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 Heavenly Pill City Warship.

In the ancient-looking hall, there were several tables. An Sheng was sitting comfortably in a chair, with her beautiful long legs crossed, and she was holding a jade green elixir. As she played with it, she narrowed her eyes, thinking of something.

"Bu Fang... a chef? The only chef in the Magical Hand Competition, and the public enemy of every alchemist..." She was mumbling, and each time she mumbled, her eyes seemed to light up even more.

Yesterday, when Duan Yun was told that her enemy was someone named Bu Fang, he seemed out of it for a moment. Then, he told her in all seriousness that she would be going up against someone dangerous.

This made her slightly surprised. Because of her relationship with Duan Yun, he clearly knew the level of her powers. With her level, she could easily enter the top ten in Heavenly Pill City. However, Duan Yun was actually not optimistic about her chances of winning.

Was the chef really that powerful?

After parting ways with Duan Yun, An Sheng sent people out to gather information on the chef.


The fingers holding the elixir were raised to the side of her rosy lips. Her pearly white teeth parted, and with a little bite, the elixir was broken into pieces.

After swallowing the elixir, the fair face of the sorceress, An Sheng, became rosy, making her look even more attractive.

Many alchemists nearby, who were secretly paying attention to her, could not help licking their lips.

As expected of the Sorceress An Sheng... She was astonishingly beautiful.

Just by eating a Multi-Taste Fasting Pill, she could create such a heart-thumping scene.

"Cloud Mist Restaurant... how interesting. There was an advertisement about it made in every match. I want to see if there is anything extraordinary about this restaurant." An Sheng laughed. That laugh left those who were watching her utterly stunned.


Cloud Mist Restaurant.

In front of the restaurant, Nangong Wuque had just pulled a chair over. Then, he copied Bu Fang and lay down in it and began to sunbathe in total relaxation.

Since it was still working hours, Bu Fang was cooking in the kitchen.


The customers, who were still around, all gave him weird looks. Nangong Wuque... This name was extremely famous in Heavenly Mist City, and it belonged to the head of the current Nangong family. Who would have thought that he would come to this small restaurant and sunbathe...

Wasn't that really weird?

Nethery wrote down the customers' orders with an indifferent expression on her face. Then, she passed the orders to Bu Fang. As of today, she had already gotten accustomed to this mission.

However, she did all this just so that she could get to eat Bu Fang's dishes. She had a feeling that if she didn't do this, Bu Fang would cease to make Dragon Blood Rice for her every day.

This guy... would definitely do that!

These days, Nangong Wuque was no longer as scared of Nethery as he was in the past. He could even sit in front of the restaurant and relax.

Nangong Wan was seated and eating a jar of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup.

Today, the dish was Nangong Wuque's treat, for Nangong Wan was sad that she was knocked out of the Magical Hand Competition. So, Nangong Wuque had promised to treat her.

So far, Bu Fang had placed many advertisements in the Magical Hand Competition, and as a result of that, Cloud Mist Restaurant had grown more famous.

There were more people rushing over to the restaurant, just to eat a meal. This was because they wanted to witness the strength of the chef that had defeated so many alchemists.

Back then, they were only able to watch Bu Fang cook those fragrant dishes from beneath the stage, yet they were still itching to try them. However, they never got the chance to. But now that the chance to taste his dishes was there, they rushed over just to give them a try.

Although many of the dishes that Bu Fang had cooked in the competition were not available in the restaurant, they gave the dishes available a try and were totally captivated by them.

The temptation to taste these delicacies was not something that these denizens from the Pill Palace, who only ate dry, tasteless Multi-Taste Fasting Pill, could withstand.

The Multi-Taste Fasting Pillwas convenient. However, in Bu Fang's eyes, eating food every day was something that could not be foregone.

If there was no food in life... then there would be less fun to be had.


After stir-frying for a little while, Bu Fang shook the wok, and a fragrant aroma began to waft outwards.

Bu Fang used the spatula to scoop out the glossy Red Braised Meat, then placed it into a porcelain bowl. Streams of steam rose from the bowl, and under the bright light, the Red Braised Meat resembled rubies.

Bu Fang placed the porcelain bowl on the kitchen window and asked Nethery to serve it.

Today, Nethery did not steal any bites. In fact, she had stopped eating the food meant for customers. This was probably because she had already stolen bites off these dishes, so she no longer found them interesting.

After serving the dish to the customer who ordered it, Nethery suddenly frowned. She raised her beautiful face and looked outside.

A silhouette, who was garbed in a black robe, slowly approached from afar. Emanating from it was an insidious and malicious aura, and with every step it took, the aura thickened.

The customers, who had formed a queue, were all wary of the frightening aura emanating from the approaching figure.

The person carried a bronze coffin, making him seem even more mysterious.

"Cloud Mist Restaurant..." The person murmured in a hoarse voice. A ray of scarlet light glowed from underneath the black robes.

Nangong Wuque was still lying in the chair, enjoying his sunbath when he suddenly felt a chill that made him shiver.

He opened his eyes and saw the black-robed figure.

The moment Nangong Wuque laid his eyes on the figure, the figure also turned to look at him.

"Mate, queue up! Old Bu here doesn't allow anyone to jump the queue..." Nangong Wuque said with a frown.

The black-robed figure's cold scarlet gaze swept past Nangong Wuque, and he coldly said, "Queue... there are no such words in my dictionary."

"Don't... I am just informing you kindly; I am afraid you'll regret it later!" Nangong Wuque quickly replied.

