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 "Sorceress An Sheng? Who is she? Is she really that awesome?"

Bu Fang seemed to have heard a surprised yell from the head judge. He turned his head and asked in doubt.

The head judge looked at Bu Fang, speechless. How could he not know Sorceress An Sheng?

She was the top-ranked genius alchemist in Heavenly Pill City... She already had the abilities of a Two Cloud alchemist. She was one of the top ten competitors in this Magical Hand Conference.

Of course, that wasn't the main point. The main point was that as someone who lived in Heavenly Mist City, Bu Fang actually didn't know who Sorceress An Sheng was.

"Sorceress An Sheng... She is both beautiful and capable. She is the idol of everyone in Heavenly Pill City and also the person every single alchemist hopes to marry. In the previous Magical Hand Conference, she managed to reach the 27th position. This time, she is definitely going to aim for the top ten." The head judge sighed and said. When he talked about Sorceress Ah Sheng, the look in his eyes changed.

"What about it?" Bu Fang held his giant board in one hand and the jade symbol in the other. He looked at the judge and calmly asked.

What about it? You're f**king dead!

Initially, he felt as though this chef was going to be a black horse in this year's Magical Hand Conference. However, as things were playing out, it seemed as though this black horse wasn't going to run far.

It was over for him the moment he met Sorceress An Sheng!

"Sorceress Ah Sheng isn't like those alchemists you met in the previous rounds. She cannot be compared to them at all. Her mental strength is extremely strong. You won't be able to affect her with the smell of your dishes. If you think that you can achieve victory by causing her to explode her furnace, you can keep dreaming."

The head judge sighed.

As the rest of the competitors looked at the jade symbol in Bu Fang's hand, they started to break out into discussion. Amongst them, there were those who were excited. There were also those who were sighing in regret.

All of the contestants had different emotions.

As for Nangong Wuque, his feelings were in disarray. His face was flushed red. After shooting a strange glance at Nangong Wuque, Bu Fang retracted his gaze.

"Wahaha! I've finally met that little b*tch, Lin Sanpao! If I don't thoroughly abuse him, I'll change my surname!" Nangong Wuque shouted excitedly and everyone around him looked at him as though he was a retard.

Black lines filled Lin Sanpao's face. He wanted nothing more than to slap that cheeky Nangong Wuque to death.

Who's the little b*tch? Your whole family is made up of little b*tches!

Even though he was scolding Nangong Wuque in his heart, Lin Sanpao felt that his head was aching. After all, Nangong Wuque was still extremely strong. Even though he lost his Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, he was still an extremely strong opponent.

"Enough... Since all of you have seen your opponents, you can leave. In three days, we will begin the grand ceremony of the Magical Hand Conference at this very place. For the battle for the top hundred, I hope that everyone can arrive on time. Display your skills for everyone to see!" Grand Master Xuan Ming said in earnest.

The contestants who were standing below him nodded their head in order to show their agreement.

After he spoke, Grand Master Xuan Ming and several other Grand Masters started to float into the air. They charged toward the warship which was hovering in the air.

The audience at the bottom started to clamor. They watched on as several Grand Masters left.

After the Grand Masters left, the audience members under the main stage started to leave the place.

Bu Fang held onto his giant board as he walked out of the main stage under the sympathetic gaze of the head judge. He was hurrying back in order to do business at his restaurant.

"Old Bu, wait for me!"

Nangong Wuque excitedly rushed toward Bu Fang and his face was completely red. He had a delighted expression on his face as he hopped beside Bu Fang.

In the distance, Duan Yun looked at Bu Fang's back and opened his mouth. However, after thinking about it, he didn't say anything. Instead, he made a decision in his heart. He decided to slowly understand it after he got back.

Based on Owner Bu's shitty personality, he wouldn't be a random nobody in Heavenly Mist City.


"Old Bu, you are really awesome! I never thought that you would actually bash your way through into the top hundred! This is really... Really too cool! You're the first chef in history to enter the top hundred of the Magical Hand Conference! Hahaha. I'm excited whenever I think about it!" Nangong Wuque chirped about around Bu Fang like a little bird.

