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 An awkward atmosphere filled the area.

Only Mao Shi's furious roar could be heard as it resounded in the entire plaza. Everyone looked at each other with blank expressions on their faces.

That chicken actually shat on Mao Shi's head?

Everyone had a weird expression on their face as they were completely speechless.

All of a sudden, everyone's eyes opened wide as they looked at where Mao Shi was standing. From there, the air started to shake. A roaring sound resounded in the ears of everyone around.

From within the alchemy furnace, a strong power started to surge. It seemed as though it was going to explode.

Bu Fang's eyes opened wide and he quickly took a step back.

The head judge pressed his lips together and helplessly sucked in a cold breath. He looked at Mao Shi, who had a resentful expression on his face. He was actually unable to restrain himself... As a result, the furnace was going to explode.

The roar which came from the furnace was extremely loud. Ripples of energy came from the platform as it rolled outwards. The pitch-black flames charged into the sky as it brought along with it a heatwave.

The heavy alchemy furnace in front of Mao Shi exploded into pieces and the medicinal powder scattered in all directions, engulfing the surroundings.

Everyone was stunned.

Mao Shi actually... His furnace actually exploded...

Bu Fang blinked his eyes and was surprised. This guy's furnace actually exploded? Wait a minute... Bu Fang wasn't the one to cause the explosion, instead, it was because of the Eight Treasures Chicken. The Eight Treasures Chicken was also sent flying by the explosion of the furnace. Opening its wings, it clucked a few times in the air and it was dazed.

Bu Fang woke up from his stunned state and regained his spirits. He moved quickly and took a step forward, catching the Eight Treasures Chicken in his arm.

When the Eight Treasures Chicken saw Bu Fang, its head drooped and it pretended to be dead.

Bu Fang was speechless. This chicken was really too brazen.

A gust of wind blew across the arena and it cleared away the black smoke which enveloped the platform. A figure who exuded endless pressure could be seen standing on the stage.

Mao Shi's eyes were spitting fire. His furnace exploded? His furnace had actually exploded!

It wasn't because of the dish Bu Fang cooked and it wasn't because of a mistake on his part. Instead, it was because a chicken that shat on his head!

He felt like his face was burning up. No matter how many excuses he thought of, the fact was that his furnace had exploded. Although it wasn't because of Bu Fang, when he recalled Bu Fang's words, he felt extremely frustrated.

"This chicken... This chicken has to die!"

Mao Shi's gaze landed upon Bu Fang's body and it was brimming with killing intent. He coldly declared.

"Contestant Mao Shi, calm down.... Now that your furnace has exploded, do you intend to continue this match?" The head judge asked awkwardly when he saw Mao Shi's wretched appearance.

Was Bu Fang going to win like this? If he won like this, this match which had been highly anticipated would become boring.

Mao Shi shot a glance at the judge as he coldly said, "Of course this match continues... I haven't lost!"


A wave of fluctuation appeared and a pitch-black alchemy furnace appeared in Mao Shi's hand. He held onto the alchemy furnace as he ruthlessly smashed it onto the platform.

After the dust settled, Mao Shi's face was as black as thunderclouds. However, his expression was as solemn as ever and it was as though he had made prior preparations. He took out the spirit herbs once again.

The audience members were all stunned and the head judge was completely speechless.

Bu Fang nudged the head of the Eight Treasures Chicken. He had a shocked expression on his face.

"This Mao Shi actually came prepared... Was he prepared for a furnace explosion?"

"As expected from the talented alchemist from our Heavenly Shine City. When he does things, he never neglects anything!"

"It looks like the chef is going to lose this time. Once a three-mark spirit pill is produced, he won't stand a chance."


The audience gradually recovered and they started to get heated up again. They chattered non-stop.

The head judge also recovered his spirit and lightly coughed a few times. Before long, he announced that the match would continue.

"This chicken has to die!" Mao Shi said as he coldly looked at Bu Fang.

He walked away from his bronze platform as he made his way toward Bu Fang. His killing intent locked onto the Eight Treasures Chicken.

Bu Fang frowned. How could he allow Mao Shi to kill the Eight Treasures Chicken? Although it was slightly restless, it was still his chicken!

"Sorry... This chicken cannot die."

Bu Fang stood firm as his figure rapidly retreated. He chose to protect the Eight Treasures Chicken.

