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 Where should he have the Netherworld woman sleep?

Bu Fang pondered as he sat on a chair and watched the Netherworld woman cheerfully fight over Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs with Lord Dog. This small matter had already given him a headache.

This store had just two rooms: one of them was his, and the other belonged to Yang Meiji.

Should he let her stay in Yang Meiji's room? If he did, then what would he do if Yang Meiji suddenly returned? Although she rarely came back to the store, it would be really awkward if she returned someday and found someone occupying her room.

Or should he let Nethery stay with him in his room?

After he mulled over it for a white, Bu Fang decided to rule that out.

"Smelly lassie, if you dare steal this Lord Dog's Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs again, then I really will flare up." Lord Dog wagged its tail as it glared at the Netherworld woman who was holding a piece of Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs in her fair and thin hand.

The Netherworld woman licked her ruddy lips, which emitted a peculiar allurance, and stuffed the piece of Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs in her mouth, then ate it noisily. The delicious piece of Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs pleased both her body and her heart, overwhelming both with pleasure.

Blacky felt as though something was wrong with his entire being; it was as though something in it had just gotten shattered.

How infuriating!

The plump dog suddenly realized that deceiving the lassie and bringing her back was equivalent to digging a pit for itself. This lassie was actually such a glutton. Would anyone believe how much she had eaten this day alone? Yet, she still wasn't satisfied, and even went as far as stealing my own Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs.

Could she be any more unreasonable and overbearing?

Did she assume that it was easy for this Lord Dog to get some Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs?

Blacky had no means of dealing with her. It wasn't like it just could wave its paw and slap her away, could it?

It was, after all, Blacky itself who lured her there. Since that action was a disaster which it had brought on itself, then Blacky could only restrain its tears and bear it.

When Lord Dog saw her squint her eyes while happily and noisily eating its Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs, it barked at her in rage before wolfing down the remaining food on its bowl.

Lord Dog quickly stuffed all the Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs on the tray into its mouth.

Its mouth bulged, and its eyes were wide open, glaring at the Netherworld woman. Then, it began to chew while keeping its gaze on Nethery.

As Bu Fang watched them, he felt speechless.

Didn't this petty and stingy dog have a sliver of integrity? How could it fight over food with a woman?

When the Netherworld woman noticed that Lord Dog had eaten all the Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs on its tray, she indifferently grabbed the porcelain tray and began to lick it.

The porcelain tray had been smeared with the broth of the Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs' juice, which was quite delicious.

Lord Dog almost choked when it noticed what she was doing.

Could you please no be this demented? Couldn't you let my broth off?

Bu Fang was quite stunned by her actions. "Fine, let's just assume that I didn't say anything about this woman before; however, this woman, Nethery, really is insane."

When she placed down the porcelain tray, she lay down on a chair in a cozy manner. She was now so indolent, her actions were akin to a meek black kitten's. Her voluptuous body heaved as she breathed; this action exuded a special allurance.

Her pitch-black long hair had sprung loose in front of her face, covering half of it. The part of her face that was still visible was so beautiful that its allure was capable of shaking one to his core.

After Lord Dog swallowed down the Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs, it licked its lips. It gave Nethery, who was lazily lying on her chair, a gaze and snorted; then, it strode forward with graceful cat-like steps and returned to the side of the Path-Understanding Tree, where it lay down and went back to sleep.

Eating its fill and sleeping afterward was Lord Dog's preferred lifestyle. This was also the reason why it had become so fat.

The Netherworld woman gazed at Bu Fang and curled the corners of her lips upwards, expressing her happiness to Bu Fang.

Afterward, still subject to Bu Fang's dumbfounded gaze, Nethery stood up, and a pitch-black true energy emanated from her palm. She waved that hand, and the pitch-black Netherworld Ship, which was emitting an archaic aura, appeared right there.

With a loud rumble, the Netherworld Ship fell beside Lord Dog, creating strong winds that blew its fur, causing it to flutter.

Under Nethery's fine control, the Netherworld Ship shrank down by a large margin, and soon, it had shrunk to a size that let it fit right in the store. It stood just beside the Path-Understanding Tree.

What was this woman up to?

Bu Fang was taken aback by her actions and looked on in confusion.

He watched the Netherworld woman, whose long hair extended all the way down to her waist, walk toward the Netherworld Ship. When she reached the ship, she turned around, cupped her fists and nodded at Bu Fang, then walked forward with her sparkling feet and got aboard the ship.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth couldn't help but twitch. It seemed that his worries were needless.

He had been thinking of where he could let her sleep, and now, it seemed he no longer needed to ponder about the issue anymore.

The sounds of uniform breathing soon began to echo from the Netherworld Ship.

Bu Fang stood up and took the porcelain trays on the table before returning to the kitchen. After he entered it, the dining room's light was extinguished, leaving it engulfed in darkness.

He threw the trays into the system's dishwasher and stretched, then patted Whitey's plump belly before going upstairs.

Bu Fang took a bath and afterward shook his wet hair, letting it hang loose. He leaned against the window and admired Heavenly Mist City's beautiful nightscape, and this brightened his mood.

The night passed without incident.

The next day, when the comfortable and warm sunlight shone in through the windows on Bu Fang's face, he slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were still drowsy, and he couldn't help but yawn.

He stood up and tied his hair with a velvet hair tie, then washed his face and rinsed his mouth before leaving his room.

When Bu Fang came downstairs, he was taken aback by a pitch-black silhouette standing between the dining room and kitchen, and staring at him with wide eyes.

What the hell?

