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 Alchemists had always considered Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames extremely precious objects. There was no alchemist who did not wish they had one. Every time a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame appeared, many alchemists would set their sights on it.

Bu Fang's Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was resplendent. It emitted a bright golden light and resembled a miniature golden sun. Countless people were immersed in the golden brilliance emanating from the golden Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.

In the judicators' seats, several grandmasters instantly sat up straight, and their pupils dilated.

"Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame? This little chef actually has a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame?"

"Incredible... How did a chef manage to subdue a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame?"

"Its flames are golden and do not seem weak in the slightest. Although it isn't a peak-level Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, it's still a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. For a chef to use it to cook, he really is recklessly wasting god's gifts!"


The grandmasters furrowed their brows as they verbally expressed their heartaches.

As for how precious a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was, they were extremely clear on that; after all, they were grandmaster alchemists. Even at their level, there were some who did not possess a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.

However, the brat in front of them was actually using a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame to cook dishes...

It was frustrating to compare themselves to others!

Bu Fang, however, had an indifferent expression on his face as he spouted out the golden Ten Thousand Bestial Flames. As soon the flame soared into the wok, the crystals instantly became red-hot; they seemed close to melting. The heat surging out of the wok was so hot, it made the air above distort visibly.

The iron mesh used to cover the top of the wok had also turned red-hot because of the heat surging out from the wok.

What was Owner Bu going to cook this time?

Why did no one understand what he was doing?

The audience was confused and muddled... Did he just fill the wok with crystals and burned them all? Too extravagant... wastrel! Had he done all that just to act cool?

Was he making dishes? He seemed to be wasting money!

The audience members sucked in breaths of cold air, and pained expressions appeared on their faces.

While the crystals were burning in the wok, Bu Fang's hand shook, and the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife twirled deftly in what resembled a dance. It spun around in Bu Fang's hand as he displayed his cutting skills.

The bronze platform was filled with different ingredients, and they were all amazing.

Many audience members who knew the worth of the ingredients sucked in cold breaths when their gazes shifted to the bronze platform. Those were all high grade ingredients!

The combined spirit energy surging from these ingredients was comparable to the spirit energy surging from Sorceress An Sheng's side...

The meat of supreme beasts, ninth grade spirit ingredients, and even some strange spirit herbs... Bu Fang laid them all out, and they were enough to fill a table.

With the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his grip, Bu Fang began to process the ingredients. He sliced open the supreme beast meat and made a few incisions atop it, then he skewered them with purple bamboo branches which he had previously prepared. Bu Fang placed the completed skewers to the side.

He took out a spirit fruit which was as large as a bowl. The Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife twirled gracefully in Bu Fang's hand once again, and he carved the spirit fruit into something that resembled a blooming flower, using his intricate knife skills and carving skills. He proceeded to remove the useless parts of the spirit fruit before horizontally slicing it into two halves. He skewered each half with purple bamboo branches and set them aside.


Since the ingredients filled up his bronze platform, Bu Fang took quite some time to process them all.

On the opposite side, Sorceress An Sheng had already fully immersed herself in her refinement. Her clothes fluttered around as she focused fully on her actions. Her eyes glowed as the energy in her body rolled around, then it seemed to permeate the furnace.

As the alchemic fire burned, the bronze furnace began to glow red. Roars came from inside the bronze furnace, and every one of them sounded like thunderclaps. The sounds were deafening.

The members of the audience were vaguely able to see the interior of the bronze furnace. They saw crystal-clear medicinal liquid rolling around within it. The medicinal liquid looked extremely pure.

This showed that Sorceress An Sheng was well adept at the purification of medicinal liquid.

When their gazes shifted over to Bu Fang's side, they saw him unhurriedly skewering his ingredients. He didn't seem worried at all.

The more they looked at Bu Fang, the more they considered his chances of winning slim.

Was it because he had met Goddess An? The audience members believed that Bu Fang would be unable to create any more miracles...

Goddess An's elixir was about to be completed. What was the chef doing? He was making skewers! Couldn't he make these skewers at home?

Tens of thousands of people watched a chef make skewers on the stage... They all considered his actions were weird and funny at the same time!

The chief judge was somewhat puzzled and embarrassed at the same time. He didn't know what Bu Fang was doing, and that made him suspicious.

The events on stage were being broadcast to the other Pill Cities by the projection array. Why wasn't this chef giving his all at this critical time?

He would make himself a laughing stock!

Well, that was true. The audience members from Heavenly Pill City, who were watching the competition from the projection array, had been rendered speechless. Some of them sneered at Bu Fang, ridiculing him.

"What is he doing? Why is there such a weirdo in this Magical Hand Conference?"

"How did this clown make his way into the top 100?"

"A chef will always be a chef... Compared to alchemists, they are much worse. There is no competition."


The people watching from the Heavenly Pill City naturally supported Sorceress An Sheng. Hence, they did not hide the contempt they had for Bu Fang; they openly sneered and ridiculed his actions.

The same thing was happening in Heavenly Shine City. None of them had seen Bu Fang compete before, so they were unaware of the sensational dishes Bu Fang had cooked in the past.

As they watched him work, they considered him comical.

