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 The judge had never ever met such shameless people!

He was supposed to be the one who would taste the dishes. Why were these big bosses fighting with him for the chance to taste the dish? Were they there to bully people?

The head judge felt bitter and disheartened. He wanted to cry...

However, he couldn't go against them. They were experts who had broken through the fourth shackle and the real hosts of this round of the competition of Miracle Hand Conference. He was just a little head judge...

This was really disheartening.

The color on his face became darker... The head judge felt as though he forgot to check his luck before leaving his house. Maybe that was the reason he was so unlucky.

As for the little brat, An Sheng, she shoved at him her furnace when it was about to explode. He became covered in soot from the explosion. Just as he thought that he would be able to taste Bu Fang's delicacies, that shameless big breast An wanted to take away his rights to taste them...

What in the world was going on right now?

Grand Master Ming Xuan's serious voice was heard throughout the competition venue. The audience was instantly stunned. As members who had witnessed multiple seasons of the competition of Miracle Hand Conference, they naturally knew that those works which the judicators wanted to taste would be something extraordinary.

In the past, it was only during the competition of the top 10 that the judicators would want to taste the works. However, no one expected that, in the competition of the top 100 today, these alchemy masters would want to taste Bu Fang's product!

Even though they weren't tasting elixirs, it was enough for the audience to be shocked.

The audience members from Heavenly Pill City and Heavenly Shine city were even more shocked. It was because they were watching the competition through a screen. They didn't know about the strong fragrance which covered the entire area.

When they saw that Sorceress An Sheng let her furnace explode, they were astonished. When they saw that Goddess An actually ran over to the opponent's bronze platform with a tempted expression on her face, they were stunned.

Even at the end, the grand master alchemists all chose to taste his dish. All of them felt as though their view of the world had been altered.

What in the world was happening? Wasn't this supposed to be the stage of alchemists? Why did they feel as though the stage was made for the chef?

A chef managed to cause Sorceress An Sheng's furnace to explode. She was someone who had the abilities to enter the top 10! He even attracted the attention of the grand master alchemists and they wanted to taste his dishes. Some people who didn't know that this was the competition of the top 100, they would think that it was a competition among the top 10 alchemists.

From the time the Miracle Hand Conference was established, the top ten competitors received the most attention. Back then, it was a real battle between geniuses. The focus was on the citizens of the Pill Palace. However, this round today was really weird!

"Is that guy... going to win?"

"Goddess An Sheng actually exploded her furnace... Wuwu... My goddess!"

"Lost! She lost! My goddess actually lost! She actually lost to a bizarre chef!"


The audience was astonished, especially those from Heavenly Pill City. They were depressed and their hearts ached.

Meanwhile, at the central plaza of Heavenly Mist City...

The audience was shaking with excitement.

The grand master alchemists were about to taste that underdog chef's dishes?

Could it be that the underdog chef had finally attracted the attention of those grand master alchemists? That's right.... Even Sorceress An Sheng's furnace exploded! It wasn't a small matter...

"Serve it... We'll give it a taste." Grand Master Xuan Ming looked at the head judge and he ordered.

A serious expression hung on their faces. The surrounding grand masters nodded their head solemnly. They looked like they had discovered something huge.

The head judge felt as though something was wrong. The expression on the judicators face didn't seem right.

Could it be that there were some mysteries hidden in the dish?

The head judge didn't say a single word as he picked up two plates. A thick aroma started to spread out and it assaulted his nose. All the pores on his body opened up and his mouth started to water.

This was really aromatic! Too bad, he couldn't eat it...

Swallowing his saliva, the head judge carried the dish as he walked carefully to the judicator seats with mixed feelings.

After thinking about it for some time, Sorceress An Sheng winked at Bu Fang and said, "Let me help too!"

Bu Fang glanced at this woman but didn't say anything.

An Sheng was instantly elated. After winking at Bu Fang, a huge smile blossomed on her face. She snickered as she carried two dishes up the judicator seats.

The other dishes were carried by other judges.

Grand Master Gu He looked at his female apprentice as his face turned black.

"This lass only has so much self-discipline... She is such an embarrassment!"

It's just a dish... Was there a need to behave like this? You are my apprentice, the apprentice of Grand Master Gu He!

As the dishes were carried over, the aroma became thicker. The dishes were glowing, and it seemed as though light was bursting out from it. The grand masters gasped uncontrollably.

It was no wonder that An Sheng's furnace exploded! The closer they got to the dish, the stronger the aroma became! The fragrance shook their souls. There was something special about the aroma and there was a hint of spiciness. The spiciness was more attractive to their souls.

Before they started eating, they were already shocked.

The nine dishes were placed onto the bronze countertop in front of them, forming a circle.

With his face still black from soot and his head still smoking, the head judge stood by the side. He looked at the dishes in front of him with an eager expression.

An Sheng stood at the side with a curious expression. She almost wanted to eat it just now... Luckily, she stopped. If she didn't, she was afraid that her teacher would deduct her allowance crystals.

Don't look at that old man who was always smiling... In fact, he was extremely evil!

Grand Master Gu He suddenly felt that his nose was a bit itchy. Looking around in confusion, his gaze landed on An Sheng who was staring at him with a smile.

This lass actually still dared to smile!

Grand Master Gu He glared at her and grumbled.

An Sheng stuck out her tongue and made a funny face. Turning her head, she looked away from him.

