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 At dawn, rays of light passed through the window as they scattered all over the land.

Getting up from the bed, Bu Fang ruffled his hair and a yawn escaped his lips. He washed up before leaving his room. Before long, he walked into the kitchen.

After practicing his knife skills as per usual, he cooked the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs for Blacky. Of course, he made a portion of Dragon Blood Rice for Nethery as well before bringing out both piping-hot dishes from the kitchen.

This was the only point in the day where Blacky would not be sleeping. With both its paws on the table, Blacky used both of its doggy eyes to stare at the Sweet 'n' Sour ribs in Bu Fang's hands.

Nethery's appearance was almost similar to Blacky's. She had the same anticipating look in her eyes as she looked at the food in Bu Fang's hand. It could be said that the most blissful moment in their life was when they were eating.

Looking at Nethery and Blacky, who were devouring the food with a delighted expression on their face, the corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled upwards.

He went back to the kitchen to cook himself a steamer full of Golden Shumai and he ate them slowly. After cleaning up, he walked out of the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

Still holding on to the restaurant advertisement board, Bu Fang yawned a few times as he walked toward the central plaza in Heavenly Mist City.

The competition of the top 100 in the Magical Hand Conference was finally going to begin!

As Bu Fang was walking toward the central plaza, he encountered many people. Bu Fang's fame in the competition wasn't small at all. After all, anyone who had the abilities to enter the competition of the top 100 would definitely be noticed. On top of that, after creating so much trouble in the competition in the elimination rounds, Bu Fang was well recognized.

After all, he was the only chef among all the alchemists...

He was given the title, the public enemy of the alchemists! How could he not attract attention?

"Owner Bu, you can do it! Enter the top 50! Believe in yourself! You are the dark horse in the competition!"

"If a chef enters the top 50 in the Magical Hand Conference, things will definitely get interesting!"

"Owner Bu, even if your opponent is Sorceress An Sheng, don't be sad! You can try again in the next competition!"


Along the way, those who recognized Bu Fang smiled and greeted him.

Bu Fang simply nodded his head in response. His face remained expressionless as usual.

Before long, a series of steel buildings appeared in Bu Fang's field of vision. Each and every one of them was extremely tall as they reached into the skies. It gave people a sense of oppression.

Walking through the tunnel below the buildings, Bu Fang arrived at the central plaza.

In the instant he walked out of the tunnel, it seemed as though he walked into a sea of light. Bu Fang instantly narrowed his eyes. Before long, the glare from the light disappeared, and he was able to clearly look at the scene in front of him.

The noise from the crowd could shatter the clouds and Bu Fang felt a little dazzled.

There were people shouting loudly in the plaza and heads were bobbing about. The crowd seemed extremely excited about the competition which was about to take place.

The number of people who were there to watch the competition was extremely large. It was much more than the previous elimination rounds. After all, this was a competition of the top 100. It would be much more exciting than the elimination rounds. The crowd had high expectations for this round of the competition.

The arrangement in the central plaza experienced some changes.

However, the changes were not large. The original eight arenas were simply reduced to five arenas. There were also no audience members standing around the individual arenas.

Perhaps, to improve the audience viewing experience, there was a copper fence which encircled the outer region of the five arenas. The audience stand was outside the copper fence and the packed crowd found their seats before long. They beamed with delight.

Bu Fang lugged around his advertisement board as he stayed in his original position. He looked a little lost.

"Old Bu! Over here! I am over here!"

Just as Bu Fang was in a daze, a shout came from afar. Nangong Wuque waved his hand at Bu Fang continuously as he signaled for Bu Fang to walk over.

Carrying his advertisement board, Bu Fang went near him.

Around Nangong Wuque, there were many people who wore high-class alchemists' robes and their hands were hidden in their sleeves. They had arrogant looks on their faces.

When they heard Nangong Wuque shouting, all of them turned to look at Bu Fang.

A young man who was carrying an advertising board around... Could it be that this was the chef who caused a huge ruckus in the elimination rounds?

He was the public enemy of the alchemists who caused many of them to be eliminated?

Today, it was extremely easy for people to recognize Bu Fang. All they had to do was to find someone who was carrying a board in the crowd. That person was the legendary public enemy of the alchemists.

"Nangong Wuque.... You have really fallen to a new low. You actually mix around with this kind of people."

One of the alchemists laughed out loud as he swept his gaze which was full of disdain across Bu Fang. He turned to Nangong Wuque with a similar gaze.

Many of the other surrounding alchemists didn't bother to hide their sarcastic remarks.

Although they heard of Bu Fang and his title, which was the public enemy of the alchemists, they didn't personally witness Bu Fang's feats. They had no idea just how terrifying Bu Fang actually was.

After all, as alchemists, they wouldn't pay attention to a mere chef.

As a chef, he was only able to cook some dishes. Was he really able to defy heaven's will? Using underhanded means to reach the top 100 in the Magical Hand Conference... Could he really rise to the heavens?

Alchemists were the people who had the noblest occupation in the Hidden Dragon Continent. If a mere chef was able to bring them down, how were they supposed to call themselves alchemists?

Nangong Wuque simply ignored all of them and their snide remarks. After all, these people were frogs in a well. How could the dishes cooked by Old Bu be compared to ordinary dishes?

They had no idea how terrifying Bu Fang's culinary arts were.

"I heard that the opponent for this chef is Sorceress An Sheng? Hehe..."

"What a pity, to meet Sorceress An Sheng in the first round of the Top 100 competition, he is really an unlucky person!"

