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 As the rays of the setting sun shone upon them, the shadows of the two men became longer and longer.

Bu Fang stood up and stretched his body as he prepared to close the bronze gate in front of the store. He was ready to end the day's business.

As the two men approached his store from a distant place, they directly walked toward it. When they stepped on the crushed stones, a cracking sound resounded and filled the area.

Tong He's gaze was mild and calm. His blood-red hair fluttered in the wind and his gaze fell on Bu Fang. More accurately, his gaze fell on the tower which was on Bu Fang's neck.

That tower was none other than the Shura Tower.

Tong He became extremely excited at this moment. After looking for the Shura Tower for such a long time, he was finally able to catch a glimpse of it.

"Sir, control your feelings... This guy isn't simple." When Misha saw that Tong He was becoming extremely agitated, his heart couldn't help but skip a beat. He pulled at Tong He's arm and shouted at him.

When Tong He heard Misha's words, he calmed down.

If what Misha said was true, this kid should have some extremely powerful means. He was able to steal the Shura Tower from such terrifying existences in the secret realm... He knew that he needed to be careful when dealing with Bu Fang.

Tong He straightened out his clothes and wore a grave expression on his face as he slowly walked toward the store.

Bu Fang had a confused look on his face as he looked at the two men who were approaching his store. He felt as though they looked somewhat familiar. However, he wasn't able to recall their identities or when he last saw them.

Since he wasn't able to think of it, there was probably no need to think about it.

Tong He sized up the store before he looked at Bu Fang with a warm gaze.

"Your Excellency... Are you the owner of this restaurant?"

Bu Fang was taken aback by his words. "It's indeed me." Bu Fang replied Tong He's question.

A trace of greed and longing appeared in Tong He's eyes when his gaze fell upon the Shura Tower which hung from Bu Fang's neck. That was the Ancient Shura City's sacred tool.

How could he treat such a precious object so casually?

Tong He's gaze caused Bu Fang to slightly furrow his brows.

When Misha saw the change in Bu Fang's expression, the look on his face experienced a grave change. He pulled at Tong He's arm and warned him again.

After Tong He came back to his senses, he took a deep breath and smiled in apology to Bu Fang.

"It's my first time seeing a restaurant in the Heavenly Mist City. Can you let me taste one of your excellency's dishes?"

Since they were unable to rob Bu Fang, Tong He decided to take another roundabout way to approach him. Tong He inwardly decided that he should first probe out Bu Fang's power before making any decision.

"So... You are here to have a meal? The store is already closed... Come back tomorrow," Bu Fang said calmly to Tong He who was standing at the entrance. He walked back into the store and went to close the bronze gates.

Tong He was dumbfounded by Bu Fang's actions. Why was he closing the store now? Tong He had just seen the Shura Tower and there was no way he was willing to leave just like this.

Raising his palm, he placed it on the bronze gate, preventing Bu Fang from closing the store.

"Wait... I can pay you. I can pay you several times the cost of the dish," Tong He said.

Was Bu Fang someone who would sell his principles for money?

If the rules of the system changed, he would consider serving his food to Tong He. However, with the system rules still in place, there was no need for him to waste his breath with this Tong He.

He calmly looked at the hand which Tong He placed on the gate.

Tong He was somewhat sullen at this moment. He clenched his teeth and wasn't willing to let Bu Fang close the store.

Someone like him who broke through three Supreme-Being's shackles was actually treated like this by an ant. Tong He was extremely infuriated and felt as though his lungs were about to explode.

"Sir, calm down," Misha hurriedly said.


A loud sound echoed as Bu Fang slammed the bronze gate shut.

Tong He, who was standing at the entrance of the store, was left outside. A cold breeze blew against his face and his entire body shuddered.

There wasn't anyone who dared to treat him like this. When he was in the Ancient Shura City, everyone was extremely respectful to him. He would never have thought that an ant-like punk would dare to disregard him and close a door in his face.

"I won't bear it any longer... Today, I will take back the Shura Tower even if I have to steal it," Tong He took a deep breath and coldly said.

The moment the words left his mouth, a surging true energy gushed out from his body and his hair fluttered in the air. His gaze turned ice-cold.

Raising his palm, a true energy cyclone could be seen revolving on his palm.

The moment he was about to destroy the gate and forcefully enter the store, the bronze gate opened up.

Both Tong He and Misha were shocked when the bronze gate suddenly opened.

When the gate opened, the person who was standing at the entrance of the store wasn't Bu Fang.

Tong He's pupils contracted and his true energy shook when his gaze landed on the woman who was standing in front of him. She had long black hair and she stared straight at him.

Why did a woman suddenly appear? Not to mention the fact that it was such a beautiful woman.

Nethery's ice-cold gaze fell upon Tong He's body. Her indifferent gaze caused goosebumps to appear on Tong He's body.

"Did he change his mind? Is he going to let us in?"

Tong He retracted his true energy and a warm smile appeared on his face. He knew that he shouldn't lose his bearing in front of a beautiful woman.

At this moment, Tong He was completely oblivious to Misha, who was standing beside him. The moment Nethery appeared, Misha's expression changed and he seemed as though he had just run into a ghost.

