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 The ambiance within the Nangong Family's multistory building was quite intense and austere.

The bloody purge did not take long, so the reeking scent of blood had long since dissipated.

Nangong Wuque was still sitting on his seat. At that moment, no one dared to look down on him.

"Patriarch, although our Nangong Family have gotten rid of its internal strife, the Lin and Zhang families have already started taking moves against us; they have started encroaching on our industries..." an elder said, nervously but respectfully.

"Patriarch, it has already been confirmed that the next 'Magical Hand Conference' will be held in our Heavenly Mist City. The Pill Palace has already begun to prepare for it, and countless excellent Alchemists and people with special gifts are rushing over to our Heavenly Mist City. We have to quickly confirm who will be taking our family's quota and competing in the conference," said an elder while looking at Nangong Wuque cautiously.

When Nangong Wuque heard the report, he was slightly taken aback.

The Magical Hand Conference was going to start again?

Moreover, this time, the Magical Hand Conference would be held in Heavenly Mist City. How intriguing was that? Back then, the Heavenly Mist City had been really unstable, and it caused all manner of trouble.

The conference couldn't be disregarded because it was an important event held by the Pill Palace.

The conference was not held just to boost the status of alchemists; it was also geared toward providing opportunities to all manner of people with special gifts and talents.

Although the conference didn't involve the entire Hidden Dragon Continent, it still involved everyone in the Pill Palace's territory. The Pill Palace's territory had an extremely vast expanse with a population of tens of millions. From amongst them, there were ten thousand alchemists alone, and this figure did not include people with special gifts.

The Magical Hand Conference was an event held by the Pill Palace's high-level members. One of the reasons why the conference was held was to spread the fame of alchemists. If an alchemist participating in the conference could make it to the top ten, his fame in the Pill Palace's territory would drastically increase to an extremely terrifying extent.

After all, the conference was an event completely supported by the Pill Palace.

The conference also served as an opportunity for people who weren't alchemists but possessed special gifts and talents. This included doctors, poison masters, etc. In this conference, they would all have the opportunity to display their skill, and it was already enough for them to attain a level deserving of the title "Magical Hand".

Regardless of whether or not one's skill centered around healing injuries, helping others breakthrough, or strengthening one's foundation, so long as the skill was effective and practical, it would become the focal point of the conference.

However, in the past, people with special gifts and talents were only needed to fill quotas and spots in the conference.

After all, how could a doctor, poison master, and those with other professions rival alchemists?

A single elixir would be all it took to thoroughly defeat these people.

"Patriarch, who will our Nangong Family send to this conference?" an elder sporting a foolish smile on his face cautiously asked Nangong Wuque, who was lost in thought.

In the previous tournament, it was Nangong Wuque who had represented the Nangong Family, but now that he was their patriarch, could he still participate?

This was what that elder was puzzled about.

"We will participate! How could we not participate? I suddenly have a strong interest in the Magical Hand Conference this time. I won't be the only one to participate; submit the name of that lassie, little Wan. She studied alchemy for such a long time, but she has never participated in a formal competition. Now, it's time for her to test her skill," Nangong Wuque said as he clapped his hands, his face brimming with excitement.

The elder was taken aback for a moment before nodding.

"You should take note that someone from the City Lord Palace will come to invite me over shortly. This is the Magical Hand Conference, after all, and the patriarchs of every family will be invited to discuss it," Nangong Wuque said as he stood up.

He began to walk forward, and just when he was about to leave the room, he suddenly said, "Additionally, although our Nangong family has only just gotten rid of its internal strife, it is still an existence that a random nobody can't bully. Don't fear the people sent by the Lin and Zhang families; instead, attack them back directly.

"Ah?!" Everyone was flabbergasted by his words.

"If any accidents occur, I will take care of it," Nangong Wuque said. "We shouldn't cower; if we cower, then they will bully and oppress us even more."

When Nangong Wuque had said all he had to say, he left the room.


When Nangong Wan stepped into the Cloud Mist Restaurant, she couldn't help squinting her pretty eyes as she perceived the fragrance that filled the air.

She raised her fair hand and took off her veil, revealing her beautiful face. Her scarlet hair, fair skin, and her pure face made her look extremely beautiful.

The customers still in the store all stared at her blankly.

