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 Chapter 51: Since I Told You to Cook, You Should Just Cook

Translator: OnGoingWhy Editor: Vermillion

Within the bleak autumn wind, the rain was being blown sideways.

At the entrance of the alleyway, a slim figure was slowly approaching. Wearing a bamboo hat and a straw raincoat with a sword slung behind his back, he was slowly walking toward the store in the alleyway.

Suddenly, the figure slightly quivered and stopped walking. It stood at the center of the alleyway and ceased to move.

Raindrops fell from the sky and splattered on his bamboo hat. Streams of water gathered from the raindrops flowed down the straw raincoat and dripped off the corners.

Xiao Yue's face was concealed by the black veil of the bamboo hat. His expression could not be seen and his emotions could not be perceived. He did not continue moving, but stopped a few steps away from the store and slowly took off the longsword wrapped in rags slung on his back.


In the surroundings of the alleyway, a series of sounds-which sounded like the sharp noise that bowstrings make when arrows are fired-suddenly rang out.

Schhwaff schhwaff schhwaff!

Countless crossbow bolts were suddenly launched from all directions, sailing through the air in a slightly curved angle. The target was Xiao Yue who was standing in the middle of the alleyway.


As a crisp sound rang out, the rags wrapped around the longsword were immediately torn into pieces as a bright sword energy burst forth from the sword. It was like a meteor flying through the night sky as it drew an arc in the air.

A surging wave of true energy gushed out from his body and spread out along with the sword energy. The countless crossbow bolts broke into pieces and the fragments, accompanied by the raindrops, scattered onto the ground.

As the sword energy dissipated, over a dozen figures with very powerful auras suddenly appeared from behind the walls of the alleyway. Each of them was armed with a spear as they charged toward Xiao Yue.

"The Tiger Guards of the Xiao family... How nostalgic."

Xiao Yue's hoarse murmuring fluttered in the wind and he seemed to be chuckling to himself. Then the rain surrounding him was instantly expelled, as if a distorted area was formed around him.


Xiao Meng forcefully suppressed his agitation and only breathed a sigh of relief after he personally fed the chicken soup to Xiao Yanyu. The tremendous weight on his shoulders was finally lifted off.

"Thank you, Owner Bu," Xiao Meng solemnly said to Bu Fang as he performed a fist and palm salute.

Bu Fang expressionlessly nodded, while thinking, "You should be thankful."

Suddenly, Bu Fang's expression changed. He seemed to be hearing a series of metallic collision noises coming from outside the store. He immediately looked outside in uncertainty, but these noises quickly stopped and disappeared.

Xiao Meng's expression remained indifferent. He had naturally heard the sound of combat from outside but did not take any other actions. He continued to unhurriedly feed the chicken soup to Xiao Yanyu.

"Owner Bu, this chicken soup... Would it be possible for me to have a serving?" Ji Chengxue came forward with a gentle smile and asked Bu Fang.

Ji Chengan meaningfully looked at Ji Chengxue and stepped forward as well. He was slightly agitated as well as he said, "Owner Bu, give me a serving of this... Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup!"

"The effects of this Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup had already been proven. If Xiao Yanyu who had lost so much life force was saved after drinking it, then its recuperation effects was definitely powerful. If father could drink a bowl of this soup, then his body would definitely become much stronger. This soup would be great for pleasing father," Ji Chengan thought.

Even though the title of crown prince had already been conferred on him, he still did not dare to relax. His brother, King Yu had already coveted his position for a long time and knew how to please their father, the emperor. He was already feeling threatened at the moment.

If he could present this chicken soup to their father, he would definitely improve his father's impression toward him.

"Ji Chengxue is definitely having the same idea as well," Ji Chengan thought. He glanced at his third brother and sneered.

Compared to his second brother, his third brother was not a threat at all.

"Excuse me, but this Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup is a special dish. It is not for sale," Bu Fang indifferently replied.

The Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup was given by the system so that he could use it to save Xiao Yanyu and not considered within the store's dishes in the first place.

"Owner Bu, crystals aren't an issue... I only wish that you would cook another serving of chicken soup," Ji Chengan unhappily said. When he heard Bu Fang's reply, he slightly frowned.

