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 The courtyard of the Nangong Family was extremely vast. There were many pavilions and kiosks located in the courtyard and there were streams running through it. There was a quiet and auspicious ambiance surrounding the courtyard.

The moment Nangong Wuque entered the courtyard, he immediately felt an austere air which caused him to involuntarily squint his eyes.

When he entered the residence, some guards who were quite a distance from him became extremely afraid. They all turned around and ran away. They didn't even try to block Nangong Wuque and they all acted as though they had just seen a terrifying ominous beast.

The current Nangong Xuanhu was still saddened and pained because of the loss of his brother, Nangong Xuanhe.

When his subordinates informed him that Nangong Wuque was currently rushing over to where he was, his eyes opened wide. His nostrils flared in anger. He slapped the chair he sat on, and his powerful true energy shattered it into many pieces.

"That bastard had the guts to come back? Since my big brother died in the secret realm, how did that bastard live?" Nangong Xuanhu emitted a strong murderous aura as he led some of his subordinates out of the hall.

Nangong Wuque leisurely sauntered toward Nangong Xuanhu's group.

His red hair, which was fluttering in the wind, seemed like a blazing flame.

Nangong Xuanhu's imposing manner was astonishing. With every step he took, the ground would shake and smoke and dust would rise up. His aura was rapidly rising and two swaying chains appeared behind him.

"Nangong Wuque... How dare you come back? Are you seeking death?"

Nangong Xuanhu shouted and his voice was extremely loud. It was like a drumbeat which resounded through the entire Nangong Family Residence.

Nangong Wan was imprisoned in a small simple and unadorned room when Nangong Xuanhu's shout resounded in her ears. She couldn't help but open her pretty eyes as her eyelashes slightly trembled. Why did Nangong Wuque come back?

Was he able to defeat Nangong Xuanhe and his two brothers?

Nangong Wan's heart was filled with worry as she didn't know that Nangong Xuanhe and Nangong Xuanying were already dead.


Nangong Wuque curled up the corners of his mouth as he calmly looked at Nangong Xuanhu, who emitted an astonishingly imposing manner. He was already an expert who broke through two of the Supreme-Being's shackles and that level of cultivation was truly powerful.

However, Nangong Wuque didn't fear him as he was also an expert who broke through two Supreme-Being's shackles. Even though he had only recently broken through the second shackle, he was a genius. If he couldn't even defeat someone in the same realm as him... What kind of genius would he be? He was still confident in himself despite the fact that he had already lost his Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames.

Nangong Xuanhu was startled and terrified when Nangong Wuque displayed his cultivation. "This bastard actually broke through another one of the Supreme-Being's shackles. It seemed as though this kid obtained many precious objects in the secret realm..."

When he thought about this, Nangong Xuanhu became even sadder. His brother Nangong Xuanhe died miserably in the secret realm, however, this kid got some lucky chances and broke through.

Comparing someone to another was truly infuriating!

The more he felt this way, the more he wanted to kill Nangong Wuque.

"Die!" Nangong Xuanhu shouted and charged at Nangong Wuque.

Nangong Wuque's eyes became ice-cold. It was finally time to pay them back for everything they had done to him.


The two of them didn't use any fancy techniques and simply clashed into one another. Their fight was brutal and crude as they fought with each other using their fists. True energy surged out from their bodies as rumbling sounds resounded.

As their chains swayed about in mid-air, they started fighting and exchanging fists. Every single strike from them caused the ground to shake.

The Nangong Family's guards apprehensively looked at the two of them as they fought. They didn't dare to join in the fight as a fight at such a level wasn't something which they could meddle in. They could only observe it from far away and wait for the outcome of the fight.


In the Cloud Mist Restaurant, there was a long line of people lining up as customers entered the store in high spirits.

They discovered that the beautiful woman with long black hair unexpectedly became a waitress in this store and all of them became excited. It was as though they were all injected with chicken blood.

However, many of them were nervous because of Nethery's aloof and cold temperament. Although many of them were nervous, there were also some of them who were excited by her unique temperament.

They surrounded her and continuously spoke to her. Their eyes swept up and down her curvaceous body, especially her beautiful and fair long legs... They attracted the gazes of many people.

Nethery simply stood there calmly. Her pitch-black eyes swept through everyone who was looking at her and they became even more profound and deep. She wasn't accustomed to such rapacious gazes. In fact, she loathed them.

A stream of black true energy surged out of her body and her ice-cold voice echoed in the store when she opened her rosy lips.

"Order a dish... Otherwise, all of you should scram." Her words were as always concise and to the point.

Her ice-cold attitude caused the customers to become even more excited and all of them became mesmerized by this aloof and cold goddess.

They found Nethery's ice-cold and aloof temperament even more fresh and exciting than Nangong Wan's gentle and lovely temperament. Her aloof attitude caused their desires to burn as all of them wanted to conquer her.

A customer stood up as he giggled. He went to Nethery's side and squinted his eyes as he said, "Ordering a dish? I will order a dish. However, beauty... I wonder whether you will keep this brother company and drink several glasses with me?"

Drinks several glasses?

Nethery's long and black hair fluttered up as her ice-cold gaze looked straight into the customer's eyes.

The nose of Lord Dog, who was lying beside a Path-Understanding Tree and sleeping, suddenly twitched. It opened its drowsy eyes and it happened to witness the death-seeking customer. Letting out a yawn, it shook its head and continued to sleep.

"Trying to take liberties with the Netherworld woman? I wonder where you got your courage and audacity from."

