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 Bu Fang knew that this lazy dog didn't have any good intentions when he reminded him about the Crystal Source Purple Essence. It was only because it wanted to have a taste of the essence. That was the only reason Blacky would remind Bu Fang about it.

Lord dog looked at him with a glittering gaze which was filled with longing and expectation. This placed Bu Fang into a difficult spot.

Filling a tray with Dragon Blood Rice, Bu Fang gave the bowl to Lord Dog who began wolfing down the food. Based on how it was unceasingly waving its tail around, anyone could see how excited Lord Dog was at that moment.

Lord Dog was quite proud of how smart it was. In the past, Lord Dog directly swallowed the Crystal Source Purple Essence in one gulp. Although it was still delicious, it felt as though it was lacking something.

By letting that kiddo Bu Fang cook the Crystal Source Purple Essence, not only did Lord Dog got to enjoy the taste of the Crystal Source Purple Essence, it also got to enjoy the taste of an amazing delicacy like the Dragon Blood Rice.

"Old Bu... Where is my bowl? Give me a bowl of it as well. I didn't eat anything for more than three days and three nights. Can't you see that I became thinner after starving for so long?" Nangong Wuque said as he looked at Bu Fang with a gaze full of tears.

The fragrance emitted by the Dragon Blood Rice aroused his appetite. He found that resisting the temptation of the food was extremely painful. He knew very well that all of the dishes cooked by Bu Fang were delicacies. He had tasted some of them in the past. Now that there was another type of delicacy in front of him, how could he miss it?

Looking at Nangong Wuque, Bu Fang saw that he was blinking his eyes to emphasize his pitiable state.

No... This guy was truly too pitiful.

Bu Fang scooped out all of the remaining Dragon Blood Rice. However, he was only able to fill half a bowl.

At the very least, there was half a bowl. It was better than nothing. Nangong Wuque felt somewhat stifled as he felt that half a bowl would be finished by him in just a few mouthfuls.

However, eating something was always better than eating nothing...

Nangong Wuque received the porcelain bowl from Bu Fang and started eating the Dragon Blood Rice with relish.

The moment he placed a mouthful of the rice into his mouth, Nangong Wuque felt as though all the pores in his body opened up. Rich spiritual essence swept through his body and he felt as though he was ascending.

This dish was truly... It was really awesome.

Nangong Wuque widened his eyes as he felt a warm stream flowing through his body. The stream seemed as though it was cleansing him. The impurities in his body were constantly being washed out by the stream.

After two or three mouthfuls, all of the Dragon Blood Rice was gone.

When the food went into his stomach, Nangong Wuque felt as though energy filled his body. He also felt like his entire body was glowing. The energy which flooded his body made him feel as though his body was about to burst open. It was too tremendous... Was this the effect that a single bowl of food could cause?

How the hell was this just eating a meal? Eating this bowl of food was the same as consuming a spirit pill. Moreover, it was an exceptional spirit pill. There was no way that ordinary spirit pills would be able to cause such an effect.

Nangong Wuque immediately sat down cross-legged. His entire body started glowing with dazzling light and his clothes started to flutter around. His aura started fluctuating. That bowl of Dragon Blood Rice gave him the chance to make a breakthrough.

The Netherworld Ship was still traveling in the sea and that distant array island could already be seen clearly.

The island was filled with people. Everyone on it was able to see the Netherworld Ship. Although the ship was quite famous in the secret realms, it wasn't as though everyone was able to recognize it. When everyone looked at the ship, they felt as though a chilly breeze swept through their bodies. All of the hair on their bodies stood on end.

That was an extremely terrifying ship.

Who could be on that ship?

Yang Meiji was supporting the feeble Master Xuan Bei as the two of them stood on the teleportation array. They were waiting to be teleported by it. Of course, the two of them were able to see the pitch-black Netherworld Ship. The muscles on Yang Meiji's body shivered when she saw the ship.

Other people might not recognize it. However, she would definitely recognize the ship. Within that crevice, the Netherworld Ship displayed a peerless might.

Even that man who was covered in blood was apprehensive of the ship. It even seemed like he dreaded that ship.

Why was that terrifying ship there? Was the ship there to prevent everyone from leaving the secret realm? Did it want to destroy the teleportation array?

When she thought of the possibility that the ship was there to prevent them from leaving, Yang Meiji felt as though her entire body was stripped of all its strength. If the teleportation array was destroyed, all of them would probably end up dying in the secret realm.

Nangong Xuanhu had a solemn face as he stood on the teleportation array. His heart was shivering. He felt as though something ominous was about to occur.

"What happened to my brother Nangong Xuanhe? Why wasn't he here yet? Did something bad happen to him?"

Accidents and mishaps happened frequently in a secret realm. Even an existence like Nangong Wangtian ended up dying in the secret realm. It was definitely possible that something similar happened to Nangong Xuanhe.

However, Nangong Xuanhu still prayed and hoped that his brother could come out alive. He had already lost his second brother. He didn't want to lose his big brother as well.

The arrival of the Netherworld Ship frightened many people.

All of a sudden, a light beam shot out of the Netherworld Ship and soared to the sky. Although the radiance wasn't as intense as the light beam emitted from the teleportation array, it still contained an intense energy. It seemed like a pitch-black chain which emitted a clanking sound. It appeared in mid-air.

Was there a person making a breakthrough?

Everyone was astonished. Almost all of the experts which entered the secret realm had already broken through one of the Supreme-Being's shackles. They were extremely clear on what such a sight meant.

Who was making a breakthrough?

Moreover, from the imposing manner of the breakthrough, that person wasn't breaking through the first shackle. Instead, it was his second shackle. That was quite an amazing feat. The person who made such breakthrough should have obtained some amazing lucky chance in this secret realm.


