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 "Get lost, or... die."

Her voice wasn't loud, but on this quiet and peaceful night, it was quite distinct and clear. To the black-robed commander, it was resounding.

The woman didn't seem harsh or stern; she just had a certain type of chilling attitude and indifference.

The black-robed commander looked at his two subordinates and found them lying weakly on the ground. Their blood was gushing out of their bodies and pooling around them.

A reeking scent of blood, which was capable of making one's hair stand on end, wafted out.

"Who is your excellency? Were you not too ruthless a moment ago?"

That black-robed commander constrained his fear and spoke coldly. His eyes seemed to flicker, and a silver spear appeared before him.

If someone from the Heavenly Mist City was there and saw the spear, they would certainly recognize this person.

The Zhang Family's commander, the Silver Spear Zhang He.

This man was one of Heavenly Mist City's famous experts. He had broken through one of the Supreme-Being's shackles and had an outstanding battle prowess.

However, even an expert like him was currently donning an extremely grave expression, and cold sweat was seeping down the hand that was holding the spear.

This bare-footed woman made him feel an extremely immense pressure.

This woman was powerful, extremely powerful!

Nethery's expression was ice-cold. She always wore this expression whenever she faced strangers. A radiance flickered within her pitch-black pupils, and it gradually spread out into her sclera, turning them completely black as well.

"If you don't want to get lost, then... die!"

An apathetic voice resounded.

Her black hair fluttered, springing loose, and it seemed to cover the moons and hide their radiance.

Zhang He cried out in anger, and all the pores on his body opened up as his true energy surged outwards and turned into a faint layer of mist which covered his body. He twirled his spear and thrust it at her. The incoming spear seemed like it would rip the sky apart. As the spear streaked towards Nethery, it looked like a flickering ray of light.

An illusory swaying chain appeared behind the commander.

Nethery's pitch-black eyes were profound and deep. As soon as her sparkling fair foot touched the ground once more, she disappeared like a ghost.

The streaking silver spear was directly engulfed by darkness.


As Nethery's black dress fluttered, the sole of her feet landed lightly on the ground, landing on some shattered stones, causing a faint noise to echo.

Zhang He kept thrusting his spear at Nethery, but her waterfall-like hair swooshed around him, completely cornering him, and then it completely covered him, securing him tightly.

Nethery lowered her thin hand and expressionlessly turned around to look behind her.

Her hair tightened, causing the sound of bones being shattered to ring out.


Zhang He couldn't even wail before he was strangled to death.


Nethery retracted her hair, and let it hang loosely behind her. The pitch-black hair kept shrinking until it could reach her waist, making it seem exceptionally beautiful.

As the radiance emanating from the two moons shone down on Nethery, it illuminated her extremely beautiful face.

The commander... died?

The faces of the remaining black-robed men became filled with fright, and they decisively turned around and fled.

The woman was a demon; she was a devil who had crawled out of Hell!

If someone capable of killing people with her hair wasn't a devil, then what could she be?

However, the fleeing men had only managed to take a couple of steps before their eyes became bloodshot; they noticed that their feet had been grasped by black hair.

That hair expanded rapidly until it completely covered them.

Dozens of experts and a Divine Physique Echelon expert, who had broken through one of the Supreme-Being's shackles, had died in only several breaths of time.

If this news spread, it would certainly cause a great uproar.

The ground was littered with countless corpses.

Nethery strode forward, and her feet seemed to step into the void. In the next instant, she had returned to the roof of the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

She raised her hand, and the moonlight shone down upon it, causing the hand to look even fairer and delicate, like a piece of white jade. She waved her hand, and a formless fluctuation spread outwards.

Those corpses littering the ground were shattered instantly. They turned to dust and scattered. They only left puddles of blood behind, which exuded a reeking scent that permeated the air.

The blackness in her sclera disappeared, and they turned white once again.

The Netherworld woman expressionlessly swept the surrounding with her gaze before her body started becoming fuzzy and disappeared altogether.

The nose of Lord Dog, who was in the store, twitched slightly. It opened its drowsy eyes and looked at Nethery who was just returning to the Netherworld Ship, and it said in a manly but mild voice, "Did you take care of all of them?"

Nethery was startled, but she turned to look at Blacky and nodded.

"With you here, this Lord Dog will have an easier life. How much better would it be if you were this Lord Dog's Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs?!"

