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 Chapter 52: The Oyster Pancake That Is Available For Takeouts

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The crown prince looked toward Bu Fang in astonishment, while thinking, "Is this fellow an idiot? He actually tried to reason with a seventh grade Battle-Saint and he even said that he would strip him... as an example to others? Does he have the strength and qualifications to say that?"

Ji Chengan could tell Bu Fang's cultivation level just from looking at him. A mere third grade Battle-Maniac could not even be considered as an ant in front of a Battle-Saint. Where did he get the courage to say those words?

Ji Chengan folded his arms across his chest as he looked on with interest. He was looking forward to watching Bu Fang being taught a lesson.

Other than the crown prince, many members of the Xiao family were looking at Bu Fang in the same manner. In their eyes, this brat was simply an idiot with poor judgement.

Both the gazes of Xiao Meng and Xiao Yue were like blades as they coldly landed on Bu Fang's body. The atmosphere within the store became much colder.

Bu Fang was expressionlessly holding the jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine in one hand while patting Whitey's wide belly with the other. Whitey had appeared next to him without anyone noticing and its mechanical eyes were flashing red.

Both the gazes of Xiao Yue and Xiao Meng slightly shifted toward Whitey's body. "This mechanical puppet..."

The mood became tense. Just when everyone thought Bu Fang was about to suffer a misfortune, Xiao Meng lightly exhaled. He turned around and walked toward the entrance of the store.

"I'll give Owner Bu some face today. Come out with me, we'll settle this outside."

The corner of Xiao Yue's mouth curled up and his expression became languid.

"Why should I go out just because you're telling me? Wouldn't that make me lose face?" Xiao Yue walked toward Bu Fang and received the jar of wine from him.

Xiao Meng stopped walking and looked back. He lifted up his hand and a burst of true energy gushed out from his hand. It turned into a stream and instantly coiled around the jar of wine in Xiao Yue's hand.

With a slight tug, the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine flew across the air toward Xiao Meng.

Xiao Yue's pupils constricted as the aura emitting from his body suddenly changed. He tossed out a stream of energy as well, coiling it around the jar of wine.

"I said, if you're going to cause trouble... get out," Bu Fang expressionlessly said when he saw that the two were once again about to fight.

Both Xiao Yue and Xiao Meng angrily snorted at the same time as they dashed out of the store and appeared within the alleyway.

How terrifying! With the two of them gone, the atmosphere within the store immediately relaxed. Everyone was panting heavily with frightful expressions on their faces.

The crown prince, Ji Chengan, looked toward Bu Fang in incredulity. Xiao Yue and Xiao Meng actually listened to that fellow and went outside to fight... This was contrary to his expectations and completely different from his anticipation.

"He... What is he relying on?!" Ji Chengan heavily breathed out and said with a frown.

Xushi sighed. The crown prince did not know the terror of the store at all. He did not understand the terror of the iron lump puppet at all.

The others were looking at Bu Fang as if he was a monster as well. This little store owner actually forced a Battle-Saint to compromise.

"What are you looking at? The opening hours for today has already ended. Please leave the store right now," Bu Fang glanced at them and expressionlessly ordered them to leave. He did not care about their astonished gazes in the slightest.

"Owner Bu, my..."

"I already said... This dish is not for sale. If you really want to eat this dish, you can prepare your own ingredients and bring them over," Before the crown prince could finish speaking, Bu Fang immediately interrupted him.

The crown prince was slightly furious that he was interrupted, but his eyes lits up from Bu Fang's words. If he brought his own ingredients, Bu Fang would be willing to accept the order?

Other than Ji Chengan, the eyes of Ji Chengxue and the others lit up as well.

"Alright, I'll be leaving then." After receiving the confirmation from Bu Fang, the crown prince was overjoyed as he turned around and left the store with Xushi. He was in a hurry to watch the battle between Xiao Meng and Xiao Yue.

The others left in droves as well. The battle between Xiao Meng and Xiao Yue was a rare occurrence that they could not afford to miss.

