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 No one had expected Bu Fang would take out a wok.

They could see that his item was only a wok, not a furnace used by alchemists to refine elixirs. At first, they thought that Bu Fang had taken out a furnace, but after taking a second look, they couldn't help laughing out loud; their resounding laughter was brimming with mockery.

"I almost thought that an alchemist had appeared here, but it turned out that he had only taken out a wok."

"Will he use that wok to refine a medicine or a drug? Is this lad a doctor?"

"Rubbish. Have you ever seen someone refine medicine with a wok? Even if he was a doctor, he would still use a furnace to refine medicines."


The audience began to discuss and argue amongst themselves.

The other four contestants in the arena, who were standing pretty close to Bu Fang, had a clear look at him and discovered that the item he had whipped out was really just a wok. Furthermore, he wasn't just in possession of a wok, there was also a kitchen knife right beside it.

When Bu Fang raised the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, the whole place went into an uproar.

My God! What does he want to make? Does the lad seek to cook a dish? Even cooks are allowed to participate in the selection? Or, had he just come to put on a show to amuse them?

They were all bewildered and confused. Since symbolic tools like a kitchen knife and a wok had appeared in the area, if someone still said that Bu Fang wasn't a cook, they wouldn't believe the person.

Fu Ba was also dumbfounded. However, he chuckled lightly and said, "Young miss Nangong, he has become a laughingstock now."

However, contrary to the response he expected, Nangong Wan's expression did not change, neither did it turn unsightly; instead, her lips had curled up slightly as she revealed a meaningful smile.

Fu Ba took a long look at her before directing his gaze back to the arena.

The other four contestants had also assumed that Bu Fang came for fun, so they paid him no more attention. Their true energies surged out of their bodies as they took out bronze furnaces from their Spatial Spirit Tools.

Three were doctors, and the last one was a poison master. However, both doctors and poison masters had to use a Medicine Furnace if they sought to refine some drugs.

A Medicine Furnace was inferior to a Pill Furnace but it was easier to control than the latter.

The other four contestants placed countless spirit medicines on their bronze platforms. These spirit medicines emitted a rich fragrance and spiritual energy, which soared into the sky, intertwining along the air; the result affected the minds of the audience.

The gaze of one of the doctors became sharp, and he took a deep breath before crushing a spirit medicine, which he proceeded to pour into his Medicine Furnace. He ignited his furnace, and it gradually turned bright red before starting to emit steam. The doctor took out a scarlet fruit, and with a extremely earnest and focused expression, he clutched the fruit with both hands, then he began to wring it with a peculiar technique, causing its skin to fall off instantly.

Many people in the audience exclaimed in surprise and cheered when they saw him do that.

The technique a doctor used to process his medicinal ingredients was extremely important. If he did not process his ingredients properly, how would he be able to refine a good medicine?

A long, scarlet snake suddenly appeared in the hands of the poison master, exuding a gloomy aura. That long snake was sporting pitch-black fangs which seemed extremely poisonous.

The poison master's expression didn't change for a second as he swung his hand and tore an opening in a place seven inches from the snake's head. He inserted his thumb and index finger into that incision and pulled out a pitch-black gall from within.

He raised the gall to his nose, sniffed it, and curled the corners of his mouth upwards.

The number of poison masters was fewer than the number of doctors because the profession was filled with dangers. Poison masters frequently came in contact with all kinds of poisonous substances.

However, everyone knew that it would be easier for an excellent poison master to challenge an alchemist than it would be for a doctor.

This was akin to the phrase: danger is always accompanied by fortune. Although the poison master profession was fraught with danger, it was still easier for them to refine drugs that had astonishing effects, as a result of this danger.

In the past, there was a poison master who managed to reach the top thirty in the Magical Hand Conference. Such an achievement caused a great sensation.

It must be known that even entering the top fifty was marvelous to people with special gifts.

The four other contestants did not hold back and displayed their skills. Although this was just a selection contest, they did not dare take it lightly. This was because refining drugs demanded their complete focus and attention; if they made just a small mistake, their entire refining process would end up a failure.

Such a grave price wasn't something they could afford to pay.

Suddenly, as the four other competitors were concentrating on refining drugs, a faint stench drifted over to them.

A stench? Who had failed their refinement process? Did the person end up burning all his ingredients in his furnace?

