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 "An... Senior An, don't! Don't act this way!!"

Duan Yun's face was red and there were traces of grief and indignation which flashed through his eyes. The funny and strange looks from the people surrounding him made him feel as though he was set on fire.

In fact, Duan Yun was extremely depressed.

Early in the morning, Duan Yun was planning to head over to the alchemy room in the warship in order to practice his fire-controlling skills. However, who would have expected that he would run into the Sorceress, An Sheng, who was casually leaning against the wall, the moment he left his room.

The eyes of An Sheng sparkled and she didn't say a single word before she grabbed him and flew out of the warship.

He was a man who was standing tall at seven foot... and was actually carried away by a woman?

It was really embarrassing for him to be treated this way, was it not?

Why did it have to be like this? How was he going to look for a wife in the future? Duan Yun felt sadness welling up in his heart.

The cultivation of Sorceress An Sheng was extremely high and as such, the speed at which she moved was really fast. Duan Yun, who was carried by An Sheng, had a face full of sadness and anger as his gray hair scattered about in the howling wind. Strands of his hair battered against his face.

"Keep your volume down, big sister has to hurry on her way. I'm very curious about that Owner Bu you spoke of. Today, I'm going to take a look. Anyway, aren't you two old acquaintances? That's just right... Big sister will reunite the both of you."

Sorceress An Sheng's long legs stretched out and, in an instant, it seemed as though she managed to shrink a huge distance into an inch.

Her ample and curvy figure trembled slightly due to her rapid speed. Her towering chest rose and fell which caused Duan Yun to feel pain and happiness at the same time.

However, he was still stunned at the words spoken by Sorceress An Sheng

Were they going to look for Owner Bu?

He... He wasn't ready for it!



A huge explosion could be heard.

The hearts of everyone in the store jumped. They raised their head and widened their eyes as they looked at the scene in front of them.

The bronze coffin which was smashed by An Gu was blocked as a huge figure grabbed it. All of the pieces were suspended in mid-air.

That huge figure was a puppet, a puppet who wore iron armor. The purple eyes in the eye sockets of the puppet flashed continuously and a tyrannical aura was emitted from its body.

Nangong Wan and Nangong Wuque both sucked in a deep breath and they were finally able to relax.

They could be considered regular customers of the store and were familiar with Whitey. They knew that Bu Fang had a terrifyingly strong puppet.

However, the customers who were new to the store were shocked. They were shocked at the fact that Owner Bu actually had a hidden trump card which was this puppet!

Merely... When most of the spectators looked at Whitey, the expression on their faces became somewhat weird.

"Owner Bu... This doesn't seem right. You are playing with puppets in front of the Puppet Sect!"

"Why do I feel like this is extremely exciting? We don't know if the Puppet Sect's puppet is stronger than Owner Bu's puppet!"

"There seems to be another puppet in the bronze coffin smashed by An Gu!"


When the surrounding customers saw that Bu Fang was fine, they breathed out a sigh of relief. They started to clamor without end. They were both curious and excited!

Bu Fang moved the hair which was on his face and his gaze landed on An Gu's body. The look in his eyes gradually became ice-cold.

"I've said it before... No one is allowed to cause a disturbance in the store. It seems like you really don't understand my words."

An Gu shot a glance at Bu Fang before he rolled his red-colored eyes. He turned his gaze to Whitey and a trace of astonishment flashed in his eyes.

This puppet... What a special puppet!

This puppet was completely different from the ones created in the Puppet Sect.

"Things are getting interesting... A puppet? You dare to play with puppets in front of me who is from the Puppet Sect. You are the first person who dares to do such a thing..."

An Gu laughed in his husky voice and he raised his hand. The sleeves which were covering his hands fell off, revealing a hand which had nails completely black in color. The palm of his hand was as warm as jade and there were many strange lines covering it.


A wave swept through the area.

In the next moment, the bronze coffin which was in Whitey's hand started to vibrate.

A creaking sound resounded throughout the store. It seemed as though the sound came from ancient times and the bronze coffin started to shake more violently. The lid of the bronze coffin slowly opened...

