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 Chapter 49: The Big Black Dog That Strides Like a Cat

Translator: OnGoingWhy Editor: Vermillion

Bu Fang was yawning as he opened up the entrance of the store. A burst of cold wind blew into the store and was mixed with the cold autumn rain. The rhythmic drizzle was like a curtain as it completely enveloped the entire sky.

Entering the kitchen, he took out the radishes to carry out his daily knife skill training. Then he cooked a few other practice dishes and carried one of practice dishes that was still piping hot to Blacky.

"Blacky, it's time to eat," Bu Fang placed the dish within the store and called Blacky to come in. It was still raining outside and it would be bad to get wet.

As Blacky breathed in the fragrance, the lazy dog actually stood up and enchantingly strode into the store like a cat... Then it began to gobble down the food within the bowl.

Bu Fang remained expressionless as he thought, "Why is a dog walking like a cat?"

Fatty Jin and his buddies were drenched as they entered the store while holding up umbrellas. They greeted Bu Fang with smiles on their faces and placed the oil-paper umbrellas at the entrance.

"Owner Bu, good morning. I'll have the same dishes as yesterday," Fatty Jin sat down at a table and said toward Bu Fang as he patted his robe that was drenched in the rain. The other obese men ordered their dishes as well.

Bu Fang nodded and indifferently walked into the kitchen. After a while, a rich fragrance drifted out from it.

After sending off Fatty Jin and his buddies, Bu Fang was able to rest for a short while. It might be due to the rain, but there was fewer customers than usual.

"Smelly boss! Give me a serving of Fish Head Tofu Soup!"

A loud yell came from outside of the store. Before the person even appeared, her voice had already reached.

Ouyang Xiaoyi's face was filled with excitement as she ran into the store. Her trousers were slightly drenched from the rain, but she did not care in the slightest.

"Smelly boss, I've advanced! Hurry up and give me the Fish Head Tofu Soup!" Ouyang Xiaoyi's eyes were flashing with excitement as she looked at Bu Fang with a face filled with expectations.

Bu Fang was stunned for a moment, then carefully observed the girl. He discovered that there really was a faintly discernible true energy lingering on her skin, which was the manifestation of true energy outside of her body. However, she was unable to skillfully control it, which meant that she had just advanced.

"Oh, alright. Wait for it," Bu Fang expressionlessly said, then entered the kitchen.

Ouyang Xiaoyi narrowed her eyes as a smile appeared on her adorable face. She was leaning on the window as she eagerly waited for the Fish Head Tofu Soup.

Bu Fang's speed was very fast. He was now extremely familiar with most of the dishes. Even though the cooking steps of the Fish Head Tofu Soup were troublesome, it was nothing for the current him.

The milky white fish soup was exuding a dense amount of hot air, while the flesh of the fish was delicious and tender, and the crystal-clear tofu was delicate and plump.

As Bu Fang placed the Fish Head Tofu Soup at the window, Ouyang Xiaoyi eagerly carried it away. The two of them were well-coordinated and their actions were smooth and natural.

Bu Fang was soon startled as he thought, "Didn't her job end already?"

Glancing at Ouyang Xiaoyi who was happily drinking fish soup and eating fish, a faint smile appeared on Bu Fang's face.

Drinking a bowl of piping hot Fish Head Tofu Soup during a cold autumn rain was simply a comfortable thing to do.

At the entrance of the alleyway, several figures slowly made their way to the store. Their mood was stifling and heavy.

The Xiao family had brought the fading Xiao Yanyu over. However, none of the Xiao family members seemed to be hopeful and they had sorrowful expressions on their faces.

Xiao Meng was carrying his daughter, Xiao Yanyu, in his arms as he firmly walked toward Fang Fang's Little Store. His face was extremely grim. Since the imperial physicians had already stated that it was a hopeless situation, he could only entrust his hope to this store of unknown origins.

Since he was worried, he had the store investigated for a second time. Even though nothing was discovered, at the very least... he had an inexplicable confidence in the store.

Bu Fang remained expressionless as he watched the Xiao family file into the store and beckoned them to sit down.

Xiao Yanyu's beautiful face was whiter than paper and without a single trace of blood. It was obvious that her life force was depleting rapidly and her aura was extremely weak.

"You said... you can save my sister. I believe in you, that's why I waited until today!" Xiao Xiaolong's voice was slightly hoarse as he stared at Bu Fang and said.

