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 Mao Shi's words shocked the audience.

He was going to eat the chicken backside? Was he really going to eat the chicken backside? Wasn't he embarrassed? Why would he eat the chicken backside?

Bu Fang, who was carrying Eighty, froze. He turned his head to look at Mao Shi and slightly furrowed his brows.

"Hm, no need to force yourself. It's okay even if you don't eat it," Bu Fang said seriously.

The audience was speechless. How was Bu Fang shameless enough to say that when he was the one who gave the chicken backside to Mao Shi in the first place?

Mao Shi coldly looked at Bu Fang and he snorted under his breath. He opened his mouth and stuffed the burning chicken backside into it.


The entire audience, including the alchemy masters on top of the stage, involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

He really ate it.

In front of so many people, Mao Shi actually ate the chicken backside. It was really too embarrassing.

Mao Shi's face contorted and the rims of his eyes turned red. It was as though tears were about to stream down his face at any moment now. He actually ate the chicken backside! Well, it wasn't as though he had any other choice.

If he didn't eat it, wouldn't that mean that he admitted his defeat?

Mao Shi was not willing to admit defeat!

Munch munch...

He bit down on the backside ruthlessly and didn't stop. Mao Shi was biting ferociously and his appearance frightened many people. All of them felt that the chicken backside was actually quite pitiful.

All of a sudden, Mao Shi's biting speed started to slow down. The ferocious expression on his face started to fade away and he started to chew on the chicken backside methodically.

That appearance... It was as though he was trying to savor the taste of the chicken. Mao Shi's chest rose and fell and he started to calm down. His knees sunk to the ground and he continued to chew on the piece of chicken backside.


Why was that chicken backside so tasty? How could chicken taste like that?

Mao Shi'a heart was shaken. In that instant, he realized the reason behind his defeat.

Waves of spiritual energy rolled out from the chicken backside, dispersing from within his stomach. Energy started to spread out and it enveloped his entire body. The feeling of comfort caused Mao Shi to moan involuntarily.

After eating that Shura pill, his body was wrecked by the heavy side effects. It was heavily ridden with injuries, but after he ate this chicken backside, he felt as though his body had healed greatly.

This was something completely inconceivable!

Was this really a chicken backside? How sure were you that this wasn't a three-mark spirit pill?

Mao Shi snapped his head upwards and he stared at Bu Fang with a look of disbelief. He stared at that endlessly calm youth and became somewhat able to tell the reason he lost.

"Now, do you know why you lost? If we compare your spirit pill and his dish, your pill was lacking in 'soul'. In order to refine a spirit pill with soul, you have to search within yourself. You should be afraid if you didn't know why you lost." Grandmaster Yao Guang looked at his disciple who was kneeling on the ground and he sighed.

He knew that this disciple of his hated to lose.

Grandmaster Xuan Ming lightly glanced at Mao Shi. There wasn't a trace of goodwill towards this kid. Mao Shi actually dared to shout at the five grandmasters in front of so many people... However, it proved that he had courage.

"Okay, since contestant Mao Shi no longer has any objections, then the winner of this match is his opponent, Bu Fang."

Grandmaster Xuan Ming stood in the middle of the stage, with his eyes scanning the entire area as he said coldly.

The audience members felt a chill in their hearts. None of them dared to say anything. The fury of an alchemist was terrifying.

Mao Shi was at a loss. In the end, he was the loser. After spending so much effort, he still lost. This chef, was he really so special? As an alchemist, he was actually unable to defeat a chef!

He stood up soullessly and wanted to drag his body off the stage. Before he had even taken a few steps, he heard someone calling him.

He froze, and so did everyone else. Twisting his head, he turned around to look at the person who called him.

"Grandmaster Gu He?!"

Everyone's face was filled with confusion. None of them seemed to understand why Grandmaster Gu He would open his mouth to stop Mao Shi.

Master Gu He had a smile on his face as he looked at Mao Shi.

"Mao Shi, this old one is suddenly curious about the pill you swallowed as you were refining the elixir. Can you enlighten this old man on the name of the pill?"

Mao Shi and the audience froze at the same time. What did Grandmaster Gu He say? Mao Shi swallowed a pill when he was refining the elixir?

Shit! No wonder he was able to endure the fragrance coming from Bu Fang's dish! That was the reason his furnace didn't explode!

It was all because he ate a pill!

Although the Magical Hand Conference allowed the use of pills, people really despised contestants who ate pills in the competition.

As Mao Shi recovered his spirits, his body began to tremble. Tears flowed out of his eyes because of his fear.


When that expression appeared, the few grandmasters immediately narrowed their eyes. As they had seen many things in their time, they were instantly able to tell that there was something wrong with Mao Shi.

In the spectator stand...

The old servant's narrow eyes opened wide and his heart started to shake. He said, "Not good! Those old fellows..."

The Shura Saintess' eyes slightly narrowed and her heart shook. If the people of the Pill Palace found out that they actually made a genius alchemist swallow a Blood Fire Shura Pill, they would definitely explode out of anger!

At that time, it would be extremely difficult to silently abduct that chef.

"My Saintess, what should we do? That alchemist is in a state of confusion and he is extremely likely to give us away!" The old man's wrinkled skin twitched and he hastily said.

The audience also seemed to realize that something was amiss. All of them stared at Mao Shi who was standing on the stage in a state of shock.