A pressure, a tremendous and terrifying one, tantamount to that of a towering mountain, caused the customer's smile to disappear. The lustful expression on his face vanished in an instant.

This aloof and cold goddess instantly turned into a demonic fiend in his eyes.

That tremendous pressure caused his chest to heave up and down intensely as breathing suddenly became extremely difficult.

This woman was.... She was too terrifying!

Nethery raised her thin and fair palm, then grabbed onto the customer's neck.

He felt as though goosebumps were rising out of his entire body when that goddess' ice-cold hand touched his neck. It felt as though it was a ten-thousand-year-old iceberg. His skin felt numb the moment she touched it.

What kind of monster was she?

The customer felt as though the shadow of death was upon him. The nearing of his death caused his whole body to shiver in fear.

The customers who surrounded him were taken aback by Nethery's actions. They didn't know why such a mesmerizing goddess would turn so scary.

"You... Let go of me!" The customer shouted in fright and terror.

Instead of releasing her grip, Nethery's black eyes became even darker and her hand exerted even more strength. The customer was choking and his face flushed red. He was suppressed internally as well!

No matter what, he was still a Supreme-Being expert. How could he be like a harmless child in front of this woman? Where did she come from? If she was so powerful, why was she working as a waitress?

The extent of Nethery's cultivation was something even Bu Fang didn't know.

In the restaurant, probably only Blacky was aware of the Netherworld woman's true power...

Bu Fang had never seen Nethery reveal the number of shackles she had broken through. He had never seen her display her true power before as well. However, he didn't care much about it. In any case, she was already his waitress.

The customer whose neck was choked by Nethery felt as though he was about to meet the end of his life soon. His vitality was quickly weakening and dissipating as time passed. Was he really going to die here?

The only thing he did was to take liberties with a woman... Why should he die because of it? Why was life so tragic?

In the end, Nethery didn't kill him. When his eyes rolled upwards and he fainted, she released him.

The customer who fell to the ground had bloodshot eyes as he heavily gasped for breath.

Turning around, he ran out of the store without the least bit of hesitation. His wretched appearance as he tried to frantically escape caused many people to suck in a breath of cold air.

Nethery's ice-cold eyes swept through everyone.

All of them felt like it was already winter as a chilly breeze blew through their heart. They felt as though their heart became frozen solid.

"Owner, give me a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice!"

"Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs! Give me a portion of delicious Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs!"

"We are all here to have a meal, why are all of you causing trouble? Give me a bowl of the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup!"


All of those customers felt as though their heart shuddered when Nethery swept her gaze past them. All of them quickly shouted out an order.

This woman was too terrifying... If they wanted to take liberties with her, they should first consider whether they had enough lives to do so.

Nethery expressionlessly listened to the names of dishes ordered by them before she turned around and strode forward with her long and fair legs. Her sparkling feet took several steps as she walked toward the kitchen. When she reached the window in front of the kitchen, she looked at Bu Fang, who looked back at Nethery's ice-cold and beautiful face through the window.

Nethery simply stood in front of the window motionless. She didn't say anything for quite some time. Slightly shifting her pitch-black eyes, she looked at Bu Fang for a moment. In the next moment, she turned around and left.

Bu Fang' s face had a confused expression on it as he wondered what she was up to.

Compared to Bu Fang, the customers were even more confused and stupefied. They finally let out a long breath after Nethery left. However, before they were able to relax, she came back. Moreover, she was even more overbearing when she came back.

Nethery's long and black hair fluttered as ice-cold words came out of her mouth:

"Say it again... The names of the dishes all of you ordered."

Those customers were taken aback for a moment. While they were stunned, they felt an ice-cold killing intent lock on to them.

Damn! When did ordering a dish become so dangerous?

It was your problem that you couldn't remember the name of the dishes we ordered! Why are you blaming us?

The customers really wanted to cry. However, when Nethery's glacial gaze swept past them, they restrained their tears. They obediently repeated their orders to her.

Nethery's eyes flickered as she listened to them. She raised her fair and thin fingers as she tried to remember everything which the customers ordered.

After she felt as though she remembered the order, she turned around and went back to the window in front of the kitchen.

"Two... Egg-Fried Rice. Three..... Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs. One Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. Th... Three..... Red Braised Meat."

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth couldn't help but twitch when he looked at Nethery, who waved her fingers about. She waved her fingers in the air as she stammered out the orders of the customers.

The extremely powerful Netherworld woman was actually unable to remember the name of some dishes!

As he thought of Ouyang Xiaoyi who reported the orders to him in a sing-song voice, he almost cried. He really shouldn't be comparing the two of them as it would be too cruel to Ouyang Xiaoyi.

After she was done with the order, she looked straight at Bu Fang without moving her body.

"Well... When I finish cooking the dishes, I'll put them here. You can carry them to the customers afterwards," Bu Fang said.

Nethery nodded at him without really understanding what he meant.

She turned around and looked at those customers which immediately jumped in fright when her gaze swept past them.

Don't come over... We didn't provoke you...

The customers were all fearful and apprehensive when facing the Netherworld woman.

Nethery stopped looking at them and peacefully stood in front of the kitchen window as she waited patiently for Bu Fang.

When Bu Fang finished cooking the Egg-Fried Rice, he placed it down on the window.

Nethery's pitch-black eyes immediately lit up as she looked at that bowl of steaming hot Egg-Fried Rice.

Bu Fang was taken aback when he saw Nethery's eyes glow. The corners of his mouth couldn't help but twitch as he had an extremely bad premonition.