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 The figure was tall and slender. He was neither burly nor handsome. The lines on his face were soft, and he emitted a warm aura. His gaze was calm and collected, which was capable of making others feel comfortable. It was nothing outstanding... In fact, he looked extremely ordinary.

As sorceress An Sheng watched the young man walk out of the kitchen, she blinked and smiled. He looked pretty clean.

With his looks, If he were to smile just a little, he would look very handsome.

However, there was almost no way Bu Fang would smile; thus, An Sheng's wish would remain unfulfilled.

Xiao He, who was sitting across An Sheng, felt a wave of disappointment wash over him. What did they mean? What in the world did they mean?

Why did you look at me with disgust written all over your face? Why did you say that I was creepy? When you looked at this young man, a warm smile blossomed on your face... Are you looking down on me?

It was as though an invisible arrow had pierced Xiao He's little heart. Ouch!

Duan Yun stared at Bu Fang with starry eyes and a face brimming with anticipation. Finally... finally, he was able to meet Owner Bu again! And, Owner Bu still had his usual poker face on.

After placing the dish down in front of Xiao He and Ximen Xuan, Nethery's cold gaze landed on Xiao He, and she coldly said, "Creepy."

With that, she turned and left.

Xiao He was stunned. Who did he provoke? Why had all the chicks called him creepy?

He, Xiao He, was actually extremely handsome!

When Ximen Xuan saw Xiao He's crestfallen look, he sighed and shook his head, then shifted his gaze to the Egg-Fried Rice that had been placed in front of him.

He had placed the same order that Duan Yun did, which was why a plate of Egg-Fried Rice was also placed in front of him.

A thick aroma rising from the dish surged into his nostrils, and a hint of surprise appeared on his face.

"Smells good..."

Ximen Xuan muttered to himself as he picked up a spoon to scoop up a mouthful of the Egg-Fried Rice.

He used the porcelain spoon to scoop up some of the rice, which was golden in color because it was covered in egg yolk. Strings of golden lines trailed the spoon as Ximen Xuan raised it to his mouth.


When Ximen Xuan perceived the fragrance up close, he began to drool, and his stomach growled.

As he did not live in the Pill Cities, Ximen Xuan had eaten a lot of delicacies in his life, but experts at his level did not really require food to survive.

The plate of Egg-Fried Rice had aroused his appetite; this was something that hadn't happened in a long time... Hunger actually began to plague his stomach!

Everyone looked over.

When An Sheng looked over at the plate of Egg-Fried Rice, her eyes lit up with surprise. The dish looked refined... it was as though the Egg-Fried Rice could emit light!

It looked delicious!

When the spoon of Egg-Fried Rice entered Ximen Xuan's mouth, the egg yolk instantly became solid. Although it had turned solid, there was a tinge of bounciness to it. It jiggled ever so slightly inside his mouth, causing a pleasant feeling to course all over him. The fragrance burst forth within his mouth; it was as though he had eaten an aroma bomb. The wonderful fragrance completely filled his mouth and nostrils.

This feeling... it couldn't be described with words.

The serious expression on Ximen Xuan's face had long since disappeared, and in its place was a slight blush. It seemed as though he had been completely enchanted by the taste of the Egg-Fried Rice.

Delicious! Absolutely delicious!

It was at that moment that Xiao He's attention shifted to the scene. The blush on Ximen Xuan's face was terrifying. What kind of dish could cause such an expression to appear on the face of a serious martial addict?

Duan Yun narrowed his eyes. As expected... as expected of Owner Bu's Egg-Fried Rice. It was still as amazing as it was before!

When he perceived the fragrance emanating from the Egg-Fried rice in front of him, Duan Yun couldn't control his emotions, and an intoxicated expression appeared on his face. Sorceress An Sheng was also intoxicated by the aroma surging from the Egg-Fried Rice.

Finally, Bu Fang arrived in front of her.

He looked at her with a calm gaze and placed the porcelain plate in front of her.

"Your Red Braised Meat. Please enjoy," Bu Fang said, expressionlessly.

Red Braised Meat!

Sorceress An Sheng's eyes widened in astonishment as she glanced at the meat dish that looked like red, rosy crystals. The Red Braised Meat seemed to sparkle and emit specks of bright light.

"So pretty! Can this even be eaten?"

An Sheng licked her lips. When the customers saw her do that, their hearts lurched.

Bu Fang glanced at her but did not say anything; he was too lazy to answer such a retarded question.

He placed the other bowl of Red Braised Meat down in front of Xiao He, and after that, he straightened up and turned around to return to the kitchen.

When Duan Yun saw Bu Fang about to leave, he immediately panicked.

"Owner Bu, did you not see me? Don't leave!"

Duan Yun hollered at Bu Fang, who had his back turned to him.

Bu Fang was stunned. He turned around and looked at Duan Yun with a confused expression.


"Do you not recognize me?" Duan Yun asked, with wide eyes as his gray hair fluttered about.

"Who... who are you again?"

Bu Fang's mouth twitched as he gazed at Duan Yun. He was speechless.

How awkward!

Duan Yun felt as though his mind was spinning. Owner Bu's confused expression did not look faked; he really had forgotten about Duan Yun!

Duan Yun felt like he had been abandoned by the entire world. He seemed to have turned into stone, which was crumbling inch by inch. It even hurt him to breathe!

Why did it all turn out like this? Why didn't Owner Bu remember him? It was so frustrating!

"It's me... I'm Duan Yun. We've met in the Hundred Thousand Mountains!" Duan Yun said, feebly.

