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 Chapter 471: He Won't Say Aloud The Suffering in the Heart

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The sensation that previously stimulated her taste buds and allowed her whole body to shiver in pleasure was extremely marvelous. The Netherworld woman was unconsciously already addicted to it, and she wanted to taste Bu Fang's Dragon Blood Rice again.

However, while the Netherworld woman was being anxious and impatient, Bu Fang was nursing a headache over the situation. It wasn't like he did not want to make it, it was just that... he didn't have its ingredients.

He still had Dragon Blood Rice, but he couldn't completely replicate the taste of the full Dragon Blood Rice dish with just Dragon Blood Rice alone. There would be a great difference in its taste with or without a blood crown.

However, if all Bu Fang had to do was fry the Dragon Blood Rice, he could, obviously, do it. Cooking an extremely delicious Dragon Blood Rice dish wasn't even something difficult to him, after all.

Still, without a blood crown, the Dragon Blood Rice would be incapable of providing enough spiritual essence for the Netherworld woman.

Being unable to provide customers a perfect experience was a shame and disgrace to any chef. Bu Fang couldn't allow himself to make such a dish.

The Netherworld woman pitch-black eyes were watching Bu Fang, and her gaze caused Bu Fang's hair to stand on end because it was pure and filled with expectation.

Bu Fang felt like he would be a sinner if he rejected her.

"Bu Fang, kiddo, don't you still have the Crystal Source Purple Essence?"

Blacky, who was supposed to be sleeping somewhere on the deck, had appeared beside Bu Fang at some unknown time and whispered to him.

Crystal Source Purple Essence?

Bu Fang's eyes instantly lit up. Blacky was right. Although he didn't have a blood crown, he still had the Crystal Source Purple Essence. This precious ingredient was even richer in spiritual essence than the blood crown was. Back then, the Netherworld woman even flew into a rage because of it.

As Bu Fang was thinking about this, he directed a gaze at Blacky, looking at the plump dog in doubt.

He knew that the lazy dog's purpose for mentioning the Crystal Source Purple Essence would definitely not be this simple.

Bu Fang suddenly realized that after parting with the lazy dog for a while, it had become way sharper and scheming.

"The Crystal Source Purple Essence is an excellent supplement. Even if it isn't cooked and directly consumed, it would still taste excellent; moreover, it's brimming with spiritual essence, and it will have an outstanding effect in dispelling the Netherworld woman's curse," Blacky explained to Bu Fang.

The Netherworld woman's eyes lit up when she heard this.

Bu Fang was dumbfounded; he felt that something was fishy about all of this.

"Your words seemed quite logical; however, we must first find a way to leave the Cloud Sea Secret Realm before discussing it. Before leaving this Secret Realm, I will surely make a dish for this woman," Bu Fang said and walked forward without looking back.

The Netherworld woman was worried, and her long legs strode forward as she followed Bu Fang.

"Old Bu, did you raise this plump dog? I never once saw it at the store." Nangong Wuque's eyes lit up when he saw Blacky.

The first thought he had when he saw the dog was "this dog really is plump and fat". His second thought was "such a plump dog would definitely be quite delicious".

Nangong Wuque had stolen a chicken in the Pill Tower before, so when he saw this black dog, he subconsciously reached out to stroke it. There was nothing more exciting than stealing chickens and stroking dogs.

However, when he saw the long, black-haired woman behind Bu Fang, his entire body shivered.

He was extremely frightened of that woman; she had left a shadow in his heart.

Blacky seemed to sense Nangong Wuque's gaze which harbored malicious intentions. However, it only twitched its mouth, disinclined to care about the clown.

"How are we supposed to leave this secret realm?" Bu Fang did not answer Nangong Wuque's question but asked him something else, instead. If they wanted to leave this secret realm, then they would surely need Nangong Wuque's help.

Although this guy was just a clown, he was still the successor of the Nangong Family; he must have a more throughout understanding of the secret realm than they did. Since he knew how they could enter it, then he would surely know how they could leave it.

"Are we leaving this early?" Nangong Wuque was quite taken aback when he heard Bu Fang's question.

Why would they leave? What happened? Could it be that the fights in the secret realm had already ended? Were they already done fighting for lucky chances and other treasures?

"Indeed. If we don't leave, why would we stay here?" Bu Fang calmly asked him.

Nangong Wuque took a look at the Netherworld woman and suddenly had the urge to charge at her, even if it meant risking his life.

He had gone through great troubles to enter the secret realm so that he could get some lucky encounters which would make him powerful enough to take back his Nangong Family.

However, what did this woman do?

She imprisoned him in that dark, eerie and cold cabin, frequently licking him.

What was the outcome of all that?

He ended up missing all the lucky chances... He ended up coming to this secret realm in vain.

Why was the world harming him like this? It felt as though countless invisible arrows had pierced his heart, causing his tears to flow without stopping.

Bu Fang didn't understand why Nangong Wuque had started weeping again. They had only parted for a short while, and this clown had become fond of weeping like a woman. While others came to this secret realm to fight over lucky chances, did this clown come there to change his sex?

"Leaving this secret realm is quite simple. There is an array in this secret realm which my Nangong Family spent a large sum to set up. The array will teleport us out of this Cloud Sea Secret Realm," Nangong Wuque said while wiping his tears.

He was really suffering at this moment, but he did not speak about it.

"A teleportation array?" Bu Fang nodded. If there was a disposable array available, then everything would be quite easy.

