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 "Congratulation to the host for completing the temporary mission. The reward shall be given to the host now..."

The system's solemn voice resounded in Bu Fang's ear and he was stunned. Still standing at his original position, his eye brightened as the corners of his mouth curled upward. He revealed an expression of delight.

"So, the temporary mission has been completed? As it turns out, I only had to reach the top 10 in the Magical Hand Conference. It wasn't too hard..." Bu Fang's lips curled upward and he spoke with ease.

He originally thought that he had to win the championship of the Magical Hand Conference. To win the championship, he wasn't completely confident. After all, those alchemists weren't completely useless. They were not so easy to deal with.

Sorceress An Sheng's and Crazy Xiong Shi's strengths were already really high. To win the championship, there would be alchemists stronger than Sorceress An Sheng appearing. At that time, it would be extremely difficult for Bu Fang to obtain victory.

"What's the reward? I remember that the mission rewards this time is the recipe for Spicy Diced Chicken?" Bu Fang blinked his eye as he recalled in his heart.

Spicy Diced Chicken was a very famous dish. It was famed for its spice and sweetness and many people had heard of it.

Bu Fang naturally also knew how to cook Spicy Diced Chicken. However, his recipe and cooking method was different from the one given by the system. Since the system offered the recipe of this dish as a reward, it was definitely going to be different.

After being lost in thought for a long time, Bu Fang was the only one remaining on the arena.

Crazy Xiong Shi had already left the stage in a hurry after being overwhelmed with grief.

Bu Fang looked around before storing his giant advertisement board. Since he had already completed his temporary mission, he did not need to advertise for his store anymore. He quickly took the board away. After all, lugging around a giant advertisement board gave him a weird feeling.

As he got off the arena, he thought about whether he should return to the restaurant in order to continue doing his business.

Compared to wasting his time there, going back to the restaurant was much better. As such, Bu Fang started to make his way back to the Cloud Mist Restaurant. In the end, earning crystals was how Bu Fang increased his cultivation.

Speaking of cultivation, Bu Fang felt a little headache coming. At this point, he didn't feel like he was even close to breaking through, not even after doing business for so long. This caused him to feel somewhat anxious.

However, Bu Fang also understood that there was a large barrier between the Supreme-Being Realm and the Divine Realm. He had to break through many Supreme-Being Shackles in order to advance. Many people spent their lives trying to break through this barrier. However, for Bu Fang, as long as he was able to earn enough crystals, he would be able to break through into the Divine Realm. So, there was nothing for him to complain about.

The temporary mission had been completed. Bu Fang instantly felt a wave of lethargy overwhelm him. Honestly, he didn't want to continue taking part in the competition.

Anyway, since the aim for joining the completion had been achieved, it was time for Bu Fang to pack up and return to his restaurant.

When he thought up to this point, Bu Fang wanted to leave immediately.

Bu Fang suddenly came to a realization. After taking part in the competition, he didn't know if there was a prize for the winner.

Why did he join this competition in the first place? What was he thinking?

Right now, Bu Fang was didn't have any idea about the prize for the winners of the Magical Hands Conference. After all, no one mentioned anything about the prize.

If there was no prize, Bu Fang felt as though there was no point in competing anymore. It was time for him to pack up his wok and return to his restaurant.

It was better than wasting his time.

Bu Fang solemnly nodded his head as he carried this thought while he walked off the bronze arena.

The audience scratched their heads as they did not understand why the dark horse chef suddenly had such a serious expression on his face.

Could it be that he was going to face an extremely strong opponent since he reached the top 10 contestants?

The appearance of a strong opponent finally caused the chef to become serious.

The audience felt touched all of a sudden. The chef was finally facing some pressure in the competition.

Little did they know that Bu Fang was seriously contemplating whether or not to store his wok for the last time and leave. If they knew, they would definitely vomit blood.

Off the bronze arena, there were other intense battles going on. All sorts of alchemy fire were blazing fiercely. Those who had reached this point were all alchemists with true strength. Their refining techniques and skills were well known throughout the Pill Palace. Their displays were eye-catching and the audience cheered loudly.

This was what the Magical Hand Conference was meant to be... As for Bu Fang, this extremely huge black horse, he was an anomaly.

Nangong Wuque had also finished his match. His whole body was emitting a dense aura of true energy. As his true energy surged, he had a solemn expression on his face.

Bu Fang gave Nangong Wuque a look. If he remembered correctly, Nangong Wuque's opponent should be Yang Meiji.

"Ah, Bu Fang, how did you finish your competition so fast? Did you win?" Nangong Wuque looked at Bu Fang with a surprised expression as he asked.

Bu Fang did not speak. He simply looked at Nangong Wuque with an expressionless face.

Fine... Looking at Bu Fang's expression, he should have emerged victorious.

Nangong Wuque ruffled his hair as he came to Bu Fang's side looking for a seat, he said with embarrassment in his voice, "Actually, I also won."

Nangong Wuque won over Yang Meiji? Bu Fang looked at Nangong Wuque with a surprised look.

Could it be that he used his seduction techniques?

"What are you staring at! Yang Meiji... that woman... gave up competing halfway and stopped refining. She also talked about giving back the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame." Nangong Wuque spoke with a headache.

The match which just took place left Nangong Wuque extremely confused.

"So, did you accept it? After all, the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame is quite useful."

"Am I that kind of person? Of course, I honorably rejected!" Nangong Wuque stared at Bu Fang as he spoke. "The Nine Hell King Flame does not belong to me anymore, it's not mine. I won't take it... This is my principle."

