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 Give up?

Bu Fang voice echoed through the entire audience stand and the rowdy crowd gradually became quiet. They stared at Bu Fang with a trace of anticipation.

The biggest dark horse in this Magical Hand Conference, who managed to slaughter his way into the top 10, the dark horse who defeated countless talented alchemists all the way up, actually didn't want to compete anymore? Was he going to give up?

The audience became spirited yet again. There were a few people in the crowd who were about to fall asleep. However, after hearing what Bu Fang said, they woke up startled and became clear-headed once again.

Unbelievable, unexplainable... All of them suddenly found out that they were unable to keep up with this chef's train of thoughts.

Why was he giving up on the competition? After reaching the top 10, why in the world would he give up? Wasn't it the same as jumping off a mountain right before he reached the peak?

Grandmaster Xuan Ming was also surprised. After deliberating for a while, he finally understood what Bu Fang was trying to say. The color of his face turned even darker.

He suddenly regretted his actions. He was initially so happy. However, in an instant, two major issues popped up and caused him a major headache.

Firstly, it was the internal competition between the two participants of the Heavenly Mist City. Now, this dark horse even wanted to forfeit the competition...

Were they deliberately trying to mess with him?

"Why are you not competing? Do you think that the Magical Hand Conference is a game? Do you think that you can compete just when you feel like it and give up when you don't?" Grandmaster Xuan Ming angrily stared at Bu Fang, and the aura coming from his body started to surge. His words were cold as he addressed Bu Fang.

He was really angry and wasn't polite at all.

Nangong Wuque also did not understand why Bu Fang wanted to give up the competition.

"Old Bu, what are you doing? Why will you give up the competition? Are you scared of being defeated by me, Nangong Wuque, and be trampled under my feet? Don't be scared, you won't know the meaning of despair if you don't compete!" Nangong Wuque spoke as he hurried toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was speechless... The skin on Nangong Wuque's face was still as thick as always.

However, to be honest, he did not really want to compete anymore. Originally, the reason he participated in this competition was to complete the temporary mission. Now that the mission was completed, he didn't need to waste his time on the competition any longer.

Bu Fang would use all his spare time to do business. The earlier he earned enough crystals, the sooner he would be able to become a Divine Realm cultivator.

At that time, his true energy would be sufficient for him to cook dishes of higher grade.

"I..." Bu Fang opened his mouth and he was about to say something.

However, Nangong Wuque knitted his eyebrows and raised his hand to pat his chest. "You do not have to be scared... Based on our relationship, I, Nangong Wuque, will not let you lose too badly! After all, you are my brother-in-law!!"

What brother-in-law?

Bu Fang's mouth twitched slightly. He had an impulse to beat up this guy. Bu Fang had already given him an inch yet he wanted a mile...

"I do not have any intention to disrespect the competition... However, my skills have reached the limit. The top 10 is my limit." Bu Fang thought for a while as he spoke.

Bu Fang's sincere gaze almost caused Grandmaster Xuan Ming to believe him.

However, Grandmaster Xuan Ming had his doubts. Was Bu Fang really at his limit?

All the audience discussed among themselves as they listened to Bu Fang's explanation. The darkest horse in the Magical Hand Conference said that he had reached his limit. After running out of tricks, he was going to withdraw from the competition?

This was huge news! Everyone's head almost exploded as they tried to process the news.

Nobody thought that this would actually happen.

Reached his limit?

Who was he trying to bluff?

Sorceress An Sheng, Nangong Wuque, and the rest of the people naturally rolled their eyes at Bu Fang. Reached his limit? Who was going to believe that?

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs... These were dishes Bu Fang hadn't presented in the competition! How could he say that he reached his limit?

Those people who hadn't been to Cloud Mist Restaurant might not be aware, however, the regular customers knew that Bu Fang still had a ton of tricks up his sleeve.

"Pei pei pei... That is too bad. I actually wanted to compete with the dark horse. To think that he is out of tricks." The other top 10 competitors in the competition actually believed him.

For a chef to charge into the top 10, honestly speaking, was indeed difficult.

The person who spoke was a handsome young man. He was extremely elegant and his eyes were extremely sharp.

This person was one of the top 10 competitors in this Magical Hand Conference, Heavenly Shine City's talented alchemist, Grandmaster Yao Guang's disciple, Mao Shi.

Originally, he was not convinced that a chef could enter the Top 10. After listening to how Bu Fang said that he had reached his limit and wanted to give up, Mao Shi decided to kick him down even further. He was extremely sarcastic.

The other competitors were grinning as they looked at Bu Fang.

Mu Bai was the Heavenly Pill City's talented alchemist. He was also one of the hottest favorites to win the competition. However, he was more friendly. He simply smiled without saying anything.

He felt that this chef wasn't simple at all. After all, he managed to defeat Sorceress An Sheng. There was no way Bu Fang was a simple person.

He was An Sheng's senior; naturally, he was aware of An Sheng's true strength. That lass might be a little crazy, however, in terms of her alchemy abilities, she made great improvements.

"Owner Bu, don't give up, please reconsider your decision. At most, you can lose to me in the arena. At least, it's better than withdrawing from the competition! It won't look nice if you give up now." Nangong Wuque sincerely spoke.

Bu Fang expressionlessly glanced at Nangong Wuque. This guy's shamelessness was unrivaled.

Bu Fang felt that if he wasn't going to withdraw, he would use the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup in order to force Nangong Wuque into despair. If he couldn't withdraw, in the next round he would use the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup to let Nangong Wuque know what was called despair...

