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 Why did the fragrance suddenly become thinner? It was almost gone!

Such an ending surprised everyone. Initially, the dense fragrance aroused the appetite of many spectators. However, the aroma disappeared in an instant, what caused many of them to feel uncomfortable.

The judge was full of tears as he stood below the stage. He felt as though Bu Fang was jealous of his handsome face... Why else would Bu Fang mess with him?

Why did things like this happen when he was the judge? First, it was the smelly odor. Next, it was the fragrance...

When the head judge went up on the stage, this brat suddenly became terrified?

Why were you afraid now? Hurry up and keep causing trouble!

The head judge felt as though something was wrong in his heart. However, when he sniffed the fragrance in the air, the tight feeling in his heart loosened.

As long as this brat didn't cause any trouble, everything would be fine.

The alchemists also let out long breaths. Seeing as everything was quiet, they watched Bu Fang as he placed his hand on the steamer to wait for his dish to cook. All of them were finally able to relax.

This time, they would finally be able to refine their elixirs in peace.

When they saw that there was nothing exciting going on, the audience felt disappointed in their heart. Everyone who was there to watch a good show wanted nothing more than to watch another round where all the furnaces exploded.

It was too bad for them that Bu Fang was intimidated by the head judge.

After all, it was the head judge... The head judge was someone who was pretty awesome.

Without Bu Fang causing a disturbance, all of the alchemists fully focused as they started to refine their elixirs.

In an instant, the entire stage was filled with fragrance coming from the various elixirs which were in the process of refinement. From that moment on, it would be their turn to shine!

Boom! Boom!

A pill fire swept through the area and it resembled a fire snake which was swallowing and spitting pill energy. As it swept around the stage, a heat wave filled the area. It seemed extremely cool.

It was a technique which was displayed by an alchemist from Heavenly Shine City. It caused the audience to burst out in shock and they were alarmed when he displayed his technique.

Senior Brother Zhang, who was from Heavenly Pill City, couldn't sit still either. His heart was agitated and with a loud shout, his pill fire seemed as though it turned into thunderbolts which fell from the vaults of heaven. It fell down from the sky and crashed into his furnace which seemed to be constantly fusing with the void.


Arcs of lightning flashed in the medicinal liquid and it seemed as though they were little snakes slithering around. It looked extremely cool!

"Wow! It's the Heavenly Pill City's Pill Tower's Lightning Quenching technique!"

"The Fire Snake technique from Heavenly Shine City is really cool as well!"

"They really live up to their name of genius alchemists. This is real alchemy... It's really too awesome!"


The people watching below the stage were attracted by the amazing and dazzling alchemy skills above. All of them shouted out in excitement.

However, because they saw that Bu Fang wasn't going to cause trouble today, many of them felt that it was going to be a boring match. Several left as they went toward the other arenas.

There were some audience members who left the fifth arena as they went toward other arenas in order to watch the competition. All of them went to show some support to their alchemy idols.

Well, this was supposed to happen in the first place. How could a chef be compared to an alchemist? They were on completely different levels...

As long as an alchemist pulled out all the stops, a chef could only be crushed under their feet.

In the previous rounds, the alchemists were simply not accustomed to Bu Fang's way of doing things. They were surprised by the aroma and odor of his dishes which caused them to lose their focus. That was the only reason why their furnaces exploded.

Today, seeing as Bu Fang wasn't going to do anything like the previous few rounds, many people left.

Even though that was the case, there were still many people who harbored hope in their heart. They were waiting for Bu Fang to do something explosive.

For example, the judge who had been screwed twice by Bu Fang was waiting for him to do something during the competition. At this moment, he was eagerly crouching beneath the platform as he stared at Bu Fang, who was on stage.

He felt as though Bu Fang would definitely surprise him. All of a sudden, the judge got excited and all of the pores on his body opened.

Bu Fang finally moved! He, who had his eyes closed as he stood motionless, finally moved!

