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 The long black stick spun in the air, making chilling whistling sounds. The image was extremely shocking.

The members of the audience were all shocked. That elderly was actually this powerful and sturdy? The stick split into several, causing those who were watching to shudder.

Flames surged toward the heavens and clashed constantly with the long stick. The collision caused flames to scatter around.

High up in the air, Grandmaster Xuan Ming's eyes held a complicated gaze. His entire figure was like a human flame, and with a wave of his palm, the flames began to twist and turn. Soon, they morphed into a huge maw, which then made its way to bite the skinny elder.

The old man's eyes narrowed, and he waved his hands, causing the black poles to condense into a very huge pole in an instant. As soon as the huge pole was formed, it directly smashed apart the flaming maw that Grandmaster Xuan Ming had created.

With the sound of rushing wind, Grandmaster Xuan Ming moved to the side, dodging the attack from the enormous black pole.

At this point, the other grandmasters began to make their moves.

Grandmaster Gu He waved his hand, and a dark green elixir was shoved into his mouth. He chewed it a few times and swallowed, and his energy began to skyrocket. As soon as that happened, he smashed his fist into the ground.

Suddenly, a shockwave spread out from the ground.

The skinny elder, however, seemed to have foreseen this attack. Exerting energy into his feet, he leaped up high, dodging the shockwave perfectly.

The elderly grasped the enormous black pole, and his true energy began to surge crazily. The enormous black pole began to tremble, and with a deafening sound, it was ruthlessly smashed downward. The air in its path seemed to distort.


The ground exploded, but Grandmaster Gu He had been able to dodge in a flash; he, too, leaped high into the air, charging directly at the elder.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Grandmaster Gu He roared loudly, and his body moved lightning fast as he fought in close quarters against the elderly in midair.

As Bu Fang held onto the Eight Treasures Chicken, he looked at the enormous black pole and sucked in a deep breath of air, then he slowly took a step backward, having made the decision to walk around it.

As he took a step back, however, the enormous black pole began to tremble once again, and this time, it smashed down toward him.


Bu Fang frowned, albeit unwilling to continue.

This was a bit too much...

Bu Fang exerted some force into his feet and dashed forward, but the enormous black pole actually changed directions too, whistling toward him.

It brought with it a ringing "Hong" sound.

The ground was smashed by the long pole.

Bu Fang frowned and increased his movement speed, but the enormous black pole continued to give chase, pestering him without stop.

Nangong Wuque and the chief judge, who were both standing afar, sucked in deep breaths of cold air as they watched events unfold. This black pole really was not ordinary.

"Old Bu, I'll help you!!"

Nangong Wuque shouted out loudly. He stomped his foot on the ground hard and charged in Bu Fang's direction.


When Bu Fang saw this, his eyes narrowed; just as he was about to open his mouth, he realized that Nangong Wuque had already reached his side. With a face brimming with excitement, the latter struck the long pole.

The figure of the skinny elderly, who was still in midair, began to glow, and his blood began to surge like stormy waves. As he glanced in Bu Fang's direction, his eyes flashed, and he waved his hand.

Suddenly, a countless number of black poles appeared and swung downward harshly.

"Shit?! Didn't we agree that there would only be one?!" Nangong Wuque's was filled with confusion as he stared at the incoming cloud of densely packed long black poles, which were smashing down in his direction, and he felt as though a thousand dogs were running through his heart.

Where was the trust between people?


A scorching white flame exploded and engulfed everything before rushing towards the horizon.

The scorching white Nine Hell King Flame collided with the black poles, striking many of them down; however, a few black poles were able to make it past the flames and whistled down toward Bu Fang.

Dong dong dong!

Nangong Wuque crazily dodged the raining black poles with a variety of comedic poses, narrowly escaping being struck. The ground was riddled with holes, and rubble of different sizes was scattered about.

Nangong Wuque's frightened little heart beat madly, without stopping.

"This is too scary! Does this black pole have a spirit?"

Bu Fang was also speechless.

"When I was alone, all I had to deal with was just one pole; now that you've joined the fray, the number of poles I've had to deal with has increased." Bu Fang looked at Nangong Wuque as though he was looking at an idiot.