"Can you find that teleportation array? If you bring us to it, I will immediately start cooking the improved version of Dragon Blood Rice for you," Bu Fang turned around and said to the cheerful Netherworld woman.

The Netherworld woman nodded and raised her hand. The ship's sail immediately began to flutter as a strong wind blew at it, then the ship began to move swiftly on the sea.

"Wait for a while. You will see the teleportation array soon," the Netherworld woman said. "Don't forget what you said."

Bu Fang calmly nodded at her.

Mucus dripped down from Nangong Wuque's nose. He ran his hands through his red hair, pulled Bu Fang to a corner, and began to ask him about all that happened in the Secret Realm.

Although Nangong Wuque's trip to this secret realm had been in vain, he had still come there, so he wanted to learn about the events that had occurred. This way, when he went back and someone asked him about his trip, he would be able to answer them.

Bu Fang didn't think much of it and informed Nangong Wuque about some matters.

However, he obviously still hid some facts from him like the ingredients which he obtained and how he obtained a phoenix egg by chance and so on.

"That old dog Nangong Xuanhe died? Hahaha! It is good that he died. Even before I came to this secret realm, I knew that the old dog would die soon, and it happened just as I had expected."

Nangong Wuque was extremely delighted when he heard that the old dog Nangong Xuanhe died in this secret realm. He felt as though he had just found a peerless chance.

He now felt that his trip to this secret realm was worth it. Even though he hadn't gotten anything else from it, he had still gotten the news of that old dog's death, which was enough for him.

Since that old dog Nangong Xuanhe was now dead, then he would have a chance to seize his Nangong Family when he returned.

However, there was still Nangong Xuanhu out there. He was an expert who had broken through two Supreme-Being's shackles, and Nangong Wuque might not really be able to defeat him.

Nevertheless, this wasn't an issue for him. As long as that old dog Nangong Xuanhe had died, then taking care of the remaining matters would be quite easy.

"Look over there; that's the teleportation array's location."

The Netherworld woman, who had been quiet until that moment, suddenly spoke. She pointed to a light beam soaring to the sky until the deepest layers of clouds, which caused the clouds to whirl like a vortex.

It was quite a magnificent scene.

Standing on the deck of the Netherworld ship, Bu Fang looked up in the direction she indicated, and he saw that the array was an extensive island.

The Nangong Family really had spent much on it. They had actually used an entire island as a teleportation array.

There were many spirit ships speeding past the Netherworld Ship. They were ridden by the people who had survived. When these spirit ships reached the island, some black shadows shot out of them and stepped into the array.

Bu Fang nodded at her after confirming the array's location.

Green smoke curled around his hand, and the pitch-black Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared in his grip. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was still heavy and simple as usual, and it emitted an aura that would leave any heart palpitating in fear.

He opened his mouth and spouted a ball of golden flame. He set about fulfilling his promise to the Netherworld woman and began to cook a bowl of the Dragon Blood Rice to repay her.

The Netherworld woman stood there expectantly.

Meanwhile, Nangong Wuque stretched his neck and looked at Bu Fang's Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame with an envious gaze. He once possessed a type of Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, too.

The rich fragrance wafting out of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok made both the Netherworld woman and Nangong Wuque feel intoxicated.

This time, Bu Fang did not have a blood crown, so he decided to use the Crystal Source Purple Essence instead. He took a warm jade bottle from his system dimensional storage, and from this bottle, rich spiritual energy wafted out. That jade bottle was filled with Crystal Source Purple Essence. The very same Crystal Source Purple Essence he found in that crystal mine.

Lord Dog suddenly appeared beside Bu Fang and stared at the jade bottle in his hands with wide eyes. That jade bottle was emitting a scent that Blacky was familiar with, and that caused the plump dog to feel excited.

It stuck out its tongue and saliva dripped off it.

The Crystal Source Purple Essence was a delicacy second only to the Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs.

Bu Fang's true energy converged around his hand, and a suction force burst from it toward the bottle.

A beautiful purple drop instantly flew out of the bottle and floated above one of his fingers. This was Crystal Source Purple Essence; a drop of it contained a shocking amount of spiritual energy. He stored the jade bottle and made the purple drop float above the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The true energy around Bu Fang's finger turned into a sharp drill and split the drop apart, right before the gaze of the others.

The sound of something being shattered faintly echoed.

The drop of Crystal Source Purple Essence had turned into smaller drops, and they all fell into the wok, causing its contents, the scarlet Dragon Blood Rice, to turn purple instantly. It had taken an extremely bright purple luster.

Bu Fang began to shake the wok, stir-frying the Dragon Blood Rice. This caused its fragrance to become richer; it now smelled so delicious that even Bu Fang himself was astonished. The Crystal Source Purple Essence was really an excellent and impressive seasoning.

Rich spiritual essence, spiritual energy, and thick clouds of steam wafted out of the wok. Everyone present couldn't help but breathe in deeply.

Bu Fang scooped up some purple Dragon Blood Rice and filled a porcelain bowl with it, which he passed to the Netherworld woman.

She impatiently grabbed the bowl and began to stuff the rice into her mouth, completely disregarding the fact that it was scalding hot. Her table manners really was a sharp contrast to her aloof and noble appearance.

"Bu Fang kiddo, where is Lord Dog's? Give this Lord Dog a bowl of it."

"Old Bu, what about mine? I haven't eaten anything for more than three days and three nights."

Just when Bu Fang turned his eyes away from the Netherworld woman in content, two voice filled with greed emerged from beside him.

The voices caused Bu Fang to shudder involuntarily.