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 Nangong Wan felt somewhat regretful that she did not get to taste Bu Fang's Stinky Tofu. After she had tasted the dish for the first time, her attitude toward it changed from disgust to fondness; she understood how marvelous the dish's charm was.

After Bu Fang and Nangong Wan left the southern region of the city, they rode a spirit beast carriage back to the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

The area surrounding the restaurant was still as messy as before, but a large number of people, who had been sent by the Nangong Family, could be seen repairing the buildings.

A long stream of people passed through the area, leaving the area bustling with activity and nose.

After accompanying Bu Fang back to his restaurant, Nangong Wan rode the spirit beast carriage back to her home. Her elixir store had also been destroyed, and so this was a matter she had no plans to let go of.

She had to find the culprit and teach him a lesson.

Enraged women were the most terrifying creatures. The current Nangong Wan seemed frightening.

However, all of this had nothing to do with Bu Fang.

As soon as he returned to his store, he opened for business.

There were fewer customers today. This was probably because the surrounding elixir stores had been destroyed.

However, Bu Fang didn't dislike being idle; he pulled a chair to the front of the store and lay on it. As the warm rays of sunlight cascaded down on his relaxed figure, he couldn't help feeling sleepy.

Inside the store, Nethery kept pacing back and forth, barefooted; she seemed really bored.

She took a leaf from Bu Fang's book and also pulled a chair to the entrance of the store, then she sat down. However, she did not sit for too long before fleeing the area in a hurry because she could not bear the sunlight.

She went over to Lord Dog and sat cross-legged beside it, and began to survey her surrounding with a blank expression on her face.


In the Nangong Family's courtyard, Nangong Wuque stood with his hands clasped behind his back and a gloomy expression on his face.

"What did you find? Who was behind yesterday's matter?" He asked in a dignified tone of voice.

"Patriarch, I already investigated. It should have been someone from the Zhang Family behind it. Just the day before, the whereabouts of the Zhang Family's Commander, Zhang He, was unknown, and he still hasn't returned, yet. The Zhang Family are furious, but they still chose to keep the matter away from the public, which seems really fishy," said an elder who had furrowed his brows.

Nangong Wuque nodded at the elder and began to pace around. Then, he squinted his eyes and said, "It really is fishy. If one of their commanders disappeared, the Zhang Family, with their temper, should have already sent out all their personnel to comb the entire city. However, they did not make any moves whatsoever. Is this because they have something to hide, making them unable to dare make a move?"

"However, what could be behind Zhang He's disappearance? Was he killed?" the elder asked in confusion.

Nangong Wuque suddenly thought of something; he had just recalled seeing Bu Fang's restaurant intact, without any damage whatsoever. Hence, Zhang He might have been killed by someone from the restaurant.

If Zhang He had really attempted to destroy the restaurant like he destroyed the elixir stores, he would, most definitely, have incited the rage of one of the restaurant's experts. Who in that restaurant was capable of killing Zhang He silently? Other than that terrifying woman, who else could it be...

As Nangong Wuque pondered about this, he couldn't help shuddering.

"Prepare a spirit beast carriage for me; I will take a trip to the Zhang Family. We won't take such losses sitting down; we must retaliate."

The elder was taken aback by Nangong Wuque's declaration and turned to stare at him with a blank expression.

Fine. It seemed that Nangong Wuque had become more reliable.


The Heavenly Mist City's teleportation array was bustling with noise and activity once again, as many experts stepped out of the array.

After each teleportation, a great number of people would step out of the array.

The increase in the number of people wasn't just because of the teleportation array; there was an innumerable amount of giant warships rushing into the city, and these warships were filled with experts from various big factions.

There was also a large number of alchemists coming into the city. These alchemists came from the Pill Palace's other two Pill Cities, Heavenly Pill City, and Heavenly Shine City.

The reason behind the large influx of people was the Magical Hand Conference, which was to be held, this time, in the Heavenly Mist City.

From amongst the lot of ships, there was a warship that had the words "Mystery Capital House" inscribed on it. The Mystery Capital House was one of Heavenly Pill City's top-notch elixir stores-an existence tantamount to the Heavenly Mist City's Drifting Cloud House.

Every top-notch elixir store had a top-notch alchemist behind it.

