideways, instantly rejecting her offer.

"Ai yo... Old Bu only has eyes for the kitchen. I'll go with you to that place that you mentioned," Nangong Wuque said as he ran his hand through his fiery red hair and puffed out his chest.

The Shura Saintess glanced at Nangong Wuque, and the smile on her face slowly disappeared.

"Naughty... go to the side and play by yourself."

"Hun!?" Nangong Wuque froze. What did that mean? He was handsome as hell!

In the next moment, however, the Shura Saintess waved her jade-like hand, which had been poised like an orchid, and the fluttering red veil began to move.

Every hair on Nangong Wuque stood on end, and his true energy surged rapidly. The chains behind him swayed wildly, and his Nine Hell King Flame surged outwards, intending to incinerate the red veil!

However, it was useless!

Even the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame Nine Hell King Flame was completely unable to burn the veil. Nangong Wuque was wrapped into a ball without much resistance, and even his mouth was covered. Only the upper half of his face remained uncovered, and his eyes spun wildly.

You must be jealous of my handsomeness!

Nangong Wuque's eyes became teary as he felt wronged!

A captivating smile appeared on the Shura Saintess' face. She pointed her finger, and the red ball which contained Nangong Wuque was sent flying. It landed far in the distance, and even then, Nangong Wuque was still unable to move an inch.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The veil began to rotate, and with a very high speed, it began to wrap the area around Bu Fang.

The red veil floated, the colorful mist looking very mystifying.

The Shura Saintess' beautiful long legs slowly trudged forward toward Bu Fang. As she approached him, her eyes held a gaze whose meaning was impossible to unravel, and her mouth carried with it a small smile.

"Isn't this big sister beautiful?" The Shura Saintess, who had just reached Bu Fang's side, poked her nails on his chin, with her breath smelling like a lotus. Her fingernails were painted bright red, which carried a different type of temptation.

Bu Fang took in a deep breath, and a fragrance assaulted his nose, causing his face to burn up slightly.

"You... are not ugly," Bu Fang said with a sigh.

The Saintess suddenly stopped. Not ugly? This was the first time someone had answered her like that...

She became a little angry. She was confident in her appearance, so she never thought this little chef would say that she was "not ugly". If she was not ugly, did that not make her beautiful?

"Very good, kid... you really have a lot of courage. But this will not become the reason for this Saintess not to capture you. Since you are able to use the Shura Tower, then you, little chef, must have hidden quite a few secrets!"

As the Shura Saintess' fingers trailed down Bu Fang's face, she chuckled, and the gaze in her eyes became more mystifying. Suddenly, her body froze in midstep as she felt an enormous source of energy flying over from a distance. She straightened her posture and looked in that direction; her gaze seemed to pierce through the fluttering red veil.

In the direction the Shura Saintess was looking at, the sky slowly began to darken, and a dainty figure could be seen flying through the air, with her black robes fluttering in the wind.

Behind the approaching person, a straight, long black hair fluttered.

"The Netherworld Woman..." the Shura priestess muttered, after taking in a deep breath, and her expression became solemn.

She turned to look at Bu Fang, with a bizarre look in her eye, and said, "To think that even the Netherworld woman would be so dead set on you... Little chef, you must really have some charisma."

"No... I'm guessing Nethery is just here because of Dragon Blood Rice," Bu Fang calmly replied, instantly guessing the truth.

The look on the Shura Saintess' face was weird. Although she had not understood Bu Fang's words, it made... sense.

"Old Monster, stop playing with those old folks. So wrap up that battle quickly and come deal with the Netherworld woman," the Shura Saintess spoke calmly, with a slight smile and a voice that permeated the surrounding.

In the central plaza, the skinny elderly who had forced the five alchemy grandmasters suddenly froze. He looked into the distance, and from there, dark clouds rolled over. It was closely followed by a majestic pressure, which seemed to encompass the entire sky; the black haired Netherworld Woman was coming.

This caused him to suck in a deep breath of air.

When the elderly finally breathed out, his true energy began to surge once more.

"Yes! Lady Saintess!"

He twirled his enormous, long black pole, and in the next moment, the entire sky was filled with an uncountable number of poles. Combined, they all exuded a heavy pressure.

Hong! Hong! Hong!!

The faces of the five alchemy grandmasters changed. In the next moment, many poles rushed toward them, and they were sent flying; in midair, fresh blood poured out of their mouths.

The entire audience became frightened!

That elder really hadn't been using his full strength?!

The alchemy grandmasters were injured heavily, and their breathing was unstable; despite that, the expressions on their faces were expressions of shock and range. Why was this skinny elderly so strong?!

"If Lady Saintess hadn't told me not to kill you guys, then hmph..." The elderly haughtily said, glancing at the grandmasters in disdain. With a resounding "hong", his body suddenly shot forward.

From afar, Nethery was taking brazen steps forward. Every time the tip of her dazzling feet touched the air, she would cover a great distance, and her true energy would grow more powerful.

The elderly's gaze turned serious, and his true energy surged into the heavens.

"Let this old man experience the strength of this Netherworld Woman!!"

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The five shackles behind him swayed wildly before becoming hazy. Suddenly, it looked like they were slowly condensing into one...

When the alchemy grandmasters saw this, their faces instantly turned white.

"This old man is actually an expert at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon!!"

The old man's face, which was riddled with wrinkles, shivered, and his ash-white hair fluttered. Suddenly, his wrinkled face hastily began to turn younger... His white hair had also turned blood red!

The man straightened his body, grabbed his enormous long black pole, and the pressure emanating from him increased alarmingly.