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 "My three mark spirit pill... is also done!"

The instant Mao Shi said this sentence, his mental force seemed to have reached the peak. A divine sword seemed to be shooting out of Mao Shi's eyes as he stared at Bu Fang.

Blood trickled down his lips and his eyes were bloodshot. His breathing was unstable but his smile was full of confidence.

With a smack of his palm, he sent the lid of the alchemy furnace flying.

After a muffled sound, a loud bang resounded.

From within the furnace, three streams of dazzling light flew towards the heavens. After the streams of light revolved in the air for some time, they gradually started to disperse.

The energy which came from the elixir disappeared. However, the aroma which came from the spirit pill was beyond comparison. Those who smelled it felt refreshed.

The audience all sucked in a cold breath and they were all shocked beyond words.

"It is really a three-mark spirit pill!"

"Mao Shi actually withstood the enticement from that dark horse chef and refined a three-mark spirit pill!"

"Isn't is safe to say that Mao Shi has a high chance to win this match?"


The audience talked among themselves and they were extremely excited. The effects of a three mark spirit pill were definitely going to be powerful. Who knew if Bu Fang's dish would be able to overpower Mao Shi's three-mark spirit pill?

It seemed that, within seconds, the situation turned confusing once again!

The audience was excited. This time, they truly felt excited. They didn't attend it for nothing. As expected of the match which received so much attention... It was indeed exciting!

Originally, when Mao Shi first exploded his furnace, they were all grumbling about how boring the match was. In the end, they had never expected that such a reversal would actually happen. No one was able to imagine this outcome!

Mao Shi wiped off the blood trickling down his nose and his entire body seemed to be battered. He was exhausted. A cold smile appeared on his face as he reached out his hand. From within the furnace, two slightly blood-red spirit pills appeared.

The blood-red elixir had three condensed marks on it. It was without a question a three-mark spirit pill...

"Do you know what this is? I bet you have never seen an elixir of this grade before, have you?"

Mao Shi held onto those two elixirs. He carefully took out a jade bottle from his spatial spirit tool and placed the two three-mark spirit pill into the jade bottle. He revealed a cold smile to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang crossed his hands. His eyes narrowed as he looked at Mao Shi... To think that Mao Shi would be able to resist everything in the end. His furnace actually didn't explode.

Even Bu Fang himself wasn't able to completely resist the aroma of the Heavenly Flame Braised Chicken. However, Mao Shi was actually able to!

The head judge walked over and raised his hands. He indicated for the two of them to stop their movements. Since the works of the two people were completed, all that was left was to judge their products.

The few grandmasters were already unable to control themselves. They slowly landed on top of the platform and their eyes gleamed as they looked at the Heavenly Flame Braised Chicken on top of Bu Fang's bronze platform.

This time, their expressions were solemn.

It was because it was difficult to judge this round. After all, Mao Shi had perfectly refined a three-mark spirit pill. It was a three-mark spirit pill... how was a dish supposed to compare to the pill?

Even if they were highly revered masters of alchemy, they wouldn't dare to rashly make a judgment.

Mao Shi was confident. The look in his eyes had already exposed his feelings. He knew that he was the winner...

He didn't believe that a dish made by a chef would be able to match up to a three-mark spirit pill. No matter how good it smelled, no matter how close he was to explode his furnace because of the aroma... the result would be the same.

On the sides of the platform, the audience was curious. All of them craned their necks as they looked at the platform. The three-mark spirit pill and Bu Fang's dish became the focus of attention.

The Shura Saintess watched on with interest. With the tense atmosphere, she felt a little interest in the results of the match.

"Old monster, who do you think will win? Will that alchemist win?" The Saintess turned as she asked the old servant.

The old servant froze before a smile appeared on his face.

"My Saintess, that alchemist refined a three-mark spirit pill. Can you think of a dish which can compare with that? A dish isn't even an elixir... The difference between the two of them doesn't need to be mentioned."

They were all cultivators, so obviously they knew how valuable the three-mark spirit pill was. Of course, the main point was that it was a three-mark spirit pill.

"You really have high hopes for that guy..." The Saintess looked at the old servant in astonishment. There was a smile on her face.

However, she felt that things wouldn't be so simple. She didn't know why... Maybe it was because of a woman's instinct.

"Please bring your completed work to the bronze stage..." The voice of the head judge was solemn. This match had been extremely fierce and he involuntarily became more serious. He nodded his head toward the few grandmasters before walking to Mao Shi's bronze platform. His hand was clutching onto a jade talisman and once he injected his true energy into it, a magic array appeared. It enveloped the slightly blood-red spirit pills which were produced by Mao Shi.

A brilliant light shot out from the magic array and it was dazzling beyond comparison.

The audience released excited shouts. As expected of a three-mark spirit pill... The density of the spiritual energy in the pill was extraordinary.

This was a spirit pill which had the most spiritual energy in this Magical Hand Conference. Mao Shi was indeed Heavenly Shine City's genius alchemist. He was someone capable of challenging Mu Bai.

Could Bu Fang really win?

The audience felt shaken. Most of them were unsure of Bu Fang's odds as they looked at the Heavenly Flame Braised Chicken.

"The density of the spiritual energy in this elixir is that of..." said the head judge.

Grandmaster Xuan Ming walked over and frowned as he picked up the spirit pill. After inspecting it carefully, he felt that the elixir was still warm. It was a perfectly refined three-mark spirit pill.

Although his furnace exploded once in the competition, Mao Shi managed to persevere.

Grandmaster Yao Guang was extremely satisfied. After all, Mao Shi was his disciple. As he was able to display himself in this competition of Miracle hands, it made his master more famous.

Grandmaster Gu He smiled. Within his narrowed eyes, he revealed a meaningful gaze.

