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 The night was deep but the center of Heavenly Mist City was still brightly illuminated with lights of various color. They lit up the entire city and it seemed as though Heavenly Mist City was a city which never slept.

All kinds of light reflected off the tall bronze buildings... This was the flourishing Pill City, Heavenly Mist City.

Under a towering building, a bronze door opened and two figures slowly walked out.

Misha and Tong He were wrapped in black robes as they left the building. Looking around them, they tightened their robes and walked into the distance.

The two of them walked extremely quickly and, in a few moments, left the area where there were many tall bronze buildings. They increased their speed as they made their way to the city gates.

Before long, the two of them arrived at the city gates which were located under the towering walls of Heavenly Mist City. The bronze gates were incomparably tall and rugged, and it was covered with arrays. A vigorous and suppressive aura was emitted by them.

Misha looked at the city gates with awe in his eyes. There were three major Pill Cities in the Pill Palace and every single one of them was extremely flourishing and lefty.

On the other hand, Tong He was indifferent when he looked at the city gates. It seemed as though he didn't care at all.

Standing in front of the city gates, the two of them waited for the gates to open. The guards of the Pill City who were around them glanced at them with solemn expressions.

However, since the two of them didn't do anything, the guards didn't take any action.

The security check at the gates of the Pill City was extremely serious and throughout. People with unknown identities were prohibited from entering the city. As a Pill City was the economic development center of the Pill Palace, it was an extremely important place. Naturally, security was extremely strict.

After waiting for a long time, Misha and Tong He finally saw that a spirit beast carriage was arriving from outside the city.

The spirit horse pulling the carriage was extremely pure and holy. There was a pair of wings growing on its back and it emanated a terrifying aura.

The guards' heart skipped a beat. It was actually a spirit horse which was at the level of a divine beast!! Who in the world was the man in the carriage? How could the carriage be pulled by a spirit beast in the divine realm?

None of the guards dared to be disrespectful. After they ascertained the identity of the owner of the carriage, the guards allowed the carriage to pass.

"They are here!" Tong He told Misha as they stared at the oncoming carriage. There was an excited expression in his eyes.

Misha was also a little excited.

Soon, the carriage arrived in front of them and the indifferent coachman glanced at the both of them. The spirit horse breathed out a stream of white gas as it flapped its wings viciously. Feathers swirled around everyone.

The door to the carriage opened, and a long, white, and tender leg stepped out. The beautiful leg had almost no fat on it and looked slender and proportionate.

They were afraid of staring at the wrong things as they quickly lowered their heads.

In a while, the figure in the carriage walked out.

Her hair which was as crimson as blood cascaded down like a waterfall. An exquisite and beautiful face appeared.

Tong He and Misha lifted their heads in order to take a look. They were completely shocked.

This woman... She was too pretty! It was a kind of arrogant beauty, one that made others feel inferior.

"Tong He... You mentioned that the Shura Tower is in Heavenly Mist City. I hope that you are not lying to me..." This woman batted her long eyelashes as she looked at Tong He with her blue eyes. He instantly felt as though there was a mountain crushing him.

"Saintess, Tong He will never dare to lie to you. If it wasn't for the troublesome guy who is holding on to the Shura Tower, I would have obtained it a long time ago. It would have been brought back to our Ancient Shura City at the fastest speed possible," Tong He said respectfully with his back bowed.

He wouldn't dare to be rude. This lady in front of him was the Saintess of the Ancient Shura City. Her strength was unmeasurable and she wielded a tremendous amount of authority in the Ancient Shura City.

Even some elders would greet her with a respectful expression when they met her, let alone him.

It was because this woman was the Shura Sovereign's representative. It was possible that she would be the next Shura Sovereign! An heiress with so much influence... Who wouldn't be respectful to her?

"Then lead the way. We'll get the Shura Tower back right now." The bright red lips of the woman were slightly opened, and she had a ruddy expression on her face. She emitted a beautiful radiance as she commanded both of them.

"Right now? Saintess, I have to tell you something about that fellow. He isn't someone easy to deal with!" Tong He spoke hurriedly as his body became drenched with cold sweat.

The Saintess glanced at Tong He with an indifferent expression on her face. Seeing Tong He, whose body was shivering, she finally spoke, "Alright, I will first take a look at this guy who has the guts to wield my Ancient Shura City's Shura Tower.".

Tong He heaved a sigh of relief. Looking at the woman's slender figure as she moved away from him, he wiped away the sweat on his forehead.

"Saintess... The person who holds the Shura Tower is the boss of a restaurant..."


Holding the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife carefully in his hand, Bu Fang placed the breast meat which came from the Heavenly Flame Chicken onto the chopping board.

The quality of the Heavenly Flame Chicken was pretty decent. The meat was a light pink color and there were grains on the meat. The lines on the meat seemed alive as it brought with it a wave of spiritual energy.

Spinning the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife around, it flashed in the air and, in a few moments, the chicken breast was diced into many small pieces. Every single piece had the same size.

After he diced the chicken breast, Bu Fang placed them into a small bowl. He seasoned them and marinated them before preparing other ingredients. He took a sack from the system's storage space and poured out its content. It was actually a sack full of peanuts.

The fragrance of the peanuts filled the area and Bu Fang slightly raised his eyebrows.

Grabbing a handful of peanuts, he felt as though he was holding a handful of oil. The peanuts had already been shelled, which saved him a ton of trouble.