Bu Fang had an expressionless face as he walked straight ahead. He was lazy to entertain Nangong Wuque.

"Right, who is your opponent in the competition of the top hundred? Tell me... I can help you to make some plans." Nangong Wuque seemed to have thought of something and suddenly asked.

Bu Fang was shocked for a moment. "I think she was called Ah Sheng or something like that. Sorceress An Sheng."

The words which came out of Bu Fang's mouth stunned Nangong Wuque.

In the next moment, this fellow shouted out with an exaggerated expression on his face.

"Sorceress An Sheng? What the f*ck... How is your luck so good? You actually got Sorceress An Sheng!"

Good luck? Why was it different from what the head judge said?

Bu Fang became a little suspicious.

"Sorceress An Sheng is so pretty and she has huge rabbits. You can compete with her on the same stage and look at her breasts in close proximity. Even if you lose, it's worth it. I'm so envious of you!" Nangong Wuque sighed with a serious expression on his face.

Pretty girl with huge breasts... Was that what you took note of? Bu Fang was somewhat speechless. Shouldn't Nangong Wuque be talking about the other party's abilities?

In fact, Bu Fang was too lazy to talk to this fellow with low moral standards. He sped up his footsteps and he quickly disappeared into the crowd.


In the warship which belonged to Heavenly Pill City.

Duan Yun returned to the warship in a trance. His opponent this time was some no-name alchemist. He was extremely confident that he would be able to achieve victory. The reason he was in a trance was because of Bu Fang.

He didn't think that Bu Fang would actually appear in Heavenly Mist City. Let alone take part in the Magical Hands Conference...

He really couldn't get his head around it.

In the distance, a woman with an extremely hot figure leisurely walked over. She wore a long red skirt with a split at the bottom. Her white and long legs were revealed, exuding a kind of special charm.

The thing which stood out the most was her towering breasts... They nearly broke out from her clothes.

"Little Duanduan, what are you thinking about?"

She looked at Duan Yun and her eyes lit up. She softly cried out to him.

Duan Yun who was in a daze felt as though he shivered in terror when he heard her voice.

In the distance, Senior Brother Zhang and the rest who were about to arrive seemed as though they had seen a ghost. They turned around and they quickly ran away. They prayed for Duan Yun in their heart.

Duan Yun was stunned and he raised his head. He saw a face which was pretty and full of charm staring at him.

This woman had a head full of purple hair. When paired with her red long skirt, she looked extremely beautiful.

"An... Senior Sister An!" When he saw the woman standing in front of him, Duan Yun greeted her with a sour face.

"What's wrong? Are you feeling uncomfortable? Do you need big sister to rub your body?" This woman arrived at Duan Yun's side and said enchantingly.

All the hair on Duan Yun's body stood erect. He continuously retreated a few steps as he looked at this woman in terror. "No... It's nothing! I was just thinking of something which caused me to be in a daze."

Rub? How would he allow this woman to rub his body?

The last man who was rubbed by her was still lying in bed today. This was an extremely terrifying woman!

"Aiya, Little Duanduan, why are you standing so far away? Am I so scary? Come... Come here. Come here and talk to big sister."

"An... Senior Sister An... We still have to prepare for the competition for the top hundred. Lets... Let us chat in the future!" Duan Yun felt as though all the gray hair on his head were shriveled and sticking to his forehead.

Turning around, he decided to run far away from this woman.

Only, the slim and tender, seemingly boneless, hand of the woman firmly pressed on his shoulder. Duan Yun's body turned stiff in an instant.

"Try running away... Just try it." Sorceress An Sheng lightly laughed.

When he heard her, Duan Yun lost all thoughts of running away. He stood in place and he helplessly turned his head.

"That's right... Little Duanduan, who is your opponent in the next round? Do you need senior sister to help you to deal with him?"