Nobody knew when, but Bu Fang had already opened his eyes. The palm which was resting on the steamer released a huge amount of true energy which quickly entered it. It was as though a whirlpool of true energy was formed as it swirled around inside the steamer

"He moved! He finally moved!"

"Is he actually planning to do something? I'm really looking forward to it!"

"It's time to witness a miracle again. Will there be any explosions this time?"


At the moment Bu Fang made his move, the audience started to burst out with excitement. Many of them stretched out their necks as their gaze shifted to where Bu Fang was standing. There was a nagging feeling in their heart as they felt as though Bu Fang was about to do something.

There was definitely going to be a good show to watch!

At the same time, the alchemists who were on stage had already reached the last stage of their refinement. They were getting ready to congeal their elixir.

The medicinal liquid in the interior of the furnaces was rolling around and it seemed as though it was controlled by spirit power which came from the alchemists. Seeing as it was time to form the elixir, all of the alchemists focused their attention into the interior of their furnaces. The medicinal liquid constantly clumped together.

Pill which didn't seem to be completely formed gradually appeared in the furnaces. The alchemists' elixirs were about to be completed.

Of course, the head judge naturally noticed Bu Fang's movements but his heart was infinitely calm. The alchemists were about to form their elixirs... What else could this brat do to screw up the competition?

Even though he had been cooking his dish for such a long time, there wasn't any fragrance which was emitted from the dish. There wasn't any stench coming from it either... There should be no other way he would be able to affect the other participants...

Well, there were other ways this brat could use to affect the other competitors. However, he could only use them if he was prepared to go to heaven.

Otherwise, everything was going to end peacefully.

The head judge coldly laughed in his heart. If there were at least ten people who were qualified to pass this round, no matter how awesome Bu Fang's dish was, the head judge would never allow him to go on to the next round.

The earlier he made this brat leave the competition, the safer he would feel in his heart.

Other people joined the competition to take part in a contest of skill. As for this brat... he was there to play with their hearts!

Bu Fang finally took the steamer out from his Black Turtle Constellation Wok. By this time, all the water which filled the wok to the brim had changed into steam and was gone.

The water which had the smell of crab meat was steamed dry, and the bottom of the wok was reddish in color.

At this time, Bu Fang's hand lightly pulled as he opened the lid of the steamer.

Was his dish finally going to be revealed?

Everyone became excited as they stared at the steamer which had just been opened by Bu Fang.

Although the head judge was calm on the surface, his heart jumped when he saw that Bu Fang was about to present his dish. After swallowing a mouthful of saliva, he looked at the steamer which was in Bu Fang's hand.


The sound of something bursting filled the area when Bu Fang opened the lid of the steamer. In an instant, white billows of steam filled the skies. It surrounded Bu Fang and clouded the view of the audience.

The audience below the stage fiercely sniffed the air but they were unable to smell anything even after sniffing for half a day.

What in the world was going on?

Why was there no smell?

The audience members were shocked in their hearts. Could it be that... the dish Bu Fang made this time was actually an ordinary dish? Without a strong smell, how was he going to achieve victory over the alchemists?

Bu Fang placed the lid over to one side as the steam gradually cleared. The dish which was in the steamer was finally revealed.

A huge crab sat in the steamer and it was completely red in color.

Although the crab no longer had legs, the two huge claws were still intact.

On top of the shell of the crab which was red in color, glistening droplets of water could be seen. The droplets of water were small and exquisite which made it seem really charming and cute.

The smell which was emitted by the crab wasn't strong at all. However, when everyone looked at the crab in the steamer, all of them started to feel hungry.

It looked like it would taste really good!

"It seems as though this brat isn't going to cause trouble this time..." When the head judge saw the crab, he was shocked as well. However, when he thought about how Bu Fang was not going to cause a disturbance there today, he became a little happier.


Above the platform, strange fluctuations started to spread out. It was a phenomenon which happened when someone was about to successfully congeal an elixir.

Since it was strong enough to cause even space to tremble, this elixir was definitely not going to be an ordinary one. Could it be that someone was refining a spirit pill?

The attention of the audience was immediately captured by the alchemists.