A ball of flames came out from his mouth and entered the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. As it quietly burned at the bottom of the pot, it quickly heated up.

Pouring all of the peanuts into the wok, Bu Fang fried them with a little bit of oil. Since these peanuts were the product of the system, they were special and were accompanied with a majestic spirituality. After frying them up, a pleasant aroma filled the area. Bu Fang's nose twitched uncontrollably and a feeling of intoxication washed over him.

When the peanuts were a golden color, Bu Fang took them out.

Taking out a spirit herb which had a stinging fragrance like garlic, Bu Fang diced it up. He chopped up other spirit fruits as well and placed them to the side.

Finally, Bu Fang took out the chili in the system's storage, which was dark red, and chopped it up. Adding some oil into the wok, Bu Fang stir-fried the chili. When an aroma started to appear, he placed the spirit fruits into the wok as well.

The sound of oil splattering could be heard and a strong plume of smoke surged into the air.

Spirit energy rushed into the sky and it slightly fluctuated. Bu Fang moved his spatula as he started to stir-fry the spirit fruit and spirit herbs.

A blast of pungent aroma came from inside the wok as it assaulted his nostrils. It would cause one's nose to start to itch.

After stir-frying for some time, the spirit fruit and spirit herbs became golden yellow. The spirit energy started to settle down and Bu Fang threw in the chicken breast into the wok. In the instant the meat touched the wok, it started to vibrate violently.

It was as though the spirit energy inside the chicken breast was ignited as flames shot into the sky. It almost scared someone.

However, Bu Fang was calm. He continued to stir-fry the chicken breast meat and the fire gradually died down.

After the fire died down, an aroma started to emerge from the wok. It was the strong smell of meat and it had a special flavor in it. There was a fiery flavor floating around in the wind. This was a strong meat flavor with a special innuendo. It seemed a little fiery, just like a burning heat inflammation.

When Bu Fang felt that there was spirit energy which was fluctuating in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, Bu Fang poured in the red chili and the golden peanuts.

When the two ingredients were thrown into the wok, the spicy flavor intensified. The aroma from the peanuts coupled with the spiciness of the chili. They complemented each other.

Green smoke started to roll up from the pot and it brought along with it the fragrance of the dish. It drifted around in the wind.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As Bu Fang used a huge flame to fry his dish, a burst of flame surged into the air. The dish jumped around in the wok as if it was alive. The dish glistened and the aroma filled the area.


The sound of stir-frying was endless. As the aroma of the peanut mixed with the fragrance coming from the chicken meat, the combined smell became much denser.

Adding on the touch of spicy Chili, the aroma became extremely thick.


With a sizzling sound, the fire disappeared. Bu Fang flipped the wok upside down and poured the contents onto a porcelain plate.

A portion of savory Spicy Diced Chicken was completed.

Wiping the oil around the porcelain plate carefully, Bu Fang nodded his head with satisfaction.

Fragrant... It was naturally fragrant. There was also a spicy flavor in it and it would stimulate the appetite of anyone who smelled it.

With this Spicy Diced Chicken in hand, Bu Fang stepped out of the kitchen. The already impatient Lord Dog and Nethery's eyes lit up as they stared at Bu Fang's figure which was leaving the kitchen.

However, they quickly fell into a state of shock. They realized that Bu Fang was only holding on to one plate.

Why was there only one dish?

Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and Dragon Blood Rice.... Shouldn't there be two dishes?

Was it possible that this little brat, Bu Fang, became a little biased today?

Bu Fang remained composed as he served the Spicy Diced Chicken to the table where Lord Dog and Nethery were seated.

"We are trying a new dish today."

Bu Fang said faintly as he placed the plate of Spicy Diced Chicken on the table. He glanced at the disappointed Lord Dog and the confused Nethery as a smirk appeared on his face.

"Rascal Bu Fang! If Lord Dog tastes this dish, will there still be Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs?"

Blacky stuck out its tongue as it seriously asked.

"Make a guess." Bu Fang answered while looking at Lord Dog with an expressionless face.

Looking at Bu Fang's provocative appearance, Lord Dog was almost unable to control itself. It almost smacked Bu Fang with its paw.

On the other hand, Nethery didn't care too much about it. She extended her slender fingers toward the Spicy Diced Chicken.

Just as she was about to touch the dish, Bu Fang smacked her hand with a pair of chopstick.

"Learn to use chopsticks," Bu Fang said as he glanced at Nethery.

Nethery's black eyes swept past Bu Fang's face, but she remained expressionless. It seemed as though she was stubborn about not using chopsticks.

Ignoring her, Bu Fang tapped the chopsticks on the table. He picked up a piece of meat which was piping hot as he placed it in his mouth.

When the piece of meat entered his mouth, Bu Fang's eyebrows rose upwards and he happily enjoyed the taste of the delicious meat.

Nethery stuck out her tongue and licked her ruddy lips. She seemed the be attracted by Bu Fang's table manners.

She prepared herself as she stealthily stretched out her hand to grab the Spicy Diced Chicken.

However, she was stopped by Bu Fang once again.

Nethery felt wronged. Looking at Bu Fang with a cold gaze, she felt as though she didn't have a choice. She obediently picked up a pair of chopsticks.

Lord Dog looked at the two of them and had a depressed expression on his face. He raised his exquisite paws and a confused expression started to appear on it.

Was he trying to force Lord Dog to use chopsticks as well?