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 Chapter 469: You Can Make Dishes... You Are Awesome

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A trace of an extremely terrifying and constrained energy which was underneath the phoenix egg dispersed when Bu Fang lifted it.

It was like the awakening of an ominous beast that had sleeping for a long time.


A screeching sound rang out, and the area below the phoenix egg lit up. An energy wave leaked out of that spot. It seemed that he had triggered some sort of mechanism because the array under the phoenix egg had activated.

An extremely tyrannical aura burst forth from the pitch-black spot below the phoenix egg.

That ground shook intensely as a beast's screech resounded.

Bu Fang's pupils dilated when he heard the screech. He saw a shadow swiftly charging at him from the pitch-black spot.

The corners of his mouth twitched, and he couldn't help but recall Lord Dog's solemn and honest gaze when it said "You can take it".

Like hell I can take it!

Bu Fang's face darkened, and he quickly let go of that phoenix egg. However, the black shadow had already awoken, and as the phoenix egg was falling, a black wave of mist covered it, causing it to float up.

An extremely huge shadow gradually emerged from the resplendent giant array. The figure was so huge that it was able to cover the entire sky.

Bu Fang was thoroughly flabbergasted as he looked at the colossal beast.

What the hell...

He had harbored a pure and simple desire; he only picked the phoenix egg to admire it, so why did that cause such a colossal beast to appear there? Moreover, didn't the lazy dog say it was fine for him to take it away?

When Bu fang recalled Blacky's sincere gaze at that moment and the jiggling fat on its face, he felt really stupid.

Why did he believe that lazy dog's words?


The phoenix egg hovered in the air, swaying within the black mist. An extremely hideous bird hovered below that black energy. The bird looked really strange. It did not have a single ounce of meat on it, neither did it have a drop of blood; it was just a pile of white bones.

Its bones glowed with resplendent lights, making it look like one of this world's finest art pieces.

"This is a Bone Phoenix. They are specialized in guarding phoenix eggs." Lord Dog, who stood in the distance, laughed in amusement before conveniently introduced the creature to Bu Fang.

The Bone Phoenix emitted an extremely terrifying and stifling aura, and a rumbling sound emanated from the black energy surrounding it. The black energy was brimming with a deadly aura. That bird opened its beak and screeched. Its screech was deafening and sounded like a beast's roar.

It unfurled its bone wings, which were formed by countless hideous bones.

The Netherworld woman, who was noisily eating the Dragon Blood Rice, carried her bowl and quickly distanced herself from the Bone Phoenix. The Dragon Blood Rice was too delicious, and she was thoroughly mesmerized by it.

This bone phoenix was formed from the will of a female phoenix. It was one of the methods a phoenix used to protect its offsprings.

This was the reason why people with the slightest bit of general knowledge would not rashly pick up a phoenix egg. If they had done so, they would be cursed. The curse would make the Bone Phoenix pursue them persistently to the end of the world.

Lord Dog opened its mouth wide and guffawed while waving its paw widely. It seemed to take extreme delight in watching Bu Fang's current distressed state.

A loud rumble resounded as Whitey dropped from the sky and landed in front of Bu Fang.


The Bone Phoenix flapped its bone wings, giving rise to a black whistling gale. It raked the air with its bone claws as if it was trying to tear space apart.

Whitey's armor flickered with resplendent lights. It raised its fan-like palms and tried to grab the Bone Phoenix.

However, the Bone Phoenix was too powerful; its battle prowess was not any weaker than the bloody man's. The Bone Phoenix caught Whitey directly and sent it flying.

A resplendent golden light flickered for an instant, and Shrimpy returned to its small form. It returned to Bu Fang's shoulder and lay on it while continuously rolling its compound eyes.

Blacky did not expect Whitey to emerge suddenly.

The silly heap of steel was always striving hard to protect Bu Fang.

The corner's of Blacky's lips twitched. As it watched the brand-new Whitey, a trace of curiosity appeared in its eyes. The heap of steel was actually wearing armor, and its fighting prowess had become even more powerful than before, and by a whole lot. However, it was still weaker than the Bone Phoenix.

The Bone Phoenix shrieked, and the entire surroundings trembled. This was the power of a phoenix's will; its might was extremely powerful.

Lord Dog was not worried about Bu Fang, however. That egg was just the egg of an ordinary phoenix, so the phoenix's will protecting it would not be too powerful. If the egg was the egg of a Fire Phoenix, then the phoenix's will protecting it would be extremely powerful; even if an existence above the Divine Physique Echelon faced it, they would only be seeking death.

The might of a Fire Phoenix was truly too terrifying.

Lord Dog felt quite satisfied as he watched the distressed Bu Fang wave his black wok at the Bone Phoenix. However, Blacky did not wait for long before intervening. It took mesmerizing cat-like steps forward and disappeared. In the next instant, it appeared right in front of the giant Bone Phoenix's head.

The Bone Phoenix's scarlet eyes locked onto Blacky as it opened its sharp beak, which was filled with sharp fangs, and tried to peck Blacky.

"Only a pile of bones remain of you, but you still want to eat this Lord Dog?" Blacky lazily extended out one of its exquisite paws.

Then, it fiercely slapped the Bone Phoenix with the paw.

A loud rumble resounded, and the Bone Phoenix scattered. Countless cracks appeared on its white, jade-like bones, and a great amount of dense spiritual essence leaked out of the cracks. The Bone Phoenix slammed heavily into the ground, giving rise to a storm of dust.