"If you want to kill the chicken and I allow you to do so, I, Bu Fang, will feel extremely embarrassed!"

Mao Shi stood still as his cold gaze locked onto Bu Fang. "Very good. If you really want to protect this chicken, you better not use it in this match. Since you want it to live, let it live! I'll definitely kill the chicken after this match ends."

Bu Fang froze and his eyes narrowed. This Mao Shi actually cornered him into a trap. He saw that the Eight Treasures Chicken was unusual and if Bu Fang were to use the chicken to cook a dish, the dish would definitely be extraordinary.

That was the reason Mao Shi tricked Bu Fang. After saying in front of so many people that he wouldn't let the chicken die, Bu Fang couldn't go back on his words.

"Will the two of you please return to your platforms... The competition is resuming," said the head judge with a blank face.

Bu Fang's eyes narrowed and Mao Shi's gaze was cold. They stared at each other and it seemed as though there were explosions happening when their gazes met.

"Fine... If I use this chicken, I lose," Bu Fang said lightly.

After rubbing the head of the Eight Treasures Chicken, Bu Fang returned to his bronze platform. He placed the Eight Treasures Chicken at the side.

As his lips curled upwards, Bu Fang retrieved a huge cage from within the system's storage space.

Bu Fang pulled out a chicken whose body was covered in burning flames.

Although the Heavenly Flame Chicken was not as good as the Eight Treasures Chicken, Bu Fang had no choice. He had to cook a chicken.

In the end, Bu Fang got the chicken from the system.

The Eight Treasures Chicken lay at the side as it looked at Bu Fang who pulled out a flaming chicken. It seemed to have realized that it had just dodged a bullet. Its eyes started to spin around happily.

Bu Fang didn't pay attention to the Eight Treasures Chicken as he started to cook his dish. He opened his mouth and a golden flame instantly appeared. It rolled about as it burned majestically.


The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames was also a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. The moment it started to burn below the wok, a mysterious tremor was produced.

Mao Shi froze and the Universal Dark Flames within his alchemy furnace began to stir around. It formed the image of a skull in front of his face.

The Ten Thousand Bestial Flame started to burn even more ferociously as it formed the image of an angry roaring beast. Even though it wasn't possible to tell the identity of the beast from the hazy figure formed by the flame, it gave off an intimidating pressure.

The two different types of Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame seemed to be testing each other out. Their might clashed against each other.

When they saw the clash between the two different types of Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, the audience became extremely excited.

Bu Fang shot a glance at Mao Shi and started to cook his dish without bothering about anything else.

For starters, Bu Fang plucked out the feathers of the Heavenly Flame Chicken, and with a twist of his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, he dealt with the innards of the Heavenly Flame Chicken. He placed the entire chicken into the wok.

With a spin of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, Bu Fang sliced the chicken's neck and forced the left wing into that opening. The tip of the wing came out from the beak of the chicken.

He did it for the other side of the wing as well, fixing both the right and left wing into place.

Bu Fang had a serious expression on his face as he pulled on the leg of the chicken with just enough strength. With a swing of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, the true energy in Bu Fang's body started to circulate as the back of the knife smashed down onto the bone of the chicken leg.

After crossing the two broken legs together, he stuffed it into the chicken's stomach. The shape of the chicken became extremely unique.

The Eight Treasures Chicken watched from the side and when it saw the Heavenly Flame Chicken's "amazing" appearance, the crown on its head trembled.

This was too scary.... Its choice to rebel was indeed correct after all. If it hadn't run away, the one lying in front of Bu Fang would be itself!

After settling his preparations, Bu Fang twisted his head to give the Eight Treasures Chicken a glance. He scared the chicken so much that its neck shrunk back.

Bu Fang then started to continuously knead the body of the chicken as his true energy circulated through his fingers and constantly entered the chicken meat. The meat slowly became tender.

After the meat became extremely tender, Bu Fang moved on to the next step.

He brought out a green flower-decorated bowl which was quite large. It contained an orange syrup which seemed extremely unique.

Under the audience's curious gaze, Bu Fang poured the syrup onto the Heavenly Flame Chicken's body, completely covering the chicken. After covering the chicken with the syrup, he placed the Heavenly Flame Chicken to the side.