Since the elder had used only a single black pole to attack Bu Fang, it was obvious that he was confident that it alone was sufficient. Hence, when the number of people increased, it was only obvious that the number of black poles would increase as well...

"Shit! This pole has poison!"

Nangong Wuque was momentarily distracted and smacked in the butt by a single black pole, and his face instantly turned ugly. In the next moment, more black poles struck him, leaving him unable to think straight. At that point, he was already feeling like there was nothing left to love in his life.

Two rotating black poles whistled as they set a straight course toward Bu Fang.

Still holding onto the Eight Treasures Chicken, he watched the accelerating poles with a deep gaze, and a wisp of green smoke curled around his other hand, causing the Black Turtle Constellation Wok to appear.

True energy surged into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok as Bu Fang raised it up high and then swung it down without holding back.


The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was incomparably heavy, and with such a terrifying swing, the spinning black poles were sent flying away and landed somewhere in the distance.

Bu Fang did not plan to stop there, however. With one hand holding the chicken and the other holding the heavy wok, he walked forward slowly toward the long pole ahead and swung the Black Turtle Constellation Wok at it.

The enormous black pole cracked as soon as it was struck, emitting a loud "Ka Cha!" sound.

Up high in the air, the skinny elderly narrowed his eyes and turned his cold gaze toward Bu Fang's location, just in time to look into the eyes of Bu Fang, who had just lifted his head.

Bu Fang said nothing, though. He calmly picked up the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and began to walk slowly into the distance.

"You want to leave?!"

The skinny elderly's face turned incomparably cold. He never thought that this little ant would actually dare to fight back!

He swung the enormous long black pole horizontally, causing the five alchemy grandmasters to retreat backward.

The foreheads of Grandmaster Gu He and the other grandmasters were drenched with sweat. They felt slightly pained. As expected, someone from the Ancient Shura City really possessed such tremendous combat strength, and old folks like them, who had not made a move for so long, were unable to defeat him in a short period of time.

Five alchemy grandmasters had been pushed back by a single sweeping attack from only one person... How embarrassing!

"This will not do! Everyone, hang in there. Do not throw away the face of my Pill Palace!" Grandmaster Xuan Ming roared, and his alchemy robes began to flutter again as he rushed to attack the skinny elder once more.

"This old man's target is that chef. Why do you needlessly risk your life fighting me? Just hand that chef over to me, and we can both be happy!" said the skinny elderly.

After that, he swung his enormous black pole, and its silhouette covered the sky.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Grandmaster Xuan Ming was sent flying from the strikes. His chest heaved heavily and he couldn't help spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood before his face turned pale.

"If you still continue to block this old man, this old man really will not show any mercy!" the skinny elder coldly said as his gaze swept past the remaining grandmasters. After all, since he had entered the Pill Palace, he had been resisting the urge to simply kill them all.


The lungs of every audience member almost exploded from anger! How could this old man be so wild?! He actually dared to threaten the five alchemy grandmasters... Was everyone from the Ancient Shura City this wild?!

This was blatantly bullying the Pill Palace!

"Your mum! I can't endure this anymore! I'm heading to the Heavenly Mist City right now!"

"This old man is really foul! And that has annoyed this senior so much that he just wants to use the crystal cannons to blast that old man to death!"

"Save it; that guy is an expert that has broken five supreme shackles... Who are you even trying to kill with your cannon!"


The audience felt indignant at such injustice, and they raised their voices in complaints.

Bu Fang did not care about any of this, though. With Eighty in one hand and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok on his shoulders, he was set to return to the little restaurant. As the match had ended already-despite the ensuing events being really bad-nothing else here had anything to do with him... Just as Bu Fang was about to leave, however, two figures suddenly shot out of the audience stand.

They moved at such fast speed that it slightly exceeded the audience's expectations. Both Misha's and Tong He's eyes glowed with excitement! This was too thrilling! They both never imagined that the saintess would give the order to make a move during the Magical Hand Conference! As expected of Lord Saintess! Very formidable!