It seemed like the teleportation array was affected by the aura from the breakthrough. The energy surged out of the teleportation array as it started revolving. It emitted a resplendent light and seemed as though it would tear through space.

A peculiar fluctuation spread out as the teleportation started.


As the fluctuations swept through Yang Meiji, she was finally able to let out a long breath. The scenery before her turned somewhat fuzzy and her head became a little dizzy as she got teleported.

Nangong Xuanhu, as well as the experts who were inside the array, were all teleported out of the secret realm.

The Netherworld Ship stopped moving forward and kept floating outside of the array.

Bu Fang stood upon the deck as he looked at that teleportation array with a profound gaze.

The energy of Nangong Wuque, who was behind him, started vanishing as his aura became more stable. Rumbling sounds could be heard, caused by his true energy. There were two pitch-black chains swaying behind him.

Nangong Wuque was so excited that he wanted to loudly cry out. Never in his wildest imaginations would he have thought that he would leave the secret realm empty-handed. However, he would be able to make a breakthrough just because of a bowl of rice given to him by Bu Fang.

It seemed as though one's lucky chance would come on its own.

Lord Dog was also done eating the Dragon Blood Rice as it squinted its eyes and wagged its tail around.

The Netherworld woman was licking the bowl and her tongue licked every part of the bowl clean.

"The teleportation array has been activated. We need to leave now," Bu Fang said.

Nangong Wuque nodded at him. He was finally able to leave this damned place and distance himself from that terrifying crazy woman. He was overjoyed because he managed to make a breakthrough and also excited as he could get far away from that woman.

The fright which the Netherworld woman brought onto him would surely cause him to have nightmares in the following nights after leaving this place. It would take some time before he would be able to forget about her.

Bu Fang took back the bowl which the Netherworld woman passed to him and nodded at her.

"I already fulfilled my promise. We will bid farewell to each other here... I hope to see you again." Bu Fang nodded at the Netherworld woman and said.

The Netherworld woman, who had a tall stature, was still expressionless when Bu Fang spoke to her. She simply looked at Bu Fang with a calm gaze and didn't reply to him.

Bu Fang didn't care about it and turned around. Treading above the Netherworld Ship's fence, the wind whistled and it blew against him. His hair unceasingly fluttered behind him.

Taking a step, Bu Fang jumped out of the Netherworld Ship toward the teleportation array below it.

The purple eyes of Whitey flickered for a moment before it unfolded its metallic wings and followed behind him.

Nangong Wuque took a look at the Netherworld woman and let out a breath before jumping out of the Netherworld Ship.

Only the Netherworld woman and Lord Dog remained on that huge Netherworld Ship.

Lord Dog looked at the Netherworld woman with a profound and meaningful gaze before it disappeared from the ship.

Only the Netherworld woman remained on the ship, standing there alone. A breeze blew across the ship and her clothes slightly fluttered. It seemed as though there was a radiance flickering in her pitch-black eyes.

Her sparkling feet lightly trod on the ground as she walked to the front of the deck. She stared at the teleportation array where Bu Fang and Nangong Wuque were. She stuck out her tongue and licked her lips as she savored the aftertaste of the Dragon Blood Rice. A light rosy glow appeared on her pale skin as a trace of excitement flashed through her eyes. She exerted strength in her legs as she jumped out of the Netherworld Ship.

A rumbling sound was transmitted from the giant Netherworld Ship as it started shrinking. It turned into a pendant which the Netherworld woman wore around her neck.

The Netherworld woman fell toward that teleportation array as her clothes fluttered in the wind.


After he recovered from a short burst of dizziness, Bu Fang opened his eyes.

He saw the familiar but empty multi-story building which belonged to the Nangong Family and also the teleportation array below him. It seemed like they had finally left the secret realm and were back in Heavenly Mist City.

There were many people surrounding them and they were all guards of the Nangong Family who were responsible for guarding the teleportation array. The people who had been teleported out earlier should have already left.

When Bu Fang walked out of the array, Nangong Wuque and the others appeared behind him.

Whitey folded its metallic wings and continued following behind Bu Fang. Lord Dog took graceful cat steps as it strode forward at a moderate pace.

Nangong Wuque felt like his whole body was filled with power and he became extremely spirited as he sucked in a breath of air. This was the air which belonged to Heavenly Mist City.

This trip to the secret realm was an indescribable nightmare to him. He was finally able to free himself from that nightmare and was extremely delighted. The biggest cause of his excitement was that his cultivation actually broke through to the next level.

Since his cultivation had advanced and that old dog, Nangong Xuanhe, had already died in the secret realm... it was time for him to make a comeback and take back everything which belonged to him.

He also had to save that lassie, Nangong Wan. It was fortunate that Nangong Wan didn't marry that sissy, Mu Chenfeng. Who would expect that the genius alchemist of the Heavenly Pill City, Mu Chenfeng, would end up dying in the secret realm...

That wasn't the only thing which was unexpected and surprising.

Nangong Wuque took a deep breath as he felt like the Heavenly Mist City would shortly experience a turmoil. After all, there were many geniuses which belonged to first-rate factions who died in that secret realm. It wasn't a small affair at all.

The whole Heavenly Mist City would go into an uproar once again.

Nangong Wuque clasped his hand behind his back as he stood beside the teleportation array while sighing.

All of a sudden, the teleportation array behind him shone.

Nangong Wuque was taken aback when he saw that there was someone else coming out of the teleportation array. How could there still be someone in the secret realm?

He subconsciously turned around and was met with an extremely beautiful but ice-cold face.

It was truly extremely beautiful.

However, the moment Nangong Wuque saw the person, all the hair on his body stood on end. He almost pissed himself from fright.

"My frail heart! Why did this crazy woman teleport out of the secret realm?"