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 Chapter 54: The Disturbance Triggered by the Oyster Pancakes

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Outside the walls of the imperial palace, in front of the entrance to the towering imperial court.

There was a large group of people forming up a long queue. These group of people were all well-known people within the imperial city. Along with their followers, they were waiting to enter the Gate of Heavenly Mystery within the imperial palace.

There were countless armor-wearing soldiers standing guard at the entrance to the imperial palace. Every single person that entered would go through an inspection.

This time, the orders from the emperor to execute the prisoners from Death Soul Palace had aroused the interest of many people and created huge ripples within the imperial city. The court officials were not the only ones who did not expect it, but even the experts from sects outside the border were caught unprepared.

Fatty Jin and his buddies majestically arrived. However, as they were not court officials, they did not have the authority to go by the backdoor and could only obediently queue up.

However, their luck was excellent. Just when they arrived, the first wave of spectators were allowed to enter. And so, they followed the crowd and Fatty Jin carried the Oyster Pancakes into the Gate of Heavenly Mystery.

The Gate of Heavenly Mystery Square was specially built by the imperial palace. Its surface area was large and wide, and many important ceremonies and events, like the imperial sacrifices, were conducted there.

On that day, the atmosphere within the Gate of Heavenly Mystery was extremely cold. An execution platform was set up in the middle and was surrounded by guards that were there to maintain order.

On the execution platform, there was a judicial desk made from sandalwood and two high chairs. Xiao Meng, who was fully armored, was sitting upright on one of the chairs. His red cloak was fluttering in the wind, like a rolling sea of blood.

Ouyang Zongheng was also wearing armor. His long hair was tied with a black woolen rope while two bangs of hair were drifting with the wind in front of his forehead. His gaze was solemn while his expression was cold.

The two of them were like statues as they sat on top of the high chairs. Regardless of the chilliness of the autumn wind, their expressions were still that cold.

Suddenly, Ouyang Zongheng raised his head and looked at the sky. The clouds were slowly moving due to the autumn wind blowing, but could never block the radiance released by the scorching sun.

"It's time, bring the prisoners to the execution platform."

With a solemn expression, Ouyang Zongheng's indifferent voice resounded around the entire Gate of Heavenly Mystery, causing the clamoring audience to become silent as they gravely looked toward the execution platform.

The sound of chains colliding rang out. From a distance, guards were escorting six men with disheveled hair in prisoner clothes while they slowly approached. Their hands and feet were bound by cold shackles.


As Fatty Jin ripped the bamboo leaves, the golden and slightly hot Oyster Pancake was revealed. The rich fragrance drifted out and dispersed through the surroundings, causing the spectators around him to sniff the air.

A smile appeared on Fatty Jin's face as he intoxicatedly inhaled the smell and the pudgy flesh on his face was slightly trembling from happiness.

"Owner Bu's dishes are definitely the best. With such a sweet fragrance, the taste is definitely delicious as well," Fatty Jin thought as he opened his mouth and took a bite.

Crunch! A clear sound rang out. The crispy texture caused Fatty Jin's eyes to open wide in astonishment. After the crispiness, it was the tenderness and juiciness of the shredded radishes that flowed into his mouth. Immediately, an indescribable aroma flooded his mouth and even gushed out from his nostrils.

"Oh, my heavens! It's so delicious!" Fatty Jin was enthralled as he took another bite. With this second bite, he tasted the meat and the aroma abruptly upgraded to the next level.


Even Fatty Jin did not expect that with the two bites, the fragrance of the Oyster Pancake would immediately diffuse. That fragrance was like silk brushing across skin as it drifted into the air with the help of the autumn wind.

The rest of the obese men could not help it any longer and ripped open their own Oyster Pancakes. As they each bit down on the Oyster Pancakes, a series of crunching sounds rang out and lingered around a corner of the Gate of Heavenly Mystery.

A burst of fragrance might not be concentrated enough. However, if several bursts of fragrance were released at the same time, and with the help of the autumn wind, it would turn into a surging wave.

