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 After they had eaten and drunk to their fill, the store began its business for the day.

A loud creak resounded as Bu Fang opened the store's bronze gate. As soon as the gate was opened, warm sunrays surged into the store and shone on Bu Fang, and he couldn't help but squint his eyes.

There was a large stream of people outside as the elixir stores in the district had been hurriedly trying to sell some elixirs before the Cloud Mist Restaurant opened.

Their prices for these elixirs had become quite low because of Bu Fang's store, but it was still enough to attract some customers. Doing business like this was quite difficult for the elixir stores, but it was not so bad that it caused them to lose their capitals.

They were some customers who came to the district just to buy elixirs, after all.

Although the Cloud Mist Restaurant was already quite famous in the Heavenly Mist City, many people still didn't have a proper understanding of it. After all, Heavenly Mist City was quite big, covering a large expanse.

The district in which the Cloud Mist Restaurant was situated was administrated by the Nangong Family. Beside the Nangong Family, there were many other big families in the city: Lin Family, Zhang Family, City Lord's Palace, and other small families.

It was the collaboration between these families that formed the flourishing city called the Heavenly Mist City.

The Cloud Mist Restaurant wasn't too prominent as it was just a restaurant in a small district. Its reputation wasn't even on par with some high-grade elixir stores like the Flowing Cloud Store, which was one of the Heavenly Mist City's top-notch elixir stores. Compared to this store, the Cloud Mist Restaurant was still lacking.

There was no one in Heavenly Mist City who had not heard of the Flowing Cloud Store before, and that was the case in other cities as well. The Flowing Cloud Store could even be considered outstanding when compared with the Pill Palace or the other two Pill Cities' elixirs stores.

"Temporary mission issued: In three months, the host must spread the Cloud Mist Restaurant's name throughout the entire Heavenly Mist City, and it should be known by every citizen of the city. Mission Reward: Spicy Diced Chicken's recipe."

As Bu Fang was enjoying the warm sun rays, the system's earnest and solemn voice suddenly resounded in his mind.

The system had suddenly issued another temporary mission on such a beautiful morning. It really was going too far with this.

Bu Fang's mouth twitched, and he let out a long breath.

This mission wasn't easy. Spreading the Cloud Mist Restaurant's name throughout Heavenly Mist City... and it should be known by every citizen of the city... Such difficulty. This wasn't something that could be achieved by cooking Stinky Tofu in front of his store.

Bu Fang felt another headache because of this matter. Restaurants were quite negligible existences in the Heavenly Mist City, so to spread its name through the whole city, he must make out of it a store which wasn't in any way inferior to a top-notch elixir store like the Flowing Cloud Store.

Such a task would certainly be quite difficult, and he currently did not have any idea how he would achieve it.

"Owner Bu, are you starting business now?"

The owner of the elixir store closest to his restaurant greeted him after watching Bu Fang open the restaurant's bronze gate.

Bu Fang nodded at him, the turned around and went back into the restaurant.

The elixir store's owner chuckled lightly before he collected the elixirs' jade bottles in display and eagerly followed the stream of people pouring into Bu Fang's store.

Although the Cloud Mist Restaurant did not have many dishes, the few dishes it did have all tasted quite delicious. More importantly, those who ate Owner Bu's dishes discovered that the dishes produced the same marvelous effects that elixirs did.

Not only were the dishes delicious, but they were also capable of increasing one's true energy. For them, this news was an extremely splendid one. Were they not buying elixirs just to strengthen their cultivation? Since they now had the opportunity to enjoy a delicacy while increasing their cultivation at the same time, how could they not treasure it?

The number of people pouring into the store kept increasing, and soon, the store was as busy as a market. Many customers were ordering dishes excitedly.

After Nethery had eaten and drank her fill, she began to do her job. Although she was a glutton, she wasn't stupid; she understood what she had to do.

Her aloof temperament and ice-cold expression attracted many customers.

Although many of them had suffered because of her the previous day, that was not the case for most of them. Many customers were mesmerized by her extremely beautiful face.

She was a goddess after all, one who wasn't in any way inferior to the Nangong goddess. Hence, how could the crowd not admire her?

However, because of the rumors about her that had spread among customers, they only admired her with their eyes; they had all heard how stupid trying to take liberties with her would be.

Since there was no one provoking her, Nethery also did not cause trouble. Her thoughts were simple. She knew that if she did everything that Bu Fang asked of her, she would get food to eat.

Her ideal life was quite simple.

After working at the job for a while, Nethery had adapted to it. She was now able to easily report the name of the dish that was ordered.

Bu Fang was quite satisfied with her progress.

The store's business carried on properly as usual.


In the Nangong Family's courtyard.

Nangong Wan wore a pink dress, and her long hair hung loosely behind her like a waterfall. Her exquisite face was filled with a trace of shock and disbelief, and her ruddy lips were parted slightly.

"Did you just say that the old dog, Nangong Xuanhe, died?"

Nangong Xuanhe was the main culprit for the state in which their Nangong Family had ended in. Had he just died like that? Only dozens of days had passed, right?

"It isn't just Nangong Xuanhe who passed away; Nangong Xuanying also died. As for Nangong Xuanhu, I crippled him and took back our Nangong Family," Nangong Wuque said proudly, his head smugly held high, like a proud rooster's.

Nangong Wan stared at her brother in astonishment. She clearly understood Nangong Wuque's personality. Had his clown-like personality changed because of what he went through?

If that was the case, then it really was something worth celebrating.