The kid was currently alone, so this was a great opportunity to grab him. Once they got ahold of him, the Shura Tower would return home. Their Ancient Shura City would then rise from the ashes, without any need to remain fearful of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court.

The saintess' directive was that they captured the chef. It seemed the chef knew how to utilize the Shura Tower, and the saintess was very interested in the secret behind it. Since all they had to do was capture him, then they would do just that. That woman with the long black hair was not around, so catching the kid should only take minutes.

Misha and Tong He's emergence was out of Bu Fang's expectations, and he stiffened when he saw them. He stored back the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, and the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife emerged from the green smoke curling around his hand once more. He infused his true energy into the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, and with a resounding dragon cry, the kitchen knife instantly enlarged.

The now massive kitchen knife began to emit a dazzling golden glow which was bright enough to blind a person. It proceeded to sweep away everything.

Overlord Thirteen Blades!

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes and swung the huge Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife horizontally.

In that instant, the air trembled, and a huge figure appeared behind Bu Fang. The figure was very hazy, but the pressure it exuded was very imposing.

"Heng! Just a Supreme-Being and you want to block me? Aren't you looking down on us? You think you are that woman with the long black hair?" Tong He and Misha both laughed coldly.


The knife light was cutting down, and Tong He swung his arms towards it. True energy exploded out of his arm and shattered the light. However, a second knife instantly arrived, having closely followed the first.

Overlord Thirteen Blades. Each cut stronger than the last! The power behind these thirteen cuts was endless!

Tong He shattered the second move with a sneer on his face. At that point, he was already incomparably excited!

"Only a Supreme-Being... Just like an ant!"

Bu Fang's expression did not change, though. The third cut came right after, then the fourth cut followed...

After the sixth cut, Bu Fang was heaving heavily, and he couldn't help taking a step back. His chest heaved heavily as he stored the Golden Dragon Kitchen Knife away.

Meanwhile, in the distance, Tong He's face had turned a shade of dark reddish-purple!

What a bullshit Supreme-Being! What the heck was that?!

He could shatter the first knife cut, and he could also shatter the second; after that was a third... and then a fourth... Was it never ending?

When the sixth knife cut arrived, Tong He was sent flying, smashing into the ground on one knee. His shoulder had been cut open, and fresh blood flowed from it non-stop...

He was a Divine Physique Echelon expert, yet he was actually almost killed by a Supreme-Being!

This was just too... unbelievable!

Hong! Hong!

Two more figures shot out from the audience's stand.

One was incomparably refined, extremely handsome, and donned green robes, which gave him a refreshing look. It was the Wind and Thunder Pavillion's Xiao He.

The other person carried a heavy sword on his shoulder, and his face held an extremely solemn expression; he was the Grand Barren Sect's Ximen Xuan.

"Brother from Grand Barren Sect, this Boss Bu could be the successor of the Valley of Gluttony. Let's help out; we cannot let these people from the Ancient Shura City capture him," Xiao He said with a smile and unsheathed his dark green blade, which then emitted a bright glow.

Ximen Xuan glanced at Xiao He casually and also grabbed his heavy sword. As he lifted it, the muscles on his arms bulged, making him look really powerful.

"Okay, let's kill."

Xiao He's lips curled upward. The tip of his toes touched the ground, and in the next instant, the sound of rushing wind and thunder resounded as his figure shot forward like lightning, rushing towards Misha and Tong He.

Misha and Tong He had not anticipated the arrival of these two, so they had to engage them in combat with fury in their hearts.

Bu Fang patted his chest and glanced at Xiao He and Ximen Xuan. He had not expected these two to rescue him.

Nangong Wuque trudged over from afar, clutching his chrysanthemum, and his face was filled with indignance.

"Old Bu, quickly go... This place is frightening."

Bu Fang looked at him strangely but nodded in reply. However, when he took another step forward, something else happened.

Their field of view was filled with a layer of red. It was though everything had been swallowed by a red sea. A red veil floated, bringing a fragrance with it. A beautiful person, with a faintly discernable figure, appeared from within the red background, blocking the path in front of Bu Fang and Nangong Wuque.