"Duan Yun... Oh, it's you. It's been a long time." Bu Fang was stunned for a moment and he finally recalled the gray-haired man in front of him.

Seeing that Bu Fang had finally recognized him, tears flowed down Duan Yun's cheeks. Why did he feel such an ache in his heart?

Bu Fang had not expected to meet a familiar face there. After he had talked to Duan Yun for a while, he decided to return to the kitchen.

"Owner Bu, this is Senior Sister An... She will be your opponent in the next round. The two of you could get to know each other," Duan Yun said after thinking for a bit, then he pointed at Sorceress An Sheng, who was happily gorging on her Red Braised Meat.

Bu Fang glanced at An Sheng, whose table manners were on par with Blacky's, and his mouth twitched. However, he nodded, turned around, and returned to the kitchen.

That was his opponent for the next round?

She... she looked a little stupid. Did he even have to make a magnificent dish to compete with her?

Nevermind... Since there were so many talking about her, then she had to be pretty strong. To be safe, Bu Fang decided to prepare his planned magnificent dish in the next round. That way, he would defeat her and promote the Cloud Mist Restaurant at the same time. Hmm, it was perfect!

Duan Yun felt embarrassed... Senior sister An... You are a girl! Why didn't you pay any attention to your table manners?!

He signed silently and sat down at the table. He used a porcelain spoon to scoop up the Egg-Fried Rice and brought it to his mouth. Hmm? There was a significant improvement to the taste!

Appetizing! Absolutely delicious! It contained an additional flavor that couldn't be described with words!

Duan Yun jolted from his reverie with a start! Owner Bu's skills had improved again!

It was absolutely incredible. Owner Bu could still improve at his level?

When Xiao He bit into the Red Braised Meat, he was completely captivated by its taste. It was much delicious than the delicacies he had eaten in the past!

He never thought he would get to eat such a delicacy in a city that was controlled by the Pill Palace. This feeling was odd and creepy, and it made him feel weird.

The Pill Cities, which were filled with alchemists, actually housed someone who was able to make such delicious dishes! This made him think that he was in the Valley of Gluttony in the Hidden Dragon Royal Court!

It would only be logical if these delicacies appeared in the Valley of Gluttony!

Nom Nom...

The four of them ate happily and spared no time to glance at each other.

When Bu Fang returned to the kitchen, he briefly played with his kitchen knife before proceeding to cook the next dish.



Sorceress An Sheng leaned on her chair and raised her head, then a loud burp escaped her lips. Her entire body trembled, and the two peaks on her chest jiggled intensely. Duan Yun, who was sitting in front of her, became dizzy from the jiggling.

Sister... you are a woman! Please look after your image!

"Little Duan Duan, you really didn't lie to me. This Owner Bu's skills are really extraordinary! This Red Braised Meat is much more delicious than the condensed grain pill! If I were to eat that dirt-like Multi-Taste Fasting Pill right now, I would puke! " Sorceress An Sheng said to Duan Yun as she lazily leaned on the chair.

Xiao He, who was sitting by the side, nodded in agreement. What a logical explanation!

Although Ximen Xuan's expression was serious, a hint of agreement flickered in his eyes.

Sorceress An Sheng glanced at Xiao He, who was still nodding, and pouted her lips, then with a voice of disgust she added, "Creep!"

"Sister Senior An, you have yet to try Owner Bu's Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup! That is the real delicacy! Furthermore, it has a much stronger effect than normal elixirs!" said Duan Yun.

Sorceress An Sheng paused for a moment, then licked her lips. Her heart began to pound rapidly. Indeed, this plate of Red Braised Meat was scrumptious, and because of how delicious it was, she had almost missed the powerful effect it caused! She could feel the true energy within her body surging around like crazy.

Her cultivation level even had unconsciously increased by quite a bit!

Incredible! The effects of this dish were on par with elixirs. What would happen if she ate Owner Bu's best dishes?

Sorceress An Sheng, who had always rest assured, felt her confidence waver. Her heart lurched, and a feeling of threat appeared within it.

As expected of the public enemy of the alchemists! He really was fearsome!

A feeling of relief washed over her, and she praised her decision of coming to taste Owner Bu's cooking. Only after personally tasting Owner Bu's dishes would one finally discover how awesome he was!

A chef that could threaten alchemists!

An odd one amongst cooks!

Sorceress An Sheng took a deep breath and raised her guard. It seemed she now had to take the Magical Hand Competition seriously.

She had to unleash all she had; otherwise, she may be knocked out!

Even she had to acknowledge Owner Bu's skills. Nevertheless, losing to a chef would be extremely embarrassing.

Duan Yun smiled when he noticed An Sheng's attitude change.

After all, she was up against Owner Bu. He was someone who could even put some pressure on Sorceress An Sheng!

As expected of the guy that I, Duan Yun, looked up to!

He was looking forward to facing Owner Bu in the Magical Hand Competition. It was going to be exciting!

Sorceress An Sheng left after eating and drinking to her heart's content. After she paid the bill, she grabbed Duan Yun and dashed into the distance, and Duan Yun, who was being dragged away, became crestfallen.

At this point, Ximen Xuan left with Xiao He, who still had a look of shock on his face.

Bu Fang's skills had reminded him of a mysterious power. However, he wasn't able to confirm it since the power couldn't possibly exist within the Pill Palace! He glanced at Bu Fang curiously and mentally prepared to do some research when he got back. When he was done, he would return to this restaurant with his results!

Time flew by, and three days went by quickly.

The next round of the top 100 in the Magical Hand Tournament was going to begin soon.