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 Chapter 468: Lazy Dog! You Actually Dare To Deceive Me!

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

"Did... Did you eat him?"

Misha, who was before the crevice, widened his eyes as he looked at that scene in fright and disbelief. It seemed as though he had just witnessed one of the most fearsome scenes in the world.

That extremely powerful and invincible man who was covered in blood had broken through five Supreme-Being's shackles. He even awakened the Shura Tower and reached the Spiritual God Protection realm. He had unexpectedly been slapped to death by a dog and was swallowed whole.

How could such a fearsome dog exist in this world?

Where did this dog come from?

The peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm... Someone who was so strong could be considered an apex expert even in Ancient Shura City. They were all aloof and invincible experts.

Right now... Misha felt as though he wasn't looking at a dog. Instead, he was looking at a demonic fiend.

A demonic fiend who took on the appearance of a dog.

The most important thing was the Shura Tower... The awakened Shura Tower had actually broken apart with a single slap from that dog.

It was a divine tool!

It was the Ancient Shura City's divine tool! Although it was broken, it was still extremely powerful.

Misha's entire body started shaking like a leaf. He decisively turned around and crawled out of the crevice as he escaped from that place.

This world was truly too scary!

Blacky, who was in mid-air, licked its lips and bared its fang. After letting out a soft groan, it landed on the ground. It slightly waved its paw and those three broken fragments of the Shura Tower flew back to its paw.

The three pieces of the broken Shura Tower had already lost their luster. There wasn't even a little bit of a divine tool's might left in those pieces.

Lord Dog squinted its eyes and threw the three fragments of the Shura Tower on the ground.

Bu Fang, who had been observing Blacky's actions all along, became puzzled by its actions. What was this plump dog up to this time?

Did it want to eat the tower?

Was it this demented?

Luckily, it seemed obvious that Lord Dog didn't want to eat that tower. It jumped up and down continuously and trampled on the Shura Tower's fragments.

Rumbling sounds unceasingly resounded when Blacky stomped on those pieces. It seemed as though it had used a great deal of power when trampling on the fragments. The three pieces became completely deformed.

Lord Dog seemed as though it went crazy when it stomped on the pieces. Every time it jumped, all the fats on its body would shake.

Bu Fang was dumbfounded as he looked at it... Was this dog crazy? Did he have a deep grudge or hatred with the tower?

Then, Bu Fang ignored Blacky's silly behavior and turned his head around. He looked straight at the phoenix egg.

After being liberated from the Shura Tower's fetters, this phoenix egg looked even more resplendent. A vigorous essence was unceasingly being emitted from that phoenix egg and filled the entire place.

The Netherworld woman took several steps forward and approached that phoenix egg. She leaned closer toward the egg as she greedily took a deep breath. She was absorbing the essence overflowing from the phoenix egg. The essence was helping her to recover her power.

It seemed like the pitch-black deathly aura flowing in her body was being suppressed by it.

Bu Fang exclaimed in surprise as he looked at such sight. Just the essence overflowing from the phoenix egg seemed richer than the Black Swamp Boa's blood crown which he had obtained in the past. The blood crown was the part which contained all of the essence of the Black Swamp Boa.

However, it was still inferior to the phoenix egg...

Bu Fang extended his palm and lightly patted the eggshell. He felt a warm current enter his palm from the shell which instantly spread throughout his entire body. He felt as though his whole body was washed and cleaned by the warm current.

It was truly an indescribable sensation.

A phoenix egg was truly an extraordinary egg.

It would definitely be an excellent ingredient.

Bu Fang was gradually becoming even more excited.

Lord Dog, who was in a distant place, stopped tossing around and took graceful steps like a cat toward Bu Fang. It reached Bu Fang in just a short while.

Waving its paw, it threw a pitch-black object at Bu Fang.

"Bu Fang, kiddo, this is the Shura Tower. It would be a waste to just throw it away. Lord Dog assembled it back for you. It's just a fragment of the divine tool. You can just use it as a pendant."

