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 Nangong Wuque was thoroughly astounded when he saw the Netherworld woman appear from the teleportation array.

Her extremely beautiful face caused his heart to shudder in fear. Her ice-cold temperament caused his body to stiffen. Why was she there? Shouldn't she stay in the secret realm forever? After he left the realm, he should never see her again, right?

This nightmarish woman had a tall stature and voluptuous curves which were covered by a black dress. Her long and white beautiful legs were perfectly straight.

She was peacefully standing in the middle of the teleportation array and looked at Bu Fang with her pitch-black eyes.

When Bu Fang heard a disturbance behind him, he quickly turned his head around. He instantly saw the Netherworld woman standing in the middle of the teleportation array. Her long and black hair which reached her waist, coupled with her extremely beautiful and pale complexion, would be able to leave a deep impression on anyone.

"The Netherworld woman?" Bu Fang was taken aback. Just like Nangong Wuque, he was puzzled. He wondered about how she left the secret realm.

Lord Dog squinted its eyes and grinned. It wagged its tail around continuously. "Maybe she was unwilling to part with your dishes," Lord Dog said in its manly and mild voice.

Um? Bu Fang was taken aback by Lord Dog's words and he turned to look at that plump dog. This fat dog's words seemed quite logical and reasonable...

The Netherworld woman strode forward. Her white and fair feet trod on the ground and it seemed like she wasn't wearing any shoes at all. It seemed as though the Netherworld woman wasn't fond of wearing shoes. She walked out of the teleportation array and followed behind Bu Fang.

"Do you still want to eat the Dragon Blood Rice?" Bu Fang calmly asked her.

The Netherworld woman, who still had an indifferent expression like before, nodded her head.

That Dragon Blood Rice which was mixed with Crystal Source Purple Essence thoroughly enchanted her. The spiritual essence contained in the dish was countless times richer than ordinary heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

If she could frequently eat the dishes cooked by Bu Fang by following him around, she would be able to easily suppress the curse. This way, she would be spared from the trouble of looking for heavenly materials and earthly treasures. She would also not suffer that hellish torment from that curse. She didn't want much and her desire was quite simple. She simply didn't want to suffer from such pain ever again.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows when he witnessed the Netherworld woman's gaze. He could feel the longing in her gaze.

"Bu Fang, kiddo, why don't you take this lassie with you? Your new store needs a new waitress... You can't call over that lassie, Xiaoyi, over to your new store, can you?" Lord Dog's voice resounded once again in Bu Fang's ears.

Bu Fang shot another glance at that plump dog. He felt that there was something fishy going on with all of this.

"I am not becoming this Lord Dog's accomplice by abducting this Netherworld woman... Am I?"

It was extremely likely that this was the case.

However, when he carefully thought about it, Bu Fang felt as though Lord Dog spoke some truth. It was true that his Cloud Mist Restaurant needed a waitress.

This woman had been living in the secret realm all along. Now that she left her home, she would be homeless in Heavenly Mist City. It would be quite cruel of him to not accept her and to let her drift around in the continent.

Bu Fang could always let Nangong Wuque look after her...

However, when he saw the frightened expression on Nangong Wuque's face as he looked at the Netherworld woman, Bu Fang knew that there was no way he would take care of the Netherworld woman.

There was no other choice. Bu Fang could only let the Netherworld woman follow him.

"Ok, you can follow me." Bu Fang nodded at her.

The Netherworld woman's eyes lit up and the corners of her mouth curled upwards in delight.

"Old Bu... Are you really going to take her with you? She's..." Nangong Wuque's face was filled with disbelief and shock as he looked at Bu Fang. Why was he taking her in? How was he supposed to go to Bu Fang's store like this?

Before Nangong Wuque could finish what he was going to say, he felt as though someone was looking at him. The gaze which locked onto his body was brimming with killing intent.

The Netherworld woman turned her head and looked at him. Her pitch-black eyes were filled with killing intent.

"Don't! Big sister, you are the most awesome person..."

Nangong Wuque instantly cowered. All the words which were about to leave his mouth became swallowed by him.


After they left the Nangong Family's multi-story building, they entered the Heavenly Mist City's main street. This street was filled with people and it was bustling as usual.

Although there were intense and bitter fights occurring in the secret realm which resulted in a huge amount of casualties, Heavenly Mist City was still auspicious and prosperous like before. They were countless carriages pulled by spirit beasts passing through the street and tall buildings stood on each side. Sounds of people selling stuff could be heard everywhere and the fragrance of elixirs filled the seemingly chaotic city.

Nangong Wuque bade farewell to Bu Fang before leaving. His cultivation had already attained a breakthrough. There were some important matters he had to take care of now that he was back.

Bu Fang taciturnly nodded at him.

He brought Whitey, Blacky, as well as Shrimpy who was lying on his shoulders, back to the Heavenly Mist City's Cloud Mist Restaurant.

Obviously, there was another member in his party now and it was the tall Netherworld woman.


The upper layers of the Pill Tower were shrouded by clouds and mist.

In one of its alchemy rooms, an old man, who was sitting cross-legged, had blood continuously flowing out of his mouth.

This was Master Xuan Bei, who was brought out of the secret realm by Yang Meiji. He was a man who had broken through three of the Supreme-Being's shackles and was still heavily injured by the man covered in blood. He was still injured even though it had been some time since they left the secret realm.

He still needed some time to completely recover.

Yang Meiji was nervously standing in the room as she looked at her teacher who was healing himself.

After a long while, Master Xuan Bei's aura recovered slightly. He opened his eyes and waved his hands at Yang Meiji in order to dismiss her.

