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 On top of the stage, a proud man with a hunched back hovered in the air. His blood-red robes fluttered in the wind and he clasped his hand behind his back as he stared at Bu Fang.


A chill traveled through Bu Fang's heart and his hand clamped down tighter on Eighty's head. Eighty's eyes snapped open all of a sudden.

It gave a loud cluck!

Were you trying to squeeze this chicken to death?

That ice-cold gaze which was locked onto Bu Fang caused his heart to clench.

This old guy's target was him?!

The audience was in an uproar. Things just kept happening one after another and none of them knew what was going on anymore. This old man who had just appeared made everyone feel slightly stunned.

On the stage, when Mao Shi saw that old man, he started shouting with a frenzied gaze. It was as though he was grabbing at straws as he yelled, "It's him! It's him! He is the one who gave me the Blood Fire Shura Pill!"

The eyes of the few grandmasters shifted and landed on the old man.

The head judge made his move in that instant. All the true energy in his body started to surge around as he took a few steps forward to stand in front of Bu Fang.

The head judge's instincts were telling him that the old man was there because of Bu Fang.

"Someone from Ancient Shura City? You dare to give the Blood Fire Shura Blood Pill to someone from my Heavenly Shine City? Are you trying to start a war between the Pill Palace and the Ancient Shura City?!" Grandmaster Yao Guang furiously roared and true energy erupted from inside his body. Five chains appeared and drifted in the air behind him.

As a Divine Physique Echelon expert who had broken through five Supreme-Being shackles, he possessed a terrifying might. His aura surged forth and it was aimed at the old man.

However, the old man floating in the air remained calm. His face which was full of wrinkles didn't possess a single expression.

"Does this piece of useless trash possess the qualification to cause a war to break out between the Pill Palace and the Ancient Shura City?" A single sentence from the old man caused Bu Fang to freeze.

"Humph! Why did someone from Ancient Shura City come to my Pill Palace to stir up trouble? What are your intentions?" Grandmaster Xuan Ming's cold gaze locked onto that old man.

The old man's lips curled upwards as he looked at Grandmaster Xuan Ming. His gaze was unfathomable as he slowly raised his hand to point at Bu Fang.

"I want this person. Hand this person over to my Ancient Shura City."

The audience froze and so did the five grandmasters. Even Bu Fang was rooted to his spot.

"Cluck!" Chicken's cries continuously rang out. The Eight Treasures Chicken was almost squeezed to death by Bu Fang again.

"Relax! It looks like the Ancient Shura City has been getting more and more arrogant. Contestant Bu Fang is the top three contestants of our Magical Hand Conference. Do you think you can take him away because you want to? Where did your courage come from?" Grandmaster Xuan Ming's eyes narrowed and he started to become angry.

Firstly, don't even talk about how Bu Fang was among the top three contestants in the Magical Hand Conference. Bu Fang was someone who came from Heavenly Mist City. Grandmaster Xuan Ming had to do something about it.

"This means that there will be no further discussions?" The old man's reaction was extremely calm as he lightly said.

Grandmaster Xuan Ming's eyes widened as he gave an explosive harrumph.

In the next moment, just as Master Xuan Ming blinked, the old man with a hunched back moved. It was as though he teleported as the old man appeared beside Bu Fang in an instant. An imposing pressure was emitted from the old man's body. Five chains were swaying in the air behind him.

The surge of the Pressure of Heaven and Earth descended and affected everyone.

Another expert who had broken through five Supreme-Being shackles?!

The head judge let out a furious roar. How could he allow anyone to snatch Bu Fang away? If he did so, he would die from shame. A bundle of green flames rose in his hands as it formed a revolving lotus before flying toward the old man. The head judge's cultivation was very strong. After all, he was an expert who broke through three Supreme-Being shackles. His green lotus flame contained an extremely powerful might.

The air seemed to distort.

"Petty tricks....."

The hunched elderly said coldly. With a wave of his hands, a surge of true energy rolled forth and the green lotus was directly broken apart. He head judge's chest seemed to cave inwards as he was sent flying out of the stage. He smashed into the wall of the spectator stand.

The green lotus flame was directly scattered by the old man.

"Today, I'm going to bring this person away. Anyone who blocks the way of the Shura Old Monster... will die." This domineering sentence came out from the old man's mouth and it shocked the audience.

Everyone was shocked. What in the world was the origin behind this dark horse chef? Why would such a strong expert arrive to snatch him away?

"Harming someone from my Pill Palace! You are asking for death!"

Grandmaster Xuan Ming raged as energy started to surge around his body. His alchemy robes started to float upwards.

Buzz buzz!

Taking a step forward, Grandmaster Xuan Ming also appeared beside the hunchback old man. His fist swung outwards toward the old man.

The old man's face turned cold and a flash of light was emitted from his hand. In an instant, a shadow lashed out and ruthlessly smashed into Grandmaster Xuan Ming's fist.

A breaking sound resounded in the air.

A bone-shattering sound resounded in the air and everyone saw Grandmaster Xuan Ming retreat with a red face. Every time he took a step back, the stage below his feet would crack.

The old man stood still as he was extremely calm. His hand held on to a pitch-black long stick and he slightly raised his head to look at Grandmaster Xuan Ming.

"I've said that anyone who comes will die. Are you going to try?"

The audience went into an uproar as all of them were about to go crazy. Wasn't he looking down on their Pill Palace! It had been many years since such a daring person appeared. He actually dared to snatch away someone in front of so many people! Not to mention his arrogant attitude while doing so.

A black stick actually managed to force Grandmaster Xuan Ming back!

