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 "In the next round.... if your furnace doesn't explode, you can count it as my loss."

This sentence fluttered out of Bu Fang's mouth. Although it held no power behind it, it still made Nangong Wuque and Mao Shi jolt.

Nangong Wuque looked at Bu Fang in disbelief, with his eyes opened wide. What had Old Bu just said? So domineering? Was this still the Old Bu he knew?

Mao Shi was shocked as well. He stood frozen on the spot from those words, and his mind went blank.

"You..." Mao Shi's eyebrows moved, as if he wanted to say something. He did not think that this chef would actually let out such words. Even he himself would not dare to spout such words, would he?

If your furnace doesn't explode, it'll be my loss? How did he have the guts to say something like that?

What did this chef take Mao Shi for? One of those trashy alchemists that would randomly cause their furnaces to explode? Wasn't he looking down on Mao Shi too much?

He was a talented alchemist who could almost compare to Mu Bai! The words from this chef were simply... exasperating.

"You don't have to say anything. You will understand once the next match comes. You can go now..." Bu Fang said with a serious face, giving Mao Shi a glance and waving his hand to cut off whatever the latter wanted to say.

You can go now? On what account? You say I can go so I'll go?

Mao Shi exploded at once! He almost spit out blood due to his rage.

Nangong Wuque looked at Bu Fang in shock, as if it was his first time getting to know him. He never knew Bu Fang could be so domineering, and here he had always thought that this guy was kind of plain.

Nethery followed behind Bu Fang. Both of them had unchanging expressions, and they walked off into the distance, not caring about Mao Shi.

Bu Fang was angry, not because of Mao Shi's aggressive tone but rather because Mao Shi looked down on chefs. What right did he have to look down on chefs? Did chefs let him down in any way?

As a chef himself, Bu Fang had the pride of a chef; it was a pride toward one's profession.

Mao Shi took in a deep breath. He had never felt such grievance before. A lowly chef actually dared to make him, an alchemist, lose face...

This was something unforgivable!

How could he simply let Bu Fang go like this?

He wouldn't be Mao Shi if he did.

Taking a step forward, the aura on his body surged, with three supreme shackles swaying behind his body. He stood in front of Bu Fang, wanting to prevent the latter from moving forward.


That sudden explosion of aura shocked all the audience who had yet to leave, all looking toward the direction where the aura came from.

Although the cultivation level of some of the members of the audience was not high, their sensitivity to the aura was not weaker than anyone else's. Towards gossip, so to speak, they were very alert.

As they looked over, an uproar occurred.

After all, the person giving off this aura was none other than the talented alchemist Mao Shi. And the person that he was blocking was... actually the chef who stood out in the Magical Hand Conference.

What was that situation? Was Mao Shi going to make a move on the chef?

The audience's eyes were all wide open. Those who were actually planning to exit the central plaza all halted their steps, looking toward where Bu Fang was.

Mao Shi laughed coldly. Blinking, he looked at Bu Fang and sneered. "Did I scare this chef? But of course.... You are a chef who hasn't even broken a single supreme shackle. Facing the strong, like us, all you can do is..... cower in fear."

Nangong Wuque looked at Mao Shi as if he was looking at an idiot. Was this Mao Shi blind? Did he not see Big Sis Nethery standing behind Bu Fang? Who was Big Sis Nethery? She was someone who even the strongest of those who had broken five supreme shackles feared!

Did this Mao Shi have a hole in his head..... to dare to block Bu Fang's path?! To block his path was equivalent to blocking Big Sis Nethery's path!

Oh.... right... This Mao Shi wouldn't recognize Big Sis Nethery.

This retard...

"What are you trying to do?" Bu Fang frowned as he said unhappily.

"Nothing.... just disgruntled, a chef who said his piece of nonsense in front of me, then tried to run away.... Do you think that I, Mao Shi, am a piece of trash?" Mao Shi laughed coldly.

A rush of true energy came flooding out of his dantian, covering his arm, which he swung toward Bu Fang, intending to teach him a lesson.

The audience was in an uproar!

He actually made a move! This was too..... exciting!

How would the dark horse chef react? After all, his strength was quite weak.

Out of everyone present, maybe only Nangong Wuque wasn't worried about Bu Fang.


A strange wave of fluctuation was suddenly released.

"Mao Shi! Stop now!"

Just as Mao Shi's palm was about to approach Bu Fang, the former stopped.

Behind him, a few shouts could be heard as two figures darted over quickly. An Sheng arrived with a face full of anxiousness, and behind her followed Mu Bai, who gave people a feeling like a spring breeze.

Mu Bai was satisfied. No one would avoid giving him face, so even this Mao Shi held his hand. It was just that... when he looked over at Mao Shi, he was slightly shocked. He realized that Mao Shi's entire body was stiff beyond comparison, and cold sweat fell from his forehead, dripping onto the floor.

