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The clear and melodious sound of cloth and silk being torn resounded as it echoed throughout the entire shop.

An Gu's black robe was torn into pieces by Whitey as it turned into shreds of clothing which floated down from the sky. An Gu's body which was hidden under his black robes was gradually revealed to the world.

Everyone who was present looked at An Gu's body and sucked in a breath of cold air. Their pupils constricted as well. When the customers in the surroundings saw An Gu's body clearly, they couldn't help but exclaim in surprise. After the feeling of shock overwhelmed them, a terrified expression appeared in their eyes.

Under the black robes, An Gu had a head full of short red hair. His skin was pale and it seemed as though there was no blood flowing in his body. A pair of crimson eyes had strands of confusion and panic. However, it was an undeniable fact that his face was extremely pretty. It was a face which exuded a heroic beauty.

Out of everyone's expectations, An Gu was actually a female!

However, the spectators were not shocked by the fact that An Gu was actually a female. Instead, it was because of her body...

How was that a body of a human?

Under the neck, other than a pair of white hands, the other parts of the body was constructed out of metals. She could be considered a metal puppet... A living metal puppet!

There wasn't a graceful figure of a woman hidden beneath An Gu's black robes. The smooth skin which every woman should have was absent on her body. The only thing under her robes was a horrifying sight which shocked everyone.

Although An Gu was a woman, she wasn't the type of woman who could be considered beautiful.

Everyone was stunned. None of them thought that they would actually look at such a scary sight. It caused the hair on their body to stand on end.

The Puppet Sect... was indeed a perverted sect!

"I never thought that An Gu was actually a woman!"

"Can that be considered a woman? Someone who turned their body into a puppet... She is ugly as f*ck!"

"This is too scary... The Puppet Sect is actually a perverted sect. Not only do they treat other people ruthlessly. They treat themselves even more viciously!"


The customers sucked in a breath of cold air as they began to discuss among themselves. Their gaze occasionally landed on An Gu's body as they talked, and there was fear in their eyes when they looked at her.

Having this kind of appearance... Could she be the legendary human puppet?

One of the most vicious technique in the Puppet Sect was to transform a living person into a human puppet. The end result was that the human puppet would possess terrifying might and a long lifespan.

"Damn it... Damn you all! Every single one of you must die!"

An Gu's eyes widened as an unbridled killing intent burst out from them.

Opening her mouth, she let out a hoarse shout. However, if they were to listen closely, the spectators would be able to make out the loud pitched scream of a woman in the hoarse shout.

This was what happened when An Gu lost control of herself. She became unable to control her voice!

It was obvious that she was extremely furious.

Even though she was someone from the Puppet Sect and didn't really care about her appearance, when her puppet-like body was revealed to so many people, she would still turn insane.

Just as her screams died down, Whitey's gray eyes flashed. With its fan-like huge hands, it simply waved them once and An Gu was mercilessly thrown out of the store. She flew out just like a speeding bullet.


Both the corpse puppet and An Gu were thrown out of the store. Seeing as such strong individuals were easily thrown out of the store, the customers were extremely shocked.

The customers became terrified after they came to know of the two terrifying existences in the store... One was the puppet and the other was the extremely scary Nethery.

When Ximen Xuan, who was carrying a heavy sword on his back, saw how the two figures were thrown out of the store, he was stunned.

The green-clothed Xiao He who was standing at the side had a light which gradually lit up in his eyes.

"That was a puppet from the Puppet Sect... As for the other person, hiss... Could it be Bronze Coffin An Gu? That fellow was actually a woman?"

"It seems like a good show is about to play out soon... The champion of the Puppet Sect isn't a good person to piss off. Not to mention the fact that the Puppet Sect is an extremely notorious sect. It didn't gain a bad reputation for nothing."

The corners of Xiao He's mouth curled upwards as he stood beside Ximen Xuan. They kept their distance from the store as they looked at the corpse puppet and An Gu who were crawling up from the ground.

