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 Chapter 470: The Persistent Nangong Wuque

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The Netherworld woman was stunned by Blacky's words and turned to look at its jiggling fat face. Its manly voice sounded like it was trying to deceive her. However, its words still had some truth to them.

The woman licked her lips as she was somewhat tempted by the thought.

However, she was still hesitant because she couldn't be sure if Bu Fang could frequently provide her with dishes brimming with spiritual essence.

If she wasn't nourished with enough spiritual essence, she would suffer the curse's backlash, which would cause her to suffer a pain so intense that she would feel as though her body was being hacked by thousands of blades simultaneously or being bitten by ten thousand ants.

Hence, she was still hesitant.

There were countless heavenly materials and earthly treasures brimming with spiritual essence in the Secret Realm, and she could just take them whenever she needed them. However, if she left the secret realm, it would be extremely difficult for her to find heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

Therefore, she had to make an important choice.

Her thoughts drifted to the steaming hot Dragon Blood Rice and the pleasure she experienced when it went down her ice-cold throat and into her dead tree-like stomach, causing it to brim with vitality, and she found herself unable to bear parting with Bu Fang.

"The kid is almost useless in everything, but his skill in making food is still excellent. Believe in your Lord Dog; I would never deceive you, but you should choose what you feel is best for you. Although you were cursed and expelled, you still can live your own life to the fullest," Lord Dog said, using its manly voice to trick and lure her.

Bu Fang had no idea what Blacky and the Netherworld woman were doing at that moment, and he was strolling around the place. It couldn't be considered as big, but it was brimming with magma and turbulent heat waves.

The concentration of spiritual energy in this place had already reduced-and was still quickly dropping-after the disappearance of the phoenix egg, and the previous feeling of swimming in spirit energy was gone.

He wanted to know if there were any spirit medicines there, but he was soon disappointed.

Since the place had played host to a phoenix egg and Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass, the entire spiritual energy in the surrounding was forcefully taken by them, hence there were no spirit medicines growing there.

After Bu Fang had taken a stroll through this place, he chose to leave it because there wasn't any need for him to continue staying there.

Whitey followed closely behind Bu Fang, and its pupils flickered with purple glows. Shrimpy waved its sickles and rolled its compound eyes.

"Let's go. We should leave this place," Bu Fang said to Blacky, who was still whispering something to the Netherworld Woman.

Lord Dog wagged its tail and gave the Netherworld woman a look which said "you should properly consider it", then it strode back to Bu Fang's side with its graceful cat-like steps.

Bu Fang looked at the Netherworld woman who was still motionlessly standing there, then turned around and left without saying anything to her. He walked toward the crevice.

The Netherworld woman's black long hair fluttered as heat waves blew by. Her long beautiful legs strode forward, and her sparkling feet stepped on the ground.

Bu Fang felt a slight breeze blow by as the Netherworld woman expressionlessly followed him from right behind. He was taken aback but didn't care about it since there was only one way to leave this place, so the woman was most probably following him exactly to get out.

After they went out of the crevice, they all returned to the surface of the wrecked delicacy island.

The auspicious delicacy island had once been filled with countless peculiar delicacies, but it had now turned to ruins.

The queer spirit trees which were growing on it had all been destroyed and turned to charcoal, having been devoured by magma. Steam was still rising out of their charcoaled remains.

The island's green grass on the ground was now charred remains, and the ground was riddled with cracks.

As Bu Fang trod on the crack-filled ground, he took a look around the now desolate delicacy island and couldn't help but sigh out of pity.

The appearance of a natural miracle like this delicacy island was extremely rare; it was a fortuitous opportunity difficult for any chef to encounter. However, it was a pity that beautiful things were often short-lived.

Bu Fang was quite saddened by the delicacy island's destruction, but this was something he had been incapable of putting a stop to.

After walking around the wrecked delicacy island, Bu Fang couldn't help but furrow his brows.

All of the spirit ships had disappeared. How could he leave this place without a spirit ship?

Moreover, how could he even leave the secret realm?

He was truly perplexed by this conundrum.

There should still be many people who had entered this secret realm that were still alive. This was because it was not everyone that rushed to the delicacy island, so there should be some people still surviving on some other islands.

As for the reason why they didn't rush to the delicacy island, it was probably because they chanced upon some other lucky chances more suitable for them.

There was chilly air emanating from the Netherworld woman standing behind Bu Fang.

Bu Fang couldn't help but shiver and subconsciously turned his head around to look behind himself.

The Netherworld woman nodded at Bu Fang and pointed at the Netherworld Ship floating in the sky.

"Are you saying that I can take your Netherworld Ship?" Bu Fang was somewhat taken aback.

The Netherworld woman expressionlessly nodded at him again. Then, she raised her beautiful legs and tapped the ground with her sparkling feet, after which she soared upwards, with her black, long hair fluttering behind her. She floated upwards and landed on the Netherworld Ship.

Bu Fang looked up at her and hesitated for a moment before also flying up.

"I wouldn't want to impose it on you like this... I mean... although your ship is a little eerie and gloomy, it's still many times more refined than spirit ships." Despite acting all shy about that, Bu Fang had already helped himself aboard the ship and started sizing it up.

Blacky opened its mouth wide and yawned. Then, it looked for a comfortable place on the deck, lay down there and fell asleep.

The Netherworld woman, who stood at the forefront area of the deck, gazed at Bu Fang, and with a resounding rumbling, the Netherworld Ship started to move.

Waves rose, and with a loud rumble, the Netherworld ship landed on the sea. The ship's pitch-black sail fluttered in the wind as it traveled forward.

Bu Fang was quite interested in this Netherworld Ship, so he began to stroll around.

