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 Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sounds of consecutive explosions resounded through the whole stage.

It wasn't just the judge who was stunned. It was also the case for all the spectators who were below the arena, watching the elimination round.

A furnace exploded! The spectators saw the explosion of another one.

Was the eighth arena the heaven for furnace explosions? There were many furnaces which exploded the day before. Today, there were also many people who made their furnace explode. It was truly too... Too exciting!

Everyone went into an uproar when they looked at the furnaces of the doctors and alchemists which exploded.

Medicinal paster splattered all around the eighth arena and a burnt smell filled the area. There were some unlucky people who bore the brunt of the furnace explosions. Those people turned into black cats. Their faces became extremely black and dark. There was even smoke which came out from their mouth.

The eyes of all those people who suffered from the explosion glittered. They were filled with grief and sadness. Turning to look at Bu Fang, they wished that they could ruthlessly beat him up as they were truly enraged by his actions.

At this moment, that judge was dumbfounded. He finally understood why there was a nagging feeling in his heart that something was amiss.

That lad really caused a scene on the eighth arena again!

When he demanded that Bu Fang should not cook the extremely Stinky Tofu like he did on the day before, he was afraid that it would affect the other competitors today. Seeing as Bu Fang had obediently agreed without making a fuss, he felt as though Bu Fang was a sensible guy. What was the result of that... In the end, that brat made a mess on the eighth arena again.

If he was so amazing, why didn't he try ascending to the heavens instead?

He really didn't make the extremely smelly Stinky Tofu. Indeed, the dish he made didn't emit an intense stench...

However... What the hell was with this extremely fragrant aroma? This fragrance could cause one to involuntarily become infatuated by it. They would want to continue to smell the fragrance coming from Bu Fang's dish.

Likewise, the smell coming from Bu Fang's dish affected the other competitors. Moreover, the judge discovered that the effects and impact of the aroma were even more terrifying than the Stinky Tofu he cooked on the previous day.

After all, when Bu Fang cooked the Stinky Tofu, there weren't so many people who blew up their furnaces.

Those continuous and consecutive explosion sounds even formed a rhythmic tune.

Only the true genius alchemists from the Heavenly Pill City and Heavenly Shine City managed to persevere.

However, the current state of those genius alchemists wasn't looking too good. Their foreheads were filled with beads of sweat. Those participants were quite annoyed and vexed. Their eyes almost popped out from their sockets from how much they were concentrating.

The fragrance which lingered around their noses seemed like it was arousing their most primitive desire. The feeling and sensation was something which they had never experienced in their life. It was like torture to them.

Their bellies couldn't help but growl and their faces became flushed. Their faces were crimson as they pressed on to refine their elixirs. They were truly humiliated by him.

They discovered that the chef, who they had looked down upon, was quite a treacherous and sinister person.

The aroma emitted by that dish was like a poison which shook their minds. It disturbed and harassed all of them.


The person who was the most dejected and devastated at this moment was none other than the judge. He almost wept as he looked at the competitors whose furnaces had exploded. They were eliminated from the competition immediately.

He knew that he was going to suffer another scolding today.

The number of people in the arena was gradually decreasing as one competitor after another was eliminated. Only five people remained in the arena and the expressionless Bu Fang was one of them.

Oh my god!

"Was this chef sent by the heavens to punish me?" The judge thought as he wept inwardly.

There were still four people who managed to pass the match on the previous stage.

As for this one... it would be already quite excellent if three of them managed to pass the round.


Just as he thought about it, the sound of another furnace exploding resounded.

"Judge, what's the meaning of this? We are going to file a complaint."

The last alchemist whose furnace exploded was extremely angered. He picked up pieces of the exploded furnace and threw them on the ground in anger. He was so enraged that his expression was distorted.

The other alchemists also angrily condemned Bu Fang.

The spectators around the eighth arena were extremely excited. They were clamoring as that was a fun show to watch again. None of them minded or cared about the matter that escalated quickly as long as they could watch a funny show.

It couldn't be denied that Bu Fang's dish was really too fragrant.

"Judge, I finished making my product... Please examine it." Bu Fang was unfazed while facing their condemnations. He turned his gaze to the judge who wanted to cry but couldn't.

The judge took a deep breath and walked toward Bu Fang's bronze platform. The closer he approached the platform, the more intense and richer the fragrance became.

There was a dish which looked like a golden steamed bun resting on the tray. There was a cut in the middle of the dish from where dense steam and spiritual energy rose. It seemed as though there was light flickering on it and all of it caused the dish to seem extremely beautiful.

The Oyster Pancake was displayed like the Sweet Spicy Stinky Tofu of the day before. Although it was just a single piece of Oyster Pancake which was on a tray, it seemed quite beautiful.

Because of the Oyster Pancake's beauty as well as its sweet aroma, it seemed that the judge's grief and sadness were somewhat appeased.

"What did you cook today?" The judge asked.

"It's called the Oyster Pancake, fragrance-drifting-ten-miles Oyster Pancake." Bu Fang earnestly replied.

The judge looked at him with a deep gaze. Fragrance drifting for ten miles? It should instead be called furnaces-exploding-ten-miles Oyster Pancake. This was a dish which made countless alchemists blow up their furnaces.

Although the judge was ridiculing the dish in his heart, he still took out that golden jade talisman and poured his true energy into it. In an instant, the talisman formed an array which covered and engulfed the Oyster Pancake. Star-like dots shone on the surroundings of the Oyster Pancake. The radiance coming from the array became brighter and brighter.

"This... Such an intense spiritual energy concentration! It's even more intense than the Stinky Tofu you cooked yesterday!" The judge took a deep breath as an expression of shock and alarm appeared on his face.