When Ji Chengxue heard Bu Fang's words, he did not continue asking. He was very familiar with Bu Fang's character and knew that the answer would be the same no matter how many times he asked.

Bu Fang pointed at the menu behind the crown prince and said, "Look at the menu behind you. This dish isn't on it, so... I am not selling."

"Hmph! You're so inflexible. Since I told you to cook the dish, you should just go and do it. Why do you have so much nonsense to say?" Ji Chengan's expression became gloomy as he swinged his sleeve in anger and coldly said.

With those words, the people in the surrounding immediately knew that the crown prince was angry. His temper was notoriously known within the imperial city to be irritable.

For the owner of such a small restaurant to infuriate the crown prince, he was definitely going to suffer.

Many people of the Xiao family looked toward Bu Fang in sympathy and secretly shook their heads.

On the other hand, Xiao Meng and Xiao Xiaolong took no notice. Xiao Meng understood very well how terrifying Bu Fang's store was. The mechanical puppet, not to mention the big black dog lying at entrance, was not something a mere crown prince could offend.


The atmosphere within the store had become cold due to the crown prince's words. However, clear footsteps coming from the entrance attracted their attention.

A figure wearing a straw raincoat and a bamboo hat stepped into the store.

"Owner Bu, I am here to retrieve the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine that I reserved," a hoarse voice faintly rang out as dark red blood dripped off the tip of the longsword that the person was holding and splattered onto the floor.

"Oh, wait a moment," Bu Fang nodded and expressionlessly replied. Then he turned around and headed toward the kitchen.

"Stop!" Ji Chengan's eyes flashed with malice. How dare this fellow actually ignore him? Who was he? He was the crown prince! How could he let others humiliate him like this?

With a bellow, Ji Chengan formed a claw with his hand and reached for Bu Fang's back figure.


However, before Ji Chengan's attack was able to reach Bu Fang's body, it was intercepted by Xiao Meng. Xiao Meng indifferently glanced at the crown prince and said, "Your Highness, it's better not to make a move within the store. This is an advice from your humble servant."

After Xiao Meng finished speaking, his gaze turned toward the man wearing the bamboo hat and his expression turned cold.

"You really dare to appear," Xiao Meng ghastly said as a killing intent gradually emitted from his body.

"Father, your tiger guards are still as worthless as before." Xiao Yue remained as steady as a mountain under Xiao Meng's killing intent. He chuckled with a hoarse voice as he took off the bamboo hat and revealed a handsome face.

Xiao Yue?! The Heart-rending Sword Monarch Xiao Yue!

Everyone within the store sucked in a breath of cold air. Even the the crown prince who was furious at the moment narrowed his eyes.

The vicious person who severely injured his mother and betrayed his father for the sake of mastering the sword!

"Yanyu was injured because of you. You should know that you would definitely die this time around... I thought you already escaped." Xiao Meng slowly walked toward Xiao Yue. He was moving very slowly, but his aura became even more terrifying with each step.

With every step, the terrifying aura of a seventh grade Battle-Saint covered the entire area with a loud rumble.

"Die? Father, you're still as confident as ever," Xiao Yue said with a faint smile. His eyes were almost narrowed into a crescent shape, but his words were unrestrained. "Unfortunately, you won't be able to stop the current me."

"I can't stop you?" Xiao Meng thought as he stopped walking. The distance between them was only an inch and their eyes were looking at each other.

Xiao Meng's aura was as heavy as a towering mountain range, while Xiao Yue's aura was as sharp as divine spear that could rend the sky.

Just as the collision between the two of them was about to occur.

At that very moment...

"Hey, here's your Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine."

An indifferent voice suddenly interrupted their confrontation.

Everyone immediately looked in astonishment toward Bu Fang who had just walked out of the kitchen with a jar of wine in his hands.

"This fellow... Is there something wrong with his head? Doesn't he understand the current situation? Why are you mentioning wine at this kind of moment?"

Both the gazes of Xiao Meng and Xiao Yue landed on Bu Fang.

Bu Fang remained expressionless as he calmly received their sharp gazes. He twitched his mouth and said, "Let me remind you... Go outside if you're going to fight or cause trouble. Otherwise... you will be stripped as an example to others."