A terrifying and crushing aura was emitted from An Gu's body.

Looking at An Gu's body, which was completely made up of metal, a terrifying sight could be seen. There were metal brackets which were wielded with crisscross patterns as it contained a heart which was constantly beating. After every single heartbeat, a dense amount of spirit energy would be released from An Gu's body.

"All of you have to die!"

An Gu struggled to crawl up from the ground and she looked extremely haggard. The scarlet color in her eyes became more and more intense and she opened her mouth. A hoarse roar was released from her mouth and her heartbeat became more and more intense. True energy erupted from within her body and it charged toward the sky. It formed a chain which shook in the air.


The corpse puppet started to change and there were glittering lines which lit up its entire body. The terrifying aura which it emitted continued to spread.

Bu Fang casually took a few steps as his figure gradually appeared in the middle of the restaurant.

He was calm and unhurried.

His hair tie was long gone and his hair scattered about behind him as he looked at An Gu who was about to go insane. His face was expressionless as usual.

With a wave of his hand, the bronze coffin was tossed out of the store as well. As it landed on the ground, a dull 'bang' was heard and a cloud of dust was swept up.

Whitey's gray eyes glittered as it stood at attention behind Bu Fang. It looked like it was Bu Fang's huge pet.

As Nethery's glittering and translucent legs hovered in mid-air, she lightly tapped the air with her toes as she started to float forward.

That elegant long black skirt... Her long and black hair which scattered around behind her... They made Nethery look as though she was an immortal. A graceful aura surrounded her.

"I said that all of you are not allowed to cause trouble in the store. You didn't listen to me..." Bu Fang faintly uttered a single sentence. He looked at An Gu's mechanical body and furrowed his eyebrows.

If An Gu didn't cause a disturbance in the store, how was it possible for Whitey to strip off her black robes? Although it was offensive to strip a woman's clothes, An Gu was the one who asked for it.

"I'm going to kill you!" An Gu's hoarse voice was cold.

She raised her crystal white palm and it started to flash with light. With a single wave, she sent her palm slapping toward Bu Fang.

The corpse puppet beside her roared and one of its legs stamped on the ground. In an instant, spiderweb-like cracks filled the surface of the ground. Even though the Heavenly Mist City's restoration array had been working all this while to repair the damages caused by the battle, the corpse puppet demonstrated such destructive power with a single stamp of its feet. It was enough to show how terrifying the corpse puppet was.


Terrifying winds were swept up and the crushing pressure in the air seemed to be extremely overwhelming.

After all, this corpse puppet was able to fight against Supreme-Beings who had broken through three shackles when it had only broken through one shackle itself.

Seeing the mighty corpse puppet showcase its power, the spectators were shocked.

The hearts of the customers shrunk and they didn't dare to breathe loudly.

Ximen Xuan and Xiao He, who were distant, widened their eyes as they watched the scene with an imposing look.

Bronze Coffin An Gu... She was indeed a valiant woman! Just her corpse puppet was strong enough to make a name for itself in the younger generation.

Bu Fang stood at the entrance of his restaurant as he looked at the corpse puppet which changed into a stream of light as it charged toward him. His face was expressionless as he endured the pain of the rushing wind blowing against his face.

Just as the corpse puppet was about to smash into Bu Fang... Nethery, who was beside him, made her move. Her pitch-black hair seemed like a sharp knife as it slashed downwards.

The corpse puppet shook its fish at it collided against Nethery's hair with a loud bang. The indestructible corpse puppet was sliced apart like tofu!

An Gu's body shook when she saw the scene in front of her. Her incredulous stare landed on the corpse puppet whose hand had been sliced off.

How could that be possible? The corpse puppet was made from many ancient corpses. She had even added in uncountable precious materials in order to make the corpse puppet stronger! The corpse puppet was stronger than semi-divine tools!

How could it be sliced apart by some strands of hair?

Was she about to go blind?

