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 Shame was written all over Duan Yun's face as his gray hair floated about. He felt completely embarrassed.

However, since he met such a demon, he had to accept reality. Meeting a demon such as An Sheng, he had no way out.

"What are you looking at? Haven't you seen a chick before?" An Sheng said with her brows furrowed. At that moment, she landed on the ground and felt the gazes of Ximen Xuan and Xiao He on her.

"What is this woman doing here?"

A hint of awkwardness flashed past Ximen Xuan's serious face. As for Xiao He, he smiled gently. The two of them definitely recognized An Sheng. Sorceress An Sheng was a genius alchemist of Heavenly Pill City. Various powers had their eyes on her and it was not surprising for many people to recognize her.

"I see, it's Master An... Nice to meet you." Xiao He laughed gently. Even though he was shocked by the scene in front of the shop, he had to show his demeanor in front of a stunning lady.

Sorceress An Sheng glanced past him. She pouted her red lips slightly with a face full of disgust.


What... Creepy? The smile on Xiao He's face stiffened. He was the genius student of the Wind and Thunder Pavillion and the crush of many female students there. How was he associated with the word "creepy"?

"I still prefer my Little Duan Duan. He is much better." An Sheng placed Duan Yun down on the floor and said.

Duan Yun's legs were weak as he saw stars. He was furious. His grey hair was stuck on his forehead in a mess. He also had a flustered look.

This woman had moved too quickly. The frequency of her boobs shaking was too fast. His eyes hurt and he was really dizzy after the journey.

"Little Duan Duan, let's go! I'll take you to see your Owner Bu." She said that while covering her mouth and laughing. She waved her hand and felt as though Duan Yun's appearance was really entertaining.

Duan Yun rolled his eyes. What do you mean by "my" Owner Bu...

Xiao He was speechless and gazed at them with a look of annoyance. As Sorceress An Sheng walked toward the restaurant, she swayed that curvy and captivating body of hers. He was extremely confused. Was his smile very creepy?

Ximen Xuan had his usual serious face on as he carried his heavy sword.

"Brother Ximen, let's go and take a look. This store seems interesting. That woman in the store can even defeat An Gu. She can't be some random person with no name. Let's go and see her." Xiao He said to Ximen Xuan as he looked at An Sheng's figure leaving. He didn't want to give up yet.

Ximen Xuan shot a glance at Xiao He and said nothing. He started walking toward the restaurant on his own.


As Duan Yun got nearer to that Cloud Mist Restaurant, his astonishment grew bigger.

How... How could this be possible?

This restaurant.... Why did it look so familiar?

For someone who had once entered Fang Fang's Little Store in the Light Wind Empire, he was able to confirm that the restaurant in front of him... Was almost the exact same copy of Fang Fang's Little Store.

"This Cloud Mist restaurant is really lively... In all my years of growing up, it's the first time I've seen a restaurant. This is really interesting!"

Sorceress An Sheng said as she looked at the Cloud Mist Restaurant with a curious gaze.

Duan Yun nodded in agreement. Heavenly Pill City was one of the biggest Pill City. Elixir creation was more in trend in Heavenly Pill City compared to Heavenly Shine City and Heavenly Mist City.

If Duan Yun had not been traveling, he wouldn't even know that restaurants existed. He wouldn't know that there was something which was much more delicious that Multi-Tasting Fasting Pills.

When he first ate Owner Bu's grilled steak, he was so astonished that he couldn't believe what he just ate.

He was completely captivated by the grilled steak. How in the world could there be something so delicious in the world? Well... The most important point was that he clearly felt the spiritual energy which was contained in the steak.

Because of Bu Fang, Duan Yun strayed off his original path. He began to use his alchemic fire to cook meat.

If his teacher, Master Gu He learned about how he cooked meat with his alchemic fire, he would definitely suffer a beating.

When he ate the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, he became even more stunned. The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup gave him a feeling that it was on par with elixirs. It was at that moment that his view of the entire world changed.

The customers who had gathered outside the restaurant were amazed.

Such a mystical restaurant...

Even the expert from the Puppet Sect, An Gu, was defeated... This was too exciting!

Many of the customers were very curious about Whitey. Of course, they were also curious about Nethery. Who wouldn't be curious about a chick?

However, none of them dared to look at Nethery in detail. That stunning lady was a demon.

At that moment, Nangong Wuque began laughing. He felt great.

"An Gu, you will be taught a lesson if you show off in front of me. Is this a place for you to show off? As long as my sister Nethery is here, this is not a place where you can cause trouble."

Nangong Wan held her forehead and she was completely speechless.

After Nethery showed off her power, Nangong Wuque began to think that this woman could be quite cute sometimes.

Even though her power was scary and her character was weird. Since she was someone under Owner Bu, she could be considered someone under him as well!

After gaining some courage, Nangong Wuque began to flirt with Nethery who was daydreaming at the side.

Nethery was stunned for a moment and she shot Nangong Wuque a glance. It was as though she was looking at a fool.

After the incident, some of the customers left the store. However, there were some who stayed in the store and were ordering more food.

It was as though nothing happened in the store and business continued on as usual.

When Duan Yun entered the shop, surprise was written all over his face.

The Path-Understanding Tree... This restaurant... Whitey... Even that black dog which was sleeping under the Tree!

This was... This was absolutely unbelievable!

How did Owner Bu move the entire Fang Fang's little store to Heavenly Mist City?

"Eh, the environment seems nice!"

Sorceress An Sheng stepped into the store and her charm captured the attention of everyone. She smiled as she looked all around the store.

The nearby customers who were excitedly eating their food saw An Sheng for the first time. They were all mesmerized by her otherworldly appearance.