The fragrance of the Oyster Pancake was like an aroma bomb. With several aromatic explosions happening at the same time, the entire Gate of Heavenly Mystery began to clamor.

"What the?! This smell... Who's releasing poison at the execution grounds?!"

"It's so fragrant! It's really fragrant! How could it possibly be so fragrant?!"

"Are you still human! Is this the sort of place to eat delicious food? I just want to say... Give me a serving as well!"


The Gate of Heavenly Mystery was in complete chaos. Everyone was constantly looking for the source of the fragrance. They had never smelled such a sweet fragrance.

The guards immediately increased their vigilance. However, as they inhaled the fragrance, they could not help but swallow their salivas as well. This smell seemed to possess magical powers as it instantly infiltrated their marrows.

Crunch... Fatty took another bite of the Oyster Pancake. Immediately, he became intoxicated once more as he tasted the plump oyster. He opened his mouth to exhale and the fragrance gushed out.

"Get lost! Don't eat in front of me..." A sullen voice rang out next to Fatty Jin. The cold voice seemed to have permeated from the netherworlds.

Fatty Jin was startled. When he turned his head, he saw a man that looked slightly ugly standing next to him. The man was swallowing his saliva while looking at him with a cold gaze.

"Who the hell are you? So what if I am eating, how is it any of your business? I am going to continue eating, what are you going to do about it?" Fatty Jin said as he took another bite of Oyster Pancake and snorted.

The ugly man fiercely glared at Fatty Jin and clenched his fist tightly, as if he was going to smash Fatty Jin's annoying face.

However, when the man thought about the sect's plans later, he suppressed his anger and coldly glanced at Fatty Jin and said, "Damn fatty, just you wait!"

"Oh hoh! You're even threatening me. I am definitely going to eat in front of you today, why don't you bite me!" Fatty Jin said as he finished the rest of the Oyster Pancake with a single bite. Then he took out the second Oyster Pancake from the bamboo leaves and brandished it in front of the man.

The man took a deep breath and the blue veins on his fists became apparent.

At that moment, the six prisoners were already kneeling down on the execution platform with their heads hanging down. Beside each of the prisoners, there was a burly executioner with red scarves wrapped around their heads. They looked boorish and exuded powerful auras. Every single one of them was a fourth grade Battle-Spirit.

The spectating crowd became quiet once more. The temperature within the Gate of Heavenly Mystery seemed to have become much colder in that moment as a killing intent instantly burst out from the center of the execution platform.

Xiao Meng glanced toward the scorching sun. Then with a wave of his hand, a token made from black iron immediately floated up from the judicial desk. The word "behead" was inscribed upon it.

Just when he was about to throw the token, he suddenly sensed something and puzzledly looked toward the direction of the crowd.

"Damn fatty! Ahh! I am going to kill you!"

A roar filled with anger and grief rang out as a terrifying true energy burst out from that location.

"Hmm? Soul refinement true energy from the Soul Sect?" Xiao Meng muttered as his eyes narrowed and briefly flashed for a moment.

Following the initial outburst, sources of true energy started appearing one by one among the spectators gathered at the Gate of Heavenly Mystery and were followed by bone chilling shouts.

The levels of the true energy were extremely powerful. Each of them were at the level of a fifth grade Battle-King.

Without a doubt, the experts from the sects were making their move!

However, Xiao Meng and Ouyang Zongheng were both slightly baffled as the timing utilized by the experts from the sects was strange...

Bang bang bang!

One by one, the Tiger Guards of the Xiao family standing near the execution platform charged into the crowd toward the source of the auras.

Fatty Jin's face went pale while the pudgy flesh throughout his entire body began to tremble as he looked toward the ugly man, who seemed as if he had just instantly become a towering mountain.

"Elder brother... I won't mess around anymore... You can eat this Oyster Pancake..."

"Eat?! I'll eat your sister, you damn fatty!"

The ugly man was currently feeling anguish. The instant he released his true energy, he knew that all the plans... were thrown into disorder!

The meticulous plot of the ten great sects to interrupt the execution was actually ruined by an... Oyster Pancake!

Who the hell cooked this heinous Oyster Pancake?!