Nethery's eyes gradually turned blacker and blacker. Even the whites of her eye were covered with darkness... It was obvious that she was getting angry. Her figure flashed as she appeared in front of Bu Fang.

Although one of its arms had been chopped off, the corpse puppet's momentum remained unchanged as it charged at Bu Fang with a loud roar escaping its lips.

Her long black skirt fluttered in the wind which occasionally exposed her long and slender legs. Her beautiful face was extremely calm and it was expressionless as she stood in front of Bu Fang.

Raising her palm, she sent a ferocious slap toward the corpse puppet which was still trying to charge at Bu Fang.

With a loud explosion, the corpse puppet was smashed into the floor by an invisible palm.

"How is this even possible?" An Gu's mind trembled as her originally bloodless face became paler and paler. In the next moment, a ferocious madness erupted within her.

"Get up right now! Kill them!"

She made a seal with her hands and strange fluctuations filled the area.

The corpse puppet which had been smashed into the ground released a frenzied roar as it gained a surge of energy. Getting up from the ground with a roll, it charged at Nethery.

Nethery's face was cold and she sent out another slap. The corpse puppet which was struggling to stand up was smacked back into the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After a few slaps from Nethery, the body of the corpse puppet was filled with cracks. There wasn't a place on its body which was intact.


An Gu's face was white as she blandly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Her heart seemed to shrink in her metal body.

How could this happen?

Why was that woman so powerful? Why?

Her corpse puppet which was stronger than semi-divine tools was actually beaten to death by this woman...

Could it be that she was a Supreme-Being who broke through five shackles?

The customers who were around them were shocked as well. Unlike An Gu, they didn't have a definite measure of Nethery's strength as they had no idea how strong the corpse puppet really was. However, they were still shocked by Nethery's prowess.

At least they knew that Nethery was much stronger than An Gu.

An Gu was trembling in her heart and she tried to pull herself together. However, she realized that she was no longer able to communicate with her corpse puppet.

She couldn't control her corpse puppet any longer!

Damn it!

The corpse puppet had been completely smashed by Nethery. Pieces of the puppet lay on the ground and An Gu took a deep breath when she looked at the fragments. Her face was pale as a sheet of paper.

With a casual wave of her hand, the bronze coffin on the ground flew to her side.

Holding on to the bronze coffin, An Gu stared at Bu Fang with a deep gaze. He was standing at the entrance of the store, with his usual expressionless face.

The look in her eyes was extremely deep.

In the next moment, she turned around and quickly ran away.

Even her corpse puppet was smashed into smithereens... She knew that she would be seeking death if she stayed any longer.

Nethery didn't chase after An Gu as she couldn't be bothered. Her body simply fluttered as she went back to whatever she was doing.

When she flew past Bu Fang, she pouted her lips and she reminded him, "Remember... Double the portion of the Dragon Blood Rice tonight!"

After she finished her sentence, she flew back into the store under Bu Fang's speechless gaze.

The customers looked at Nethery in awe.

He deserved his reputation as the troublemaker of the Magical Hands Conference. He was indeed the Owner Bu everyone knew. Even a worker in his store was terrifying!

Ximen Xuan and Xiao He looked at An Gu who had fled without any hesitation. They were stunned...

Bronze Coffin An Gu actually ran away?

An Gu was extremely powerful. However, she had to run away like a beaten dog from a random small shop which wasn't even well-known?

"Brother Ximen, are we still going to do it?" Xiao He's face was stiff and he forced out a few words to Ximen Xuan who was carrying a heavy sword on his back.

Ximen Xuan's body was slightly trembling as well when he looked at the scene before him.


Just as he was about to speak, he felt a powerful aura rushing toward him. There were two figures who appeared in the air, bringing with them a crushing momentum.

Ximen Xuan and Xiao He were stunned and raised their heads simultaneously, noticing the curvy and hot figure of a woman falling down from the sky along with a gray-haired man.