At that time, Mao Shi was clearly about to explode his furnace. However, he swallowed a blood-red elixir in order to stabilize himself. When the blood-red elixir entered his mouth, his mental force exploded and he smoothly refined his spirit pill.

This was indeed a little fishy and the other grandmasters should be completely aware of it. However, none of them dug deeply into the matter.

That's because they had all seen clearly. The elixir that Mao Shi had swallowed was not a spirit pill. Since it wasn't a spirit pill, he didn't break the rules.

"Not bad... The effectiveness is also very potent. It is considered a high-quality three-mark spirit pill, not bad! The younger generation will indeed surpass us eventually!" Grandmaster Xuan Ming smiled as he nodded. He placed the spirit pill back into the jade bottle.

When this sentence was said, the audience heart's shook.

Mao Shi revealed a face of ecstasy. Even though his nose was bleeding non-stop and his face was pale, he was unable to hide his excitement.

"Hahahaha! Many thanks to Grandmaster Xuan Ming. It looks like I'm going to win this match!"

Mao Shi was so excited that he almost started dancing. However, the side effects of the shura elixir started to set in. He lost his footing and took a few steps backward.

In the eyes of the audience, it seemed like a show of excitement. In the eyes of the grandmasters, they found it slightly strange.

Grandmaster Gu He's narrowed eyes began to shine even more... Something was strange.

"It's too early to say that you win." Grandmaster Xuan Ming glanced at Mao Shi, lightly smiling. He crossed his arm behind his back as he walked over to Bu Fang's bronze platform.

"A dish which is better than a three-mark sprit pill? I, Mao Shi, don't believe that such a dish exists." Mao Shi coldly harrumphed. He felt as though his entire body relaxed as everything he had done paid off.

Bu Fang was calm and he glanced at Mao Shi, who seemed about to dance. The corners of his lips curled upwards.

"Young chef, what's the dish called this time?" Grandmaster Xuan Ming asked Bu Fang amiably. The few grandmasters sucked in a cold breath. The aroma of the meat coupled with the medicinal fragrance assaulted their noses. The pores on their bodies completely opened up.

This shocked them... This dish was definitely not ordinary!

"Heavenly Flame Braised Chicken. Please, help yourselves," Bu Fang said.

"What a beautiful display. The rose carved from the radish is so beautiful. It looks almost real!" One of the grandmasters exclaimed.

Heavenly Flame Braised Chicken was placed in the middle of the radish roses. The chicken was golden and shining as the skin emitted a beautiful golden hue. Like a work of art, a cloud of steam rolled out hazily, and the aroma teased at one's heartstrings.


The few grandmasters couldn't help themselves as they swallowed mouthfuls of saliva.

"Then let us have a taste, esteemed grandmasters... Help yourselves."

Grandmaster Xuan Ming nodded toward Grandmaster Gu He, who was beside him. They both picked up their chopsticks and got ready to eat.

Before they were able to move their chopsticks, Bu Fang knitted his brows together. He raised his hands to stop them before their chopsticks touched the dish.

"This time, you don't have to use chopsticks," Bu Fang said seriously.

Not using chopsticks? How were they going to eat? With their hands?

Braised chicken... Braised chicken... Was there really a need to use their hands to eat a braised chicken? Where was the decency? They were highly revered masters of alchemy!

The faces of the few grandmasters instantly changed.

Bu Fang glanced at the few of them but didn't say anything else. With a surge of his mental force, the shura tower on his neck started to float. Bu Fang's mental force started to spread out.

His finger gently pointed at the chicken's head.

At that moment, it was as if a rock was thrown into still water. Ripples began to appear.


The Heavenly Flame Braised Chicken suddenly burst into flames and started burning fiercely. It was almost as though the chicken was crying out with its head raised.

The flames did not last for long but it covered the entire body of the chicken.

"Now you can help yourselves..." Bu Fang smelled that the aroma was getting denser and his lips curled upwards.

The few grandmasters were flabbergasted.

You told us to eat with our hands... Right after that, you set it on fire. Were you asking us to eat the fire? Were you doing it on purpose?

The few grandmasters looked at each other and hesitated. Although the aroma was tempting, they couldn't move their hands.

"Acting all mysterious! You think that you can win by playing with fire? What a joke! Trying to please the audience with your cheap tricks..." Mao Shi coldly smiled from the distance.

Bu Fang gave him a glance but didn't say anything. He tilted his head to the side and looked at the grandmasters, who were hesitating.

He pressed his lips together involuntarily.

"I really don't know what you guys are hesitating about," said Bu Fang.

In the next moment, Bu Fang used true energy to cover his hands and reached over to the Heavenly Flame Braised Chicken.


Without a trace of hesitation, he tore open the chicken thighs.

Oil and juice splashed out in all directions and the skin of the chicken was ripped open. Extremely fragrant white flesh was revealed and the deeper one looked, the more tender the chicken meat became. The fragrance which came out of the chicken was too amazing to describe.

Bu Fang held a chicken thigh with the ripped chicken skin still hanging off it.

After passing the chicken thigh to Grandmaster Xuan Ming, Bu Fang continued to tear apart the chicken meat.

The dense aroma filled the area and the constantly burning flame made the fragrance even denser. Just by looking at the dazzling golden flesh and the thick steam emerging from the meat, Grandmaster Xuan Ming's face became slightly red.

Rumble... I want to eat it so badly...

"Then let's help ourselves! This is simply tasting the entries. It's just that the stuff we are tasting this time is a little more unique! This won't affect our image... Other people should be able to understand."

After comforting himself, a light flashed past Grandmaster Xuan Ming's eyes.

Holding the chicken thigh, he thrust it into his mouth. His teeth sunk into the meat...

In that instant, his eyes opened wide!