The way Nangong Wuque spoke was really provoking.

"Bu Fang, the Magical Hand Conference is of utmost importance to the Pill Palace. It's not somewhere you can mess around. In the next round, you better compete honestly. There is no such thing as withdrawing from the competition! Unless you admit defeat on stage, you won't be able to leave!" Grandmaster Xuan Ming coldly looked at Bu Fang. Initially, he had a good impression of this chef, however, it was gone now.

After speaking his harsh words, he turned around and left.

Grandmaster Gu He was also speechless. This chef really knew how to create trouble. After giving Mu Bai an encouraging look, he left as well.

After the grandmasters left, the entire central plaza erupted.

Was the dark horse really going to give up because he reached his limit? Or was it because he wanted to help Nangong Wuque? Was there some unspeakable relationship between the two of them?

The audience was truly curious!

Mao Shi coldly smiled as he looked at Bu Fang. Without thinking deeper, he thought that Bu Fang was giving up on the competition due to his guilty conscience. It seemed as though he had really run out of tricks. It was too embarrassing.

If you don't have the ability, why did you join the Magical Hand Conference in the first place?

"If you want to give up, why did you take part in the first place? You even caused my An Sheng to get kicked out of the top 50. Do you know how heavy your crimes are?" Mao Shi coldly spoke.

Your An Sheng?

Bu Fang was stunned. What was going on? Was there some relationship between Sorceress An Sheng and the gigolo in front of him?

"Don't bump into me in the competition in the future, else I'll make sure you lose till you jump off the arena crying! Eh... Why am I speaking to a person who wants to give up? You won't even have the chance to meet me."

After speaking these harsh words, Mao Shi folded his hand behind him as he left in an arrogant manner. Puffing his chest outwards, he acted like a proud chicken.

Bu Fang was completely unprepared when he faced Mao Shi's act of arrogance. He was shocked.

Nangong Wuque's mouth also started twitching, "This Mao Shi is also one of Big Breast An's pursuers. Everyone knows about him. Just treat it as though he is farting. After all, you're going to lose to me in the next round. You won't have the chance to meet him."

Bu Fang had an impulse to use the Black Turtle Constellation Wok to bash this clown.

Bu Fang was too lazy to be bothered with him. He turned around and left the arena.

Since he had no choice but to compete, so be it. In three days, Bu Fang would face Nangong Wuque. To be honest, Bu Fang wasn't interested in this competition at all.

However since it had already come to this, it was time to teach Nangong Wuque a lesson.


Arriving back at the Cloud Mist Restaurant, Bu Fang stretched his body. Another day had passed and his restaurant wasn't open at all.

Stepping through the door, Lord dog and Nethery were lying on the dining table as they glanced at him.

Bu Fang sneezed... These two greedy beings.

Under the gazes of the two people, Bu Fang walked to the kitchen and prepared to cook for these two gluttons.

However, making use of this chance, he accepted the temporary mission rewards. He obtained the recipe for the Spicy Diced Chicken.

Spicy Diced Chicken had both a spicy and sweet flavor and it was extremely palatable.

As he looked at the preparation method for the Spicy Diced Chicken, Bu Fang was selcting the ingredients on the side. It seemed as though he wouldn't be cooking the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs or the Dragon Blood Rice today.

After washing his hands, Bu Fang cleaned off the water droplets from his palm. Twisting his wrist, Bu Fang reached out to the cupboard and took out an iron cage. There was a giant burning chicken in the cage.

"Heavenly Flame Chicken, a supreme spirit beast. Its body is covered in a bestial flame. Although it has weak battle power, it moves extremely quickly. It's able to fly through the void, and it's extremely difficult to catch this supreme beast. The meat on the chicken is tender and it is considered a high-quality ingredient as it lived by eating spirit herbs and it is born from flames," the system explained to Bu Fang.

A chicken which could fly... Bu Fang became slightly stunned.

As he opened the cage, Bu Fang stretched out his hand to catch the fire chicken by the wings. He pulled it out of the cage.

The beast fire was still burning and Bu Fang covered his hand with a layer of true energy. Although it wasn't burning his hand, Bu Fang felt a warm sensation.

"Cluck cluck cluck!"

Taking out the chicken from the iron cage, the Heavenly Flame Chicken started to make a fuss.

That chicken's clucking was like thunder and it gave Bu Fang a fright.

Lord Dog, who was lying outside, raised its head. Nethery also widened her eyes as she looked at the kitchen.

What was Owner Bu doing?

"Cluck cluck cluck!" The chicken couldn't stop crying out and it started to struggle. It tried to squirm out of Bu Fang's grasp as it flapped its wings.

Bu Fang felt as though it was a chicken with a dream! However, he could not let this chicken fly away!

What the hell were they playing at? Why was it so noisy? Lord Dog was still waiting for its food!


Lord Dog could not bear it anymore. It was starting to get irritated with the chicken. With a single bark, an enormous pressure came from its body and the Heavenly Flame Chicken shrunk its neck and started to shiver in fear.

A chicken with a dream met a dog who ate meat. It seemed as though its dreams were over.

Bu Fang was delighted that the chicken became docile. This saved him a lot of trouble.

Plucking out the chicken's feathers, Bu Fang prepared the bird. The Heavenly Flame Chicken soon turned bald. Bu Fang threw it into a basin.

Bu Fang held the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife as he started to slice the chicken breast. He swiftly prepared all the ingredients used to cook the Heavenly Flame Chicken.