Xiao Xiaolong ordered the servants to carry Xiao Yanyu, whose injuries had already recovered but was still tired, and left as well.

With the blink of an eye, most of the people had already left and the store became deserted once more.

"Smelly boss, I am leaving as well. I will come back tomorrow." A smile appeared on Ouyang Xiaoyi's face as her eyes narrowed into slits. The smelly boss really did not lie to her and really saved elder sister Yanyu.

Bu Fang did not pay any attention to her as he turned around and entered the kitchen. Ouyang Xiaoyi stuck her tongue out at Bu Fang's figure and left while skipping.

That night, it was inevitable that the imperial city would not be quiet.

The Heart-rending Sword Monarch appeared within the imperial city and had an intense fight with Great General Xiao.

According to witnesses, the two experts seemed to be fighting over a jar of wine. They fought from the eastern side of the city to the western side, then back again to the eastern side. From the beginning to the end, the two remained in a deadlock as they fought over a jar of wine.

Great General Xiao's military prowess was unrivalled, while the Heart-rending Sword Monarch was capable of splitting the sky with a single sword strike. The battle between the two sent huge ripples through the imperial city and caused the situation, that was already turbulent, to become more unpredictable.

This battle caused the experts from the sects hiding within the capital to appear one by one. There were suddenly big and small battles erupting in various alleyways within the imperial city. The innumerable bursts of true energy were like gorgeous fireworks.

However, none of these were related to Bu Fang in the slightest.

After closing up the store, Bu Fang went into the kitchen. No matter how chaotic the outside became, the interior of the store would always be serene. All he needed to do was testing out the new dishes.

"Congratulations to the host for completing the abrupt mission: Learn the cooking method of Elixir Cuisine, the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup, and rescue the dying beauty. The system reward will now be released."

"The system reward has been released. Will the host please check the contents."

As the system solemn's voice rang out in Bu Fang's mind, his eyes immediately light up and his mind settled down.

"System reward: Oyster Pancake that is available for takeouts."

"Oyster Pancake should be a type of snack," Bu Fang thought as the system had indicated that the Oyster Pancake is available for takeout. From what he knew of the system's character, a main dish would definitely not be allowed.

"So that's the kind of reward I get for slogging for half a day..." Bu Fang thought as he felt an inexplicable pity for himself.

"Oyster Pancake is a characteristic snack. It is made using rice milk, shredded radish, oyster, chopped onion, minced meat and various other ingredients. It is deep-fried using special methods. The taste is delicious and has a rich aftertaste and fragrance that lingers in your mouth."

Bu Fang had never tried cooking the Oyster Pancake on earth before, so he was quite interested in this new dish as well.

And so, while the battle outside was continuing, Bu Fang was joyously preparing to test out the new dish in the kitchen.

The ingredients of the Oyster Pancake were prepared by the system and stored within a separate cupboard. Bu Fang took out a luscious white radish, which had a better quality than the ones that Bu Fang used in his knife skill training.

Just from holding the white radish in his hand, he could feel the rich spirit energy and juice inside.

Slicing radishes was naturally not an issue for Bu Fang. After turning the radish into long, thin strips, he placed them on one side. He took out a piece of meat, turned it into minced meat and placed it into a small bowl. The onion was chopped and then the plump oysters were washed clean.

The oysters used were not ordinary as well. According to the system, they were the highest grade oysters obtained from the coastal area of the Southern Wastelands. Filled with an abundant amount of spirit energy, they were an excellent ingredient.

After he finished preparing the ingredients, Bu Fang started to prepare the rice milk. He needed to pay particular attention to the rice milk as it should not be too watery or too thick.

If the rice milk was too watery, the Oyster Pancake would easily break into pieces. On the other hand, if the rice milk was too thick, the Oyster Pancake would become too hard and affect the taste.

Taking out a miniature millstone from a cupboard, Bu Fang loosened his muscles and bones to get ready to personally grind the rice milk.