That object was a pitch-black tower. It was a small and exquisite tower. It was pocket-sized and as big as Bu Fang's thumb.

"This is the Shura Tower?" Bu Fang was taken aback. How could the humongous Shura Tower shrink to the size of his thumb?

Bu Fang's raised his brows when he took the Shura Tower from Lord Dog. The moment he touched it, he felt as though his mental power started surging. It seemed as though his mental power became slightly more powerful after passing through the Shura Tower. It seemed to have transformed into a small river from the tiny brook it was initially.

Was this object capable of strengthening mental power?

This was an extremely good thing for Bu Fang. Although his current cultivation was just in the Supreme-Being realm, his mental power was at the level of a Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert who broke through one of the shackles.

However, even though his mental power was stronger than his cultivation, he found that it was quite strenuous for him to cook some dishes, not to mention the Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup which would be cooked by using an insane amount of precious ingredients. The mental power required to cook the dish would surely be tremendous. It would definitely suck him dry if he were to cook it.

As such, this small tower was quite beneficial for Bu Fang.

He took a velvet thread and tied a knot after threading it through the pitch black small tower. He wore it around his neck.

The moment he hung it on his neck, Bu Fang could feel a refreshing aura surging out of the tower. It was pretty good... Bu Fang curled up the corners of his mouth.

Lord Dog yawned as all the fatty meat on its body shivered. It became sleepy once again.

"This must be just an ordinary phoenix egg. It's pretty good stuff. Although it isn't the egg of an apex fire phoenix, it's still an excellent ingredient. Of course, the taste wouldn't rival that of a fire phoenix egg. However, it should still be quite delicious." Lord Dog lazily explained.

Bu Fang was taken aback by his words. From what Blacky just said, it seemed as though it had eaten a fire phoenix's egg before. Was this dog fond of plundering phoenixes' nests in the past? Something so preposterous seemed like something this lazy dog would do.

Lord Dog didn't know what Bu Fang was thinking about at that moment. He paced about the phoenix egg as confusion appeared in its eyes.

"How can a phoenix egg appear in the Hidden Dragon Continent? Did it float down into this secret realm from the Nether River?" Lord Dog muttered to himself.

The Netherworld woman was leaning against the phoenix egg and licking it with her tongue at this moment. She licked the shell of the egg unceasingly.

It seemed as though she would never be willing to let go of the egg.

Bu Fang couldn't understand this woman.

"This woman is the Netherworld woman. She is a woman exiled from the Netherworld. She is leading a difficult life. Her body is constantly being assaulted by a deathly aura. If she doesn't get enough essence nourishment, she will suffer a pain tantamount to torture." Lord Dog looked at that woman and sighed.

"Bu Fang, kiddo, do you see that ice-cold Netherworld Ship? If she doesn't get enough essence, her Netherworld Ship won't be able to move. Although the Nether King isn't someone impressive, the power of his curses is too terrifying." Lord Dog grinned as he explained everything to Bu Fang.

Was she this miserable? Bu Fang raised his brows as he looked at that woman with long black hair.

She looked pretty and Bu Fang could even describe her as an extremely beautiful woman. However, her pale face didn't have the slightest trace of blood and she looked like a ghost. Moreover, her face was quite thin and it seemed as though it was made with just skin and bones. Even if her face was more beautiful, it would only terrify people since her face looked like it was only made up of skin and bones.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows as he thought about it.

He pondered for a while before he summoned the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Green smoke twirled around his hand.

Opening his mouth, he spouted a ball of golden flame which started burning inside the wok.

He poured oil into it and took some Dragon Blood Rice from the system dimensional storage. The Dragon Blood Rice was extremely rich with essence and this wasn't Dragon Blood Rice made with an Earth Dragon's blood. Instead, it was made from a Flood Dragon's blood.

As he stir-fried it, Bu Fang's mental power observed the change of the Dragon Blood Rice in the wok.

He took a big piece of the Wandering Dragon Cow's meat and minced it. After preparing the minced meat, he poured all of it into the wok and stir-fried it.

