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The audience below was completely speechless. Every time this chef was done cooking, he would begin to advertise that Cloud Mist Restaurant.

They had begun to get suspicious of Bu Fang. Was his true purpose in entering the Magical Hands Conference to advertise his shop?

Nethery was extremely delighted, and her mouth was smeared with oil. Upon seeing someone as beautiful as Nethery having no care for her image, the audience below went wild with shock.

Her beauty was a feast for their eyes. Even the way she ate was magnificent in their opinion.

The chief judge returned to his senses, and his eyes opened as wide as saucers. He glared at Nethery with an expression filled with discontent.

"When did this woman come on stage? We are having a competition right now! How can random people just come on stage when the competition is on?"

The chief judge coldly said. He let out a mouthful of air and stared at Nethery as she ate large mouthfuls of crab meat. The scene gave him a slight heartache.

When the guards at the bottom of the stage heard the chief judge's angry yell, they immediately rushed up onto the stage and surrounded Nethery.

The chief judge was very angry. He had only managed to eat a mouthful of the delicious steamed crab when this woman unceremoniously snatched it away from him. He had never seen such a shameless woman before in his life!

Suddenly, he spotted a broken crab shell still on the plate. The shell was completely red and contained some white crab meat, which was exuding a pleasant aroma.

The chief judge picked up the crab shell and used his chopsticks to pick out the remaining meat within the shell. He stuffed it into his mouth and savored the taste.

"This woman is an employee of my Cloud Mist Restaurant..." Bu Fang elucidated.

Although this woman's sudden appearance was a little troublesome, Bu Fang still explained everything he needed to. He wasn't afraid that they would hurt Nethery; in fact, he was more worried about what would befall them should they try to do anything to her.

Nethery was the Netherworld Woman! Even Bu Fang himself had no idea what her abilities were. All he knew was that she was extremely powerful.

Furthermore, he had entered the Magical Hands Conference to promote his Cloud Mist Restaurant, not to cause any trouble. His goal was simple and innocent.

If the alchemists learned of Bu Fang's intentions, they would spit at him so much that he would drown in a sea of saliva. Ever since he joined the competition, he had caused an endless amount of trouble. What did he now mean he did not wish to cause any trouble?

What did he mean by a simple and innocent goal?

Bu Fang was certainly the most interesting chef in the world.

"Err... Chief judge, what do we do?"

When one guard heard Bu Fang's explanation, he had no idea what to do. He turned to look at the chief judge, with confusion in his eyes.

However, the chief judge was eating happily at the moment. The tangerine crab paste had smeared the corners of his lips, leaving him looking like a glutton. The guard was speechless.

"Forget it... Leave. We are going to leave." The guard muttered, with a heartbroken expression. He was so close to the fragrant aroma that it was almost unable to control himself.

What the f*ck... Was the chief judge especially messing with me?

The audience quietly watched the guards, who had rushed up the stage with great momentum, disperse with drooped shoulders.

The chief judge licked the shell from which he had just eaten, and the delicious taste of crab meat left him craving for more.

"It's really delicious..."

The chief judge sighed. This was the first time he had tasted something this delicious, and the feeling was indescribable.

Why was the Multi-taste Fasting Pill compared to this dish? They were on different levels!

If he really compared them both, he would say that the Condensed Grain Elixir tasted like shit when compared to this dish.

As the chief judge raised his head, his heart began to ache. This was because Nethery had eaten most of the dish before he could react. In fact, she was currently gnawing on a huge red pincer right in front of him.

The way this woman ate was extremely terrifying. Whenever she bit into the shell, loud crunches would resound. She did not even spit out the shell and just swallowed everything.

Was her stomach made out of f*cking iron?

"Chief judge, did I qualify for the next round?" Bu Fang looked at the chief judge, who was glaring at Nethery with a hateful expression. His appearance made it seem as though he had suffered bitterly because of her.

Another loud crunch resounded as Nethery bit into the pincer again, causing everyone's heart to tremble.

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, the chief judge looked at Bu Fang and nodded his head. "Passed. You passed... There will be a third round of eliminations later on. As long as you pass that round, you will qualify for the semi-finals..."

"There is another elimination round?" Bu Fang furrowed his brows. However, he soon regained his calm. Was it not just another elimination round? What was the big deal? He could just cook another steamed crab.

Bu Fang nodded and began to pack everything that was on his bronze platform. When he was done, he grabbed his enormous signboard and slowly walked off the stage.

Nethery bit down again, producing yet another audible crunch. As she chewed with fainter crunches, she raised her long and beautiful legs and followed after Bu Fang.


"There was another explosion in the fifth arena!"

"The chef wiped out almost all the alchemists participating in the same arena he was. Only the genius alchemists from Heavenly Pill City and Heavenly Shine City managed to pass."

"The enemy of all alchemists strikes again! He has crushed the competition and entered the last round of eliminations!"

The crowd went wild. The news began to spread like wildfire; it caused the entire plaza to boil with excitement.

Since he had qualified for the next round, Duan Yun picked up his alchemic furnace. In his heart, he cheered; this was because he was one step closer to his goal.

He had only just left the stage when the explosive news of Bu Fang, which was sweeping through the entire plaza, reached him. Duan Yun was shocked when he heard the news.

That chef showed off his skills and prowess?

"Did Senior Brother Zhang pass this elimination round? This terrifying chef... He really gives one a sense of familiarity," Duan Yun muttered in his heart. He had once met a chef who was ferocious and terrifying as this one. That chef was someone he met in the Southern Border, Owner Bu!

And now, another terrifying chef had appeared in the Heavenly Mist City's Magical Hands Conference.

He felt that both chefs had the same origin.