There was a Four Clouds Alchemist in the Mystery Capital House's warship. He was one of the appraisers for this Magical Hand Conference.

The Heavenly Shine City's Dazzling Sun House's warship also arrived.

Including the prestigious alchemists arriving from the Heavenly Pill City and Heavenly Shine City, one could see that these alchemists were all grand and imposing.

The Heavenly Mist City was the weakest Pill City because it had only one Four Clouds Alchemist.

Four of the five Four Cloud Alchemist appraisers present were from Heavenly Pill City and Heavenly Shine City.

The Heavenly Mist City's lord personally came over to welcome them and invite them to his palace. The city bustled with activity and noise when these prestigious alchemists arrived.


A radiant glow flickered in teleportation array as an expert clad in a black robe stepped out of it. This expert carried a bronze coffin on his back; this coffin was emitting an extremely eerie aura.

"My two younger brothers died in the Heavenly Mist City's Secret Realm, didn't they? I heard that a lot of people manage to come back alive. Seeing as the members of my Puppet Sect died, why do these people get to keep their lives?"

The man raised his head, and an awe-inspiring glow flickered within his eyes, which were hidden by the hood of the black robe.

Experts from the Wind and Thunder Pavilion also emerged from the teleportation array. Xiao Changyun's death was a grave blow to them because his status was really high; thus, they sent someone to investigate his death.

This wasn't just the case for Wind and Thunder Pavilion. The factions who lost disciples in the Secret Realm arrived in the Heavenly Mist City for revenge, and because of this, they sent even more powerful disciples.

A man from the Grand Barren Sect, who was carrying an enormous sword on his back, emerged from the teleportation array as well. He was Ximen Xuan, the Tyrant Demonic Sword of the Grand Barren Sect's Ten Grand Heirs of Heaven ranking.

He was a swordsman who wielded a heavy sword which was formed by his sword intent. He was one of three most outstanding disciples of the Grand Barren Sect's younger generation. His cultivation was extremely powerful; he had already broken through three Supreme Being's shackles.

The experts from the Ancient Shura City also arrived.

Misha could be seen respectfully standing beside a youth. This youth had a high and noble status. He was one of the direct descendants of the Ancient Shura City's Imperial Family.

"Sir Tong He, the Shura Tower is in the Heavenly Mist City. I saw it with my own eyes," Misha said respectfully.

The youth had a very handsome face and a dazzling blood-red hair. He took a deep breath and said, "I can sense very intense fluctuations from the Shura Tower. The Shura Tower is the Sacred Tool of my Ancient Shura City; it must not be left outside."


As more experts arrived, the activity within Heavenly Mist City increased.

However, despite the increasing amount of activity within the city, Bu Fang contentedly lay in his chair, basking under the sun. He was all along this lazy and was now squinting his eyes and relaxing while gazing at the passing clouds.

Whenever customers came over, Bu Fang would get up and go to the kitchen to make their dishes; after that, he would return to his chair in front of the store and lie in it. Many of the store's customers found his indolent appearance funny and embarrassing.

The area around the restaurant had been swept cleanly. The rubble from the collapsed stores had been swept away, and only sand remained on the ground. This made the area seem quite spacious and empty.

His restaurant proudly stood there alone, seeming quite conspicuous.

The number of customers in the store slowly dwindled, and the Nangong Family personnel stopped working and returned to their homes.

Under the setting sun, Bu Fang remained in front of the store, watching the shadow of the store elongate due to the dimming light of the sun.

In the distance, two people could be seen gradually approaching him. These two were clad in blood-red robes, and they also had blood-red hair, which appeared bright under the light rays from the setting sun.

Bu Fang calmly looked at them.

Misha sucked in a breath of cold air when he spotted Bu Fang sitting in front of the restaurant. He did not dare act carelessly because the guy in front of him had managed to survive a face-off with the terrifying bloody man. This showed that the guy surely had powerful means.

Misha was only wary of Bu Fang, despite his seemingly weak cultivation level, because he knew how powerful that bloody man had been.

Tong He stood beside Misha, and the corners of the lips of his extremely handsome face, which looked like a work of art, curled upwards.

"The Shura Tower's aura is emanating from this person's body. It seems like the one who got Shura Tower, in the end, is just an ant who has not even broken through one of the Supreme-Being's shackles.