After all, it was a rare occurrence for the audience members to watch the successful creation of a spirit pill. This was an extremely attractive scene for many people.

The alchemists who were able to refine spirit pills were definitely people who were Cloud level alchemists verified by the Pill Tower.

A One Cloud Alchemist was able to refine a one mark spirit pill. A Two Cloud alchemist could refine two marks or three marks spirit pills. As for Three Cloud alchemists, they could refine four marks or five marks spirit pills... The list went on.

A Cloud level alchemist refining a spirit pill... That was a scene which could stir up everyone.

The fluctuations in the air became more and more intense which was a sign where more than one alchemist was refining a spirit pill. The competition was becoming more and more exciting!

"What the f*ck! It's the genius alchemist of the Heavenly Pill City! Pill energy condensing into a cloud... He is the one refining a spirit pill!"

"Are you blind? Can't you see that the alchemist from Heavenly Shine City is refining a spirit pill as well?"

"Now, we have no idea who will be able to successfully congeal their elixir... It seems like this is a challenge for all of them as well!"


The audience were exclaiming and cheering without end. It seemed as though they were full of praise for the alchemists who were on stage.

Competition between alchemists was commonly seen. The most exciting part was seeing who successfully completed the refinement process first. Next would be crushing the opponent's product with an elixir of superior quality.

At this moment, it seemed as though all of the attention was on the formation of the spirit pill.

There was no one who bothered with Bu Fang any longer.

However, there was an exception. It was the judge who had been screwed over twice by Bu Fang. He stared at Bu Fang intently... It seemed as though he held quite a strong grudge against him.

All of a sudden, the judge was shocked!

He was shocked as Bu Fang started to cook again. As he stimulated the Ten Thousand Beastial Flames, Bu Fang directed it toward the ingredients and crab meat which was in the wok.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

As Bu Fang stir-fried everything, an aroma filled the arena.

It was extremely fragrant... However, when compared to the Oyster Pancake, the fragrance was somewhat lacking. It wasn't able to affect the alchemists.

Sniffing the fragrance which was lingering in the air, the audience members became certain that Bu Fang was already at his wit's end. He was no longer able to display his might.

Many alchemists smelled the aroma in the air and their heart didn't move in the slightest. They sneered at Bu Fang.

After all, he was just a chef who did stuff a little irregularly.

There was only one person who knew what Bu Fang was doing... It was the judge who got screwed over twice.

In a few moments, the wok jerked and waves of hot air rolled outwards. The red, stir-fried crab meat seemed as though it was still shivering when Bu Fang took it out of the wok. He poured it over the red crab which came out from the steamer.


Hot air filled the area along with some popping sounds.

Bu Fang was extremely calm. With a flick of his finger, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife fell into his hand. With a few light slashes, the knife seemed like a dazzling flower as Bu Fang showed off his awesome cutting skills.

Bu Fang focused all of his attention on the crab as his eyes never left it. With two fingers, he pressed on the shell of the crab. With a slide of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, the mouth of the shell was opened.

The sound of something breaking could be heard all of a sudden.

The crisp and melodious sound didn't attract any attention from the people in the surrounding.

However, when Bu Fang separated the shell of the crab from its body, steaming hot air emerged. The hot air started to spread out along with a strong aroma.

The fragrance took over the entire arena by storm.

The head judge was stunned and the rest of the audience was shocked as well.

A resplendent light shot toward the sky from Bu Fang's bronze platform. In an instant, the eyes of everyone landed on that platform.

That dish... What in the world was it? How was it able to emit such a blinding light?


Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The head judge's heart shook all of a sudden. His entire body was covered in cold sweat in the next instant.

On the stage, in a few moments, earth-shattering sounds of explosions filled the area. Angry voices could be heard following the explosions.

The audience was completely shocked.

Everyone was shocked as they sucked in a breath of cold air.

Who the f*ck said that Bu Fang was not going to cause trouble today?

The fragrance which had been stored in the dish for such a long time emerged suddenly... In the instant it appeared, all of the furnaces exploded!