The Netherworld woman opened her ruddy lips and chuckled before returning to the Netherworld Ship.

"This lassie..." Blacky rolled its eyes at her before going back to sleep.


The next day, Bu Fang was awakened by miserable wails which sounded like the wails that pigs being brought to a slaughterhouse would make. He sat uprightly on his bed, rubbed his sleepy eyes, and looked around in confusion.

What happened?

He got out of his bed and looked out of his windows. All he could see was crushed bricks and destroyed elixir stores. There was also a group of elixir store owners kneeling down on the ground and weeping.

"What happened?" Bu Fang's eyes widened. How did so many elixir stores simultaneously collapsed in one night?

The fate of these elixir store owners was truly pitiful, seeing as they depended on their stores to make a living. In order to rent these places from the Nangong Family, the store owners had spent a large sum of money; thus, this incident was a heavy blow to all of them.

Some elixir store owners were sighing in despair, while some of them were wailing loudly, weeping bitter tears.

There were even some elixir store owners who were hitting the restaurant's bronze gates heavily in extreme anger. They believed that the culprit behind all of this was Bu Fang. This was because all the surrounding elixir stores were destroyed, and only his restaurant was still intact and undamaged. It would be impossible for something like this to happen without them thinking of this possibility.

The members of the Nangong Family arrived quickly. They were lead by one of the Nangong Family's elders. This elder had a profound gaze and after he had inquired about some matters from the distraught crowd, he shifted his gaze to the restaurant.

The bloodstains that filled the ground also attracted his attention.

What had happened the previous night?

That blood was brimming with an intense true energy, meaning that the person from which the blood flowed out of must have possessed an extremely powerful cultivation. If they could find who the blood flowed out from, then they would know the truth of this affair.

This elder believed that this matter was caused by someone from the Lin or Zhang Family. This was because there had already been some rumors around warning of something like this.

Nangong Wan and Nangong Wuque also rushed there. It was impossible for them not to come over and investigate after such a grave affair had occurred. The destruction of one of the Nangong Family's industries wasn't a small and trivial matter.

Nangong Wan was quite capable and astute and she managed to calm down those weeping elixir stores' owners by comforting them and promising them a refund.

Nangong Wan's elixir store was also destroyed, but she knew that this matter didn't have anything to do with Owner Bu. It had most certainly been done by someone sent by the Lin or Zhang Family.

They most definitely had to investigate this matter.

After Bu Fang had changed his clothes, he went downstairs and opened the store's bronze gate, then he leaned against it.

Nangong Wan and Nangong Wuque came over and greeted him.

Bu Fang couldn't help furrowing his brows when he noticed the surrounding elixir store owners glaring at him.

"Owner Bu, we know that this had nothing to do with you, so don't worry. We will surely find out who did this. The Nangong Family will not let such an offense pass by."

Nangong Wuque patted his chest as he assured Bu Fang.

Nangong Wan was in quite a bad mood at that moment because her elixir store was also destroyed. She had intended to come over today and renovate, but she hadn't expected such an incident to occur.

"Owner Bu, the place where people with special gifts are signing up for the Magical Hand Conference is in the western region. Are you free now? I will accompany you there," Nangong Wan said after letting out a breath.

"I don't have time now; I still haven't had breakfast," replied Bu Fang.

Nangong Wan's expression stiffened; she was somewhat dumbfounded by his reply.

"Do you want to join me? Come over and have a taste, but don't forget to drop some crystals before leaving," Bu Fang said before he turned and went to the kitchen.

Nangong Wuque's and Nangong Wan's eyes lit up. They were just about to enter the restaurant, however, when Nangong Wuque saw Nethery coming out of the Netherworld Ship, he turned around and left like a mouse that had just run into a cat.

Nangong Wan was left bewildered by his sudden retreat.

Nethery expressionlessly descended from the Netherworld Ship and yawned. Then, a buzzing sound emanated from the Netherworld ship before she took it back.

When Nangong Wan noticed Nethery, her pupils suddenly dilated.

She had just realized that a reeking scent of blood wafted out of Nethery's hair when the latter pulled it open, letting it hang loosely behind her.

A drop of something fell on Nangong Wan's face, and she subconsciously raised her hand and wiped it. It was at that moment that she realized that her hand was stained with blood.