While they were being stir-fried, Bu Fang took out his last big piece of the Blood Crown and broke it into pieces before spraying the essence into the wok.

The gaze of the Netherworld woman, who was hugging that phoenix egg, fell upon Bu Fang's Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Her nose slightly twitched and her pitch-black eyes lit up.

He lightly patted the wok and the contents shook. The fragrant Dragon Blood Rice immediately flew out of the wok and fell on the porcelain bowl in his hand, which he had already prepared a long time ago.

Everything fell into the bowl neatly and filled the bowl up.

This was just a simple bowl of fried rice. However, it was rich with essence.

After all, Bu Fang sprayed a whole piece of the blood crown into the fried rice. The essence contained in the dish would definitely be extremely terrifying.

The Netherworld woman curiously looked at the bowl in Bu Fang's hand.

He lightly threw the bowl toward the Netherworld woman and it flew directly toward her.

She swiftly took it and greedily took a deep breath of the aroma which came from the fried rice. The fragrance, essence, and spiritual energy assaulted her nostrils and caused a rosy glow to emerge on her pale face.

She stuck out her scarlet tongue and licked her lips before she shot a profound look at Bu Fang. She left the phoenix egg and used her thin fingers to grab the Dragon Blood Rice. She gulped down mouthful after mouthful of the Dragon Blood Rice.

"Blacky, can I take this egg?"

Bu Fang stroked Blacky's spotlessly clean fur as he asked.

"You can take it." Lord Dog's eyes lightly flickered. The corners of its mouth curled upwards when it replied Bu Fang.


Bu Fang was taken aback by its reply. Looking at Blacky's face, Bu Fang discovered that the corners of this plump dog's mouth were curled upwards and the fats on its face were shaking.

Something was fishy!

Bu Fang slightly squinted his eyes. Even if he knew that there was something fishy going on, he couldn't do anything about it.

This phoenix egg was after all too tempting and alluring, Especially for chefs who pursued the peak of the culinary arts. A peerless ingredient was more enticing and tempting to them compared to a peerless beauty.

Walking to the front of the phoenix egg, Bu Fang lightly stroked it with his left hand and patted it with his right hand. Before long, both of his hands were on the egg.

He let out a long breath. The true energy in his body surged out of his energy core and it spread to all his bones and limbs. It provided him with a great amount of strength and physical power.

Bu Fang held onto that phoenix egg and lightly shouted as he exerted all of his strength.

This phoenix egg was extremely heavy. Instead of an egg, Bu Fang felt as though he was holding a mountain.

However, for the sake of obtaining delicacies, Bu Fang wouldn't mind carrying a mountain. Even if there was a mountain in his way, he would carry it with him.

Bu Fang took out a Vigorous Beef Meatball and swallowed it down. The look in his eyes became extremely passionate and it seemed as though there were flames burning in his eyes.

After exerting all of his strength by using all of the muscles in his body, the phoenix egg moved slightly. It was raised off the ground by a few millimeters by Bu Fang.

The Netherworld woman, who was sitting not far from him, was stunned by his actions. Even though her hand was ready to stuff more food in her mouth, they stiffened up. She looked in astonishment at Bu Fang and was extremely puzzled. Why would this human before her do something so stupid? Why would he try to pick up that egg?

Didn't he know that since someone left a phoenix egg here, it wouldn't be unprotected?

Wasn't he able to see that even the man covered in blood set up the Shura Tower around the egg in order to absorb its essence? He didn't choose to move the egg even though he was at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm.

Lord Dog had a delighted expression as he looked at Bu Fang. As a veteran in stealing phoenix eggs, Lord Dog obviously knew the consequences of picking up a phoenix egg.

Bu Fang felt a sense of unease and his eyes widened. He looked at a terrifying and concentrated source of energy which had been under the egg all along. The energy scattered the moment he picked up the egg.

Bu Fang instantly became flustered and shouted with exasperation, "Lazy dog! You actually dare to deceive me?"