Even the judicators felt some regret; they never thought that this chef would be so mediocre. They had been waiting for him to surprise them, but that did not happen.

Instead, Sorceress An Sheng, who had become serious, performed much better than usual. They saw how exceptionally skilled she was at the purification of medicinal liquid.

"Are all his dishes prepared like that? He will never be able to show the effects of pharmacodynamic integration. How can a dish prepared by this guy be comparable to an elixir?" Grand Master Gu He laughed as he watched Bu Fang process the ingredients.

"What underserved fame... It seems he was just lucky to advance into the top 100."

Grand Master Yao Guang glanced at Bu Fang and laughed scornfully. Initially, he thought that Bu Fang was a dark horse, but now that he watched the chef work, he believed that the crowd had exaggerated the extent of Bu Fang's abilities.

Nangong Wuque had an anxious look on his face, but he also felt a little disappointed as he watched Bu Fang.

"What is Old Bu doing? Why isn't he cooking? If this goes on, he won't be able to show anything before he loses!"

As Nangong Wuque was panicking, a group of alchemists appeared beside him. They watched the events unfolding on the stage and sneered at Bu Fang.

"Indeed... It's like I said; how can a chef compete against alchemists?"

"Look at what he is doing. He is making skewers... Is there someone in the world who does not know how to do that? What kind of skills does he need?"

"He thinks that he will be able to fight against elixirs with a few skewers? This kid is still too young..."


When Nangong Wuque heard the mocking statements, he frowned at the alchemists beside him in anger.

"Pei pei... Looks like this chef is going to be eliminated in this round. That Nangong Wuque who lost his Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame... won't be able to go far either."

Nangong Wuque heaved in a deep breath, and after he turned to face the alchemists, who were full of themselves, he said, "Take care of yourselves... I'll see you on stage, and I'll make sure to take care of you pieces of trash with rubbish alchemy skills. Hehe."

The alchemists were stunned silent for a moment before flying into a rage. In fury, they flared at Nangong Wuque.

However, Nangong Wuque snorted and looked away, no longer bothering himself with the clowns. His gaze shifted back to the stage, and he watched Bu Fang prepare his dish. He was extremely clear about Bu Fang's cooking abilities. None of the dishes Bu Fang made were simple. He was prepared for everything.

It was at that moment that Bu Fang finally finished preparing all his skewers.

"Finally done skewering all the ingredients..." Bu Fang looked at all the skewers in front of him, and the corners of his lips curled upwards.

Preparing everything was indeed a troublesome step.

After his preparations, Bu Fang tilted his hand and looked at the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. He stretched out his hand above the wok, and the wave of hot air made him quickly retract his hand.

"En... Not too bad." Bu Fang nodded contentedly. The temperature was just right.

When his gaze shifted to the red-hot crystals in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, his heart lurched. These things burning were crystals!

Bu Fang proceeded to grab some supreme beast meat skewers. The skewered meat was red and really fresh, and they all had lines all over them.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

He placed the meat on the iron mesh, and sizzling sounds filled the air. Smoke also began to rise into the sky.

It had begun!

Everyone was shocked. They looked at Bu Fang suspiciously.

Was this fellow about to start cooking?

He had filled the wok with crystals, so how was he going to cook?

In an instant, Bu Fang had placed all the skewered supreme beast meat atop the mesh, and his expression turned serious. With one hand, he retrieved the seasoning he had prepared from within his system dimensional bag, and with his other hand, he grabbed a brush which was dripping with yellow oil. He aggressively brushed the meat with the oil and sprinkled some seasoning on it.


Golden flames suddenly erupted and surged into the sky. The supreme beast meat was enveloped by the flames, and the sizzling of the oil on the meat did not stop.

The red-hot crystals within in the wok suddenly burst into flames.

The scene caused the audience to jump with shock, then they began to yell in excitement.

"What the f*ck! That scared me..."

"Almost... I thought that the wok was about to explode!"

"Exploding wok, exploding wok! Will he actually blow up his wok? He caused the furnaces of others to explode in the past, so will his wok be exploding this time?"


Despite their shock, the audience members began to have heated discussions amongst themselves.

Bu Fang did not bother with the flames surging into the sky. Instead, he took another skewer and placed it onto the iron mesh. This was a skewered spirit herb that resembled a ginseng.

As he placed skewer after another atop the iron mesh, the top of the round wok was soon filled with skewers. The brush in his hand twirled gracefully, and yellow oil splattered on the skewers atop the wok.

Deafening explosions erupted from the golden flames that enveloped the skewers. Every time an explosion occurred, golden flames would shoot into the sky, and the audience members would think that Bu Fang had blown up his wok. This made their blood boil.

It was just too bad that the wok never exploded. After some time, the roaring flames diminished and only burned inside the wok.


Bu Fang's hair fluttered in the air, and the true energy vortex in his energy core began to rotate at an insane speed. The true energy in his energy core surged out and filled his limbs and bones. With a single thought, the bowls containing spices soared into the air.

Suddenly, the dead atmosphere beneath Bu Fang's bronze platform began to heat up.

At that point, Bu Fang began to show off his mesmerizing movements in front of the crowd. The jaws of the audience members dropped, and they were completely astonished.