Misha's complexion was deathly pale and his lips were trembling. He felt as though a lightning bolt struck him the moment he saw Nethery.

Tong He had never met her... However, as someone who had entered the secret realm, Misha obviously knew Nethery's identity.

She was the Netherworld Ship's Netherworld woman! The cursed Netherworld woman... What was she doing there? Wasn't she supposed to be in the secret realm?

The power of the Netherworld woman was unfathomable. However, Misha knew that meeting her in the secret realm was the same as meeting death. Just from this point alone, it could be seen that Nethery was a terrifying existence.

"Si.... Sir.... We should leave now."

Misha's gaze was full of fright when he looked at Nethery. His heart shuddered and he pulled at Tong He's arm.

"Get lost!" Nethery calmly looked at those two men and opened her ruddy lips. Two words came out from her mouth and she shooed both of them away.

She could feel the killing intent leaking from Tong He. If she was in the secret realm, she would have already attacked him. Such a person wouldn't survive more than three seconds before her.

"Ah? Get lost?" Tong He was taken aback. His complexion instantly turned gloomy. Was she asking him to get lost? This woman actually dared to be disrespectful toward him?

Although he wasn't able to see through Nethery's power, he wasn't afraid of her. She didn't seem to be old enough to be one of those old monsters.

He had never been afraid of anyone in the same generation as him.

"We'll leave! We'll leave immediately..." Misha was so frightened by her that he felt as though his galls rose up to his throat.

Tong He coldly sneered and raised up his palm. There was only one thought in his mind and that was to obtain the Shura Tower. He wanted to forcefully enter the store and force Bu Fang to hand over the Shura Tower.

All of a sudden, he felt like the flow of time stagnated as a fair and thin finger appeared before his eyes. The slender finger tapped against his forehead.


Tong He felt as though his head was about to burst open as a feeling of intense pain overwhelmed him. The power which came from that finger caused his entire body to fly away. He was thrown several miles away.

As Misha faced Nethery's gaze, his heart shuddered once more. He frantically made his escape.

The Netherworld woman was actually protecting this store... What on earth was the origin of this restaurant?

Misha's heart and mind shook when he thought about it.

When Tong He crawled up from the ground, he was still stupefied, and fear lingered in his mind. His complexion was filled with panic and fright. His forehead swelled up. The color of his skin was so red that it turned slightly purple. He felt as though his head was about to burst open.

A finger... Just a single finger sent him flying away before he was able to react. He wasn't even able to clearly see how that woman attacked him.

She was too terrifying!

Who was that woman?

There was no one in his generation who had the abilities to crush him like that. The only reason he could think of was that the woman came from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. Was the Hidden Dragon Royal Court backing that restaurant?

"Si... Sir, are you all right?" When Misha saw that Tong He didn't die, he managed to calm down.

"That restaurant is weird. From today on, you should keep a close watch over it. We must look for an opportunity to take back the Shura Tower from that kid." Tong He was somewhat sullen at this moment. He had a cold expression on his face as he stood up and commanded Misha. Turning around, he left the moment he was done giving out his command.

Misha finally released a long sigh. It seemed as though Tong He was still sane as he wasn't going to rashly attack that restaurant.

If he really attacked that restaurant, they might not know how they died.

That woman was, after all, the Netherworld woman.

It wasn't surprising that the punk managed to take care of that bloody man since he had the Netherworld woman as his helper. It seemed as though they had to carefully plan their next move in order to obtain the Shura Tower from Bu Fang.

Misha followed behind Tong He as thoughts ran through his head.

All of a sudden, he squinted his eyes as they slightly flickered, "If I let someone from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court know that the store is harboring the Netherworld woman, what would happen?"

The Hidden Dragon Royal Court was the Hidden Dragon Continent's top-notch sacred land. It was an existence more powerful than any first-rate faction. Although the Ancient Shura City was powerful, it still had a long way to go if it wanted to rival the Hidden Dragon Royal Court.

However, after thinking about it, he shook his head and gave up on that idea. He knew that he wasn't able to bear the consequences if he angered the Netherworld woman. Neither was he able to offend the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's members.


Three days quickly passed.

When the morning sunrays shone upon Bu Fang and covered his body, he opened his eyes and got up from the bed. He washed his face and rinsed his mouth before going to the kitchen to practice his cutting technique. After practicing it for quite some time, he cooked Nethery and Lord Dog's breakfast before leaving the store.

He still remembered what Fu Ba shouted at him before he left. The Magical Hand Conference's preliminary competition would be held in the plaza in the Heavenly Mist City's center on this very day. There was no way Bu Fang would miss the competition.

Bu Fang wore a long robe as he walked out of the store. Leaping into the air, he took out the Cloud Mist Restaurant's board.

Bu Fang curled up the corners of his mouth as he looked at the three big words written on the Cloud Mist Restaurant's board. Carrying the board, he walked toward the Heavenly Mist City's central plaza.

He would participate in the competition while holding the board. He would let everyone know that he was representing the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

The Cloud Mist Restaurant's rise would start from this very day.