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 Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, born from between heaven and earth, was a treasure which occurred naturally in the world. It carried a terrifying might and it was the alchemic fire that all alchemists longed for.

Within the Hidden Dragon Continent, the number of alchemic fire was limited. The number of people who managed to obtain a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was extremely little.

The Universal Dark Fire was a bundle of black flames. It burned and brought with it an extremely high temperature. As Mao Shi held it in his palm, the air around it started to distort.

So, Mao Shi also possessed a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. It was the reason he was qualified to challenge Mu Bai... Of course, it was his trump card. However, in order to deal with this chef, Bu Fang, Mao Shi didn't hesitate to bring out his Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.

Deeply sighing, Mao Shi's eyes fell onto Bu Fang's body. With a wave of his hand, the pitch-black flames rose into the sky as a loud roar could be heard. As it charged into the heavy alchemy furnace, a loud rumbling sound resounded.

Afterward, a loud blast echoed in the air and reverberated in the ears of everyone present for quite some time.

Within the alchemy furnace, the light of the flames suddenly flourished.

One by one, Mao Shi threw the spirit herbs into the furnace. In an instant, the herbs were swallowed up by the pitch-black Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. Cracking sounds could be heard constantly.

Mao Shi's eyes were cold and his gaze was extremely deep. After staring at Bu Fang for a long time, he turned away and focused all his attention into his furnace.

In this match, there could only be one outcome. Mao Shi knew that he had no other option other than to win and crush Bu Fang.

The clamor which came from the audience stand gradually started to die down and they stared at Mao Shi who had turned completely serious. They didn't even dare to breathe loudly.

After some time, many people turned and looked at Bu Fang's bronze platform.

When they saw what Bu Fang was doing, they became dazed and stunned. They were unable to think clearly for a moment.

Bu Fang released the Eight Treasures Chicken and, after rubbing its head, pulled out all of the ingredients which he had prepared in advance. The Eight Treasures Chicken shrunk its chicken legs as it stared at Bu Fang with its small eyes. Bu Fang was retrieving his ingredients one by one from the system's storage space and the ingredients he took out made its eyes spin. There were many different kinds of spirit medicine stacked around it and the spiritual energy was extremely dense. All of the feathers on its body stood erect.

Among all the ingredients, there was a red colored fruit. It had a stunning bright red color and it was an eight-grade elixir, which contained extremely concentrated spirit energy.

There were also many dried black fruit and they were all very hard. They brought with them a medicinal scent which filled the air.

As the Eight Treasures Chicken was surrounded by the ingredients, it became confused...

All of a sudden, its body jolted. Its small eyes opened wide as it looked at the green smoke revolving around Bu Fang's hand. A heavy and pitch-black wok appeared and slammed against the bronze platform with a loud "bang".

The Eight Treasures Chicken was shocked and it couldn't control itself as it released a cry of surprise.

Bu Fang looked at the Eight Treasures Chicken with a deep gaze. The expression on his face caused a trace of terror to appear in the chicken's heart. That small trace started to develop into true fear as it felt that something bad was about to happen.

"Don't be scared, this will only take a moment."

Bu Fang saw that the Eight Treasures Chicken was scared and he reached out his hand to stroke its head. It was an attempt to calm the chicken...

The Eight Treasures Chicken began to calm down from Bu Fang's touch. Its feathers started to relax as its eyes narrowed.


An incomparably bright light flashed past and the Eight Treasures Chicken felt as though it was dunked into a pool of cold water.

Opening its beaks, it released a startled cry.

It saw that Bu Fang was holding an extremely sharp kitchen knife that was radiating a unique pressure. The aura the knife gave off made its heart beat faster... It was an extremely terrifying feeling! The Eight Treasures Chicken knew that if it was cut by that knife, it might be impossible for it to recover.

This kitchen knife.... was extremely dangerous!

Bu Fang's hand held onto the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife as he flicked his wrists. In an instant, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife flashed and the blade moved in front of the Eight Treasures Chicken.

"Cluck cluck cluck?"

The Eight Treasures Chicken opened its eyes wide. Where was the trust between human and chicken? Why did you take out your kitchen knife? How could you be more despicable than the dog I met yesterday?

The Eight Treasure Chicken was originally a chicken with no dreams. However, a dream appeared in its mind in the instant it caught sight of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. As for what the dream was, it was extremely simple. Its dream was simply not to be cut by that kitchen knife.

Raising its chicken head, its crown rustled in the wind as it flapped its wings. With a leap, the Eight Treasures Chicken left the bronze platform.

It flew!

It was actually able to support its plump body with only one of its wings... Flapping one wing, it flew out of the bronze platform.

The chicken flew away!

Under the gazes of the audience members, the chicken was flying with its dream!

Bu Fang stared at the Eight Treasures Chicken with a blank expression on his face as he looked at the chicken feathers which were falling onto the bronze platform.

The head judge froze and the audience was stunned. Bu Fang was confused as well...

Bu Fang held onto the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and he didn't know what to do.

"Eighty, come over here quickly... Don't run!"

By Fang's lips curled upwards. This restless chicken... He walked away from his bronze platform and approached the Eight Treasures Chicken.

The chicken raised its head as it glanced at Bu Fang. Shaking its chicken butt, its colorful feathers flew in the sky as it clucked at Bu Fang. It folded its wings as it started to run away from Bu Fang.

"What the hell? What is going on?"

"Am I watching a fake match? Did the chef's chicken just run away?"

"What a proud chicken! It should be the role model for all the chickens in the world! A chicken that knows how to fight!"