En? What was going on there?

An Sheng and Mu Bai both noticed this strange phenomenon but did not know the cause behind it. Mao Shi felt like he had descended into an ice cave, from within his eyes emerged fear, which made him feel suffocated.

That woman... That terrifying woman, exactly what was she!

How could she be so terrifying!

That gaze... made him feel like she was a devil who climbed out of hell, causing his heart to constrict, not daring to move a single muscle.

Bu Fang's face remained normal. He lifted his hand, pressing it onto Mao Shi's palm, and as he gently pressed down, he glanced at him, pulling up the corner of his lips as though he was mocking him. Then, he left along with the graceful Nethery, slowly disappearing from the eyes of the audience.

Nangong Wuque looked at the frozen-on-the-spot Mao Shi, as if he was looking at a retard.

"To think of making a move on Boss Bu in front of Big Sis Nethery... you really are naive." Nangong Wuque sighed as he shook his head, then staggered off. "Ai yo, Big Boobs An... you came, your flower guardian actually wanted to make a move on Old Bu. His courage is there, a shame that... his brain isn't!" Seeing An Sheng rushing over, Nangong Wuque said laughingly.

Big what! To hell with your big boobs! Sorceress An Sheng glared at Nangong Wuque, waving her fists at him, but he ran off while laughing.

Looking at Nangong Wuque's fading back, Sorceress An Sheng then slowly put down her arms, she glanced at the cold-sweating Mao Shi, who was still frozen on the spot, saying a short "humph", then turned to leave.

Mu Bai frowned, because he felt that something wasn't right. However, he did not dig in too deep, only patting Mao Shi's shoulder, shaking the latter's body.

The audience looked at the frozen Mao Shi, and their expressions were odd. Mao Shi was actually... frozen silly by one of Boss Bu's gaze?

They didn't know the truth behind the matter, but they had no need to clarify it. All they needed to know was that the talented alchemist Mao Shi was scared silly by the dark horse chef. The rumor began to spread like wildfire, spreading to the entire central square, becoming common news among the people.

What was more...

"The dark horse chef let out big words saying that if, in the next round, Mao Shi doesn't cause his furnace to explode, it'll be his loss?!"

"That domineering? As expected of the dark horse chef... sweeping through the rest while remaining invincible.

"Exploding a furnace, we can see another furnace exploding next round? How exciting! To see a talent explode his furnace... makes it even more so! I can't wait for the next match to start!"


That domineering sentence from Owner Bu was spread with breakneck speed. The people who wanted to watch the spectacle were so excited that they were about to yell out.

Just when he was about to reach Cloud Mist Restaurant, Bu Fang suddenly lagged. Just in front of him, two figures slowly walked over.

One in front, and one behind, one man and one woman.

That lady had fiery red hair, looking like a burning flame, which was extremely attractive. Her slender legs, white and crystal clear, wore a pair of red shoes, looking very seductive. Her lips were extremely red, and her beauty stood in its grandeur. This woman's temperament was exactly like those from the generation of emperors, proud and elegant.

Behind her was a hunching elder, who gave off a cold atmosphere. His eyes were unfathomable, giving people a feeling of being unable to see through him.

Bu Fang walked slowly, and that lady also walked toward him.

The distance between the two shrunk, and shrunk...

In the end, the two brushed by each other's shoulder.

Neither stopped. Both continued making their way forward.

"Old Fox, just now the two that passed by... one of them has the fluctuations of the Shura Tower." The Saintess of Shura played with her slender fingers, and her fingernails that were painted red shone with a bizarre light, as if they were fresh blood.

"Yes, my saintess, on that youth, there was indeed the fluctuations of the Shura Tower..." the old servant respectfully said.

"Looks like that Tong He didn't lie to me... Since that youth is the owner of that little store, then that lady following behind him must be the Netherworld woman that Tong He was talking about, right?"

"Within the Netherworld Ship from the secret realm came the Netherworld woman. My lord saintess, that lady is not simple. I'm afraid it'll be a difficult entanglement... Tong He actually did things right this time around. If we had moved hastily, we might have been unable to snatch the Shura Tower," the old servant commented seriously.

His cultivation was strong, but the Netherworld woman's strength left him trembling.

"Hu... Then there's no need to rush. Take things slow. Isn't that little store owner taking part in the Magical Hand Conference? Watch him carefully... As long as the Netherworld woman isn't by his side, then we can make a move, directly catching that little shop owner... To actually use the Shura Tower as a pendant... that guy sure is big-hearted."

The red lips of the Shura Saintess rose as she let out a breathtaking smile.

Behind her, the old servant bent his back, nodding his head.

"Yes, my saintess."