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 Chapter 53: The Clueless Oyster-Pancake-Eating Spectators

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The rice used to make the rice milk was naturally provided by the system. Every single grain was round and plump like pearls, and filled with an abundant amount of spirit energy.

He scooped up a ladle of rice and poured it into the millstone. After adding a ladle of peanut and water, Bu Fang began to gently turn the millstone. This millstone was relatively primitive and its surface was somewhat glossy.

After gently milling for a while, slightly thick rice milk began to flow out into the blue and white porcelain bowl that Bu Fang placed beneath the millstone.

After collecting the rice milk that he needed, Bu Fang cleaned the millstone and took out a wok. He filled half of the wok with high quality oil, turned on the stove and waited for the temperature of the oil to rise.

The wok spatula used to deep fry Oyster Pancakes had a special shape. It was not semicircle like normal wok spatulas but was slightly flat instead.

After adding a layer of rice milk on the flat surface of the wok spatula, he spread the shredded radish and chopped onion on top of the layer of rice milk. After adding two more layers of rice milk and minced meat in between, he placed a plump oyster at the top and added another layer of rice milk to wrap up all the ingredients, creating a hemisphere shape.

Once the temperature of the oil within the wok was hot enough to scald, he dipped the wok spatula containing the Oyster Pancake into the oil. Immediately, the oil was spattering everywhere and pale yellowish bubbles were forming around the rice milk.

As the Oyster Pancake couldn't be flipped during the deep frying process, it tested the chef's control over the heat and timing. The taste would be affected whether it was too raw or overcooked.

Once the exterior of the Oyster Pancake had completely turned into a golden color, Bu Fang took it out from the wok and placed it into the wire netting he had already prepared to drain the oil.

A hemisphere-shaped Oyster Pancake was completed once the oil was completely drained.

As the rice milk was not too thick, the ingredients inside of the golden crust were still visible and lines could be seen. The fragrance of deep fried food was exuding from the Oyster Pancake and had a very unique smell.

As peanut was added during the milling process, the rice milk was particularly fragrant after it was deep fried. Moreover, the residual heat from the oil and the rice milk crust caused the ingredients to be naturally cooked and allowed the fragrance to complement each other. More importantly, the aroma of the oyster which contained a trace of ocean flavor would linger around the tip of one's nose and was difficult to disperse.

Bu Fang was already feeling famished when he saw the Oyster Pancake. While another Oyster Pancake was still being deep fried, he picked up the Oyster Pancake that was finished and eagerly took a bite.


The crispy texture, the rich taste, and the savory juice from the shredded white radish instantly entered his mouth and enveloped it. It was like the delicious taste had directly rushed into his brain as the pores in his whole body slightly opened.

Crispy, fragrant, delicious! Only these three words could describe this Oyster Pancake. After taking the first bite, one would be unable to help but take the second bite. With this second bite, Bu Fang tasted the meat. The flavor of the meat instantly burst forth and directly rushed into the depths of his heart.

With a third bite, Bu Fang tasted the plump oyster. The oyster was not deep fried as it was wrapped within the rice milk, so it retained the fresh taste of seafood. Accompanied with the shredded radish and minced meat, it was so delicious that he wanted to swallow his own tongue.

The taste of the Oyster Pancake... was unexpectedly delicious!

Bu Fang endured the urge to completely finish the entire Oyster Pancake and took out the other Oyster Pancake from the wok to drain the oil.

After deep frying three Oyster Pancakes, Bu Fang did not continue further.

The Oyster Pancake needed to be eaten immediately. If it was left unattended for too long, the juice of the radish and steam would cause the crust to soften and lose that crispiness, which would affect the taste.

After finishing three Oyster Pancakes, Bu Fang was still slightly craving for more. His mouth was filled with the taste of the Oyster Pancakes and he was overwhelmed with the urge to taste more.

He cleaned up the kitchen and returned to his room to sleep. During normal circumstances, he would maintain his sleep habits.

The next day, the weather was clear and the sun was shining warmly.

Bu Fang accidentally overslept a little, so he got up slightly later than usual. However, it was not a big deal.

