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 On a moonless and windy night, the bear had come once again.

Big Bear roared once more, causing the ground to tremble. After that, it charged at the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

That night, it had not come to roar until its throat became sore; it had come to take action directly. It was going to flatten the restaurant.

Actually, it had anticipated this for a long time, but Xion Shi had only instructed it to roar and retreat. Hence, it had been stifling its yearning for a while.

To Big Bear, nothing could withstand its bear paw. If a single bear paw failed to accomplish the task, then two bear paws would suffice!

Although the wind was blowing gently, it brought with it a chill, slowly turning the air frosty.

Big Beat's thick fur fluttered under the gentle wind.


Big Bear roared again; it had reached the restaurant. With a bear roar, Big Bear approached the restaurant and encircled it.

Then, it ran a circle around the restaurant once. This was a routine Big Bear had become accustomed to; after all, it had been doing this for the past two nights.

Although it had no idea why it had run a circle around the restaurant, Big Bear still roared, nonetheless! Furthermore, its roar was deafening! Whenever it opened its mouth, its razor-sharp teeth were exposed.

It raised a bear paw up high, and the sound of its fine claws protruding resounded. Its paws were razor sharp, reflecting a cold light.

Big Bear was not a random spirit beast; it was a Divine Physique Echelon spirit beast that had broken through three Supreme-Being shackles.

With a single swipe of its paw, even a small hill would be leveled, not to mention a building.

Big Bear was filled with confidence. It intended to do its job and retreat.

Suddenly, the chilly wind stopped blowing, and Big Bear was stunned to see the great bronze gates of the restaurant creak open. The creaking sound continued for a long time, as though it was coming from the ninth level of hell.

Big Bear was stunned, and its big round pupils dilated, staring at the great bronze gates.

The moon emerged at that point, and its cold moonlight shone down on the great bronze gates. A shadow could be seen striding out, in a manner that resembled a cat.

A cat? No! It's a black dog?!

Why was a black dog walking like a cat?

With its level of intelligence, Big Bear could not understand the reason for such illogical behavior. However, It did not matter whether that was a cat or a dog, for a single bear paw was enough to crush it to death.

After all, Big Bear itself was a Divine Physique Echelon spirit beast. Would it be afraid of a small black dog?

Roar! This bear will defeat everything! No dog could possibly stand in its way.

Big Bear directed a resounding roar at Blacky.

Blacky, however, continued striding forward like a cat, with its gaze fixed on the large bear. When the bear roared at it, Blacky rolled its eyes.

"Is it you, silly bear, who has been roaring outside the store for the past three days, disturbing your Lord Dog sweet dreams?" Blacky's calm and manly voice resounded, permeating the surroundings.

Big Bear was surprised. Its eyes and mouth were wide open, making evident its shock.

This dog could speak?!

Big Bear began to feel that intelligence alone was not enough to process what was going on. If it itself could not speak, how could such an unimpressive black dog do it?

"Roar!" Big Bear roared again. Its momentum had weakened, so it used a majestic roar to reinvigorate itself. It was being questioned by a dog, but under the might of its bear paw, even a pack of wolves would succumb to death!

"Roar? Why are you roaring? Do you consider it fun to make such a racket in the middle of the night? Your roars have caused dark rings to appear underneath your Lord Dog's eyes. Do you know how important it is for your Lord Dog to have a good night's sleep?" Blacky lazily said to the enormous bear, who seemed to have no intention to cease its roars.

Big Bear was stunned. Dark rings underneath its eyes? Underneath what eye does this black dog have those dark rings?

Also... sleep was important for a dog?

Big Bear was momentarily shocked, but its astonishment soon turned into rage. It raised a big bear paw up and angrily patted its chest, growling continuously.


It moved its four limbs, and its enormous figure, which was as large as a small hill, dashed toward the Cloud Mist Restaurant, with the intention to ram the dog into the building. Although it had taken off running, its gaze remained locked on Blacky.

As a Divine Physique Echelon bear, after all, why would it listen to such bullsh*t from a dog? It planned to use a bear paw to crush it directly.

Rumble! The ground trembled. Big Bear, who was still staring at Blacky, curled the corners of its lips into a disdainful smile.

Where did this big bear get its courage from? Does it want to collide with this Lord Dog?

Blacky raised its nimble doggy paw and aimed it at the charging bear.

Seeing this, Big Bear sprinted even faster, and the aura surging from its body became more terrifying. It was a big bear that had broken through three Supreme-Being shackles, so the pressure it emanated was enormous.


The bear's paw fiercely smashed the ground, and Big Bear used the momentum to leap into the sky. In midair, it raised a bear paw and fiercely swiped downward at Blacky.

A bear's might defeats everything!


A resounding explosion erupted.

Big Bear's enormous body was sent careening through the air, and it crashed into an elixir store in the distance.

As its body was quite springy, Big Bear bounced a few times because coming to a complete stop.

Lord Dog slowly lowered down its nimble doggy paw and licked its lips as it watched Big Bear, who was slowly climbing out of the crater it had formed in the ground.

Big Bear was in shock. After it climbed out of the hole, it sat its big bum down on the ground and scratched its head with a bear paw.

Although a stream of fresh blood was dripping down its nostrils, the bear remained in shock.

What just happened? What was it doing? Why was its nose bleeding?

It was all too sudden.


Big Bear scratched its head for a while longer, but it eventually woke up from its reverie and roared. Its roar was deafening, and its aura climbed.

It slammed its bear paws into the ground repeatedly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Then, it dashed towards Blacky. This dog must die!