Just the concentration of spiritual energy coming from the Oyster Pancake was no weaker than that of any ninth grade elixir. Moreover, it seemed to have reached the degree of a middle-rank ninth-grade elixir.

Just a deep-fried stuffed bun could be this amazing?

The judge took out his chopsticks without saying a word and stuffed a piece of Oyster Pancake into his mouth.


All of the spectators were unable to control themselves. They stared wide-mouthed as the judge placed a piece of the Oyster Pancake into his mouth. They stared straight at the judge as drool overflowed from the corners of their mouth.


A crisp sound echoed as the judge bit into the Oyster Pancake. The sound seemed as though it possessed some mystical power as it lingered in the air. The crunch echoed in the ears of everyone present and they involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

"It seems extremely... Delicious..."

"What the f*ck... Look at all the saliva overflowing from my mouth!"

"I lived for so long, yet I haven't eaten a real dish in my life. I have only eaten Fasting Pills before... I really want to eat that Oyster Pancake."


Saliva flowed out of the spectators' mouths as they looked at the judge with envy and jealousy with their wide eyes.

Squish! Squish!

After biting into that luxuriant seafood which was inside the Oyster Pancake, the flavor of an oyster exploded in his mouth. The unique and distinctive taste of seafood overwhelmed his entire body.


The judge's face instantly became flushed. A groan escaped his lips.

It was too crisp and delicious!

At that moment, the judge was so moved that he almost cried. The delicious dish really captivated him. He already forgot everything about the Oyster Pancake's effect. He simply immersed himself in its taste. The taste was so pleasing and he felt as much pleasure as he did on the first night he passed in the bridal room.

In just a few moments, the Oyster Pancake on Bu Fang's tray was completely devoured by the judge. After he ate the Oyster Pancake, the judge even bit and licked his chopsticks.

His current appearance disgusted all of the spectators.

What the f*ck! We all must go report such a disgusting and sick judge later.

"Your dish is truly delicious. It also can't be denied that along with its delicious taste, it has an effect equivalent to that of a ninth-grade elixir... If I'm not mistaken, the Oyster Pancake has the effect of allowing one to quickly recover true energy, am I right? The only reason I can't feel the effects is because I have not spent any true energy... However, I can still feel that my true energy is revolving five times faster than usual. This also means that it can allow one's true energy recovery speed to be faster by five folds."

The judge, whose face was flushed, opened his misty eyes and looked at Bu Fang.

What? Fivefold amplification?

How could that dish be so amazing?

The alchemists who were in the arena had been ready to mock Bu Fang. However, they were dumbfounded at the moment. It wasn't just the alchemists who were shocked; the spectators around the eighth arena were also stunned.

Even the ninth-grade Qi Gathering Pill couldn't reach up to a fivefold amplification of true energy recuperation speed.

The effect of the Oyster Pancake was too terrifying.

What was the concept of a fivefold recovery? It meant that if a Supreme-Being expert only had thirty percent of his true energy left, he would be able to recover all his true energy in the time it would take for him to make a cup of tea if he ate an Oyster Pancake.

Such an effect had already surpassed and exceeded the effects of a ninth-grade elixir.

While everyone was stunned and the judge was exclaiming in surprise, Bu Fang, who was expressionless, took out a giant board from his system's dimensional storage.

A "thump" sound echoed as it fell on his bronze platform.

"The fragrance-drifting-ten-miles Oyster Pancake is the newest dish of the Cloud Mist Restaurant. It can be taken out of the restaurant and each person can only buy two servings of it. The effects of the Oyster Pancake can be duplicated. First come, first served."

Bu Fang made a bland advertisement with an expressionless face. It seemed quite hilarious when he advertised his restaurant.

However, the spectators couldn't laugh when they heard what Bu Fang said. This time, they were truly attracted by his advertisement.

The Cloud Mist Restaurant? Was it the restaurant ran by this chef? Was the Heavenly Mist City's Cloud Mist Restaurant selling these Oyster Pancakes?

It seemed like they had to go there in order to find out.

The judge didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this moment... This lad brought out his board and made an advertisement in the middle of the competition again.

"Cough, Cough... I declare that the competitor Bu Fang has passed the first elimination round. Go and prepare for the second elimination round which will start in four hours."

Bu Fang was taken aback by his words. After collecting his board, he realized that there was still another elimination round. However, how could another round trouble Bu Fang? With the Oyster Pancake in his hand, it wouldn't be difficult for him to pass the second round as well.

Bu Fang was extremely confident in the Oyster Pancake. Even if it wasn't enough, he would just make Shrimpy swim around in the oil in the wok in order to boost the effects of the Oyster Pancake.

All of the alchemists were angered. They all surrounded the judge as they were quite displeased by the fact that Bu Fang passed the first round. However, after the experience on the day before, the judge became even more like a hoodlum.

"There are no issues with the array. The effect of the product has nothing wrong as well. The dish simply smells nicer... It's your fault that you are unable to resist the temptation of the dish. The fragrance of a true Elixir Pill is no weaker than Bu Fang's dish... When that time came, what excuses would all of you use?" The judge spoke overbearingly and left all the eliminated alchemists speechless.

Finally, the remaining three alchemists completed the refining process of their elixirs.

The judge immediately wore a smile on his face. As expected of the geniuses alchemists from the Heavenly Pill City and Heavenly Shine City. They didn't let him down...

It seemed as though the results today wouldn't be worse than yesterday's as there were still four people who managed to pass.

If he didn't compare himself to the judges from the other arena, he wouldn't feel the pain. The judge had already become slightly apathetic to the fact that there were only four contestants who managed to pass. He was actually even somewhat overjoyed and satisfied when he saw that four people passed. It seemed as though the judge had truly gone insane.

However, when he examined their elixirs with the array... the judge felt as though he was really about to go nuts.