This Netherworld Ship was intricately built, and the materials from which it was made were all extraordinary. Although the ship seemed quite eerie, if one observed it carefully, he would be surprised by how refined the ship was.

Bu Fang's gaze suddenly landed on the ship's cabin. He couldn't help but recall some matters as he looked at its tightly shut door. If he remembered correctly, that clown Nangong Wuque was in this cabin. The desperate expression on his face when he was being pulled back into this cabin left a deep impression on Bu Fang.

Well, they had just made a raucous, so why hadn't Nangong Wuque come out? Was he too embarrassed to come out?

Bu Fang took several steps forward and arrived in front of the cabin. He raised his hand, with intention of pushing the door open.

However, as soon as his hand made contact with the door, he felt a cold and eerie aura behind him.

Bu Fang's body stiffened. He turned around and saw the Netherworld woman's extremely beautiful but ice-cold face.


Nangong Wuque's nostrils contracted widely, and steam kept gushing out of them.

His entire body was drenched in sweat. He stirred his muscles as an unyielding will supported his body. He would not concede; he wasn't willing to concede. He was the man who would become the head of the Nangong Family, so how could he stay in this ship and let a woman lick him to death?

No, this was an unforgivable matter.

He would struggle hard to resist the tremendous pressure and crawl out of this cabin.

He must not die there!

Beads of sweat dripped down Nangong Wuque's forehead and streaked down his eyes, nose, mouth, and his chin before dropping on the ground. The sound of rough breathing broke the silence of this eerie cabin.

He was already close to it.

He would reach the cabin's door again soon.

His spring was already... so close!

His face donned a fierce-looking expression as he clenched his teeth and raised up his hand; his fingers were just about to touch the door.


However, right at that moment, a creaking sound rang out as the cabin door was opened.

Rays of bright rays flooded the cabin from outside, irritating Nangong Wuque's eyes, causing him to involuntarily shed tears.

There was someone standing in front of the cabin's door.

Although Nangong Wuque had tears dripping down his face, he still raised his head upward.


The figure was not that of the terrifying long, black-haired woman, who had a voluptuous body?

He recognized the silhouette of this person right outside the door.

As soon as Bu Fang opened the cabin door, he saw Nangong Wuque lying down on the ground. The latter raised his head up; his nostrils were wide open, and his eyes had tears dripping down from them.

What the f*ck! Where did this nutjob come from?

Bu Fang jumped in fright. In that same feeling of shock, he raised his leg high and almost stomped Nangong Wuque's face.

However, Bu Fang recognized Nangong Wuque's face and forcefully stifled the impulse to stomp.

"Old... Old Bu? Why is it you? I'm not dreaming now, am I?" Nangong Wuque, whose face was tearstained, asked in shock.

Bu Fang lowered his leg and nodded as he calmly replied, "It's me."

Nangong Wuque felt like his spring had really arrived. That infuriating expression-it really was Old Bu!

However, Nangong Wuque's face quickly paled when he noticed a pair of long, beautiful legs behind Bu Fang, and a person who had an extremely beautiful and graceful body came to stand beside him.

The Netherworld woman's expressionless face appeared in front of him.

Nangong Wuque was stunned, and his mouth shivered as grief welled up in his heart. He only managed to crawl up to this point strenuously...

The Netherworld woman raised her thin palm and waved it.

Nangong Wuque was immediately forced back down to the ground and pulled into the deepest part of the cabin once again.

"Why it was always me who bears such misfortunes?" Nangong Wuque was quite dejected. The Netherworld woman had once again destroyed his dreams and expectation.

Bu Fang was taken aback by what he saw and felt that the relationship between Nangong Wuque and the Netherworld woman was quite complex.

Just what had happened in front of him? Was it the legendary fights which occurred out of love?

Bu Fang began to explain to the Netherworld woman that Nangong Wuque was his friend, and this took quite a long while. He told her that he was friends with Nangong Wuque and asked her to let him go.

After expressionlessly listening to him, the Netherworld woman firmly shook her head sideways.

Nangong Wuque's miserable wails echoed from deep inside the cabin.

Bu Fang curled up the corners of his mouth and said, "Can I use a bowl of Dragon Blood Rice to exchange for that guy?"

The Netherworld woman was taken aback, and the corners of her lips curled as she nodded cutely.

Bu Fang was quite taken aback by the speed at which she agreed to the request. Where are your principles... and your perseverance?

Sure enough, Nangong Wuque wasn't worth more than a bowl of Dragon Blood Rice.

The Netherworld woman's cute smile lasted only a moment before she became ice-cold and expressionless once more. Her pitch-black eyes looked toward the deeper part of the cabin, and she casually waved her hand.

Nangong Wuque suddenly felt that pressure which had been suppressing him all along disappear.

He crawled up from the ground in disbelief. Then, his expression turned to one of joy. After he had crawled up, he charged out the cabin while screaming.

"Old Bu, from now on, I, Nangong Wuque, am at your beck and call." Nangong Wuque was so moved that he wept. He was sure it was Bu Fang who saved him.

The overjoyed Nangong Wuque spread open his arms and charged toward Bu Fang, but when his gaze shifted to the ice-cold face of the Netherworld woman, who stood beside Bu Fang, he trembled. His charge came to an abrupt stop. He looked at the ice-cold but peerless beauty in fright. This woman was just a devil.

He instantly chose to give up on giving Bu Fang a tight hug and first distanced himself from the woman.

After the Netherworld woman watched Nangong Wuque leave, she shifted her gaze to Bu Fang.

"Quickly make my... meal."

Suddenly, Bu Fang got a headache. How was he supposed to make Dragon Blood Rice without a blood crown?