Bu Fang nodded and calmly replied, "I can definitely save her. However, I need a while to cook the medicinal cuisine. Wait here for a while."

"I am depending on you." Xiao Xiaolong heavily breathed in and performed a fist and palm salute to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang walked toward the kitchen to cook the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup.

Xiao Meng was sitting upright on a chair. His expression was extremely grave and no one could tell what he was thinking.

After entering the kitchen, Bu Fang began to make preparations.

He processed the Blood Phoenix Chicken based on the instructions and stuffed the spirit herbs into the stomach of the chicken. Then he placed the entire chicken into the clay pot and let it stew. Once the fragrance of the meat was starting to drift out, Bu Fang poured the Sage Herb juice that he already prepared into the clay pot.

Taking a deep breath, Bu Fang gathered the true energy within his body and placed his palm on top of the clay pot. A strange feeling immediately started to appear, as if his will and the dish were connected together. True energy continued to spew out and guide the cooking of the chicken soup.

Within the store, the members of the Xiao family were slightly restless from waiting and were constantly pacing around the store. The rain outside was getting heavier and heavier, and the sound of the rain incessantly resounded.

"What are you so restless about? Sit down and quietly wait," Xiao Meng slightly chided the Xiao family members who were pacing about with his eyes still closed.

"Is... Is this store really reliable? Even the imperial physicians were unable to save the young lady, what can the owner of a restaurant do?" the housekeeper of the Xiao family mumbled to himself.

"That's what I am thinking as well. The imperial physicians were only able to prolong young lady's life. How could someone who isn't even a physician cure the young lady's injuries?" One of Xiao Yanyu's maidservants slightly sighed.

The others were chattering incessantly as well, expressing their suspicions toward Bu Fang.

"You're noisy! Shut up," Xiao Meng coldly bellowed. Immediately, all of them became quiet and did not dare to whisper among themselves anymore.

At the same moment, a rich fragrance drifted out from the kitchen. The fragrance of chicken meat and the aroma of spirit herbs were mixed within it.

Everyone was suddenly sniffing as they tried to capture the fragrance in the air.

Ji Chengxue was wearing a white robe as he leisurely approached. He placed his umbrella at the entrance and was immediately surprised when he noticed the crowd. As he entered the store, he realized that they were all from the Xiao family.

"Greetings to your Highness," Xiao Meng said as he performed a fist and palm salute to Ji Chengxue.

Ji Chengxue had a gentle smile on his face as he nodded and responded with a fist and palm salute. Then after asking Xiao Meng, he found out that Xiao Yanyu was injured and needed the store's owner to treat her.

"Owner Bu is capable of treating injuries as well?" Ji Chengxue was astonished.

"Hahaha! This store is really secluded. It would've taken a while if I had to find this place on my own." A burst of laughter suddenly rang out from outside as two figures entered the store.

"The crown prince?" The members of the Xiao family were slightly bewildered. It was unbelievable that such a store would be able to attract two princes.

"Oh, so third brother is here as well. What a coincidence." The crown prince, Ji Chengan, slightly smiled and then performed a fist and palm salute to Xiao Meng.

"Where's Owner Bu?" Xushi puzzledly asked.

"The smelly boss is preparing to treat elder sister Yanyu. The opening hours has ended earlier today," Ouyang Xiaoyi charmingly replied. She subconsciously became the waitress once again.

"Treat injuries?" A weird expression immediately appeared on the faces of the crown prince, Ji Chengan and Xushi. They actually came to a restaurant to treat injuries? Were they really not joking?

As the fragrance in the air intensified, everyone who was waiting began to experience hunger pangs.

After a long while, a slim and tall figure walked out of the kitchen with a piping hot clay pot in his hands.

Bu Fang expressionlessly walked out of the kitchen and placed the clay pot on a table.

"This is the Elixir Cuisine for saving Xiao Yanyu, the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup."

Bu Fang expressionlessly said as everyone puzzledly stared at him. After he finished talking, he uncovered the clay pot.

As the lid of the clay pot was removed, hot steam rose up and a rich fragrance gushed out, spreading into the air. The crystal-clear chicken meat was slightly quivering and the amber chicken soup was gleaming.

The pupils of everyone present slightly constricted as they suddenly breathed in the fragrance.