Bu Fang looked back at him expressionlessly. When did this guy become so righteous?

Meanwhile, Nangong Wuque became silent again. After all, he felt somewhat dejected after he won like that.

"Yeah... wait, Old Bu, since you also won, doesn't it mean that both of us are in the top 10?" Nangong Wuque tilted his head and spoke his thoughts out loud. "Is it possible that we will meet each other in the next round? Fighting it out in the top 10... Thinking about it makes me excited."

"Excited? Why don't I feel anything?" Bu Fang gave Nangong Wuque a strange look.

When he thought of the possibility of challenging Bu Fang in the Magical Hand Conference, Nangong Wuque started running his mouth off. The troubled feeling in his heart eased by a lot.

After a long time, Duan Yun walked toward both of them with low spirits. He had lost. After everything he had done, he was still defeated. He had to wait for the final announcement in order to determine his position in this competition.

Time flew by as night fell. The crescent moon could be seen hanging high in the sky.

At last, the competition of the top 50 was over.

At the central Plaza, on the first arena.

50 participants stood quietly as they looked forward to the final verdict.

Tonight, the placing for the top 50 would be announced.

Grand Master Xuan Ming stood on the arena as his solemn gaze swept through the area.

Grand Master Gu He was smiling joyfully as he stood beside Grand Master Xuan Ming. With his hands held behind his back, the temperament of the two people had a stark contrast.,

"The competition of the top 50 is now over. I believe that everyone has shown their true potential in this match in order to fight for a higher placing. Your placing will bring you glory in the Pill Palace! Everyone's hard work will pay off eventually due to your growth and honor obtained in this competition."

After speaking, he finally announced the position of the top 50.

Bu Fang listened to Grand Master Xuan Ming's announcement with a serious expression on his face.

Duan Yun attained the 40th position. It was considered among the last few spots... It seems as though he didn't manage to do so well.

What surprised Bu Fang was that Xiong Shi was in the 15th place. The pill which caused the judge's endless grief actually possessed such amazing effects. After all, it was a two-mark spirit pill.

After the announcement, some people were happy and others were sad.

Of course, the top 10 were determined.

The top 10 placements were not explicitly announced. Their names were simply not announced together with the participants from the 11th place to 50th place. Bu Fang's and Nangong Wuque's name were naturally included in the top 10.

These ten people were the final people remaining on the stage.

Grandmaster Xuan Ming's serious face involuntarily broke out into a smile as he looked at the ten of them. These ten people were the future of the Pill Palace. Of course, there was a chef who managed to enter the top 10 as well. Charging into the top 10 as a black horse was out of everyone's expectations.

Xuan Ming was in a good mood. This time, there were two people from the Heavenly Mist City who managed to enter the top 10. This was much better than the previous Magical Hand Conference.

In the last Magical Hand Conference, there wasn't a single participant for Heavenly Mist City in the top 10.

"Alright, the ten of you are the ten strongest individuals in this Magical Hand Conference. In half a month, we will rank you accordingly," grandmaster Xuan Ming spoke as he explained the rules which would follow. "Take note that there will be a match every day from now on. The matches will be carried out according to the same format and the loser's ranking will drop. This will take place until the rankings are determined."

Every Magical Hand Conference had been held this way and everyone was no longer a stranger to how the competition was held.

"Following which, you will draw your opponents..."

Grandmaster Gu He, who was standing beside grandmaster Xuan Ming, took out a jade talisman and smiled joyously at the crowd. The audience members finally started to focus their attention on the stage as the main event was finally there.

Many of the audience members were looking forward to the competition of the top 10. Who was the dark horse chef going to face?

Everyone who remained on stage, with the exception of Nangong Wuque, were famed and talented alchemists in the Pill Palace. None of them were weaker than Sorceress An Sheng.


As the energy wave scattered, a bright ray shot toward the sky. In the midst of the blinding light, there were ten names which were densely packed together.

Bu Fang raised his head and quickly saw the name of his opponent. It was extremely clear in his eyes. However, the moment he saw the name of his opponent, the expression on his face became somewhat odd.

Nangong Wuque, who was standing beside Bu Fang, was shocked as well. He didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

"Old Bu! This is absolutely ridiculous! I jinxed myself! It seems as though my words are really accurate, you are my next opponent. "

Under the bright lights in the sky...

Bu Fang's opponent was actually Nangong Wuque.

The audience was stunned. However, they soon broke out into an uproar. All of them had excited expressions on their faces.

Nangong Wuque challenging the dark horse chef? Wasn't the relationship between them pretty good? Things were going to get interesting. The audience would be able to watch them hurt the person they cared about!

The nosy audience became agitated as something exciting finally happened. It had been a long and boring night, at least up till this point.

Grandmaster Xuan Ming's face also became black. Both Nangong Wuque and Bu Fang were from Heavenly Mist City. Doesn't this mean that they would be fighting an internal battle? Why?

Nangong Wuque didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. However, his heart was filled with excitement.

Bu Fang stared at the name list for a long time and finally, the corners of his lips curled upward. He revealed a faint smile.

His gaze fell on grandmaster Xuan Ming as he opened his mouth. He spoke calmly...

"Grandmaster, can I give up? I do not want to compete in the challenge of the top 10..."

The moment the words left Bu Fang's mouth, everyone was stunned.

Give up? The dark horse who slaughtered his way into the top 10 chose to withdraw from the competition just like that? Was it all for the sake of Nangong Wuque?

The eyes of the audience members became as wide as saucers. Their imaginations started to run wild!

Could it be that there was some unspeakable secret between the two people?also known as Kung Pao Chicken