How domineering! How savage!

Anger started to rise in the heart of the members of the Pill Palace. As this scene was transmitted to the rest of the Pill Palace through the projection array, everyone in Pill Palace managed to witness the scene. They had a strong sense of belonging to the Pill Palace and when they saw this scene in front of them, it was as though their belief had been trampled on.

Some people started to make a move toward Heavenly Mist City as they wanted to personally rip that old man into shreds.

Grandmaster Xuan Ming's arm hung loosely as bright red blood flowed down from his hands.

Just a strike from that stick had shattered the bones in his hand. That old man was terrifying indeed. It seemed as though this old man was not just an ordinary expert in the Divine Physique Echelon Realm who had broken through five Supreme-Being Shackles.

"Just follow me. The Saintess wants to meet you." The hunchback old man waved his pole with a single hand and his eyes were calm. He slowly looked toward Bu Fang and opened his mouth. He was confident that, with his cultivation at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm, he would definitely be able to make this chef yield. After all, Bu Fang was merely a Supreme-Being... Just an ant. Bu Fang was nothing more than an ant in his eyes.

Would an ant dare to go against his will? It was obviously something impossible.

Just the Pressure of Heaven and Earth alone would make any Supreme-Being unable to resist. However, this old man was wrong. Although Bu Fang was a Supreme-Being, he was no ordinary one.

Because of the system, although that frightening Pressure of Heaven and Earth made everyone in the area feel suppressed, Bu Fang was unable to feel anything at all.

He held onto the Eight Treasure Chicken as he gently rubbed its head. He raised his head and met the old man's gaze head-on. He was puzzled as he had no idea why the old man wanted to snatch him away. He had never even seen this old man before. Where in the world did he form a grudge with him?

On the spectator stand, Nangong Wuque's eyes narrowed. He sucked in a deep breath as he jumped down to pull the head judge out of the debris.

The head judge seemed to be breathing with difficulty as he clutched his chest. He was an expert who had broken through three Supreme-Being shackles. However, he was unable to take even a single blow from that old man.

"Head judge, why do these people want to take Old Bu away?" Nangong Wuque furrowed his eyebrows as he asked with curiosity.

"How would I know?" The head judge glared and gave a few more coughs.

At this moment, the atmosphere on the stage had become incomparably tense.

"You really are daring. Do you think that there is no one in my Heavenly Mist City anymore? How dare you snatch someone away in public?!" Grandmaster Xuan Ming revolved his true energy and the blood on his hand immediately solidified. He coldly looked at the old man as he snorted.

Grandmaster Gu Hu, Grandmaster Yao Guang, and the other grandmasters started to release their energy from their bodies.

Explosions rang out.

On top of the stage, debris flew everywhere and a huge amount of energy filled the surrounding.

These grandmasters were not weak at all. Grandmaster Yao Grand was at the same level as Grand Master Xuan Ming. Although they were Four-Cloud alchemists, they had already broken through five Supreme-Being shackles.

The light which was emitted from the clash of so many experts blinded everyone. The audience was starting to get excited.

The five esteemed grandmasters were defending the prestige of the Pill Palace!

The old man's gaze became deeper and with a swing of the long black stick in his hand, he ruthlessly smashed it into the stage. The stage instantly shattered and long cracks started to spread out.

"Today, I, the Shura Old Monster, am going to take away this guy no matter what. Since you guys are in the way, let's fight! This old one wants to see how strong the revered grandmasters of the Pill Palace are!"

With a kick, his black stick started to spin in the air. Then, after a shout, the stick seemed to split the air as it flew toward the five grandmasters.

The five grandmasters released a roar as their white hair fluttered all around them. A gleam flashed through their eyes as they revolved their true energy, forming a blazing heavenly alchemy fire.

The flames flickered and seemed to form something out of a dream. It turned into an eagle before turning into a snake.

It suddenly erupted as it charged toward that old man.

A loud blast resounded.

The black stick was sent flying.

With a heavy breath, the hunchback old man grabbed it in his hand. Letting out a breath, the old man gave a long roar. The wrinkles on his face trembled and, in the next instant, the robes on the old man's body exploded. His lean body was revealed to the world.

The eight packs on his body were distinct.

The elderly moved his long pole as if he was dancing. With a single foot stomping off the stage, the entire area was blasted to pieces.

A silhouette flashed as it charged toward the five grandmasters.

Buzz buzz buzz!

The flames blazed toward the heavens and pole shadows flashed. Shackles made from true energy swayed in the air.

A huge battle occurred in an instant.

The audience members were excited and their blood boiled.

The five grandmasters were making their move at once! When would they be able to witness such a spectacle?

As the debris flew around, Bu Fang stood up and he lightly stepped on the rocks flying towards him. He picked up Eighty as he prepared to leave the stage.

He was very calm. In fact, Bu Fang was so calm that he seemed crazy to the audience.

This hunchback old man was there to snatch him away! How could he remain so calm?

"Old Bu! Over here! Quickly come over here!!"

From afar, Nangong Wuque waved at Bu Fang nervously as he tried to signal Bu Fang to head toward him.

Bu Fang slightly hesitated as he grabbed Eighty. He started to move toward Nangong Wuque.

All of a sudden, his heart tightened. A sharp sound resounded in the air as it whistled. A pitch-black stick swung over and it ruthlessly slammed in front of Bu Fang. The stick stopped Bu Fang from moving any further.

The black stick stabbed into the ground as the lean old man stared at Bu Fang. His upper body was completely bare.

"You should just obediently follow me! If you force this old man to make a move, I won't show any mercy!"