Grand Master Xuan Ming, Grand Master Guang Yao, and several other grand masters with their arms behind their backs, stood up from their seats and walked in front of that bronze countertop. With some seriousness in their eyes, they began to walk around the bronze countertop.

"The spirit energy drawing at each other.... There is a chain connecting spirit energy from one dish to another, entangling them. The energy waves are working together without clashing with each other... Interesting!"

Grand Master Xuan Ming said after he took a deep breath.

With a serious look on his face, Grand Master Guang Yao stared at the dish and said, "Did the chef say that this dish was called 'Barbeque Skewer'? This isn't a single dish anymore..."

"That's right! In our alchemist world... there is a similar way to make elixirs! It's called an elixir array!" Grand Master Gu He said.

The three grand masters continued to exclaim as they discovered that these spirit energies drew at each other at a mysterious wavelength. This was similar to the high-end technique of making elixirs. It was something like an elixir array.

Elixirs arrays were based on the principle of drawing energy from the various spirit herbs and using it to complement each other. This would activate the connection between the energy emitted by each herb and the maximum effect of the herb would be drawn out.

It was a kind of high-end technique!

They didn't think that they would get to see this kind of technique coming from a chef!

Even masters at their level might not even be able to use such a technique! It wasn't because they were incompetent, but because the technique required an extremely large amount of soul force!

With their mental force, they could barely make it happen. However, none of them tried it yet.

"Let's give it a taste... What if it was a fluke?" Suggested one of the grand masters.

Everyone nodded their head. A while later, Grand Master Xuan Ming grabbed the Violet Bamboo Chopstick and picked up a piece of juicy, aromatic, and steaming hot grilled meat.


When he sank his teeth into the grilled meat, the head judge and An Sheng who were standing nearby almost opened their mouth as well. They swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Grand Master Xuan Ming's eyes instantly became as wide as saucers. After chewing for some time, he stopped.

His white beard began to shake and his skin started to flush red. It was so obvious that anyone could see Grand Master Xuan Ming's skin go red.

"Xuan Ming... How... How is it?"

Grand Master Gu He asked urgently.

Munch Munch!

All of a sudden, Grand Master Xuan Ming started to chew even faster. In the next moment, the piece of grilled meat disappeared from his mouth and went into his stomach.

He glanced at Grand Master Gu He without saying another word and grabbed another piece of grilled meat. He started chewing the meat at twice the speed.


Everyone was at a loss of what to do for a moment. They were completely shocked!

"No way! Xuan Ming, you old fart! You want to hog it all for yourself?"

Master Gu He widened his eyes and finally discovered something wrong. Grabbing his beard, he glared at Grand Master Xuan Ming.

Master Xuan Ming just glanced at him coldly and didn't bother replying. Picking up another piece of meat, he stuffed it into his mouth.

Munch munch...

The clear and crisp sound of chewing was heard throughout the whole central plaza. The head judge, An Sheng, and even the audience... were floored.

Grand Master Gu Hu pouted his lips and picked up a pair of Purple Bamboo Chopsticks, then picked up a piece of spirit ginseng. In a flash, he placed it into his mouth. Grand Master Gu He, Who didn't think much about it, suddenly had an expression of shock appear on his face.

In the next moment, the speed of his chopsticks increased to an insane level. He didn't say a word as he continued to eat.

The speed at which he stuffed the spirit ginseng into his mouth had obviously increased.

Looking at each other, the other grand masters began to eat as well. They didn't speak a word to anyone as their chopsticks flew across the porcelain plates. Instantly, on the stage, in front of thousands of people, the five most respected alchemists started to eat barbeque skewer without caring about their image.

As they ate, all of them were panting due to the chili sauce Bu Fang brushed onto the food. Their faces were all red and they would occasionally whip their beard around. They would stick out their tongues and lick their lips

An Sheng was shocked and the head judge stood there with a pout on his face.

Masters... Your image! There is a projection array covering this arena! The entire Pill Palace will be able to see how you eat!

"Wah! Teacher! Leave me a piece!"

An Sheng looked at the five old farts who were eating happily and as she smelled the aroma in the air, it became difficult for her to hold herself back.

Shouting at her master, she grabbed a pair of chopsticks and joined in the war for food.

"You brat! Your master is currently grading the spirit energy in this dish. Do not fight with me!" Gibbered Master Gu He as he chewed on some food in his mouth. He was surprised when he saw An Sheng pounce over.

An Sheng didn't care about whatever the old fart was saying.

Testing the dish? Testing the effect? Do you think that I'm a three-year-old kid? I have personally tasted Owner Bu's cooking skills and I definitely know how delicious it is! Old fart, You want to scare me off? No way!

Munch munch!

Picking up the remaining half of the spirit ginseng, An Sheng instantly stuffed it into her mouth. Grand Master Gu He glared at her with bloodshot eyes.

He really had no way of dealing with this female apprentice of his... In the next instant, his chopsticks shot toward Grand Master Xuan Ming's grilled meat.

"Old fart Gu He! You dare to take my food? I, Xuan Ming, will duke it out with you!" With his lips red and swollen from the spiciness, Grand Master Gu He furiously glared at Grand Master Xuan Ming.


In front of millions of people, the five grand master alchemists and Sorceress An Sheng ate barbeque Skewer as they fought with each other over food.

The audience was shocked. Their mouths were open and a look of astonishment was plastered on their faces.

This scene, with the help of the projection array, was shown to every corner of the Pill Palace...