He was stunned for a moment and Nangong Wuque opened his mouth to take a deep breath.

Turning around, he shouted at the kitchen, " Old Bu! Your enemy is here to fight!"

Sorceress An Sheng... Wasn't she Old Bu's opponent in the next round?

No one expected for her to appear at Bu Fang's store before the competition. What was this counted as? Was she looking for trouble?

"Sister Nethery is here and someone dares to create trouble? Don't think that you are powerful just because you have big b*obs!"

"I see... You're that idiot, Nangong Wuque. I haven't seen you in a long time. I heard that your Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was snatched away... Did you even make it past the elimination rounds?"

An Sheng laughed as she looked at Nangong Wuque with a smile in her eyes.

Nangong Wuque was upset by the look he got from An Sheng. This woman was doubting his inner virtues! Returning her glance with a glare, he looked at An Sheng's b*obs and said, "Big b*obs An, you definitely know my true abilities. Am I the type of person to rely on external help? I only rely on my skills."

"You are still as shameless as ever... Nevermind, I am not here to look for you. I heard that the boss of this shop will be my opponent for the next round. I'm here to pay him a special visit."

Sorceress An Sheng said.

"Just order whatever you want to eat. There is no need to pay me a visit."

However, Bu Fang did not come out of the kitchen. Instead, his calm and cool voice could be heard coming out of the kitchen.

"Order?" Sorceress An Sheng was stunned for a moment. In the next instant, a hint of a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. "Ok then, I will order something."

"Little Duan Duan, aren't you familiar with Owner Bu? Tell me... What dishes do you recommend?"

Sorceress An Sheng turned her head and asked Duan Yun, who was staring at Blacky who was sleeping.

Coming back to his sense, Duan Yun nodded his head and answered, "What dish do I recommend? It will naturally be the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup..."

Nethery appeared out of nowhere and she said with a poker face, "There's no Buddha Jump Over Wall Soup left today." As she was a waitress in the restaurant, she was responsible for telling the customer about the food which could be ordered.

"Then, I would like to order a serving of Red Braised Meat. I've heard that you can grow after eating more meat. I am unhappy with so little meat..." Sorceress An Sheng said with a smile as she looked at Nethery.

Nethery was a beauty as well. On top of that, Nethery was much more beautiful compared to An Sheng. As a woman, when An Sheng saw Nethery for the first time, she was already on guard against such a beauty.

Even though she couldn't compare with Nethery in terms of looks, she had other places where she could win against Nethery...

Pushing out her chest, Sorceress An Sheng raised her cherry-red lips slightly. I am proud of my big b*obs!

"Can I get a serving of Fried Rice? I really missed Owner Bu's fried rice." Duan Yun sighed with some excitement. He could eat Owner Bu's Fried Rice again... He was thrilled at the thought of eating Owner Bu's dishes again.

"Then what about the two of you?"

Nethery ignored Sorceress An Sheng's provocative glance as she looked at the two people behind them.

The two people were Ximen Xuan and Xiao He.

The two of them were shocked as well... What? Order food?

They were only passing by... They were just here in order to take a look.

"I... I will have the same thing as him." Ximen Xuan opened his mouth. When Nethery stared at him, he actually felt a kind of inexplicable nervousness.

Raising his hand, Xiao He pointed at An Sheng as he spoke.

"I will get the same as her..."

As expected, she was stunning. Xiao He looked at Nethery's beautiful face and his expression became even more gentle. With a smile, he pointed at Sorceress An Sheng and ordered the same thing as her.

Sorceress An Sheng turned her head instantly and a disgusted expression appeared on her face.

Nethery looked at An Sheng with a poker face before turned her gaze back to Xiao He.


Xiao He spat out a word before walking towards the kitchen window. He wanted to cry.... As handsome as he was, why were they calling him creepy?!

Sorceress An Sheng looked for an empty seat and sat down. She lifted her beautiful leg and crossed it. Her split skirt had covered her leg and her fair skin was hidden behind the cloth. It was an extremely attractive sight.

Duan Yun sat down with excitement as he looked in the direction of the kitchen. A trace of anticipation could be seen in his eyes.

After Nethery had given the orders to Bu Fang, she went back to the Path-Understandimg Tree and she sat down. She continued with her daydream.

In a short moment, an enticing smell came out from inside the kitchen. When Sorceress An Sheng smelled the fragrance in the air, her eyes lit up.

"Such fragrance. No wonder he could cause so many furnaces to explode on the stage. If this aroma is a little bit thicker, ordinary people will not be able to handle it at all!" Sorceress An Sheng thought.

When she thought up to this point, she began to anticipate meeting Owner Bu. She wanted to see his appearance, the appearance of a man which was the legendary enemy of the alchemist guild.

However, she didn't put it to heart.

For an alchemist who grew up in Heavenly Pill City, she naturally would not believe that a dish would have the same effects as an elixir.

She didn't believe that a cook could be compared to the noblest job in the Hidden Dragon Continent... Alchemists.

Ximen Xuan and Xiao He were awkward at the moment. Due to the limited seats, they had to squeeze on the same table as Sorceress An Sheng. Even Duan Yun had to seat with them.

Xiao He was exceptionally awkward as An Sheng kept rolling her eyes at him. The look of disgust on her face almost made him feel as though he was a real creep!

The atmosphere around the table became awkward.

After quite some time, a different aroma filled the air.

Nethery went over to the window and she picked up the dishes.

From the dark kitchen door, a slender figure appeared. The figure slowly walked out of the kitchen and the originally indistinct face became clearer and clearer.

Sorceress An Sheng's eyes lit up. She instantly turned her head as she stared at the figure.