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 "What? What is all of this for?"

The doctors almost flew into a rage when they saw Bu Fang put on an innocent expression; they really wished they could take out their shoes and hurl them at his face.

If you hadn't cooked some random shit whose stench affected our minds, how would we end up blowing our furnaces by mistake?

All of this was because of this damned guy!

At first, they had assumed that he was harmless, and that his participation was completely irrelevant.

Who the hell was irrelevant?! Who would have expected this lad to be this vile? He actually had the guts to boil some excrement-like objects in the arena...

Could he be any more shameless than that?

Bu Fang was somewhat dumbfounded by the doctors' resentful gazes. Were these three morons?

He was disinclined to pay any more attention to them. He turned to face the examiner and calmly said, "This is my product. It's already finished, and it was finished within the stipulated time of one hour."

The examiner, who was still quite shocked, came back to his senses.

He walked over and looked at Bu Fang's dish.

Well... its appearance was unexpectedly quite nice.

Although Bu Fang skill of exhibiting dishes didn't go through the system's training, he still had experience from his past life, so he was able to display his dish quite impressively.

They were, at the very least, still easy on the eyes.

Although this examiner had worked as an examiner for many years, this was still the first time he had seen someone cook a dish on this stage. Hence, he was rather curious about the dish.

He sniffed the dish slightly, and the aroma wafting from the dish instantly drilled into his nostrils, causing his face to darken.

"What odor is this?" That examiner asked, almost throwing up, and the gaze he directed at the Sweet Spicy Stinky Tofu became one of fright.

"It's a stinky odor..." Bu Fang replied him, expressionlessly.

"Are you a poison master? Do current poison masters learn to keep up with the times and progress further on? You actually made such a disgusting object... Aren't you deliberately using it to nauseate and disgust people?" the examiner glared at Bu Fang.

The three doctors, who weren't far from them, also glared at him while nodding.

"Examiner, you should immediately withdraw his right to participate. If he had made and showed off such a disgusting object in the Magical Hand Conference, then he would thoroughly disgrace our Heavenly Mist City."

Thee three doctors were really angry and indignant, and they all asked the examiner to disqualify Bu Fang.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows and turned to look at them.

Had these three morons lost their minds because of that stench?

"Shut up. If you still dare to speak up, don't blame me for beating you up," Bu Fang said indifferently.

Ah! Did this kid just spout such arrogant and overbearing words?

The three doctors were even angrier now. How could they fear Bu Fang? One of them was a Divine Physique Echelon expert who had broken through one Supreme-Being shackle, while the other two were still Supreme-Beings.

So, how could they fear a Supreme-Being lad?

"Tell me, how can this object be used? By eating it directly?" The examiner restrained the doctors who were about to flare up and shifted his gaze back to the Sweet Spicy Stinky Tofu.

"It is, obviously, by eating it directly," Bu Fang replied.

Directly eating such... such objects which were as smelly as excrement?

That examiner swallowed his saliva and looked at Bu Fang and realized that his gaze was quite sincere and honest. This was an encouraging gaze.

In the observation seats, both Fu Ba and Nangong Wan were watching the events that unfolded.

"It seems the kid has finished making his product; let's go down and have a look at it," Fu Ba said.

After he had said that, he went down the observation stage. He really wanted to see the level of skill the arrogant kid who sought to enter the Magical Hand Conference as a chef had.

What was the dish he depended on to be that arrogant?

While the examiner was still hesitating to eat the dish, Nangong Wan and Fu Ba came over. When the examiner saw Fu Ba, his eyes lit up instantly.

"Sir, you came over?" the examiner said respectfully.

"Is this the dish made by that lad?" Fu Ba squinted his eyes as he looked at the Sweet Spicy Stinky Tofu.

A thick stench and a sweet fragrance were combined in the dish, and it gave people an extremely peculiar feeling.

Fu Ba couldn't help widening his eyes when he noticed it. The odor emanating from the dish caused all the hair on his body to stand on end.

Even when he was in the observation seats, he found the odor unbearable, and now that he was perceiving it up close, he found it even more smelly.

It was even more smelly than the drugs of common poison masters.

A chef? Is he a chef?

Fu Ba felt his common sense topple over.

"Fine. You don't need to force yourself; I will personally taste it and examine him," Fu Ba said, twitching the corners of his mouth.

As if being relieved from a heavy burden, the examiner passed the bowl to Fu Ba and fled far away from it, then continued to watch Fu Ba from a distance.

"Fu Ba, will you taste it or not? If you won't taste it, then I will do it, instead," Nangong Wan said, with a warm smile. The stench was completely incapable of affecting her. It was many times better than that Stinky Tofu Owner Bu had made in his restaurant.

Fu Ba was surprised by Nangong Wan's words. She was the Nangong Family's princess, yet she was actually willing to taste such a disgusting object? Did the dish hold a secret behind it?

He scooped up a piece of the black Stinky Tofu, which had a slightly yellow luster, with his chopsticks.

Oil dripped from it, and a nauseating odor wafted out of it.

Fu Ba felt as though his stomach had become a mess. He really was risking his life to examine the dish. He closed his eyes and placed that piece of Stinky Tofu into his mouth, then began to chew it resolutely.

