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 Nangong Wuque left after a while. As he was now the patriarch of the Nangong Family, there were many affairs he needed to take care of. He had only come to the Cloud Mist Restaurant because he was worried that Nangong Wan would end up provoking the Netherworld woman.

Since everything seemed fine, then he had to leave quickly.

Bu Fang didn't see Nangong Wuque off; he remained sitting in his original position whilst lost in thought. According to Nangong Wuque, it would be impossible for Bu Fang to spread his restaurant's name by depending solely on the Nangong Family. Therefore, he absolutely had to participate in the Magical Hand Conference.

However, how could he participate? Where would he apply for it?

When Bu Fang awoke from his reverie, he looked at Nangong Wan, who was sitting beside him cheerfully eating her dish, and said, "How do I sign up for the Magical Hand Conference if I wish to participate? Where do I apply?"

Nangong Wan put down the jar. Her face had become rosy after being blown by the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup's steam, making the lassie look even more beautiful and charming.

"Owner Bu, do you really want to participate in the Magical Hand Conference?"

Nangong Wan believed that Bu Fang's chances of succeeding were quite slim, for Owner Bu was only a chef, not an alchemist. Therefore, how was he supposed to compete against the high-grade Spirit Pills refined by high-grade alchemists?

"Indeed... I want to spread the name of my store," Bu Fang decisively said.

It seemed like he was serious about it.

When Nangong Wan saw Bu Fang's decisive and firm look, she knew that it would be impossible for her to make him give up; thus, after hesitating for a while, she chuckled sweetly.

"If you want to participate in the conference, then you must participate as someone with a special gift, not as an alchemist. Those in Heavenly Must City that wish to apply can do so at the southern part of the city. If you wish to go there, then you must go early tomorrow morning," Nangong Wan said with a faint smile.

I must go to the southern part of the city? The Heavenly Mist City had a place set up for the registration of...

Since Bu Fang didn't know where he should sign up, he didn't reject Nangong Wan's proposition. He nodded in reply.

"Okay. Let's go together tomorrow morning."

When Nangong Wan heard Bu Fang's reply, her beautiful eyes instantly lit up. She took out countless high-grade crystals from her bosom, handed them over to Bu Fang, and cheerfully left the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

After Nangong Wan left, the store's opening hours came to an end.

Bu Fang stood up and closed the bronze gate. He collected the jars on the table and went into the kitchen.

Nethery's pitch-black eyes were still watching Bu Fang; only when he disappeared into the kitchen did she avert her gaze.

Blacky, who was beside her, was sleeping soundly.

She stood up and returned her chair to its place before casually waving her hand. The Netherworld Ship instantly appeared and fell heavily on the ground, giving rise to a strong wind that blew at Lord Dog's fur, causing it to flutter.

Lord Dog, who had been sound asleep, opened its eyes and glared at Nethery, who had already mounted on the Netherworld Ship.

Lassie, let this Lord Dog sleep.

When Bu Fang entered the kitchen, he practiced his cutting technique for a while. He was slowly progressing in the Overlord Thirteen Blades Technique after practicing it daily. His slow progress was a sharp contrast to how swiftly he learned the Meteor Cutting Technique.

Bu Fang had no means to deal with this, but he knew that he should not be hasty in such a matter.

An excellent chef and a veteran chef could stay in his kitchen for dozens of years, and he would use his whole life and time to practice his cutting skill and culinary arts.

Really good cutting techniques were only learned over a long period of time.

After Bu Fang had practiced for a while, he returned to his room and took a bath, then he lay on his bed and slept with stable and calm breaths.


Two bright moons emitting cold lights adorned the sky of this pitch-black night. Their lights were like veils draped over the world.

Dozens of people clad in black robes quietly entered into the district where the Nangong Family was selling Multi-Taste Fasting Pills.

Every one of these people wore a mask, and their facial features could not be seen. However, the auras emanating from them were extremely powerful.