Bu Fang jumped in fright and took a step back in retreat before he was able to see who was the silhouette. It was Nethery.

Why was she scaring people this early in the morning? Bu Fang was just speechless.

The Netherworld woman squinted her eyes, turned around, causing her waterfall-like black hair to rise gracefully into the air, and took a seat in the dining room.

Did she want to have breakfast?

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth couldn't help but twitch; this woman really was enthusiastic. He also suddenly discovered the lazy dog sitting straight in a chair, something he was seeing for the first time. It had its paws on the table and its tongue sticking out of its mouth.

These two foodies really were...

Bu Fang chuckled lightly, then turned around and went to the kitchen. He did not immediately start cooking, however. Instead, he gripped his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and began to practice the Overlord Thirteen Blades technique.

After he completed the temporary mission, his true energy cultivation rose by a large margin. However, he would still need several days before he would be able to break through to the Divine Realm.

He had to practice more his Overlord Thirteen Blades technique with the same focus he used to practice the Meteor Cutting Technique in the past.

If a chef sought to prevent their culinary skill from deteriorating, he would have to diligently practice every day. Constant practice makes perfect, which was extremely important to any chef.

With the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife still in his grasp, Bu Fang picked Shrimpy from his shoulder and placed it above the stove. Shrimpy was bewildered by Bu Fang's actions and looked at him in confusion with its compound eyes.

Bu Fang twirled the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and pointed it at Shrimpy. Then, his aura became more imposing.

Shrimpy was completely unfazed by Bu Fang's imposing aura. It just ran carefreely around the stove, rapidly moving its countless tiny legs.

"Fine. I shouldn't be hasty when practicing a technique such as the Overlord Thirteen Blades."

Bu Fang stored his kitchen knife, picked up the carefree Shrimpy and tossed it back atop his shoulder.

After it was thrown back onto Bu Fang's shoulder, Shrimpy became more peaceful, lying there and spouting bubbles from its mouth.

After he had practiced his cutting technique for a while, Bu Fang started his daily cooking practice.

He took a supreme beast's meat and cut it to pieces in preparation for Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs. He took out the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and spouted a ball of the golden Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, causing the kitchen's temperature to rise drastically. He poured oil into the wok and began to fry them.

After just a short while, a rich fragrance wafted out of the kitchen.

The eyes of both Nethery and Lord Dog, who were seated in the dining room, lit up, and they became very excited.

When the noise coming from the kitchen ceased, the woman and dog directed their gazes toward the kitchen and spotted a tall man slowly walking out of the dark room. He was carrying two fragrant dishes on both hands.

"This is Blacky's Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and Nethery's Dragon Blood Rice," Bu Fang said as he calmly placed both dishes down.

After that, he returned to the kitchen. After a short while, he came out again carrying a steaming hot Golden Shumai.

The Netherworld woman used her thin fingers to scoop up Dragon Blood Rice and stuff it into her mouth. The past few days had been very blissful for her because she was able to eat dishes brimming with spiritual essence every day. Compared to the miserable life she led while drifting about the secret realm when she couldn't even guarantee her next meal, her current life was much more comfortable, even more than her life in the Netherworld.

Lord Dog happily enjoyed its Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs. However, it ate its meal fast for fear that the Netherworld woman would try to steal some of it again.

Unlike the two foodies, Bu Fang gracefully used his chopsticks to grasp a piece of the Golden Shumai which had been smeared in soup. He used the chopsticks to poke a hole in the piece of Golden Shumai, and a fragrant soup gushed out of the incision.

Bu Fang sucked the soup in a hurry.

When it entered his mouth, its mellow, rich taste made Bu Fang feel all the pores on his body open up.

It wasn't surprising that the Netherworld woman and Lord Dog were overjoyed when eating. This happened when Crystal Source Purple Essence was added to a dish, it improved the taste and flavor of the dish by an entire level.

This Golden Shumai was more delicious than the others Bu Fang had cooked in the past. It really was an extraordinary matter!

After sucking its soup, Bu Fang put the piece of Golden Shumai in his mouth and began to chew.

The flavors of pork sliced meat and rice intertwined in his mouth. When it went down his throat and into his stomach, Bu Fang felt warm. He let out a long breath because he was quite satisfied with it.

Bu Fang suddenly noticed that the Netherworld woman had finished her Dragon Blood Rice and was now staring at his Golden Shumai.

Without asking Bu Fang any questions, she directly reached out and took a piece of Golden Shumai which she tossed into her mouth, without minding that it was still piping hot.

Squish! Squish!

The woman's eyes lit up as she chewed.

"Did I discover another new delicacy once again? Is this place paradise?"

The Netherworld woman closed her eyes in pleasure, and her ruddy lips which had been smeared with oil exuded an alluring luster.

Bu Fang curled up the corners of his mouth as he watched her. This foodie really was...

He took another piece of Golden Shumai and happily ate it.

Lord Dog took pleasure in his misfortune. "It is good that this lassie didn't steal my Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs today."

After it had eaten the last of its Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs, Lord Dog strode forward gracefully with cat-like steps, returning to the side of Path-Understanding Tree, and lay down before falling asleep.

Bu Fang had just finished eating his second piece of Golden Shumai when he noticed, to his astonishment, that Nethery was holding two pieces of Golden Shumai, one in each hand, while she was chewing another.

He finally understood the pain that Lord Dog had gone through the previous day.

This woman really was... a glutton.

After Bu Fang had eaten his third piece of Golden Shumai, his body went stiff, and his face became expressionless because he discovered that the steamer basket was completely empty.