He felt a soft texture in his mouth. It was supple, like cow's milk, and it was so comforting he was left feeling like something was massaging the muscles in his mouth.

Unexpectedly, it tasted quite good!

Fu Ba opened his eyes in astonishment and exclaimed in surprise.

The Stinky Tofu had absorbed a great amount of oil, and biting into it slightly caused sweet oil to seep out.

Fu Ba's first impression of the dish was its stench, then its softness and sweetness...

Did he actually find such a object quite sweet?

Fu Ba thought that his head had been impaired by its stench. However, it was actually producing such a marvelous sensation in his mouth.

The dish was not awful at all.

Fu Ba's face was filled with disbelief. Such a great contrast really surprised him. Fu Ba, who seemed intoxicated by it, reached his chopsticks out to another piece of Stinky Tofu and grasped it, then he promptly stuffed it into his mouth.

Squish! Squish!

The more Fu Ba ate, the faster he ate.

The three doctors were struck dumb by the unfolding event; they had no idea why Fu Ba was this passionate.

It was spicy, crisp, and sweet.

The Sweet Spicy Stinky Tofu caused Fu Ba to feel a great rush of excitement.

The three doctors were flabbergasted. What was happening there? Why had Fu Ba, who was wearing a menacing expression only a moment ago, become this intoxicated?

Wasn't that excrement-like object... disgusting?

"Delicious! It tastes extremely delicious!" Fu Ba exclaimed in surprise.

Bu Fang was quite calm in the face of all that because it was all within his expectations. Moreover, the crux of this dish wasn't in its taste, but in its spiritual energy and its effects.

After Fu Ba had eaten several pieces of Stinky Tofu, his body trembled as Bu Fang had expected. Fu Ba felt all the true energy in his body begin to rotate swiftly, and he also felt all the impurities within his fleshly body getting forced out.

Pff! Pff!

Several deafening farts resounded, which stunned everyone.

Nangong Wan reacted quickly and covered her nose with her sleeves while she swiftly distanced herself from him.

Bu Fang also decisively distanced himself from Fu Ba.

Fu Ba, on the hand, was letting loose these thunderous farts continuously because the impurities in his body were being forced out.

With each fart Fu Ba unleashed, he felt his body become lighter and more relaxed. It was like he had suddenly become younger. He found the experience crisp and pleasurable.

This dish's effect was even better than that of the ninth grade elixir "Body Tempering Pill".

Fu Wa exclaimed inwardly. This kid wasn't just boasting. The effect of the dish he made was, unexpectedly, comparable to that of a ninth grade elixir.

It was truly extraordinary!

It seemed that he had misjudged the kid.

Fu Ba's smelly farts were even stinkier than the Stinky Tofu's odor.


An explosion rocked the stage as the furnace of the poison master, whose face was now filled with shock, exploded, causing a green paste to splatter all around.

That smelly fart was so stinky that it disturbed even that poison master's mind, which caused his furnace to explode.

That poison master was so pained that he couldn't breathe properly, and he almost shed tears. He had almost finished making it! He was so regretful that he almost became mad!

Weren't we birds of a feather?

Fu Ba was somewhat embarrassed; that was something he couldn't control. He was completely incapable of stopping himself from farting.

After letting out several more deafening farts, the dish's effects began to weaken. Fu Ba, on the other hand, felt much lighter, and his mind was much clearer. The effects of this dish had really astonished him.

"Good, good, good. You passed. You passed!" Fu Ba said joyfully.

It was really astonishing that culinary arts could reach such a level.

The examiner and the three doctors were dumbfounded by Fu Ba's words. Had Bu Fang passed the exam just like that?

It was unfair!

Bu Fang, however, was disinclined to care about their objections. Since he had already gotten the right to participate in the Magical Hand Conference, then there was no longer any need for him to stay there; he would go back and open his store for business.

He turned around and walked toward the exit.

"Your excellency Bu Fang, you already obtained the right to participate in the Magical Hand Conference, so don't forget to come to the plaza in the center of Heavenly Mist City in three days, in order to participate in the preliminary competition."

Just as Bu Fang's body was about to disappear from Fu Ba's sight, he came back to his sense and hurriedly shouted out.

Fu Ba was really excited; he felt that Bu Fang's appearance was probably a flicker of hope for people with special gifts in the upcoming conference.

This lad could probably create a legendary record and achievement!

"Elder Fu, we aren't convinced about the results. That kid's product disturbed us, so why didn't you disqualify him?" The doctors glared at Fu Ba as they demanded an explanation from him.

After all, they had good prospects and an opportunity to reach the top fifty, so how could they bear being eliminated without even competing in the conference?

Moreover, the kid who caused them to get eliminated easily and effortlessly acquired the right to participate in the conference, so how could they bear it?

Fu Ba licked his lips and calmly looked at them, without uttering a word. He passed to them the last piece of Stinky Tofu left in the porcelain tray.

"If you taste it, you will know why."

The doctors were taken aback by his words, and they looked at each other in dismay. They couldn't help twitching the corners of their mouth as they looked at the last piece of Stinky Tofu in the bowl, which emitted a stinky odor.