It raised its bear paw up high once more and swiped downward at Blacky.

A bear's paw defeats all!

Lord dog rolled its eye and also raised it nimble dog paw again.


Another resounding explosion erupted, and Big Bear body was, once again, sent careening through the air, into another elixir store. Again, its springy body caused it to crash a few times before coming to a complete stop.

Big Bear crawled out of the crater and began to scratch its head again. It was flabbergasted.

Slowly, it regained its wit...

Why was it blasted away twice?!

"This bear... is a little silly." Lord Dog strode forward gracefully, like a cat, and in a few moments, it was right in front of Big Bear.

Big Bear tried to open its mouth, but fresh blood poured out of it.

"You silly bear, your body is quite tough," Lord Dog calmly said.

Big Bear raised his head, looking up at Blacky.

Blacky raised its doggy paw one more time.


A sound reverberated, and Big Bear was flattened to the ground by the doggy paw.

"Disturbing your Lord Dog's sleep for three nights in a row... Are you here specifically to offer yourself up to be a food ingredient? If you want to make trouble, just go straight to the store! The sooner you die, the sooner you reincarnate; why the hell did you have to make so much noise in the middle of the night? What's even worse is that you ran away immediately after you were done! Are you mentally ill?!"

Lord Dog was brimming with rage and kept waving its doggy paw.

Big Bear, however, was at a loss for words; It was unable to comprehend the recent turn of events. How could it, a Divine Physique Echelon bear, be unable to beat a dog?

Was it possible that a bear like itself was lower than a dog?


Big Bear quickly got up off its butt, with a deafening roar.

A bear's might defeats all!

What bear might? Blacky rolled its eyes. It raised its doggy paw and slapped downward, and Big Bear was smashed back into the ground.


The next morning, rays of sunlight shone in through the window and illuminated Bu Fang's face, making him feel an itch.

He got up from his bed, stretched his arms, and yawned. After washing up, changing clothes, and using a string to tie his hair, Bu Fang left his room.

Once Bu Fang went downstairs, his nose twitched; he had perceived the stench of blood.

He glanced at the center of the store, and his eyes widened. Goosebumps sprouted all over his skin as he spotted a big bear, which was as large as a small hill, lying there.

Lord Dog and Nethery were already seated at a table, and they were both looking at Bu Fang with shiny eyes.

"This big bear... Where did it come from?" Bu Fang asked, doubtfully, as he gazed at the big bear, measuring its worth with his eyes.

This bear's spiritual energy was extremely dense. It seemed to be a Divine-Realm bear.

Why would a Divine-Realm bear be in the restaurant so early in the morning? Could somebody tell him what had happened?

"Bu Fang kiddo, aren't you still in the competition? With the quality of this bear, it should suffice as an ingredient. Also, Lord Dog is looking forward to Sweet 'n' Sour Bear Meat Ribs," Blacky said, with its tongue hanging out of its mouth.

"Hmmm... Using bear meat as an ingredient? Sounds reasonable." Bu Fang eye twinkled, and he nodded in agreement, still sizing the bear up with his eyes.

"Although I do not know where this bear has come from... as an ingredient, it will suffice." Bu Fang stretched out his hand and placed the body of the big bear into the system's dimensional storage space.

After that, the restaurant automatically removed the stench of blood in the air, saving Bu Fang a lot of trouble.

Bu Fang went into the kitchen and began to practice, as per usual. After that, he cooked Dragon Blood Rice and Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and served them to Nethery and Blacky.

After eating his own breakfast, he grabbed the huge signboard and left the restaurant. Today was the competition of the Top 50 in the Magical Hand Conference.

For the sake of completing the system's temporary mission, Bu Fang felt the need to try his best in the competition of the top 50, just so he could advance.


Early that same morning, Xiong Shi opened his eyes. He used his mind connection in an attempt to connect with his big bear. He discovered that Big Bear had not returned back to the pet holding array.

"Hmmm. Did Big Bear run off to find a female bear companion after completing his task? Really naughty..." Xiong Shi laughed, then he changed his clothes and left his room. Running off to search for female bears was something Big Bear did often, so Xiong Shi was used to it.

Since Big Bear had run off to mingle with female bears, he was confident that Cloud Mist Restaurant would have already become a wasteland. That chef can cry over his decimated restaurant for all Xiong Shi cared.

With the mind reeling from the unbelievable loss, Xiong Shi was sure to win their match of the Top 50 competition.

He proceeded to tidy his hair. For the past three days, he had wrapped a cloth around his head to mask his identity, leaving his hair a complete mess.

After fixing the last few strands of hair, Xiong Shi's walked out of the warship in a good mood, heading toward the central plaza.

Without employing any underhanded tactics, he had only a fifty percent chance of emerging victorious. But now that the chef would not be in a good mood, his chance of victory had increased to seventy percent.

If he had only had a fifty percent of victory, he would have been anxious. However, now that he had a seventy percent of victory, he was calm. In fact, he had left out that thirty percent only to remind himself not to be too arrogant.

"If I defeat the biggest dark horse in this Magical Hand Conference, I will become more famous. After all, An Sheng, that lass, was also defeated by the dark horse. But if I, Xiong Shi, win, it will prove to everyone that I am better than that An Sheng!"

Xiong Shi thought as he happily walked out of the warship wearing a tight alchemist gown. He soon arrived at the central plaza. Even the busy crowd he met there could not dampen his mood.

In his happy mood, Xiong Shi even began to nurse the thought of personally finding a female bear to accompany his Big Bear.

"Let me wait for the matches of the top 50 to end first."