"Do all of you think that he will be the fastest person to be eliminated in this round? Now, that will be something interesting... Anyway, it's already an absolute honor for a chef to make it into the top 100."

As the alchemists talked to each other, their conversations gradually heated up.

Naturally, many of them were looking down on Bu Fang. Sorceress An Sheng was someone who had a chance to enter the top 10 in the Magical Hand Conference. For someone to meet her in the first round, it was really a depressing event.

All of them felt that Bu Fang was extremely pitiful.

As Bu Fang looked at the alchemists with an expressionless face, he felt somewhat speechless when they heard how they were laughing at him.

Why were all these fellows so self-opinionated? Was this the trait of all alchemists?

"Old Bu, just ignore them. Focus on the competition. Isn't your opponent just big breast An? There's nothing to be afraid of, just do your best!" Nangong Wuque consoled Bu Fang.

The laughter of the alchemists was increasing in volume and as their discussion became more heated, they attracted glares from the other participants.

Other than those alchemists who experienced Bu Fang's might, the rest of the participants started to laugh at him.

All of a sudden, the sound of laughter stopped. It was because they saw the figure walking toward them.

It was an extremely hot figure which attracted everyone's attention. Even her baggy alchemist robe wasn't able to hide her body. There were curves where there were supposed to be curves and her extremely large chest was impossible to hide.

The audience sucked in a cold breath.

Speaking of the devil... Sorceress An Sheng arrived when they were talking about her. She was the most talented alchemist in Heavenly Pill City!

In the Magical Hand Conference, there was a high chance for her to enter the top 10. She was both talented and beautiful! She was the dream girl of all alchemists. However, she was as fierce as she was talented... Despite that, there were many men who fell helplessly in love with her.

The fire in the alchemists' eyes burned brighter as they ogled at Sorceress An Sheng's body. Their hearts were thumping in their chests. It was probably because Sorceress An Sheng was walking toward them.

Perhaps this goddess heard what they said and agreed with them. Maybe she wanted to join them and encourage them?

As Sorceress An Sheng walked over, the slit in her alchemist gown revealed her long white thighs. It brought forth much desire.

Her charming appearance caused many people to swallow a mouthful of saliva.

Here! She was finally close to them!

Many people could smell a faint fragrance in the air which came from Sorceress An Sheng. It was a really nice smell.

All the alchemists became agitated. Seeing Sorceress An Sheng, they opened their mouths as they wanted to say something. However, none of them said anything as the words were stuck in their throats.

With their eyes wide open, expressions of disbelief hung on their faces. Something which they never expected happened. Sorceress An Sheng completely ignored them as she walked directly toward Bu Fang who was holding his advertising board. A beautiful smile blossomed on her face when she saw him.

"Owner Bu, good morning!" Sorceress An Sheng greeted him with a smile on her face.

Bu Fang held the board with a single hand as he nodded his head at Sorceress An Sheng.

"Yesterday, after eating Owner Bu's dish, my little heart was jumping for the entire night! It was really delicious..."

Sorceress An Sheng narrowed her eyes as her body slowly leaned closer to Bu Fang. Her chest juggled a little bit.

Nangong Wuque's hair stood on end as he stared at Bu Fang with bright eyes.

Before Nangong Wuque could do anything, Sorceress An Sheng gave him a slap on the face and pushed him away from Bu Fang's side.

"Owner Bu, what dish will you be cooking today? I am afraid... I'm afraid that I won't be able to defeat you... Can you give me a little hint?" Sorceress An Sheng used her gentle voice to ask.

The tone of her voice... It made Nangong Wuque's hair stand on end as goosebumps appeared all over his body.

What was going on... This woman was definitely trying to pull something. She was actually talking to Bu Fang with such a gentle voice?

The surrounding alchemists stared at the scene in front of them with their eyes wide open. Their face was filled with disbelief. What in the world was going on? Could someone tell them what was going on?

What did Goddess An Sheng mean? With her skills and abilities, she didn't need to spy on her opponent.

Bu Fang placed his board down on the ground as he shot a glance at Sorceress An Sheng. With a twitch of his mouth, he secretly said, "This time, I'm going to cook an elegant and noble dish. It's cooked with mankind's original way of cooking and it's not really a dish. Instead, it's a delicacy which fuses different tastes..."

Even though Bu Fang said a lot, Sorceress An Sheng didn't understand a single word he said.

Nangong Wuque was also in a daze. Elegant dish? Mankind's original way of cooking? What the f*ck, wasn't he just bullshitting?

Bu Fang knitted his eyebrows as he looked at Sorceress An Sheng mysteriously. His look couldn't be explained with words.

Sorceress An Sheng's face twitched. Why did it feel like Bu Fang's face was asking to be beaten?

However, this scene caused the audience to suck in a cold breath.

Sorceress An Sheng actually went to ask this chef what dish he was going to cook. Did it mean that she wasn't confident in herself?

Could it be that this chef was really terrifying?

There were doubts in the minds of the alchemists. Every one of them was extremely confident in their profession. They were noble alchemists! How could they lose to a mere chef?

The art of refining pills was extremely profound!

How could the art of cooking be compared to alchemy?


The deafening sound of a bell rang in the ears of everyone.

The ringing came from a bronze clock which was placed on a golden warship in the sky.

An elderly alchemist placed a hand on the large clock and used his other hand to support himself.

"All of the participants are to gather! The competition of the top 100 is about to begin!"