As she pulled Duan Yun's hand, Sorceress An Sheng snickered to herself.

"No... There is no need for that. I'm not afraid of my next opponent at all." Duan Yun said awkwardly. He quickly thought of shifting the topic and he said, "Senior Sister An... Who is your opponent?"

"My opponent? I have no idea. He should be some random alchemist... He shouldn't pose a threat to me at all. I think that his name is called... Bu Fang, or something. I'm somewhat worried in my heart."

"Bu Fang? Owner Bu?" Duan Yun was shocked when he heard Bu Fang's name. He exclaimed loudly, in front of Sorceress An Sheng.

"Hm? Little Duanduan, you know him?"

When Sorceress An Sheng heard that Duan Yun knew her opponent, she was stunned for a moment. She asked him with a surprised expression on her face.

"Of course I know him... Senior Sister An, I'm afraid you're in trouble." Breathing out a long breath, Duan Yun's expression became serious.

"Oh... Why are you so serious? Could this Bu Fang be a disciple of some Grand Master?" An Sheng laughed.

"No... Bu Fang is a chef! He's an amazing chef!"

Light seemed to flash past Duan Yun's eyes as he seriously introduced Bu Fang to An Sheng.


Bu Fang was shocked when he approached the store as he carried his giant board on his shoulders.

There was a huge crowd standing in front of the entrance to his store and the atmosphere was extremely lively.

All of them were customers who were there for a meal. Among them, there were some who seemed familiar to Bu Fang. Of course, there were new faces as well...

"Aiya! Owner Bu is back!"

"Owner Bu! That's great! You actually reached the top hundred!"

"After hearing Owner Bu's advertisement in the elimination round, I came here immediately!"


When the customers saw that Owner Bu had returned, all of them started to clamor. Their enthusiasm caused Bu Fang to become a little afraid.

After squeezing past the crowd, Bu Fang opened the huge bronze gate as he entered the store.

"Please line up in an orderly manner... Place your order with Nethery."

Bu Fang stood in front of the door and informed the customers who were about to enter the restaurant. After saying a single sentence, he turned around and walked into the kitchen.

Nethery swept her gaze across the crowd who was about the enter the store. In an instant, they felt as though their bodies were submerged into a tub of ice-cold water. The rowdy crowd calmed down in a split second.

This woman... Her gaze was really sharp!

As the customers placed their orders in an orderly fashion, Bu Fang started to get busy in the kitchen. He started doing his business for the day.

As they ate, there were many people in the store who asked about Bu Fang's opponent in the competition for the top hundred. Without hiding anything, Bu Fang revealed the name of his opponent, Sorceress An Sheng.

When Bu Fang announced the name of his opponent, it was as though an explosion happened in his store. All of his customers erupted into a heated discussion which shocked Bu Fang.

"Sorceress An Sheng? Is she the Sorceress An Sheng from Heavenly Pill City?"

"Oh my god! She is my goddess! Owner Bu... You're finished!"

"Owner Bu, don't be afraid! You can always take part in the next Magical Hands Conference! Losing to Sorceress An Sheng is not disgraceful at all!"


None of the customers were optimistic about Bu Fang's chances of advancing further in the competition. Sorceress An Sheng's reputation was too huge.

Bu Fang was completely unaffected by whatever the customers said. He only felt a slight vibration in his heart.

It seemed as though this woman was going to be a tough opponent! There was no one who was optimistic about his chances of winning at all... This was awkward.

Bu Fang thought to himself as he played with the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand. He didn't say a single word.

The head judge wasn't confident in Bu Fang's abilities, even Nangong Wuque didn't think that he would win. Now, even his customers thought that he would lose for sure.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows.

Placing the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife on the cutting board, Bu Fang sank into his thoughts.

Facing such a powerful opponent... What should he cook?

He immediately decided that ordinary dishes would not be able to win him the competition. It seemed as though he had to pull out all the stops to create an awesome dish!

Sighing deeply, Bu Fang thought in his heart.