The person who led them was a Divine Physique Echelon expert emitting a strong world pressure.

"This place is filled with properties belonging to the Nangong Family. We should act according to the Lord's instructions and destroy all the stores here, preventing them from doing any business tomorrow."


All the black-robed men answered at the same time.

They quickly shot out, dispersing. They moved about in groups of two.

A surging true energy erupted, followed by an explosion as an elixir store was destroyed. Crushed rocks flew in all directions and fell to the ground, littering it.

Another black-robed man jumped and swung his blade, sending forth a tyrannical blade energy which cut an elixir store in two.

This district had dozens of elixir stores, and they were all destroyed.

During the explosions, the low-grade elixirs within some storms scattered about, and the lot was stepped on and crushed by a black-robed man.

Two black-robed men who were speeding along suddenly stopped upon discovering the presence of a restaurant.

"This isn't an elixir store? How could such a big restaurant be here?" The two black-robed men looked at each other, wearing identical confusion-filled gazes.

"Should we destroy this... restaurant? Is there still anyone inside it or not?" One of the black-robed men asked.

They began to hesitate because they destroyed the other elixir stores because they knew that no one was inside them. After all, every evening, their owners would take all their valuable elixirs with them and return home.

As for this restaurant, they could not be sure of this. The owner may still be inside.

"Who cares... If this restaurant is one of the properties belonging to the Nangong Family, then we will have achieved great merits."

The other black-robed man clenched his teeth and coldly replied.

After that, they stopped hesitating. Their true energies erupted, and their gazes became sharper. Then, the two of them charged at the restaurant.


They sent out a tyrannical Blade Energy and a mighty Sword Energy. Their attacks were very imposing; they intended to directly destroy the restaurant with that attack.

However, the two black-robed men were left dumbfounded; even after waiting a short while, the did not see the restaurant get destroyed. In fact, it was if their attacks had just been an illusion. The restaurant was still intact and undamaged; not even a single brick missing from it. The restaurant seemed quite towering and imposing.

"Let's try again." The two black-robed men glanced at each other and nodded.

They attacked again, with extreme coordination. This time, they had put all their strength into their attacks. A formless giant blade hacked down on it.

This time, one black-robed man clearly saw his giant blade, which was formed from true energy, stopping several meters from the restaurant, unable to go any further.

What was happening? Why had it ended up like that?

Their eyes widened, and their faces which were hidden by their masks were brimming with disbelief.

Was it because of some array? But, they did not sense the aura of any arrays.

"Let me help you." The other black-robed man, who was still not convinced, roared angrily. His true energy soared up into the sky and turned into a giant blazing meteorite, which began to descend toward the restaurant. Its might was extremely astonishing.

Their commander, who was somewhere in the distance, couldn't help furrowing his brows when he saw it. What were those two doing? Why were they making such a racket? Were they afraid that no one would know that they were destroying the properties belonging to the Nangong Family?

He moved his feet, intending to rush toward them.

However, just when he was just about to move, his body suddenly stiffened.

"Those who disturb my sleep shall... die."

Those two black-robed men looked in fright at an extremely beautiful woman who was standing above the restaurant.

Her black long hair shimmered with a resplendent glow when the two bright moons shone down on it.

The ice-cold pressure permeating the surrounding made even breathing a strenuous task for them.

The enormous true energy blade and the blazing meteorite, which was descending at high speed, did not reach her before she casually flicked them. It was as if she had waved away a falling pile of dirt.

Their attack had disappeared just like that.

In the next moment, right in front of their terror-filled eyes, black hair wrapped around their necks. Their consciousness only lasted enough for them to notice that the woman had disappeared from the restaurant's roof, then it all went dark; their consciousness had thoroughly faded away.

The woman slowly retracted her black hair. She moved her fair long legs and as soon as her sparkling foot touched the ground, she turned around. Right behind her was the black-robed commander, who she just happened to have approached in less than an instant, making him almost suffocate.

"Get lost, or... die," Nethery said expressionlessly.