After washing up, Bu Fang opened up the store. There was already a line of people waiting outside and Fatty Jin and his buddies were already waiting for quite some time.

"Oh my, Owner Bu, you are slightly slower today," Fatty Jin grumbled, but the expression on his face was still very happy. He was already used to eating breakfast at Bu Fang's restaurant every morning and according to him, "It was the greatest happiness to eat Bu Fang's dishes once everyday."

"Yes, I was preparing a new dish, that's why I was slightly slower than usual," Bu Fang unabashedly said.

"A new dish?" Fatty Jin was immediately excited when he heard that. He turned his head to look at the menu on the wall and saw that there was indeed a new dish at the bottom.

"Oyster Pancake, two per serving, five crystals (takeout permitted)."

"Oyster Pancake? I've never heard of this dish before," Fatty Jin thought as he went into a daze. "It seems to be very awesome from the sound of it."

"Then owner, I would like to have a serving of this Oyster Pancake," Fatty Jin readily said. He was a nouveau riche and did not lack money.

"You can order other dishes first, then ordered the Oyster Pancake as takeout and eat while walking," Bu Fang reminded him.

Fatty Jin immediately realized his mistake as he nodded and ordered other dishes.

After memorizing the orders, Bu Fang turned around and entered the kitchen and began to prepare the dishes.

Ouyang Xiaoyi skipped into the store. Even though she no longer needed to work as the waitress, she was still habitually coming to work.

Bu Fang was not opposed to this either and allowed her to do as she pleased.

"Xiaoyi, isn't it an important day for the Ouyang family? Why are you still working today?" While Fatty Jin was waiting for his food to arrive, he was slightly bored and started chatting with Ouyang Xiaoyi.

"Eh? Is there something big happening?" Ouyang Xiaoyi was startled.

Fatty Jin continued and said, "It's not really that big of a deal. It's already spread within the entire imperial city that His Majesty ordered Great General Xiao Meng and General Ouyang to jointly host today's execution. They're executing those experts from the sects at the Gate of Heavenly Mystery."

"I know, right? I heard the leaders from the Death Soul Palace are all sixth grade Battle-Emperors... They're actually going to be executed together. The entire empire was shocked by the news. This time His Majesty is really determined to intimidate those sects outside of the border."

"Old Jin, let me tell you. I am afraid that this execution won't proceed smoothly. Didn't a great battle occur between Great General Xiao and the Heart-rending Sword Monarch yesterday? Do you know what happened? The Heart-rending Sword Monarch actually escaped!"

"Other than the mysterious Celestial Arcanum Sect, experts from the other nine great sects have all gathered within the imperial city to stop today's execution. I am afraid that an earth-shaking battle will happen today! Have you not noticed that there are several times more guards within the imperial city than usual?"


When Ouyang Xiaoyi heard the discussion of the customers, she suddenly became absent-minded. She thought, "According to what they're saying, doesn't that mean father and elder brothers would be in danger?"

"Xiaoyi, serve the dishes," Bu Fang's indifferent voice drifted out from the kitchen and interrupted Xiaoyi's thoughts.

When Fatty Jin and the rest finished their meals, Bu Fang had also finished deep frying the Oyster Pancake.

There were six people within this group of obese men and each of them ordered a serving of Oyster Pancakes. With a dozen of Oyster Pancakes, they had to wait for quite a while.

"This is the Oyster Pancake? It's so fragrant!" Fatty Jin looked at the two pieces of Oyster Pancake wrapped in bamboo leaves in his hands and swallowed his saliva. The golden Oyster Pancake was exuding a rich fragrance that stimulated his appetite.

Bringing along their fascination toward the Oyster Pancake, the group left Fang Fang's Little Store.

"Old Jin, why don't we take a look at the execution grounds? Six Battle-Emperors are being executed, there's no way we can miss such a grand occasion," one of them said and the rest immediately agreed.

And so, a group of obese men was holding Oyster Pancakes in their hands as they majestically headed for the execution grounds, planning to eat along the way, and became clueless Oyster-Pancake-eating spectators.