However, the black-robed figure's breaths quickened, and he took another step forward. In an instant, a wave of true energy surged forward. He lifted the bronze coffin off his back and aimed it at Nangong Wuque.

"WTF?! Looking for a fight just because of a slight disagreement? Do you really think your gramps Nangong is here to crack jokes?"

Nangong Wuque narrowed his eyes. After the incident that happened at the Nangong Family, he may have still retained his idiotic appearance, but he had changed a lot.


The bronze coffin forcefully hit the ground. Nangong Wuque's figure immediately shot backward, as he retreated a few steps.

"Hmm? Interesting... could it be that the ground has a magic array protecting it? It didn't even budge..." the black-robed figured murmured again in a hoarse voice.

The customers in the vicinity were shocked.

A man garbed in a black robe, who carried a bronze coffin...

Nangong Wuque looked at the bronze coffin and seemed to recall something, then he took a deep breath.

"You are that strong person from Puppet Sect... Bronze Coffin An Gu!"

Bronze Coffin An Gu was one of the top powers of the Puppet Sect. He had managed to break through three Supreme-Being shackles. When controlling his ancient corpse puppet, his combat power rises close to the level of those who had broken through four Supreme-Being shackles!

In the Puppet Sect, An Gu was said to be the best amongst the younger generation!

He was an existence on the same level as those genius alchemists from the Pill Palace and the top three of the Ten Grand Heirs of Heaven of the Grand Barren Sect.

Why would this kind of existence appear in this small restaurant? He had even brought down his bronze coffin. Could he... be there to look for trouble?

"Nangong Wuque... and the owner of this restaurant, why are you still alive?"

An Gu's raspy voice was audible to all. He seemed to be asking and answering it himself.

His breathing was becoming even more rapid, and his black robe fluttered wildly in the wind, as though a blower was right beside him, blowing at his robes.

"What do you mean? Is the fact we are still alive something weird?" Nangong Wuque was speechless. Was that dude an idiot? He, Nangong Wuque, had yet to do anything that was deserving of punishment by the heavens, so why was he being alive something weird?


However, the moment those words left Nangong Wuque's mouth, the scarlet light emanating from An Gu became brighter. He looked at Nangong Wuque and coldly said, "Two students from my Puppet Sect died in that secret realm. Why are you still alive? Why don't you go and die?!"

Creak! A scraping sound, which made everyone cringe, resounded. The Bronze Coffin was scraping the floor as it slid toward Nangong Wuque. It was so heavy, it almost caused the air in its way to rush away.

The surrounding customers all moved out of the way. Naturally, they all heard of An Gu's.

A powerhouse of the Puppet Sect... They were vengeful and very protective. Since they did not have many students, and because training people was not easy, they, the Puppet Sect, considered each and every one of their student precious.

In the Secret Realm of the Heavenly Mist City, two excellent students from the Puppet Sect had died. How could this not anger An Gu!

Nangong Wuque's feet touched the ground, and he instantly dodged the incoming coffin.

Bu Fang strolled out of the kitchen.

He wiped the water on his hands, then expressionlessly glanced at the black-robed figure, who had retrieved his bronze coffin, and said, "You are not allowed to cause trouble in the store."

An Gu hoisted the bronze coffin with one arm and slowly turned around. That scarlet light emanating from underneath the black robe instantly focused on Bu Fang.

"You... are the boss of this restaurant?" He murmured in a raspy voice once again, and this time, it was laced with some frightening killing intent.

"Yes," Bu Fang replied calmly.

"You... also entered that Secret Realm and made it out alive?" An Gu murmured in an increasingly threatening voice, and the bronze coffin creaked.

"Yes," Bu Fang replied calmly once more.


The Bronze Coffin crashed into the ground with force. "Then, you should've died, too," An Gu said coldly, with threatening words.


He raised his hand, and the heavy bronze coffin flew toward Bu Fang.

Everyone gasped in shock!

Nangong Wan's face became as white as a sheet of paper.

Bronze Coffin An Gu! He was the among the strongest people in the younger generation! He actually wanted Owner Bu dead, by his hands!


It was as if the air in the coffin's way was being ground into pieces. The bronze coffin spun rapidly as it approached Bu Fang.

Without raising an eyebrow, Bu Fang calmly rubbed his slender fingers together.

The bronze coffin brought with it a very strong wind, which tore Bu Fang's hair tie, causing his hair to flutter wildly.

"I said... no disturbance in the store. Did you not understand?"

Just as the bronze coffin was about to strike Bu Fang, he opened his mouth and said those words. What he had said shocked everyone.

As usual, Owner Bu was still so confident!

In the face of death, he was still so calm! Epic!


"Troublemakers will be stripped as an example to others!"

A mechanical voice and buzzing sound reverberated in the store. Something metallic shot out from the kitchen. Its eyes glowed a brilliant purple, which caused an oppressive aura to spread.


Outside, there were two people strolling over. One of them was a handsome guy carrying a huge heavy sword, which was as dark as ink, while the other was a graceful-looking guy in blue robes.

The two stopped close to the restaurant and looked in surprise at the somewhat noisy store.

"Bro Xi Meng, it looks like we're late for the party. Someone arrived before us," said the graceful guy wearing blue robes, with a laugh.

The one carrying the heavy sword narrowed his eyes, frowning.

Suddenly, they were taken aback and stared in the direction of the restaurant.

They heard a scream and a huge bang!

Someone was thrown out of the restaurant!