"You should go to your room and properly cultivate. Try to break through to the Divine Physique Echelon. If you succeed, I'll give you a precious object," Master Xuan Bei weakly said to Yang Meiji.

Yang Meiji respectfully nodded before she turned around and left the room.

She got many precious objects on her trip to the secret realm. Although they were lacking in comparison to what Bu Fang got, she still obtained many heavenly materials and earthly treasures by following behind Master Xuan Bei.

She was already half a step in the Divine Realm. Breaking through wouldn't be too difficult for her. She was also curious about the gift which her teacher prepared for her.

Master Xuan Bei let out a long breath when Yang Meiji left the room. He raised his hand which was slightly trembling. A ball of eerie white flame appeared in his palm.

"The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, 'Nine Hell King Flame'? I hope that this flame can let that lassie advance further in her cultivation. I hope that she can get a good ranking in the great competition which will shortly start. Hopefully, she can enter the Heavenly Pill City's Pill Tower to train in it."

This was the Nine Hell King Flame. After Nangong Xuanhe's death, this old man took it from his corpse.

He didn't choose to fuse with it. Instead, he intended for Yang Meiji to fuse with the flame. After all, he was already quite old. He had already exhausted his potential. Not to mention the fact that Yang Meiji was his favorite disciple. She had the highest talent in alchemy which he had ever witnessed. Her talent wasn't inferior when compared to that freak, Nangong Wuque.

Well... It was rumored that this Nine Hell King Flame once belonged to Nangong Wuque. However, it was in the hands of this old man now. It was up to Master Xuan Bei to decide who the flame would go to.


Bu Fang returned to the district where the Cloud Mist Restaurant was situated. Although he felt like his trip to the secret realm only took a short while, a whole month had passed. Since the Cloud Mist Restaurant hadn't been open for more than a month, the surrounding elixir stores became prosperous once again.

The Nangong Family chose to open their shops in this district as they had realized that business would definitely flourish in this place. They never expected that some Cloud Mist Restaurant would suddenly appear and use a completely unreasonable method to steal their elixir stores' business.

"What the f*ck! Isn't that person Owner Bu? He is back from the secret realm?"

"Oh my God! Owner Bu is back... The store will be open for business once again."

"If that restaurant opens for business once again, wouldn't we lose our jobs? I suddenly feel quite sad and unwell... I want to cry..."

The complexion of the surrounding elixir stores' owners darkened the moment they saw Bu Fang's group walking over in an imposing manner.

Bu Fang was quite calm and uncaring. His face was expressionless and he nodded at those owners. It was as though he was greeting all his old friends.

As a matter of fact, he was really well acquitted with them. All of them had eaten in his store before. Bu Fang had always been treating his customers warmly.

Other than the owners of the elixir shops, the eyes of all the customers in their stores lit up. They were there to buy elixirs, but not anymore.

After waiting for such a long time, Owner Bu finally returned.

They could finally taste those mesmerizing dishes again. The Stinky Tofu and the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup! Those were the delicacies which captivated them...

In a few moments, an imposing and huge group of people followed behind Bu Fang. They awaited the re-opening of the restaurant.

However, after they followed the group for a while, their gazes all landed on a graceful woman who was clad in a black dress. She had an extremely beautiful face. She also had devilish curves and white jade-like beautiful legs.

What the f*ck! How did Owner Bu bring back such a beauty after going on a trip to the secret realm? Wouldn't he feel like he was letting down our Nangong goddess by bringing back a woman?

The infuriated and indignant customers fixedly started at the Netherworld woman.

The Netherworld woman stopped for a moment and turned around. She swept through them with her ice-cold gaze. All of a sudden, the customers felt as though their bodies were sealed in ice. This woman's gaze was... Too scary!

All of them shivered in fear and they no longer dared to think about anything bad at her.

The moment she turned around and started walking, her voluptuous body swayed. All of them felt as though their blood started to boil.

"It's an aloof and cold goddess!"

"She's indifferent and cold like Owner Bu! However, she's too beautiful!"

"Was that goddess looking at me a moment ago? I felt that it was surely the case! From now on, I'll come to Owner Bu's store daily to admire this goddess."


Bu Fang opened the store's bronze gate and walked into his store.

"Well... What is your name?" Bu Fang turned his head around and looked at the Netherworld woman as he asked her.

The Netherworld woman shot a look at him but she didn't reply to him at all. She had her usual ice-cold and indifferent face.

Bu Fang was somewhat dumbfounded by her reaction, or to say, the lack of it, and he looked at Lord Dog with a questioning gaze.

"Don't look at your Lord Dog! How can I know her name?" Lord Dog rolled its eyes at him before it yawned. It took mesmerizing catsteps as it ran to the side of the Path-Understanding Tree and lay down on the floor beside it.

Eating, sleeping, and taking catsteps... This was Lord Dog's daily life.

"From now on, you will be called Nethery. You'll be this Cloud Mist Restaurant's waitress. You don't need to do anything other than record the customers' orders and give them to me. I will provide you with meals daily and all the dishes will be brimming with spiritual essence. That will be your wage for working here," Bu Fang said to the Netherworld woman.

In any case, he already had to feed Lord Dog. There wasn't much difference if Nethery was added to the list of people he had to feed.

After Lord Dog heard the name "Nethery", the corners of its mouth couldn't help but twitch. Even a dog like itself found Bu Fang's naming sense awful.

The Netherworld woman simply stood there blankly as she nodded her head. She didn't understand what he was saying at all.

Bu Fang let out a breath and curled up the corners of his mouth as he turned around and entered the kitchen.

"Then... Let's start doing business!" Bu Fang said.


At this moment, Nangong Wuque, whose body was emitting a baleful aura, stepped into the Nangong Family's courtyard.