An angry howl echoed within the billowing dust, released by the Bone Phoenix right before it widened its gaping jaws and rushed at the plump Lord Dog who was still mid-air.

Lord Dog rolled its eyes at it and descended rapidly.


At the end of its descent, it sat down on the Bone Phoenix, and its bones immediately began to collapse.

The ground trembled severely. When the cloud of rising dust was blown away, a pile of shattered bones was revealed, which littered the ground.

Lord Dog, who was leisurely sitting on the biggest pile of shattered bones, moved its butt and stood up.

It shook its body, causing bits of bones to fall off it. Afterward, Blacky proudly raised its head, wagged its tail and cheerfully descended from the shattered pile of bones.


That black energy raising the phoenix egg disappeared after the Bone Phoenix collapsed. After it lost the support of the black energy, the phoenix egg swiftly fell from mid-air.

Bu Fang's pupils dilated when he saw this. How could he let the phoenix egg fall down like that? Although the egg was a phoenix's, there was no guarantee that it was harder than rocks.

True energy immediately burst out from underneath Bu Fang's feet, and he shot outwards, instantly arriving beneath the falling egg with his arms outstretched.

The wind whistled as the phoenix egg fell, as the speed of its descent gradually became faster.

Bu Fang squinted his eyes in concentration as he watched the phoenix egg fall.

He suddenly jumped up and extended out one of his hands, pressing it against the bottom of the falling egg.

A tremendous amount of power was emanating from the falling egg, causing Bu Fang to furrow his brows.

And at that moment, Blacky stuck out its tongue playfully as it watched Bu Fang.


There was a loud explosion as the ground trembled violently.

Bu Fang heavily landed back down on the ground. His landing caused huge clouds of dust to rise up into the air and permeate the surroundings.

A light breeze blew by, and the dust was swept away, revealing the spot where Bu Fang landed. He was carrying the giant phoenix egg on his shoulders. His head was slightly tilted sideways, and his face was flushed. He was gasping for breath heavily, and his chest heaved intensely.

He had, at the very least, still managed to save the phoenix egg.

His feet had sunk into the ground till his knees; from that alone, one could see how great the weight of the egg was. The phoenix egg was already extremely heavy; however, while it was descending, its momentum naturally increased, making it even heavier than it was while at rest.

Lord Dog looked at Bu Fang with a playful gaze. This Bu Fang kiddo could really do anything, even risk his life, for delicacies.

Bu Fang placed the phoenix egg into his system dimensional storage. His body had been sapped of all its strength, and his hands were still shaking. he only recovered slightly after taking out an Oyster Pancake and eating several mouthfuls of it. His fingers, however, were still shaking, and it would take a long time to completely recover from that.

Whitey scratched its round head and stood behind Bu Fang, and its pupils reverted back to a purple color.

Shrimpy, who was still on Bu Fang's shoulders, rolled its compound eyes wildly.

It was almost crushed by the phoenix egg a moment ago. Shrimpy was fortunate that its body was quite hard and firm. However, that was still an uncomfortable experience for it.

"You have done well, Bu Fang kiddo. You have improved a loud," Blacky said in a resounding, manly voice.

Bu Fang did not reply, however. He only looked at Blacky with a gaze brimming with hostility.

The fat on Blacky's face jiggled slightly, and the plump dog forced a smile and said, "If I said that I didn't know that there was such a thing below that phoenix egg, would you believe me?"

"What do you think?" said Bu Fang calmly. "If I said that I forgot how to cook Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs, would you believe me?"

Lord Dog was startled, and every bit of fat on its body shuddered as its pupils dilated.

"No!!! Lord Bu, didn't this Lord Dog already help you to smash that bird to pieces? If you have something against me, then just properly say it." Blacky wagged its tail as it looked at Bu Fang with a dazzling gaze filled with sincerity.

The Netherworld woman finished eating the Dragon Blood Rice. She stuck out her tongue and licked the entire bowl clean. It looked as though it was washed.

Only when the Netherworld woman could taste nothing in the bowl did she stop licking it. She tossed her long back hair behind her head and went over to hand the bowl over to Bu Fang before earnestly saying, "Give me another one."

"I don't have anymore," Bu Fang replied as he took back that bowl.

The Netherworld woman's face had become rosy after eating the Dragon Blood Rice, and a trace of anxiety appeared in her pitch-black eyes when she heard Bu Fang's reply. Her black and long hair rose up and wrapped around Bu Fang's arm.

"Give me another one," She repeated stubbornly.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows, then he silently looked down at the ice-cold hair wrapped. At that moment, he looked straight at the Netherworld woman's pitch-black eyes.

The Netherworld woman pursed her lips and moved her hair, letting go of his arm.

"You can make dishes... You are awesome."

"I don't have any ingredients now, so I can't make it; thus, there won't be any of it." Bu Fang's gaze became gentle and as he explained to her before turning around.

A trace of sadness appeared on the Netherworld woman's expressionless face.

She stuck out her tongue and licked her white, thin fingers, tasting the remaining flavor of the Dragon Blood Rice in her white and thin fingers.

Lord Dog cheerfully strode forward with cat-like steps and reached the Netherworld woman's side.

"That Bu Fang kiddo doesn't have any ingredients now, but this doesn't mean that he won't have any in the future. If you follow stick to him like glue, won't you have enough to eat then?" Lord Dog whispered after leaning in close enough. "This Lord Dog believes in you and supports you."