Heating up the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, he poured a suitable amount of oil in. As he waited for the oil to start boiling, Bu Fang reached out his hand and placed it right above the wok. When he felt that the temperature was right, he narrowed his eyes and placed the Heavenly Flame Chicken which was covered in orange syrup into the wok. Thus, he started to fry the chicken.

Sizzle sizzle sizzle...

The oil in the wok began to boil and white bubbles started to roll off the surface.

In the instant the Heavenly Flame Chicken entered the oil, it seemed as though it started to burn. The scene was extremely cool as the color of the chicken meat changed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Before long, the entire chicken became a golden color.

A dense fragrance of fried chicken drifted out from within the wok.

It was the aroma which appeared when a chicken was deep fried and it was extremely enticing. The audience sucked in a deep breath as it smelled too good. They were once again able to smell such a nice aroma.

They felt satisfied every time they watched Bu Fang. They would be able to smell a new fragrance every time.

The aroma intoxicated many people.

After taking out the Heavenly Flame Chicken from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, Bu Fang dried off the oil on it and placed it at the side. Golden droplets of oil slowly rolled off the body of the Heavenly Flame Chicken and steam rose to the sky.

However, Bu Fang's dish wasn't completed yet. He was merely halfway done.

After clearing the oil from the wok, Bu Fang began his second step. It was the most important part, and he started to cook again.

From afar, Mao Shi's heart calmed down and he started to seriously refine his elixir. Gritting his teeth, his mental force surged forth.

Rumbling sounds resounded around the arena.

A medicinal fragrance was released from within his alchemy furnace. Even though he was refining his elixir, he furrowed his brows all of a sudden. A strong aroma came over from Bu Fang's bronze platform and his heart and mind started to jump.

"Goddamn it! Since the first refinement was ruined by that chicken, the difficulty of gathering my mental energy increased..." Mao Shi's eyes were bloodshot and he ground his teeth together. He was extremely enraged and he thought about his vengeance.

The aroma of the chicken meat was boundless as it constantly assaulted his nose. Mao Shi's heart became uncomfortable. However, it wasn't too bad. The aroma wasn't too strong and he was still able to hold on.

Even though he was able to resist against the distractions, his heart was unable to calm down. He was afraid that his furnace was going to explode twice in a single match!

There was no way he could afford for his furnace to explode again. This was his last alchemy furnace. If it exploded, he really would have lost!

Bu Fang was completely oblivious to Mao Shi's feeling as he continued to cook. He placed the Heavenly Flame Chicken, which was fried until it became golden, into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, before pouring in some Heaven Alps Spirit Lake Water. The Heavenly Flame Chicken was completely submerged in the spirit spring water.


After sprouting air bubbles, the Heavenly Flame Chicken began to float on top of the water.

Chopping the spirit herbs into many little pieces, Bu Fang mixed them together. The spirit energy contained in the mixture was extremely dense and Bu Fang poured all of it into the wok.

A gleam appeared in Bu Fang's eyes as he took in a deep breath. The Ten Thousand Beastial Flames started to burn at a stronger intensity. The Ten Thousand Bestial Flame flourished in a moment and it became a huge sea of flames. The whole Black Turtle Constellation Wok seemed alive.

Rumble rumble...

As the flames raged on, the spirit spring water in the wok started to boil.

Bu Fang's mental energy surged forth as it entered the wok. It directed the spiritual energy in the wok. The spirit energy in the spirit herbs was completely assimilated into the chicken and only a layer of residue floated on top of the surface of the soup.

Throwing away the residue from the wok, the spirit spring water within continued to boil.

He controlled the flames and made them smaller. As it slowly burned, the boiling water started to bubble less vigorously. It was eventually lowered to a simmer.

Bu Fang closed his eyes and crossed his arms together. His mental energy surged forth again and he directed the spiritual energy to continuously enter the chicken meat.

Following the assimilation of the spiritual energy, a dense aroma emerged.

This time, the aroma was extremely dense and it was accompanied by a unique medicinal fragrance. The entire area was filled with a dense fragrance.

As the audience members took deep breaths, intoxicated expressions appeared on their faces. The head judge had also secretly moved closer to Bu Fang as he enjoyed the aroma. The audience could feel that the aroma was slowly getting thicker. It was as though it was an Epiphyllum which was about to bloom.

Wait till the flower blooms... The fragrance would travel far and wide!

However, there was someone who wasn't enjoying the fragrance.

In the instant Mao Shi smelled the thick aroma, his heart started to tighten!