Although the Netherworld woman was beautiful, she was too aloof, cold, and indifferent, whereas Nangong Wan was pretty, lovely, and charming; her beauty could cause anyone to feel excited.

"What the f*ck! It's the Nangong goddess. Why is she here?"

"As soon as the Nangong Family's internal strife ends, our goddess rushes here... Could it be for..."

"Don't spout nonsense. Hasn't the Nangong Family already betrothed her to a genius alchemist from the Heavenly Pill City? Has she not ended her relationship with Owner Bu, yet? Tsk, tsk, tsk."


The eyes of every customer lit up when they saw Nangong Wan.

To these customers, the restaurant really was too marvelous. Not only did they get to eat delicious food which could increase their cultivations, but they also got to admire beautiful women; and most importantly, they also got to hear some juicy gossip about these beautiful women at the store.

Nangong Wan's voluptuous and fair body swayed as she strode forward, attracting the gazes of everyone present. She looked for a seat and sat down, then raised her left leg and crossed it over her right one. The fair skin underneath her dress was all too alluring.

All of the customers fixed their gazes on it.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Nethery came over, as usual. She had already mastered the act of coming to take customers' orders.

"What do you want to eat? Order!" said the Netherworld woman in an ice-cold tone.

However, Nangong Wan did not order a dish immediately. Instead, she raised her head, and as her scarlet bangs swayed over her eyes, her gaze fell on Nethery's body.

The fact that the aloof woman in front of her was really beautiful could not be denied; even Nangong Wan had to exclaim in surprise when she saw Nethery up close.

Black hair, black dress, black eyes, and a skin fairer than her own... Such a sight was really breathtaking and beautiful; this even made Nangong Wan feel ashamed of her inferiority.

Nethery, on the other hand, had waited for a while, but she had not heard her customer other a dish; this caused her to furrow her brows as she gazed at the customer in front of her.

"Order a dish, or... get lost!"

The Netherworld woman did not have a good temper. If it were not for the delicious dishes here, how could someone as proud as herself ever work as a waitress?

The customers in front of her were all weak existences that she could easily slap to death.

"Are you Owner Bu's new waitress? You really have a bad temper," Nangong Wan coldly said as she curled up her ruddy lips and squinted her eyes, revealing a dangerous expression.


Nethery's expressionless face shook slightly when she felt a trace of hostility. She looked at the woman in surprise. This woman was quite beautiful, but she was still not as beautiful as herself.

"Let Owner Bu come out; I will personally tell him the dish I want to order," said Nangong Wan chuckled as she raised one of her fingers and placed it above her ruddy lips.

What do you mean? Do you want to cause trouble here?

Nethery's eyes turned even more pitch-black and profound. Suddenly, as she looked at Nangong Wan, a formless suction force spread from her eyes.

Nethery's pitch-black eyes had become like profound black holes to Nangong Wan, who felt like she had been trapped within them.

Cold sweat drenched Nangong Wan's body, and she shivered intensely.


Nangong Wan's mind was suddenly jolted, and she came back to her senses, feeling as though she had just managed to swim out of an extremely deep pond.

Nethery had felt a hand pat her shoulder, and the profoundness in her eyes instantly disappeared right after.

"Nethery, don't cause trouble," Bu Fang said calmly.

The Netherworld woman turned around and gazed at Bu Fang expressionlessly before snorting lightly. Then, she turned around and went over to the side of the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree, where she pulled a chair and sat beside Lord Dog.

Nangong Wan was gasping for breath, and her towering chest heaved. Her eyes were filled with fright. A moment ago, she thought she was going to die.

It was Bu Fang who had saved her.

She raised her head and forced a smile.

"Owner Bu, I haven't seen you for a long time. I heard that you saved my brother, so I came over to thank you."

Nethery, who wasn't far from them, widened her pitch-black eyes as she watched them.

Lord Dog, on the other hand, yawned before taking a quick look at Nangong Wan and turning away. What use did beautiful women have? It was not like they could be eaten like Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs...

The spectating customers had watched the scene between Nethery and Nangong Wan with excitement, curiosity, and shiny gazes.

The Nangong goddess was actually defeated in her first confrontation with the store's aloof goddess.

This way, things were set to become even more interesting and intriguing.