An Gu, who was wrapped in a black robe, had scarlet eyes which turned redder and redder. It seemed as though a burst of faint laughter came from the surroundings.

In the next instant, everyone felt as though their hearts shuddered.

Even Nangong Wuque felt his heart shake and narrowed his eyes.

A figure could be seen getting up from inside the bronze coffin.

The scene in front of them seemed to be somewhat weird.

Whitey was holding the bronze coffin while a figure crawled out from inside it.

An eerie and cold aura was emitted from the figure who was crawling out from the coffin.

When everyone saw the figure who crawled out of the coffin, they sucked in a breath of cold air.

A puppet which was completely black in color stood in it. The only reason it was called a puppet was because no one was able to see the similarities between the figure and a human being.

Was this An Gu's ancient corpse?

The corpse puppet which was considered his treasure was so black that no one was able to see the face of the figure. The head of the corpse puppet was completely bald and there were lines on its head. The skin on the body of the puppet was metallic which made it seem as though the puppet was made from metal.

The puppet had dead eyes which were scarlet in color. When the scarlet eyes of the corpse puppet met Whitey's purple eyes, it was as though an explosion occurred.


The corpse puppet opened its mouth and a roar which seemed like it came from a wild beast was released.

Whitey's purple eyes flashed and turned completely white. It seemed as though Whitey became undefeatable.

"Troublemakers... Will be stripped and displayed in public!"


Rushing out from inside the bronze coffin, the corpse puppet disappeared in an instant. When it reappeared, it was beside Whitey and swept its leg toward the latter's head. The terrifyingly strong wind which was swept up with one kick seemed like it would tear the air apart.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Using great force, Whitey pushed the bronze coffin away. Raising its huge fist, it punched the leg of the corpse puppet.

The sound of metal colliding against each other resounded in the air. Whitey retreated several steps after the collision and the puppet flipped backward, landing beside Angu.

With a loud bang, the bronze coffin fell to the ground. A dark true energy was continuously being emitted from it.

"Interesting... Really interesting! It can actually resist an attack from my corpse puppet! This is an interesting puppet!" The scarlet light in the eyes of the black-robed An Gu started shining and he exclaimed loudly.

Whitey released a fierce aura around its body as it started to move. It became a streak of light as it shot toward the corpse puppet.

With a loud clang, the corpse puppet twisted its body. It was ready to fight Whitey.

In the distance, under the Path-Understanding Fruit Tree, Blacky opened its eyes. It directed its lazy gaze toward the corpse puppet which was completely black in color before letting out a yawn. After returning back to a comfortable position, Blacky didn't bother with the fight as it went back to sleep.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Whitey clashed with that corpse puppet and deafening blasts echoed through the area.

The surrounding customers were endlessly shocked by the scene in front of them.

An Gu was so excited that his entire body started shivering.

"This is actually really surprising! If I'm able to bring back this puppet and do some research on it... My abilities will definitely increase to the next level!"

An Gu roared in his hoarse voice and he became more and more excited. His breathing became heavier and the true energy in his body started to circulate around his body. Three chains of true energy appeared behind him.

Bu Fang looked at everything which was happening with an expressionless gaze. Seeing as Angu was about to take action, he furrowed his brows.

Turning his head, Bu Fang looked at the expressionless Nethery who was standing in the distance. With a wave of his hand, he beckoned for her. Seeing his actions, Nethery was stunned for a moment, however, she snapped out of it in a moment and walked toward Bu Fang with her long jade legs. Her long black hair was scattered behind her head as she made her way toward him.

"Nethery, throw the fellow who is causing trouble out of the store. I'll increase the portion of your Dragon Blood Rice tonight." Bu Fang whispered into Nethery's ear in his flat voice.

Increase the portion of the Dragon Blood Rice tonight?

Nethery's deadpan face finally changed and she puckered her lips together. Her face was filled with excitement as she looked at Bu Fang.

"Double the portion!"