The audience didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. They felt as though they were watching a fake match.

No one expected that the black horse chef who didn't make a mistake since the start of the competition would make a mistake when choosing his ingredients.

His ingredient which was the proud chicken actually ran away!

Watching Bu Fang creeping carefully toward the Eight Treasures Chicken, the audience couldn't help but laugh... It was impossible to control their laughter as the chicken ran away again.

By Fang had only taken two steps before the Eight Treasures Chicken started running again. It ran around the platform.

It wanted to chase after its dreams!

It was now a chicken with dreams!

By Fang's face blackened. His lips moved and his figure accelerated. With true energy spilling out, he moved toward the Eight Treasures Chicken like a bolt of lightning.

"Eighty, Stop running!"

No matter how Bu Fang called for it, the Eight Treasures Chicken didn't look back at him. Instead, it started to run around the platform like a crazy chicken.

The head judge felt as though he shouldn't be laughing as it would convey the wrong message. However, he really couldn't control himself. He looked at the calm Bu Fang who was chasing after a chicken. Coupled with the fact that the chicken was shaking its butt at Bu Fang, the head judge felt as though it was hilarious.


Finally, he couldn't take it any longer and he laughed out loud.

"Cluck cluck cluck!"

Suddenly, the head judge froze. He realized that the chicken was running straight at him and with a flap of its wings, it leaped up from the ground and its claws grabbed onto the head judge's head. With another leap, it started to run around the arena.

Bu Fang's lips curled upwards... This dumb judge, why don't you keep laughing?

The Eight Treasures Chicken was a divine beast, after all. Even though it had almost no combat abilities, its speed was extraordinary. Even experts from the Divine Physique Echelon realm would find it hard to catch up.

In an instant, the enraged judge joined in the chicken hunt and the two of them started to run around the platform. However, they were unable to catch the chicken.

Nangong Wuque sat on the platform as he laughed and slapped his thighs. He had never thought that something like that would ever occur. He was convinced that, with Bu Fang's method, there would be no problem when dealing with the Eight Treasures Chicken!

Originally, when he was at the Pill Palace, he had used various kinds of tricks to finally get a wing. When he compared himself to the chicken, he was extremely slow.

"Cluck cluck cluck!"

"Cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck..."

The chirping sound continuously rang out from the platform. The Eight Treasures Chicken was like a ray of light and it puffed out its chest. It seemed extremely proud as it chased after its dreams.

Mao Shi had no idea what was happening on the arena.

In his eyes, there seemed to be a pitch-black flame which was burning. The flame surged as Mao Shi's mental energy emerged from his body. It wrapped around the medicinal ingredients in the alchemy furnace as he threw them into the fire. Before long, only medicinal liquid remained.

The medicinal liquid rolled around in a grotesque pattern as it floated around in the furnace. It was an extremely colorful scene.

This was an extremely beautiful sight and Mao Shi was intoxicated. He became unable to pull himself out of it.

Mao Shi was someone who had always thought highly of himself and he only felt that Mu Bai was a worthy opponent. He didn't put Bu Fang in his eyes at all. He felt that it was pointless to compare a chef to an alchemist!

Just as he was about to focus on his refinement process, a weird sound appeared in his ear.

"What the hell? Where are the chicken cries coming from?"

Mao Shi froze for a moment. The chicken cries came too suddenly and they penetrated deep into his mind. He was caught completely off-guard.

In the next second, his pupils contracted and his breathing became a mess. His mental force was thrown into disarray.

"Ah! Where did this chicken come from? Why did it run into my alchemy furnace?"

A chicken stood on top of the heavy alchemy furnace with a proud expression. It raised its head as it puffed out its chest. Its neck shook back and forth.

Mao Shi's eyes opened wide and the chicken's eyes were huge as well. The chicken and the human both stared at each other awkwardly.

"Eighty, stop making a fuss. Other people are refining their elixir... You should be more serious!" From afar, Bu Fang saw this scene and he hurriedly took two steps forward. He was somewhat out of breath as he shouted at Eighty.

The Eight Treasures Chicken turned its head around and glanced at Bu Fang. the crown on its head waved around.

"Contestant Mao Shi, you have to remain calm. You are currently at the most important part of the refining process. Your heart needs to remain calm! Your mental energy cannot fluctuate too much..."

The head judge's heart constricted and he felt that something big was about to happen. He quickly advised Mao Shi.

"Eighty, be good. Stop causing trouble!"

Mao Shi took in a deep breath and he somehow managed to calm down.

"You stupid chef! Hurry up and take your chicken away!" Mao Shi said coldly. A pitch black flame revolved in his eyes.

"Okay... Eighty, did you hear that? That person despises you, hurry up and get back here!" Bu Fang walked toward Mao Shi's bronze platform as he commanded.

The Eight Treasures Chicken clucked at Bu Fang and turned its chicken head to look at Mao Shi. Staring back at the chicken, Mao Shi coldly harrumphed.

Suddenly, the Eight Treasures Chicken felt that Bu Fang was approaching. Opening its wing, its legs moved and it started to run away. As it took a step out, it jumped onto Mao Shi's head. It jumped as it tried to distance itself from Bu Fang but before it was able to run further, something shiny fell out from behind the Eight Treasures Chicken. It landed on top of Mao Shi's hair.

Bu Fang, Mao Shi, and even the audience froze.

In the next instant, Mao Shi's mental force erupted and the alchemy furnace started boiling.

An extremely furious roar rang out!

"This god damned chicken! You actually dare to shit on my head? Ahhh!"