"What's going on?"

"I don't know, maybe something happened to Mao Shi?"

"You guys, look! The grandmasters have such furious expressions on their faces!"


The audience broke out into discussion as those alchemists who were about to leave the stand returned to their seats. They became extremely interested. It seemed as though there would be a good show to watch soon.

Mao Shi's entire body was trembling and he was frightened. His heart was quivering due to the guilt he felt.

Blood Fire Shura Pill... He didn't dare to reveal that he had taken that kind of evil elixir. If he did, the reputation which he had built up over the years would instantly collapse. Within the Pill Palace, he was someone who everyone sought after.

Especially since the scene right now was transmitted to the entire Pill Palace with a projection array, Mao Shi became even more afraid.

There was no way he could expose the truth!

Even if someone beat him to death, he would never admit it!

"Esteemed Grand.... Esteemed Grandmaster Gu He, what are you trying to say? All I ate was a normal Qi Replenishing Pill. You saw that my furnace exploded once before. I didn't have enough true energy so I had to rely on the Qi Replenishing Pill in order to continue the refinement process."

Mao Shi replied with an ugly expression on his face.

From afar, Bu Fang looked at Mao Shi with a curious expression. Did something big happen?

"The Qi Replenishing Pill you took is blood red?? Although this old geezer has grown in age, my eyes are still doing fine. Mao Shi, you are Old Yao's disciple and I won't do anything to you. Why don't you tell us the truth? The Magical Hand Conference allows the competitors to take pills," said Master Gu He smilingly.

When Mao Shi saw the smile on Grandmaster Gu He's face, his heart turned cold.

Grandmaster Yao Guang was also frowning as he finally realized the problem. He looked at Mao Shi with an ice-cold expression.

"Master, I really ate the Qi Replenishing Pill! I..."

Mao Shi was beginning to panic and his eyes looked left and right. His blood pressure started to rise.



A loud explosion suddenly appeared on stage and everyone was shocked.

The only thing that could be seen was Grandmaster Yao Guang's face and it was extremely black. He crossed his arms in front of his chest as he looked at Mao Shi coldly.

"You are my disciple. It's already embarrassing enough for you to eat a pill. Now that we are asking you what pill it is, you are trying to evade the question. What do you mean by that? You dare to take pills but you are scared to admit it? Do you still deserve to be my disciple?"

Mao Shi's mind was in disarray. Taking a few steps back, he spat out fresh blood. Blood started to flow out of his nose as well.

The few grandmasters narrowed their eyes. There was really something wrong. Mao Shi's body was actually so weak. This was definitely not something that an ordinary Qi Replenishing Pill could cause!

Master Xuan Ming gave a cold harrumph. As judges, they obviously wouldn't allow cheating.

Taking a step forward Grandmaster Xuan Ming seemed to have teleported as he appeared in front of Mao Shi. His hand reached out and grabbed Mao Shi's neck. True energy revolved as it entered Mao Shi's body. His whole body shook and he collapsed to the ground.

"What nonsense! What kind of pill did you swallow? How can a two-cloud alchemist's body become so weak? Are you looking for death?!"

Grandmaster Xuan Ming examined Mao Shi's body and became shocked beyond words. His face was extremely ugly as he shouted at Mao Shi.

"Evil disciple, what pill did you eat? Hurry up and tell all of us!"

This was a situation that was out of everyone's expectation. There was a shocked expression on their faces.

Bu Fang was also dazed.

Mao Shi swallowed a pill? From his appearance, it seemed as though it was some kind of impressive pill...

At this moment, the entire Pill Palace focused their attention on Mao Shi.

Swallowing a pill... this was originally a very solemn topic. Moreover, those with good perception could tell that Mao Shi's body was experiencing some kind of problem. The problem was definitely linked to that pill.


This Mao Shi was definitely looking to die. What pill did he swallow?

"Mao Shi, hurry up and tell the truth! What pill did you swallow? You should know that your cultivation is already half wasted. The poison from the pill is corroding your body! If you don't tell us, even your master can't save you!" Master Yao Guang was really furious but he seemed to be panicking at the same time.

Mao Shi suddenly was flustered, How could this be? The Blood Fire Shura Pill was something which he should be able to resist with his cultivation. At most, he would be weakened for some months.

Could it be? Mao Shi seemed to have thought of something and his eyes opened wide. His mouth accidentally slipped.

"Don't tell me that the elixir was not the Blood Fire Shura Pill? This is not possible....."

"Blood Fire Shura Pill?! Someone from the Ancient Shura City?! You actually dared to use the pill used to raise death servants? You... You are really a disappointment!"

Master Yao Guang was so angry his beard was about to fly.

Why was his disciple stupid enough to swallow this kind of inferior pill? Even if it was him, he wouldn't dare to swallow it easily!

Bu Fang nudged the Eight Treasures Chicken's head and was a little confused. That Mao Shi seemed to have taken an abnormal elixir.

All of a sudden an explosion came from the spectator stand and the figure of a hunched elderly man flashed out and hovered in the air. At that moment, that hunched figure appeared on the stage as he floated above Bu Fang's head.

Everyone was shocked. Was something big about to happen?

The hunched figure floated in the air and his eyes were like lightning as his gaze landed upon Bu Fang.

As though he felt something, Bu Fang raised his head and met the eyes of the old man.