"Oh, right. Little Wan, didn't that old dog Nangong Xuanhe set up an engagement for you? Don't worry; that sissy, Mu Chenfeng, already died in the secret realm, so you aren't bound by any engagement now," Nangong Wuque said, donning a smile.

Nangong Wan's pretty eyes couldn't help but light up when she heard this.

"Is it true? Did Mu Chenfeng really die?"

"It's true. Some unforeseen circumstances occurred in the secret realm, and many people died. As for your brother, I... I only managed to survive after going through countless difficulties and killing countless enemies in my way," said Nangong Family solemnly, without feeling a sliver of shame.

"However, my brother-in-law was also of great help to me; he really is excellent. Shouldn't you consider it?"

Brother-in-law? What brother-in-law? Nangong Wan was taken aback. "Who are you talking about?"

"Old Bu. Not only is he quite handsome, but he is also capable of cooking dishes. Can't you see how good he is?" Nangong Wuque said, urging her.

When Nangong Wan heard this, her face instantly became completely red. She now believed that she had been really naive; how could she have believed that the personality of a clown like Nangong Wuque would change?

"If you utter another word about this matter, then don't blame for sewing your mouth shut with needles," Nangong Wan said threateningly.

Nangong Wuque's expression instantly stiffened when he heard that.

Nangong Wan coldly snorted, turned around, and left.

After she had walked for several steps, she suddenly thought of something. She turned her head around and asked, "Hey, my elixir store should still be in its old place, right? I want to continue selling my elixirs."

Nangong Wuque curled up the corners of his mouth as he watched Nangong Wan twisting her waist as she left. "What a dishonest lassie. What selling elixirs? She just wanted to eat Old Bu's Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup and meet with him. Tsk, tsk."

"Pass down my orders. Ask all the people responsible for my Nangong Family's industries to come to our Nangong Family's multistorey building immediately. I will start a family meeting now."

When he turned to saw Nangong Wan disappearing into the distance, Nangong Wuque's temperament changed instantly. He solemnly gave a guard beside him an order.

That guard earnestly nodded and left.


In the Nangong Family's multistorey building.

Within a vast meeting room, there were countless chairs made of old sandalwood, and there were old men sitting on these chairs. These were the people responsible for all the Nangong Family's industries. Some of them were deacons, and some of them were elders of the family.

If Nangong Wuque really wanted his control of the Nangong Family to be firm, then he first had to control these people.

After going through such a tragic affair, Nangong Wuque had grown up, and his temperament had become more steady and stable.

The heart of many elders couldn't help but shudder as they faced Nangong Wuque's gaze. They all felt that something bad would occur in this meeting.

Many of them knew of the grudge between Nangong Wuque and Nangong Xuanhe, who was supported by his two brothers. Many of them had even helped Nangong Xuanhe, so it was natural that they would feel nervous and apprehensive. They all felt that Nangong Wuque would not really dare to harm them because they controlled many industries belonging to the Nangong Family. However, none of them was sure of what would happen.

Nangong Wuque swept his gaze past everyone present and waited until they were all seated before he comfortably sat in his own chair and gazed at them with a cold expression.

"When that old dog, Nangong Xuanhe, forcefully extracted my Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames from my body, all of you should have been present."

The hearts of all the Nangong Family members present lurched, and their expressions became somewhat unsightly.

"All of you should have already heard that I crippled Nangong Xuanhu, that the old dog Nangong Xuanhe has died in the secret realm, and that I'm the current master of the Nangong Family. Does anyone of you object this?"

No one stood up because Nangong Wuque was the true and rightful successor of the Nangong Family.

"Since you all acknowledge that I'm the current master and patriarch of the Nangong Family, then... I should properly pay you back today."

A powerful true energy surged out of Nangong Wuque's body, and two swaying chains appeared behind him.

A powerful pressure spread throughout the meeting room, causing everyone present to tremble.

Countess guards rushed into the hall, and the ice-cold edges of their swords frightened the old men.

Nangong Wuque had truly... grown up.


The elixir stores that Nangong Wan saw on her way to Cloud Mist Restaurant were all doing awfully, as usual.

Their present states were no different from how it was before she disappeared for such a long time. Their businesses should have been stolen by Bu Fang's amazing dishes.

As Nangong Wan's thoughts shifted to Bu Fang's Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, she couldn't help but crave it badly. The soup was extremely delicious and was also capable of increasing her cultivation. The fact that she could increase her cultivation while enjoying such a delicacy was a pleasant surprise. It was like getting the best of both worlds.

She arrived at her elixir store. It was delipidated because no one had taken care of it for such a long time, and it was now covered by a thick layer of dust.

She reached out and touched the building, causing a dust storm to surge and blow at her.

Finding the dust unbearable, Nangong Wan coughed.

"Fine... Tonight, I should look for someone to sweep and tidy this place up. But for now, I must go to Owner Bu's store to have a meal." Nangong Wan swung her scarlet hair around, and her long slender legs strode forward, walking toward Owner Bu's restaurant.

Since Nangong Wan had come so late in the day, there weren't many customers left in the store. Most of them had already eaten their fill and were leaving in content.

"Tsk, Tsk. That ice-cold goddess in Owner Bu's store is really beautiful; I have never seen such a beautiful woman before..."

"What nonsense are you saying? Our Nangong goddess isn't worse than her, is she?"

"What do you know? The Nangong goddess's temperament lacks big time compared to Owner Bu's beauty."


The customers' discussions caused Nangong Wan's body to stiffen.

Her ruddy lips, which were hidden by her veil, curled up into an ice-cold and prideful smile.

"Owner Bu's beauty? How intriguing... I must personally take a look at her."