Could there be... Could there be a hidden power in the Hidden Dragon Continent that only consisted of chefs? A chef who was just as good as alchemists... That was something difficult to imagine!

When Duan Yun returned to the Heavenly Pill City's battleship, he instantly realized that atmosphere aboard the ship was very tense.

Senior Brother Zhang was sitting at the side, with a serious expression on his face. He sighed continuously.

"Senior Brother Zhang, did you advance to the next round?" Duan Yun hurriedly asked.

"Well, I advanced to the next round, however... my heart just does not want to calm down. The impact that the chef had on me was just too great," Senior Brother Zhang said, with a dispirited expression on his face.

Strictly speaking, he should have lost. Suffering defeat at the hands of a chef was something the usually arrogant Senior Brother Zhang found hard to accept.

"I really don't know what that guy will cook in the final elimination round tomorrow. None of you saw how multiple furnaces exploded simultaneously on stage today! My little heart nearly jumped out of my chest," Senior Brother Zhang murmured, feeling a little frightened.

A little further from them was Senior Brother. He was leaning against the railing on the deck, looking dispirited and filled with despair.

Duan Yun squinted his eyes. He felt that something was different about this Magical Hands Conference, and it was probably because of that chef.


Bu Fang's actions were not only discussed aboard the Heavenly Pill City's battleship. Almost every force from the three Pill Cities was talking about Bu Fang today.

A chef who had advanced all this way using an unreasonable method that caused the furnaces of alchemists to exploded. He fiercely barged into their field of vision.

This was a provocation to all alchemists!

For the arrogant alchemists, this was something that was not allowed to happen anymore.

Thus, almost every alchemist banded together and took Bu Fang as their common enemy. They wanted to crush him completely!

When Nangong Wuque and Nangong Wan heard the news, they were so shocked that they couldn't close their mouths.

What the f*ck... Owner Bu really is awesome! We thought that he was going to be eliminated. We never believed that this guy would actually force his way into the third elimination round!

Was this Bu Fang's counterattack? Did he plan to force his way into the top 100?

Although Nangong Wan had been eliminated already, she did not care too much about it. After all, she already knew the extent of her own abilities before she partook in the Magical Hands Conference.

Nangong Wuque, on the other hand, had advanced into the third elimination round. Although he no longer possessed his Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, which slightly affected his alchemy prowess, he was Nangong Wuque, after all; it was too easy for him to pass the elimination rounds.

When Yang Meiji learned that a chef had managed to charge into the third elimination round, she was momentarily stunned. Was Bu Fang the chef that had advanced into the third elimination round?

There was only one chef in Heavenly Mist City, so who else could it be other than Bu Fang?

Was this guy trying to pierce through the heavens? He had actually forced his way into the third elimination round!

Thinking up to this point, Yang Meiji suddenly had the urge to return to the Cloud Mist Restaurant. She wanted to question Bu Fang thoroughly.

She had not even taken a step forward when she noticed her master, Master Xuan Bei, glaring at her. Thus, she could only stay in the Pill Tower obediently and prepare the formula for the elixir she would be making for the third round of elimination, which was to be held the next day.


The sky was already dark when Bu Fang returned to the store.

Two bright moons hung in the sky and covered the land with a soft glow, making the earth look as though it had been covered in fine gauze.

As Bu Fang was closing the restaurant's bronze gates, a look of shocked appeared on his face, and he stared into the distance, with an expression of doubt.

There seemed to be a shadow passing by.

The corners of his lips briefly curled upwards, and Bu Fang no longer paid any attention to it. With a loud bang, he slammed the bronze gates shut and went into the kitchen.

From the darkness, Misha's figure slowly emerged. He looked at the restaurant with a gloomy expression and sighed deeply.

With that woman in the shop, it would be almost impossible for him to steal the Shura Tower!

Was the artifact of the Ancient Shura City fated to remain in the hands of others?

This could not remain the case. He knew that he would have to report this to Lord Tong He. After Lord Tong He communicated with the Ancient Shura City, they would dispatch some else experts to settle this problem.

Otherwise, he would only be able to look at the Shura Tower from afar!

After pondering for a while, Misha slowly slipped back into the darkness and disappeared.


When Bu Fang arrived at his kitchen, he prepared a bowl of Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Meat Ribs for Blacky, but he did not prepare any Dragon Blood Rice for Nethery.

After all, this woman actually rushed up onto the stage, snatched the dish he had prepared for the competition away from the judge and ate it. After all that, would she still crave Dragon Blood Rice now?

If this went on, Nethery would become fat, just like Blacky.

Because of this, despite how hard Nethery stared at Bu Fang, he did not cook any Dragon Blood Rice for her.

Blacky lay on the table and looked at Nethery, whose face had become as black as coal. The plump dog could not help itself and giggled non-stop.

Nethery expressionlessly gazed at Blacky. When she saw the fat on the plump dog's face jiggling as it chuckled, she narrowed her eyes.

"Hey, girl, don't snatch Lord Dog's meat ribs! Woof!"

Bu Fang was in the kitchen practicing his Overlord Thirteen Blades when he suddenly heard Blacky's enraged barking.

He tilted his head and glanced at the two of them before returning to his practice.

As he practiced his knife skills, he pondered about the dish he would be making the next day for the third round of eliminations.

Since the third round was important, Bu Fang knew that the competition would be intense. A lot of spectators would also be present to watch the round. As such, Bu Fang felt that he ought to prepare a dish that would shock everyone.

What kind of dish would be able to shock the crowd?

This was a serious question.

With the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in hand, Bu Fang seemed to space out.

"I have already made a dish with a fragrant aroma and a dish with a smelly odor. Let me make something spicy tomorrow..."