This was the first thought that crossed their minds. However, after twitching their nose slightly, they felt that something was off about the stench. It did not smell as if it was caused by burning ingredients.

One doctor could not help turning his head to look at the source of the stench, and he saw Bu Fang taking out an earthen jar, which he proceeded to place on his platform. The stench was emanating from Bu Fang's platform.

Bu Fang swung his Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, and it flickered like a shooting meteor. Everyone in the audience could only see a flash before they noticed that Bu Fang's ingredients had been cut minced.

Bu Fang tipped these ingredients inside his wok and began to fry them. This caused sizzling sounds to resound through the arena.

Everyone was struck dumb when they saw the steam rising from his wok.

This kid really did start cooking on the stage. With how shameless he seemed, why hadn't he ascended to heaven already?

A faint fragrance and a faint stinky odor wafted out of the wok. The combination of both odors bewildered many people.

The four other contestants stole glances at Bu Fang, then they diverted their gazes away, no longer interested in him. Although the odor was weird, they would not care about it as long as it did not affect them.

They exerted their complete attention into refining their drugs. Bu Fang began the next step in his cooking. He walked to the earthen jar on the bronze platform, and slapped its lid, causing it to fly away.

The faint stench which had been wafting around instantly became extremely intense; it was though someone had just let loose a stinky fat right in front of everyone's noses.

"What the f*ck! What the hell is this? Why it's this stinky?"

"What is that kid doing? Why is it this stinky? Is that earthen jar filled with excrements?"

"Is he making a dish? Like hell I'll actually believe that! Where did this clown come from? Is he actually boiling excrement?"


The expressions of every audience member changed to one of surprise and anger as they covered their noses.

They watched Bu Fang, whose expression was calm and indifferent, take out many black objects from within the earthen jar. A stinky viscous liquid was flowing out of these black objects...

Fu Ba's complexion instantly darkened, and blue veins appeared on his forehead.

However, Nangong Wan found the scene both funny and embarrassing. She did not expect Bu Fang to make that dish... He would end up causing a scene.

"Young miss Nangong, you weren't frank with me. This kid is a poison master, isn't he? If that is not the case, then how can he take out such disgusting objects?"

Fu Ba's complexion was dark; he felt he had been tricked by Bu Fang.

A chef? Who the hell is a chef?

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Bu Fang lifted a pitch-black Stinky Tofu with his Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and threw it into the wok. A sizzling sound immediately rang out as oil splashed.

The disgusting stench emanating from the wok became even more intense, and the odor engulfed the entire place.


A explosion rocked the stage. A doctor who was not far from Bu Fang had clutched his throat and shed tears because of the stench; when he leaned against his bronze platform for support, the furnace in front of him exploded, and medicinal paste flew out of it and splattered all over the ground.

"It's so stinky that I could not use my mind anymore!"

The doctor was enraged and viciously glared at Bu Fang. "That guy is doing all of this intentionally."

The current state of the remaining two doctors was no better. Both of them had covered their noses, and they complexions had darkened as though they had been poisoned. Their furnaces trembled constantly; it seemed likely that they would explode soon. Both doctors were incapable of controlling their mental power properly because of the stench.

The only person who was still calm and unperturbed was the poison master. He curled up the corners of his mouth as he looked at Bu Fang in surprise.

"It turns out that it's a person of the same profession. Such a move is really too vile and poisonous."

The poison master took a deep breath and inspired that stinky odor into his nose. "It's truly too stinky. But... I like it," the poison mater concluded with a smile.

He took out a hairy black spider and threw it into his furnace, then began to increase the intensity of his flame. As the temperature of his furnace gradually increased, a faint, black stinky gas surged out of it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Consecutive explosions rocked the stage as the furnaces of the remaining two doctors exploded, splashing medicinal paste around.

The doctors' complexions were now quite dark. Since their furnaces had exploded, didn't this mean that they had failed to pass the selection?

Such a matter was really too awful!

Why did such a vicious and vile person exist?

Bu Fang's expression remained calm and indifferent. As he stirred the Stinky Tofu in the wok, its disgusting odor changed slightly.

A long while later, he scooped out the deep-fried Stinky Tofu from the wok and placed it in a porcelain bowl.

It was smeared in the Sweet Spicy Juice that he had prepared earlier.

A Sweet Spicy Stinky Tofu was successfully cooked.