"Not a problem." Bu Fang nodded his head.

After obtaining Bu Fang's confirmation, Nethery's eyes started to shine.

With a swoosh, Bu Fang felt as though a gust of wind blew past him. Nethery, who had been standing beside him, was gone since an unknown time.

Whitey and the corpse puppet were still fighting against each other.

All of a sudden, the corpse puppet's movement stagnated and Whitey was stunned for a moment as well.

They stopped fighting as a beautiful figure stood between the both of them. Her long black hair fluttered about in the wind...

Nethery glared at the corpse puppet which was fighting against Whitey.

What was with her glare?

The corpse puppet opened its mouth as it roared at Nethery.

However, in the next moment, Nethery took a step and she appeared above the head of the corpse puppet. Her white palm grabbed the head of the corpse puppet and no matter how it struggled, it was unable to shake Nethery off.

One, two, three... Get out!

After shaking the corpse puppet several times, Nethery flicked her wrist and threw the corpse puppet out of the store. It seemed as though it was an artillery shell which was shot out as it flew into the streets. When the corpse puppet landed on the ground, the earth below it was shattered.

A green-clothed man and a man carrying a heavy sword were rushing to Bu Fang's store. Just as they were approaching the store, they saw a figure flying out of the store, which shocked them.

Indeed, the man who was carrying the heavy sword was Ximen Xuan. He was precisely the genius placed third out of the top ten geniuses in the Grand Barren Sect. He was in charge of the investigations of the fall of Ye Cheng, one of the Ten Grand Heirs of Heaven.

The green-clothed man was none other than Xiao He, an expert from the Wind and Thunder Pavillion.

Neither of them would have thought that they would see something so interesting and intense the moment they arrived in front of the restaurant.

It seemed as though there was someone who arrived before them.

Inside the restaurant, everyone had their jaws agape as they were completely shocked.

An Gu's breathing stagnated and he was somewhat confused... What in the world just happened?

Whitey simply stood where it was and it seemed to be in a daze. Raising its fan-shaped palms, it scratched its round head. Whitey looked at Nethery, who was floating in the air, with a shocked expression.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth stretched outwards and formed a thin smile... He was at a loss for words.

He only had one thing to say to Nethery... Sister... You threw the wrong person.

Bu Fang wanted Nethery to throw An Gu, who was acting cool in his store, out. However, he never expected that she would throw his puppet out instead.

Did Nethery actually turn stupid from the allure of the food?

It was a mistake she made unintentionally. However, it was a good thing she made that mistake.

After throwing out the corpse puppet, Nethery turned her head and her black pupils landed on An Gu, who was wrapped in his black robes.

Her long black hair shook and it shot out toward An Gu like a waterfall.

An Gu was shocked in his heart. With a loud shout, his true energy started circulating around his body and he wanted to block Nethery's attack.

However, it wasn't long before he fell into despair. He realized that he was actually unable to block Nethery's attack.

In an instant, his hands and legs were bound together and the chains of true energy behind him were shattered.

He became unable to move in the slightest.

Nethery took small steps as she walked toward An Gu... When she arrived in front of him, her dark pupils locked onto him and it seemed as though dense death energy was emitted from her eyes.

The death energy caused An Gu's body to tremble.

It was scary! It was too scary!

Who in the world was that woman?


"Troublemakers will be stripped and displayed to the public!"

All of a sudden, a mechanical voice sounded out. No one knew when, but Whitey's head poked out from behind Nethery's body.

Nethery was momentarily shocked... An Gu was stunned as well.

Stripped and displayed to the public?

Strip... Strip your sister!

"You broken puppet... Don't come over! Don't come over here!"

An Gu saw the twinkling light in Whitey's eyes and his heart lurched. He shouted in his hoarse voice.

In the next moment.

Rip! Rip!

Along with some screaming, clothes could be seen flying.

The black robes were stripped off An Gu's body in an instant, revealing An Gu's face and body which used to be covered by his black robes.

Only... When everyone saw the shape An Gu's body, all of them sucked in a breath of cold air.